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Series III. Personal, 1916-1980

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains an assortment of materials that document P.L. Prattis’ life and career outside the Pittsburgh Courier. Included in the Personal Series is his 1916 yearbook from the Ferris Institute, an honorable discharge certificate from the Army, and the Prattis family’s World War II war rations stamp book. There are biographical materials such as his Last Will and Testament, along with obituaries. Also present is assorted writings and copies of speeches, scrapbooks, and photographs of Prattis and his family. Recently added material can be found under the section "New Material Added." The series is arranged by date.

Box 2
Folder 12 Certificate from the Ferris Institute with Prattis' final credit in spelling, 1916
Folder 13 Civil Service Exam Results, 1921
Folder 14 Contracts with Holt Construction for the Prattis Home, 1939
Folder 15 Assorted newspaper clippings on P.L. Prattis, 1943, 1966, 1975, 1980
Folder 16 War Ration Stamp Book for the Prattis Family, 1945
Folder 17 Loendi Club 50th Anniversary Exercises Program, 1947
Folder 18 Tuskegee Institute material on Rural Housing in the South, 1947
Folder 19 Renunciation, a short story written by P.L. Prattis, 1948
Folder 20 H-M Club of America Membership materials, 1948
Folder 21 Observation of Jews in the International Scene, speech given before the NCJW Pittsburgh, 1949
Folder 22 Certificate presented by the Group Work Division, Health and Welfare Federation of Allegheny County, 1951
Folder 23 Schlitz Beer Ad featuring P.L. Prattis, 1951
Folder 24 Journey to the Soviet Union, 1959
Folder 25 Appointment to Board of Trustee of Pennsylvania Training School at Morganza, 1959
Folder 26 Honorable Discharge Certificate, 1960
Folder 27 Newspapers clippings on Banquet Honoring P.L. Prattis, 1961
Folder 28 Budget for Pittsburgh Chapter of Frontiers International, 1963
Folder 29 Prattis Household expenses and family budget, 1964-1964, 1968-1969
Folder 30 Writings and Newspaper clippings on YMCA Youth Corps, 1965
Folder 31 Friends or Foes? Forward or Backward? Speech delivered at the Annual Convention of Frontiers International, 1966
Folder 32 The Newcomen Society in North America, memos and correspondence, 1966
Folder 33 Department of Health, Education, and Welfare letter regarding Employment Opportunities Unlimited booklet, 1967
Folder 34 Employment Opportunities Unlimited booklet authored by P.L. Prattis, 1967
Folder 35 Frontiers International, 1967
Folder 36 Draft of story on Martha Brown, Prattis' Aunt, 1967
Folder 37 YMCA Leaders' Fellowship Certificate, 1967
Folder 38 Certificate of "Outstanding Civic Leaders of America," 1967
Folder 39 "Cabbie's Honesty Pays Off," Newspaper clipping, 1967
Folder 40 Diary pages and handwritten notes, 1967-1968
Folder 41 "William A. Arvin: A man without gall- without guile," speech delivered at Arvin Testimonial Reception, 1969
Folder 42 Certificate from Central Baptist Church for work as Black History Instructor, 1969
Folder 43 Certificate of Honor from the U.S. Selective Service, 1969
Folder 44 Certificate of Appreciation from the Moorland-Springarn Research Center, Howard University, 1974
Folder 45 Last Will and Testament and Veterans Administration Benefits, 1975, 1978,1980
Folder 46 Funeral Service Program, 1980
Folder 47 Biographical Information and Obituary, 1980 and undated
Folder 48 Condolence Proclamation from the State of Pennsylvania, 1980
Folder 49 Trees for Israel Certificates, undated
Folder 50 "At the Crossroads," undated
Folder 51 "Profile of Robert T.McEnheimer, District Manager with Unity Mutual Life Insurance Company, undated
Folder 52 "Social Justice is the Battle Cry," written for Frontiers International, undated
Folder 53 Assorted handwritten notes, undated
Folder 54 Notebook, undated
Folder 55 "Insurance and Integration," speech delivered at National Negro Insurance Association, undated
Folder 56 "Some Things to Think About for Economic Advancement," speech delivered to Unnamed Chamber of Commerce, undated
Folder 57 Assorted Writings, undated
Folder 58 "Complacency, Concern, Frustration, Opportunity," undated
Folder 59 Untitled writings, undated
Folder 60 Personal Photographs, 1919-1960s
Folder 61 Helen Prattis at Cheyney State Teachers College, ca.1930
Folder 62 P.L. Prattis aboard the Queen Mary, 1936
Folder 63 Pennsylvania Master of Men Award Presentation Photograph, 1938
Folder 64 Patricia Prattis photographs, ca.1943
Folder 65 YMCA Centre Avenue Board of Directors Photograph, ca.1945
Folder 66 YMCA Centre Avenue Kickoff Event Photograph, 1947
Folder 67 P.L. Prattis with wife, Helen and daughter, Patricia on front porch of home, undated
Folder 68 Photograph at a dinner in Nashville, Tennessee, undated
Volume 2 Scrapbook, 1940s-1970
Volume 3 "History: Day by Day," 1945-1968
Volume 4 Crimson & Gold Ferris Institute Yearbook, 1916

Section: New Material Added, 2011

Box 2
Folder 82 Army Registration Certificate, 1917
Folder 83 P.L. Prattis in Army Uniform, 1918
Folder 84 Inscriptions in books (photocopies) from W.E.B. DuBois, Nehru, and Langston Hughes, 1940s