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Series IX. Photographs, 1914-1967

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains over 400 prints and negatives depicting Rust Engineering's construction sites, offices, personnel, and events such as banquets and recognition ceremonies. The majority of the photographs had been housed in three albums, two containing images of job sites and machinery from the 1920s through the 1950s, and one documenting the construction of coke processing facilities and blast furnaces for Central Iron and Coal Company in Holt, Alabama, between 1917 and 1918. The Holt album covers many stages of the large project and also includes rare images of the working conditions and the surrounding town. "Before and after" images, found in all albums, follow progress at construction sites and show the types of tools, scaffolding, and underlying foundations used to build a variety of structures.

Many of the loose photographs appear to have been taken for publication, either in Rust's advertising brochures and leaflets or for the Rust Triangle newsletter. Please note that some photographs are stamped with the name of a photographer or studio. They remain the intellectual property of the creator and cannot be reproduced without permission.

Digital reproductions of the collection are available online.

Subseries 1. Job Album 1

Box 80
Folder 1 Framework for "Rutherfords job" (Job #6059), Grammercy, LA, June 8, 1950
Folder 2 Boilers, Consolidated Gas Co. Hunts Point, NY
Folder 3 Coke plant, Koppers Seaboard Coke Company, Brooklyn, NY
Folder 4 Construction work on a plant for International Cement, Washington, D.C., ca. 1925
Folder 5 Gunite work and bridge construction for the Pennsylvania RR. Co., Hunts Point, NY (Job #2114)
Folder 6 Gunite work, Riverside Drive, NYC (Job #1870), December, 1927-1928, July 8, 1927
Folder 7 Monitor ends for Chevrolet Plant, Atlanta, GA (Job #1978), March 1928
Folder 8 Completed bridge for the New Jersey Highway Commission, 1966
Folder 9 Steam engine and completed floor system of New York Ave. Bridge, Washington, D.C., October, 1931
Folder 10 Ordnance Department, Picatinny Arsenal Packing House, M-4344, March 23, 1932
Folder 11 Completed Route 30 Bridge for the D.L and W.R.R., April 25, 1932
Folder 12 Workers applying concrete to a nine foot wind tunnel for the Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, GA, May 1930
Folder 13 Installation of three Springfield Boilers for Consolidated Gas Co., Hunts Point, NY, ca. 1925
Folder 14 Completed bridge for L.V. RR Co. and Essex County Park Commission, Newark, N.J. (Job #2778-2779), October 10, 1932
Folder 15 Before and after shots of Geary Boiler installation for Pittsburgh and West Virginia Gas Co., Downs, W.V., ca. 1925
Folder 16 Domestic screening plant for Koppers Seaboard Coke Co., Kearney, N.J.
Folder 17 Construction of Lake Street Bridge, Ashtabula, Ohio (Job #2088), October 31, 1928
Folder 18 Workers applying gunite to a fur vault for Joseph Horne Warehouse, Pittsburgh, PA, March 17, 1928
Folder 19 Load test for chimney bearing (Job #1692), July 4, 1925
Folder 20 Completed boilers, location unknown
Folder 21 Boiler installation, location unknown, ca. 1925
Folder 22 Monitor ends for Chevrolet plant, Atlanta, G.A. (Job #1978)
Folder 23 Coal silo for Utica Gas and Electric Co., Utica, NY, ca. 1925
Folder 24 Construction and brickwork in an unknown building, July 19, 1924
Folder 25 Bridge walls for Metropolitan Power Co., Middletown, PA., 1926
Folder 26 Tangentially fired burner for Ford, Walkerville, Ontario,
Folder 27 Completed boiler installation for Penn. American Refining Co., Oil City, PA, ca. 1925
Folder 28 Boiler installation, location unknown
Folder 29 Interior shot of unknown building, Binghamton, NY
Folder 30 Super-power station for Ohio River Edison Company, Toronto, Ohio, January 17, 1925
Folder 31 Interior brickwork, location unknown, ca. 1925
Folder 32 Garbage incinerator, Garden City, NY
Folder 33 Building and power plant for Ford Motor Company (Job #1347), 1924
Folder 34 Workers building 75th Street Bridge over Village Creek, November 1931
Folder 35 Pennsylvania State Highway Bridge at Groveton, Pa, 1929

Subseries 2. Job Album 2

Box 81
Folder 1 Chimneys, stills, plants, and other work for Pennzoil Co., Oil City, Pa (Job #1728, 1777), 1926
Folder 2 Gunite work on a bridge for New Jersey State Highway Commission, Newark, NJ (Job #1966), January 4-December 16, 1927
Folder 3 Overpass bridge for New Jersey State Highway Commission (Job #2233), March 19, 1929
Folder 4 Exterior shot of building for Aracoma Laundry Company, Logan, WV,
Folder 5 Garage and car showroom for Dawley Motor Company, ca. 1925
Folder 6 Coke and coal bins for Northern Indiana Gas and Electric Co., Fort Wayne, Indiana
Folder 7 Construction of a nine foot wind tunnel for Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, May 1931
Folder 8 Workers building Brighton Road and W. North Ave. Bridge, Pittsburgh, PA
Folder 9 Overlooking town and construction of Winchester Ave. Overpass, Ashland, KY, September 14, 1932
Folder 10 Workers and cranes, construction of D.L & W. R.R. Main Line, Washington, NJ (Job #2766), June-December, 1931
Folder 11 Completed gunite power house for Phoenix Utility Company, Phoenix, AZ (Job #2405)February 14, 1930
Folder 12 Floor system of New York Ave. Bridge, Washington, D.C., October, 1931
Folder 13 Lake Street Bridge, Ashtebula, Ohio (Job #2088), November 1, 1928
Folder 14 Gunite repair to Q. Street Bridge, Washington, D.C. (Job #2863), August 31, 1932
Folder 15 New Philadelphia, O.3" reinforced gunite lining (Job #2765), October 19, 1931
Folder 16 Gunite application, Payson Park Reservoir, Cambridge, MA (Job #1838)September 8, 1927
Folder 17 Ordnance Department Picatinny Arsenal, Cannon powder blender M-4245, 1929
Folder 18 Construction of Bell Telephone Company Building addition, Pittsburgh, PA, 1929
Folder 19 Gunite application, location unknown, February 21, 1928
Folder 20 Chevropet Plant
Folder 21 Niagara Street Bridge for NJ State Highway Commission, Newark, NJ, 1927
Folder 22 Bridge, location unknown, August 8, 1928
Folder 23 P. RR bridge, Arcade, NY, October, 1929
Folder 24 Exterior and office shots of an assembly plant for Ford Motor Company, Chester, PA, 1927

Subseries 3. Banquet Photos

Folder 25 Veteran Employee's Dinner, October 25, 1946

Box 82
Folder 1 Founders Day and Service Award Dinner, University Club, Pittsburgh, October 27, 1950
Folder 2 Service Award Banquet commemorating the company's fiftieth anniversary, Hotel William Penn, Pittsburgh, PA, October 19, 1955
Folder 3 Sixtieth Anniversary and Fifth Service Banquet, Hotel Webster Hall, Pittsburgh, PA and Parliament House, Birmingham, AL, November 11, 1965, December 7, 1965
Folder 4 Banquet booklets, 1950-1955
Folder 5 General banquet information, 1964-1965
Folder 6 Quarter Century Club, 1985-1995

Subseries 4. Miscellaneous Photos

Folder 7 Rust Boiler Shop, 1905
Folder 8 Extension to the government printing office, Washington, D.C., September 3, 1929
Folder 9 Building and bricklayers in a building, location unknown, May 8, 1929
Folder 10 Office building for National Gas Co., Clarksburg, WV, May 8, 1929
Folder 11 Shots of employees in the first Pittsburgh office, located in the Farmers Bank Building, 1917
Folder 12 Boston Office building, Boston, MA, 1956
Folder 13 S.M. Rust and Coppee-Rust officers, August 13, 1964

Box 83
Folder 1 Rust Engineering Award for high school students, March 28, 1950
Folder 2 Unidentified building and train tracks, July 21, 1950
Folder 3 Unknown plant, October 25, 1950
Folder 4 Banquet at University Club, October 30, 1950
Folder 5 Photo of a drawing of a warehouse and office building for Kroger Company, Pittsburgh, PA, March 23, 1951
Folder 6 Brickwork, July 11, 1951
Folder 7 Interior and exterior shots, J&L plant, Hazelwood, October 22, 1951
Folder 8 J&L Aliquippa, October 24, 1951
Folder 9 Hubbard Aluminum Products Co. building, November 9, 1951
Folder 10 Two men at desk in Rust building at Sixth Ave. and Diamond, Pittsburgh, PA, August 15, 1952
Folder 11 Rust building at Sixth Ave. and Diamond, March 25, 1952
Folder 12 Rust building at Sixth Ave. and Diamond, April 2, 1952
Folder 13 Retouched image of Rust building at Sixth Ave. and Diamond, May 27, 1942
Folder 14 Ceremony for winners of the Rust Technology Award, Duquesne Club, Pittsburgh, PA, February 1929, 1956
Folder 15 Rust Technology Award, winning drawings, March 2, 1957
Folder 16 Man instructing a small group about materials, February 12, 1958
Folder 17 Unloading equipment from flatcase, interior of warehouse at Allegheny Industrial Electrical, March 31, 1959
Folder 18 Student Architect Awards ceremony, May 28, 1958
Folder 19 Children playing games and group shots at Rust company picnic, North Park, Pittsburgh, PA, July 23, 1958
Folder 20 Junior Achievement Awards ceremony, December 17, 1958
Folder 21 Airplane and hanger at Allegheny Airport, December 15, 1958
Folder 22 Architectural award ceremony, May 20, 1959
Folder 23 Science Awards ceremony at Kaufmanns, Pittsburgh, PA, May 21, 1959
Folder 24 Company plane and pilot, Allegheny County Airport, June 30, 1960
Folder 25 Anniversary Party, Webster Hall, October 19, 1960
Folder 26 President S.M. Rust, Jr. in office, June 15, 1961
Folder 27 Company jet at Allegheny Airport, July 19, 1968
Folder 28 Scale model of a structure
Folder 29 Winning 3D model by Carnegie Tech students, March 25, 1957
Folder 30 Paul Scheetz, engineers, and draftsmen in the Drawing Room of the Heeran Building, 1948
Folder 31 Three Sisters Bridges and Fort Wayne Railroad Bridge in snow, taken from Rust office, March 3, 1960
Item 1 Boiler on cart, ca. 1920
Item 2 Chimney for Seaboard By-Product Co., Jersey City, NY, ca. 1920
Item 3 Chimneys for Firestone Tire and Rubber Co., Akron, Ohio, ca. 1920
Item 4 Chimney for Midland Coke Ovens, ca. 1920
Item 5 Stack, Lehigh, PA, ca. 1920
Item 06-07 Eggners Ferry Bridge being raised, Murray, KY, ca. 1943
Item 08-09 Monitor on roof at Evanston
Item 10-11 Boiler brickwork for 10 Franklin boilers, Charleston Con. Ry. Light and Power Co., Charleston, SC, 1911
Oversize 1 Cartoons and caricatures of Rust personnel (negatives), ca. 1960
Box 84 Photo Album of projects for Central Iron and Coal Company, Holt Alabama, 1917-1918