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Series II. Subject Files

Scope and Content Notes:

Most of the files in this series were kept for use in public education and outreach programs. They are drawn from diverse published sources and contain information about the dangers of nuclear war, groups and individuals allied with PSR, and the articulation of opposing viewpoints. Some material from IPPNW is found in this series, including reports of proceedings from annual conferences and articles about that group's reception of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985. The files of news clippings include letters to the editors of newspapers written by members of PSR Pittsburgh. See Box 2, Folder 26 for information about various organizations allied with PSR, including Educators for Social Responsibility, Faculty for Social Responsibility, and the Thomas Merton Center. Recently added material can be found under the section "New Material Added."

Box 1
Folder 19-20 Articles and Clippings

Box 2
Folder 1-3 Articles and Clippings
Folder 4 B-1 Bomber
Folder 5 Bibliographies, Brochures, Educational Materials
Folder 6 Caldicott, Dr. Helen
Folder 7 Children
Folder 8 Comprehensive Test Ban (CTB)
Folder 9 CTB Coordinating Committee
Folder 10 Department of Defense (DOD) Civilian-Military Contingency Hospitalization System (CMCHS)
Folder 11-13 International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW)
Folder 14 Iraq
Folder 15 Medical, Health Consequences of Nuclear War
Folder 16 Methodist Bishops
Folder 17 Nobel Peace Prize, 1985
Folder 18 Nuclear Attack Effects on Pittsburgh
Folder 19 Nuclear Winter
Folder 20 Peace Academy
Folder 21 Peace Links
Folder 22 Pittsburgh Coalition to Prevent Nuclear War
Folder 23 People Reaching Out for Peace (PRO Peace) March
Folder 24 Professionals' Coalition for Nuclear Arms Control
Folder 25 Related Organizations
Folder 26 Star Wars

Section: New Material Added, 2009

Box 4
Folder 5 Business Executives for Nuclear Arms Control, 1983
Folder 6 Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, 1990
Folder 7 Educators for Social Responsibility, 1983
Folder 8 Faculty for Social Responsibility, 1988
Folder 9 Nurses Alliance for the Prevention of Nuclear War, 1985
Folder 10 20-20 Vision National Project, 1989