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Series III. Environment and Transportation, 1981-2004

Scope and Content Notes:

Series III contains materials related to environmental and transportation issues. Beginning in the late 1990s, Kukovich was actively involved in the fight to have Pittsburgh selected from among several candidates to receive funding for a high speed magnetic rail system by Maglev Corporation. This series includes studies and reports that cover this planning process. The remainder of the series focuses primarily on environmental issues supported by the Congressman, including the Clean Air Act and renewable energy. Of interest is Kukovich's stance on emissions testing because it placed two issues of importance to him in conflict: though he supported the environmental aspects of the bill, he ultimately opposed it because of the burden it placed on the consumer.

Box 8
Folder 1 High Speed Intercity Rail Passenger Commission Act, 1981
Folder 2 Maglev- Defined Need Report, 1996
Folder 3 Maglev- Proposal Plan and Feasibility Study II, 1996-1998
Folder 4 Maglev- Discussions, 1997-1998
Folder 5 Maglev- Meeting Report and Business Plan Overview, 1998
Folder 6 Maglev- FRA Review Meeting, 1999
Folder 7-8 Maglev- Deployment Program, 2001
Folder 9 Maglev- Legislative Update, n.d.
Folder 10-11 Maglev- Planning Meetings, 2000-2002
Folder 12 Maglev- Public Meeting Guide, 2003
Folder 13 Maglev- Transit Visions Policy Conference Materials, 2001
Folder 14 Maglev- Reports and Q As, 1997-2000
Folder 15 Maglev- Media Conference, 1996
Folder 16-20 Maglev- Correspondence, 1993-2003
Folder 21 Maglev- Articles, 1997
Folder 22-24 Maglev- Clippings and Press Releases, 1991-2002
Folder 25 Maglev- Pamphlets, n.d.
Folder 26 Maglev- CargoLifter Inc. Information, 2000
Folder 27 Emissions- Program Final Report and Overview, 1994
Folder 28 Emissions- Fact Sheets, 1995-1997
Folder 29 Emissions- Testimony and Floor Remarks, 1997
Folder 30 Emissions- Testing Press Releases, 1994-1996
Folder 31 Emissions- Clippings, 1994-1995
Folder 32 Emissions- Correspondence, 1993-1997
Folder 33 Clean Air Bill, 1989
Folder 34 Federal Clean Air Act Compliance Letter, 1992
Folder 35 Kukovich's U.S. Congressional Testimony on Clean Air Act, 1997
Folder 36 Pennsylvania Clean Air Act Hearing Testimonies, 1981, 1992
Folder 37 Clean Air Act Correspondence, 1981-1999
Folder 38 Clean Air Act Press Release, 1999
Folder 39 Clean Air Act Clippings, 1990-1997
Folder 40 PennCONSERVE, 2001-2004

Box 9
Folder 1 Energy Policy, 2001
Folder 2 Alternative Energy, 1989
Folder 3 Thornburgh and Kukovich Energy Ads, 1992
Folder 4 Renewable Energy Conference Speech, 2004
Folder 5 Natural Gas Bills Press Conferences Reports, 1981-1982
Folder 6 PENNVEST Reports, 1987-1991
Folder 7 PENNVEST Correspondence and Press Releases, 1987-1988
Folder 8 PENNVEST Press Packet, 2003-2004
Folder 9 House Research of Municipal Sewer Water and Solid Waste Authorities, 1992
Folder 10 Water and Sewer Improvement Bond Issue Bill, 2001