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Series II. Industrial Relations Publications, 1940-1964

Folder 37 Profit Sharing, 1940-1950
Folder 38 Union/Management Cooperation and Profit Sharing, 1941-1943
Folder 39 Writings by Clinton Golden on Steel and Soil, 1944-1951
Folder 40 Clippings- Technological Change, 1945-1947
Folder 41 "Profit Sharing: Will It Work?" Article, 1946
Folder 42 William J. Hart Speech Transcripts, 1947
Folder 43 Management Attitudes, 1947
Folder 44 "Report by the Joint Committee on Production appointed by the National Coal Board and the National Union of Mineworkers", 1948
Folder 45 First Proof of Russell Davenport's "Enterprise for Everyman", 1949
Folder 46 "Enterprise for Everyman" by Russell W. Davenport (2 copies), 1950
Folder 47 "Worker Participation on Production Problems" by George P. Shultz, 1951
Folder 48-49 Reports of the Anglo-American Council on Productivity, 1952-1953
Folder 50 "The Scanlon Plan: Cooperation Through Participation" by Gilbert K. Krulee, 1955
Folder 51 "The 20th Annual Report of the Industrial Relations Section, Massachusetts Institute of Technology", October 1957
Folder 52 How to Save and Create Jobs in the Pittsburgh Area by Harold J. Ruttenberg, 1964
Folder 53 "The United Steelworkers of America . . . the First 10 Years" by Vincent D. Sweeney
Folder 54 Articles by John F. Leahy
Folder 55 "Corporate Partnership"
Folder 56 "The Tree of Life Must Die at the Top" by G.H. Seybold