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Series III. President's Office Files, 1905-1919

Scope and Content Notes:

Rust Engineering was founded in 1905, but little survives from its first few years in Alabama, when the company installed boilers for the Rust Boiler Company. The earliest letters, written from 1907 to 1910, are between officers at both Rust Engineering and the Rust Boiler Company in Alabama and S.M. Rust, who had been sent to New Orleans in an attempt to break into the boiler market. Letters from the sales department instruct him on marketing the company to this part of the south.

Despite his southern roots, S.M. Rust was no stranger to Pittsburgh when the Rust Engineering office opened there in 1913. He had moved to the city at the age of seventeen to work in the steel mills, where he was a laborer, blueprint boy, and eventually a member of design and engineering departments. The new office employed a small team of engineers, but jobs were non-existent at first. One employee, looking back, credited S.M. Rust holding the company together with only "good humor, his companionship and his fellowship with his employees," because the company could not afford to pay them.

Files from these first years in Pittsburgh are sparse compared to later years, but most discuss the brickwork and boiler jobs that the company was able to acquire.

Subseries 1. Correspondence

Scope and Content Notes:

Items in this subseries are not in original order, but have been filed chronologically by month. When exchanges covering several months were found together, they were filed by the date of the earliest letter

Box 9
Folder 01-02 S.M. Rust correspondence, 1907
Folder 03-06 S.M. Rust correspondence, January-November, 1908
Folder 7 S.M. Rust correspondence, 1910-1915
Folder 8 S.M. Rust correspondence, 1915
Folder 9 S.M. Rust correspondence, January-July, 1916

Box 10
Folder 1 S.M. Rust correspondence, August, 1916
Folder 2 S.M. Rust correspondence, 1917
Folder 03-04 S.M. Rust correspondence, January-August, 1918
Folder 5 S.M. Rust correspondence, September-December, 1918
Folder 06-08 S.M. Rust correspondence, January-September, 1919

Box 11
Folder 1 S.M. Rust correspondence, October-December, 1919

Subseries 2. Subject Files

Scope and Content Notes:

The subject files from this period are mainly financial reports tracking the company's progress. The Boiler Brickwork Quantity Sheets give specifics for the amount of brick needed to complete a given job.

Folder 2 "Early years", 1905-1919
Folder 3 Financial agreements, 1914
Folder 4 Financial statements, 1916
Folder 5 Business report, 1918
Folder 06-07 Boiler Brickwork Quantity Sheets, February 12, 1918
Folder 8 Business reports, April and July, 1919
Folder 9 Financial information, 1919