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Series II. Minute Books, 1920-1967

Scope and Content Notes:

Series II is comprised of bound volumes and microfilmed copies of minute books for the Rust Engineering Company of Delaware (the Pittsburgh office) and ten of Rust's subsidiaries and affiliates. They cover the time from the founding of each company or affiliate until its dissolution or until 1967, when Rust was purchased by Litton Industries.

Each set of books begins with records documenting the creation of the company, its bylaws, the minutes of its first meeting, and in some cases stock ledgers and other financial documents. After this initial information, minutes almost always represent one of three types of meetings; the Annual Meeting of Stockholders was held once a year to choose the Board of Directors for the following year. Immediately after this, at the Meeting of the Board of Directors, the board would appoint a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Special Meetings of the Board of Directors could be held at any time throughout the year to decide courses of action on major issues -- especially financial ones -- such as opening accounts or selling stock. Minutes for these meetings are brief, usually consisting of little more than a tally of votes and formal declarations of any decisions made that day, but they do provide a complete record of board members and officers until 1967, as well as documentation of the companies' involvement with particular regions, industries, and projects. There are also a few additional document types, including a list of the government contract projects which Rust completed during the 1940s to serve the war effort.

Minutes were originally bound into books, but in some cases only microfilmed copies remain. It is likely that the originals were passed to Litton Industries when the company was sold. A paper index to the microfilmed books can be found in box 8.

Volume 3 Potomac Clay Products Company, 1929-1930

Box 6
Volume 01-02 Bolivar Clay Products Company Minute Book, Vol. 1-2, 1921-1959

Box 7
Volume 1 Rust Construction Company, 1927-1934
Volume 2 Rust Gunite Company, 1930
Volume 3 Loudoun-Rust Company Minute Book, 1930-1934

Microfilm-cabinet 3
Drawer 8
Reel 1 Rust Engineering minute books, 1920-1943
Reel 2 Rust Engineering minute books, 1945-1956
Reel 3.1 Rust Engineering minute books, 1957-1960
Reel 3.2 Vibroflotation Foundation Co. minute books, 1953-ca.1966
Reel 4.1 Vibroflotaion Foundation Co. minute book, 1966-1997
Reel 4.2 Allegheny Industrial Electrical Co. minute books, 1936-1967
Reel 4.3 Rust Furnace Co. minute books, 1929-1947
Reel 5.1 Rust Furnace Co. minute book, 1957-1967
Reel 5.2 Doyle and Russell, Inc. minute book, 1962-1967
Reel 5.3 Rust Engineering Co. (Canada) Ltd. minute book, 1936-1967