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Series VIII. Publicity, 1920-1989

Scope and Content Notes:

Series VIII consists of published newspaper and journal articles, advertisements, and booklets that represent the public face of Rust Engineering. Aimed at a wide audience of clients and the general public, they explain the services the company was capable of providing and describe some of its major successes. This series has been divided into two subseries, one for articles, and another for promotional items distributed by Rust.

Subseries 1. Articles and Newspaper Clippings, 1942-1954

Scope and Content Notes:

Articles about Rust Engineering's projects and officers often appeared in the news. In order to keep track of what was published and how many people it reached, the company hired professional clipping services to collect articles from newspapers and trade journals. These were added to scrapbooks alongside copies of press releases and advertisements, and each article's circulation was recorded.

Most articles announce contracts or describe successfully completed projects, often stressing the company's speed and utilization of current technology. Since there are very few files from the 1950s, these articles are the best source of information about the Rust Engineering's activity during that time. Paper mills, furnaces, and large plants were still the most common assignments, but there is also mention of the company's involvement with nuclear technology, including the construction of a massive spherical structure to house an atomic submarine's reactor during tests. Loose clippings and articles have also been included in this subseries.

Box 75
Folder 1 Clipping Book, December 15, 1941-February 1, 1942
Folder 2 Clipping Book, March-April, 1942
Folder 3 Clipping Book, July-August, 1942
Folder 4 Clipping Book, September-October, 1942
Folder 5 Clipping Book, October-December, 1944
Folder 6 Clipping Book, January-December, 1946

Box 76
Folder 01-04 Clipping Book, January-December, 1948
Folder 05-07 Clipping Book, January-September, 1949

Box 77
Folder 1 Clipping Book, October-December, 1949
Folder 02-05 Clipping Book, January-December, 1950
Folder 06-08 Clipping Book, January-September, 1952

Box 78
Folder 1 Clipping Book, November 1952-March 1953
Folder 02-03 Clipping Book, January June, 1954
Folder 4 Clippings, 1930s
Folder 5 Clippings, 1940s
Folder 06-10 Articles sent to Newspapers and Trade Journals, 1942-1957
Folder 11 Articles sent to Newspapers and Trade Journals, 1965-1966
Folder 12 Paper Mill Articles, 1950-1958
Folder 13 Fortune articles, August, 1960
Folder 14 Contract Announcements, 1942

Subseries 2. Promotional Items, 1920-1989

Scope and Content Notes:

Rust Engineering published brochures and booklets for distribution to potential clients. They explain the company's services and experience and are often illustrated with diagrams and photographs of successful projects. This subseries contains examples of items that promote the company as a whole, but similar brochures for specific subsidiaries, such as the Rust Furnace Company, can be found in Series VII.

Box 79
Folder 1 General Construction, ca. 1920s
Folder 2 Chimneys for All Purposes, ca. 1920s
Folder 3 Chimney brochures, 1938-1958
Folder 4 Promotional leaflets for radial brick, waterproofing, gunite application, and other services, ca. 1935
Folder 5 The Rust Engineering Company and the Rust Furnace Company, 1944
Folder 6 The Rust Engineering Company and Subsidiary Companies, ca. 1954
Folder 7 The Rust Engineering Company: Engineers and Constructors for the Pulp and Paper Industry, 1954
Folder 8 Promotional booklet for Birmingham Office, 1954
Folder 9 The Rust Engineering Company and Subsidiary Companies, ca. 1956
Folder 10 Experience Record of the Rust Engineering Company, ca. 1960
Folder 11 Promotional booklet for Birmingham Office, 1961
Folder 12 Series of booklets on engineering, design, power plants, and steel mills, ca. 1963
Folder 13 Promotional booklet, ca.1975
Folder 14 Promotional packet on construction, model building, and aerospace work, ca. 1989

Box 43.2
Oversize 02-12 Rust Promotional Calendars, 1944-1956
Oversize 13 Industrial and Public Utility Engineering Projects Recently Executed by the Rust Engineering Company, Inc., 1930
Oversize 14 Industrial and Public Utility Engineering Projects Recently Executed by the Rust Engineering Company, Inc.,1938