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Series VII. Affiliate Companies

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains documents related to Rust Engineering's many subsidiaries, franchises, and other affiliate companies. In the early 1920s, Rust Engineering was made up of several divisions and departments. As the company expanded, affiliates were formed to specialize in specific services. This enabled the company to effectively handle, for example, both the construction work and the electrical work on a single plant, or to manufacture the brick that the Chimney Department required rather than purchase it from another company. Most subsidiaries could also take jobs on their own and operate somewhat independently from the larger company.

Rust Engineering's first subsidiary was the Rust Furnace Company, which was created from the Furnace Division in 1927. Known for its patented triple-fired continuous furnace, which could heat steel from above and below at a rapid rate, the Rust Furnace Company could also custom-design, engineer, install, and repair all other types of industrial furnaces. The company provided furnaces for many of Pittsburgh's steel mills as well as for companies as far away as New Zealand and South Africa. Other successful subsidiaries include the Allegheny Industrial Electrical Company, which installed electrical systems for large plants, and the Vibroflotation Foundation Company, which used a unique process to build foundations on unstable ground by injecting sand into soil.

The series also contains information on Coppee-Rust, a joint subsidiary created in 1962 by the Rust Engineering Company and Evence Coppee et Compagnie, an engineering and construction firm based in Brussels, Belgium. Coppee-Rust was a design and construction company which specialized in assisting American businesses interested in expanding outside of the U.S. It built plants in Belgium, Iraq, Qatar, the USSR, and many other countries. The formation of Coppee-Rust represents Rust Engineering's first attempt to merge its services with those of another independent corporation.

Materials in this series have been arranged alphabetically by subsidiary or affiliate name and may include correspondence, reports, minute books, and promotional items, as well as technical information about the processes in which each subsidiary specialized.

Section: Allegheny Industrial Electrical Company

Folder 6 Contracts, 1946-1955
Folder 7 Promotional leaflets, ca. 1950s-1960s
Folder 8 Catalog of expense report sheets, 1961
Folder 9 Correspondence, 1962
Folder 10 Financial statements, 1965-1966

Section: Birmingham Clay Products Company

Folder 11 Correspondence between S.M. Rust and Lee Rust, 1925-1938
Folder 12-15 General Correspondence, 1921-1938

Box 63
Folder 1 "Hard Times" correspondence, 1932-1935
Folder 2 Correspondence, 1936-1940
Folder 03-04 Balance sheets, 1920-1929
Folder 05-06 Cost sheets, 1921-1930
Folder 7 U.S. Department of Justice -- brick for a chimney (#1859), Atlanta, Georgia, 1927
Folder 8 Expenses, 1927
Folder 9 Report: Building Brick Manufacture in the District of Birmingham, Alabama, by H. Doolittle and Stanley N. Brown, Jr., 1928
Folder 10 Statements of income, profit, and loss, 1930
Folder 11 Blueprint: North Birmingham Plant of Birmingham Clay Products Co., July 12, 1930
Folder 12 W. R. Culbertson, furnace inventor, 1931-1935
Folder 13 Bond holder agreement, 1933
Folder 14 Indemnity and bond agreements, 1936-1939
Folder 15 Audit report, 1940
Folder 16-17 Bankruptcy and reorganization, 1940-1941

Box 64
Folder 01-02 Bankruptcy and reorganization, 1940-1941
Folder 3 Balance sheet and statement of income, 1965
Folder 4 Report on examination of accounts, June 30, 1965
Folder 05-06 Reports on Examination of Financial Statements and Additional Information, 1968-1976
Folder 7 Correspondence and balance sheets, 1979

Section: Bolivar Clay Products Company

Folder 08-09 Correspondence, 1921-1931
Folder 10 Incoming correspondence, 1930-1931
Folder 11 Property and taxes, 1921-1924

Box 65
Oversize 1 Bolivar Clay Products Company Cumulative Preferred Stock Certificates, 1921-1946
Oversize 2 Bolivar Clay Products Company Common Stock Certificates, 1921-1958

Box 66
Folder 1 Coal Lease, Newport Coal Company, 1921-1924
Folder 2 Blueprints and plans for Bolivar Manufacturing Plant, 1922
Folder 3 Financial information, 1922-1926
Folder 4 Amendments to the Certificate of Incorporation, 1932-1949
Folder 5 Company reorganization, 1959
Folder 6 Agreements between Bolivar and Woodbridge Clay Companies, 1959-1962

Section: Brick and Tile Manufacturing Company

Folder 7 Correspondence, 1930-1931
Folder 08-09 Proposed bylaws, 1931
Folder 10 Incorporation and stockholder information, 1931

Section: Coppee-Rust

Box 67
Folder 01-07 Correspondence, 1961-1968

Box 68
Folder 01-02 Correspondence, 1966-1974
Folder 3 Promotion Commerciale A Hasselt
Folder 4 Commercial Promotion in Lille
Folder 05-06 Delta Phi Fraternity -- dormitory, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA,1963-1966
Folder 7 Rust Engineering Company, Ltd., Great Britain, 1965
Folder 8 Brochures, Rust Engineering Company, Ltd., Croydon, Surrey, ca. 1965
Folder 9 European Economic Community and Evence Coppee & Compagnie, March 15, 1961

Box 69
Folder 1 Objective: European Expansion: A Profile of the Engineering and Construction Services of Coppee-Rust
Folder 2 Annual reports of Coppee-Rust and Coppee, 1973
Folder 3 Annual reports of Coppee-Rust and Coppee-affiliated companies, 1976
Folder 4 Social and financial reports, 1979
Folder 5 Etude et Construction Evence Coppee-Rust S.A
Folder 6 Coppee-Rust-Damiron Group promotional book, ca. 1963
Volume 1 Coppee-Rust promotional book, ca. 1963

Section: Doyle and Russell, Incorporated

Box 70
Folder 1 Financial statements, 1965, 1967

Section: Howard R. Wright & Associates

Folder 2 Financial statements, 1965

Section: Loudon Rust

Folder 3 Bids on school building jobs, financial reports, 1930-1931

Section: Mason-Rust

Folder 4 Promotional brochure, 1950s

Section: Penwick Distillery Company

Folder 5 Proposed company structure, 1933
Folder 6 Correspondence, 1933-1934

Section: Potomac Clay Products Company

Folder 7 Incorporation and organization, 1930-1931
Folder 08-09 Correspondence, 1930
Folder 10 Annual reports, 1931-1937
Folder 11 Blueprint: Proposed Arrangement of Machinery, Woodbridge, VA, February 17, 1937

Box 71
Folder 1 Blueprint: Proposed Flow Sheets, April, 1930
Folder 02-03 Waterfront property, Georgetown: acquisition and management, 1929-1941
Folder 4 Registration in Virginia, 1930-1938
Folder 5 Federal taxes, 1935
Folder 6 Meeting minutes, 1936
Folder 7 H.B. Rust estate settlement, 1937
Folder 8 Dissolution, 1938

Section: Potomac Real Estate Company

Folder 9 Correspondence, 1935

Section: Process Engineering Division

Folder 10 Promotional brochures, ca. 1950s

Section: Rust Associates, Ltd.

Folder 11 Financial statements, 1965

Section: Rust Building, Inc.

Folder 12 Financial statements, 1965
Folder 13 Lease of property, 1960s

Box 72
Folder 1 Dissolution, 1966

Section: Rust Construction Company

Folder 02-03 Incorporation and organization, 1927-1938
Folder 4 Meeting minutes, 1927
Folder 5 State registration, 1930-1933
Folder 6 Meeting minutes and dissolution, 1934-1938

Section: Rust Engineering Company (Canada) Ltd.

Folder 7 Financial statements, 1965
Folder 8 Report Covering the Present and Future Power Plant Expansion Program for Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd., 1937

Section: Rust Furnace Division, Rust Furnace Company

Box 73
Folder 1 Patent Agreements, 1929
Folder 2 Continuous Furnaces Promotional brochure, ca. 1930s
Folder 3 Division correspondence and reports on refractory purchases, 1930-1931
Folder 04-05 Rust Engineering vs. Chapman-Stein Corporation, patent infringement on soaking pit design, ca. 1930
Folder 06-07 Patent infringement on furnace design, 1932-1935
Folder 8 Blueprints: Details of Brick Shapes, Rust Zone Controlled Triple Fired Continuous Recuperative Slab Reheating Furnace for Ford Co., 1934
Folder 9 Profits and losses, 1936
Folder 10 Correspondence, 1940-1943
Folder 11-13 Wartime salary regulations, 1943-1945
Folder 14 Promotional booklet, 1944
Folder 15 Rust Furnace vs. Loftus Engineering, patent infringement on furnace design, 1947

Box 74
Folder 1 Rust Furnace Company: Pioneers in Furnace Design promotional brochure, ca. 1955
Folder 02-04 Financial statements, 1956-1966
Folder 5 Brochures and photographs, 1968
Folder 6 Rust-Escher Hollow Fin Metallic Recuperators promotional brochure, ca. 1960s

Section: Rust Gunite Company

Folder 7 Correspondence and expense reports, 1930

Section: Rust International Corporation

Folder 8 Promotional brochure, ca. 1980

Section: Rust Properties

Folder 09-10 Financial statements, 1964-1969
Folder 11 Dissolution, 1969-1970

Section: Vibroflotation Foundation Company

Folder 12 Promotional brochures, ca. 1955
Folder 13 Financial statements, 1965-1966

Section: Woodbridge Clay Products Company

Folder 14 Production and average cost of manufacturing brick, 1939-1946