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Series I. Correspondence, 1944-1960

Scope and Content Notes:

This series is comprised mainly of Joseph Scanlon's correspondence with companies interested in the Scanlon Plan and generally states the effects of the plan at each particular company. Personal correspondence includes information regarding Scanlon's work with the United Steelworkers of America, Mutual Security Agency, and Economic Cooperation Administration, as well as letters from friends working with industries in post-World War II Europe asking for his services. These letters, particularly those of Meyer Bernstein and Clinton Golden, detail the problems facing European economies in the early 1950s. Other documents include correspondence about Scanlon's involvement in Life magazine's Pursuit of Happiness Round Table and the issue of Life in which the meeting's suggestions were presented, articles by Scanlon, clippings regarding the success of the Scanlon Plan at various companies, copies of Scanlon's obituary released by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and his posthumous honors. Photographs of Scanlon are also present.

Box 1
Oversize 1 Life Magazine, 1948, 1952
Oversize 2 Photographs of Joseph Scanlon

Box 2
Folder 1 Scanlon Published Material, 1944-1948
Folder 2 Correspondence- United Steelworkers of America, 1946-1954
Folder 3 Correspondence- Clinton Golden, 1947-1956
Folder 4 Correspondence- Clinton Golden regarding the American Mission to Greece, 1947-1953
Folder 5 Correspondence- Scanlon, 1947-1952
Folder 6 Correspondence- Scanlon Plan, 1948-1949
Folder 7 Correspondence- Mutual Security Agency, 1948-1953
Folder 8 Correspondence- Lapointe Machine Tool Co., 1948-1954
Folder 9 Correspondence regarding Life "Pursuit of Happiness" Round Table, 1948
Folder 10 Correspondence- Seminars, 1948-1949, 1954
Folder 11 Clippings- Anglo-American Production Council, 1948
Folder 12 "Profit Sharing under Collective Bargaining" by Joseph Scanlon, 1948
Folder 13 Correspondence regarding Russell Davenport's "Dignity of Man", 1949-1955
Folder 14 Correspondence- Economic Cooperation Administration, 1949-1952
Folder 15 Correspondence- Fortune, 1949-1953
Folder 16 Correspondence- Taylor Fibre Co., 1949-1954
Folder 17 Company Billings, 1949, 1953-1954
Folder 18 Clippings- Scanlon, 1949-1956
Folder 19 Correspondence- Meyer Bernstein, 1950-1955
Folder 20 Correspondence- Meyer Bernstein and Codetermination, 1950-1955
Folder 21 Correspondence- Carl F. Frost, 1950-1951
Folder 22 Correspondence- Jim Sweeny, 1950-1954
Folder 23 Leicester College of Technology and Commerce, 1950-1951
Folder 24 Correspondence- Russell Davenport, 1951-1954
Folder 25 Script of Cambridge Educational Film about the Scanlon Plan, 1951-1952
Folder 26 Correspondence- Letters of Appreciation, 1952-1955
Folder 27 Correspondence- Scanlon Plan, 1953
Folder 28 Correspondence- Acme Electric Co., 1953
Folder 29 Correspondence- Allan MacEachen, 1953-1954
Folder 30 Correspondence- Scanlon Plan, 1954-1956
Folder 31 Award from Rochester Independent Workers Local 1, 1955
Folder 32 Joseph Scanlon's Death, 1956
Folder 33 Ceremonies Dedicating the Memorial Plaque in Honor of Joseph N. Scanlon, 1899-1956, 1956
Folder 34 USWA Sidney S. Grant/Joseph N. Scanlon Memorial Fund 2nd Annual Scholarship Award Dinner Program, 1960
Folder 35 Speech Material
Folder 36 Photographs of Joseph Scanlon