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Series I. Audiovisual materials

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains 117 videocassettes, including BetaSP, 3/4" Umatic, and VHS tapes, that contain footage used to create the completed film, "Hard Choices."

Box 1
Video 1 Master Tape 1 (12/28) Baptism, Shots of Mill, Je Schiler Sr. (Umatic 3/4" small)
Video 2 Master Tape 8 (12/29) Ann's Bar, Ann Alone, Ann w/ Phil (Umatic 3/4" small)
Video 3 Master Tape 13 (12/31) Thermometer, Driving into Midland, Bill Cox in front of Mill (Umatic 3/4" small)
Video 4 Master Tape 14 (12/31) Bill Cox Continued, Bill w/ Guys (Umatic 3/4" small)
Video 5 Master Tape 15 (12/31) Bill Cox w/ guys, Subway (Mos?), Talk about hospital, Father Hoffman con't Church Lobby (Umatic 3/4" small)
Video 6 Master Tape 16 (12/31) Father Hoffman con't Church Lobby (Umatic 3/4" small)
Video 7 Master Tape 17 Info Age Classroom, Dr. Meta (Umatic 3/4" small)
Video 8 21 B Release Announcement, Serbian Club (Umatic 3/4" small)
Video 9 25A Zelinki w/ Mondale, w/ kids, school class 1917, Shore Shots of: Mother & Sister, Mother and Family, Couple at Wedding, my father in law, whole family, Bob Concrete, Bob in chair (Umatic 3/4" small)
Video 10 Master #32 Zelinski and daughter on Porch, Zelinski alone, outside shot of Mill, Saundra Easton (Umatic 3/4" small)
Video 11 Original #30 March 30, First Apostolic Church, Spaghetti Dinner (Umatic 3/4" small)
Video 12 Master Tape #39 Spaghetti Dinner, Italian Club (Umatic 3/4" small)
Video 13 Master Tape #41 Retraining Center, Union Local 1212, resume writing class, mock interviews w/ Julie Mahen (Umatic 3/4" small)

Box 2
Video 14-27 Original #45 4/1/85, end of Serbian Club Packing (Umatic 3/4" small)
Original #46 4/1/85-4/2/85, Debbie Drakulich at works, interior of finishing plant - LTV Steel (Umatic 3/4" small)
Original #51 4/28/85, Pips Butcher Shop (Umatic 3/4" small)
Original #52 Margaret + Sonny Migliore at Migliore's store, 4/2/85 (Umatic 3/4" small)
Original #55 4/2/85, Voices of Pentecost Gospel Choir Rehearsal (End) (Umatic 3/4" small)
Freeze Frames/Dissolve Master (Umatic 3/4" large)
Master #28 Mike Raich - pig roast (Umatic 3/4" small)
Master #48 Resume writing class - retraining center (Umatic 3/4" small)
Original #61 Mike Drakulich + son sending to school, Saundre Easton interview (Umatic 3/4" small)
Original #62 Saundre Easton interview end at day care + at Info Age (Umatic 3/4" small)
Original #63 Bob Zielinkski at Medical Center, High School Dance (Umatic 3/4" small)
Original #64 High School Dance (Umatic 3/4" small)
Original #65 Midland signs, outside shots, main street, private property sign, basketball, for sale sign and house traveling (Umatic 3/4" small)
Original #66 outside shots, band shell, Vanessa and Friends (Umatic 3/4" small)

Box 3
Video 28-39 Original #67 kids at projects (Vanessa & Friends) (Umatic 3/4" small)
Original #68 Bill and Vincey Cox (Umatic 3/4" small)
Original #69 unlabeled (Umatic 3/4" small)
Original #70 Bill and Vincey Cox (Umatic 3/4" small)
Original #71 headlines (Umatic 3/4" small)
Rough Edit #1 for 10/17 Screening (Small Beta)
7A Dub 19B Serbian Club, 20B Serbian Club, pool, Bar scene (Small Beta)
Westinghouse Early Steel Forge, Library of Congress (VHS)
Change In the Air w/ time code no good (Umatic 3/4" large)
19B Serbian Club (Umatic 3/4" large)
Tape #72 Borgnine Narration, 1st generation xfer from 1/4" original starts in the middle of tape, at beginning of tape-rough cut 4/86, end title music after narration (Umatic 3/4" large)
KDKA-TV/Video Dub Evening Magazine, Steel Mill Blues Segments, Broadcast Dates: Nov 26, 82 Mar 3, 83

Box 4
Video 40-53 Master tape #2 Rev. Gardner's w/ coalition (Umatic 3/4" small)
Zelenski #2 Zilenski in chair (Umatic 3/4" small)
Master tape #3 Rev. Gardner w/ coalition (Umatic 3/4" small)
Master tape #5 end of Rev. Garder's, Ann's Bar (Camaraderie) (Umatic 3/4" small)
20B Transfer of Audio form #20 (Umatic 3/4" small)
Master tape #19 Serbian Club-bingo, bar, pool table (Umatic 3/4" small)
Master #31 Zlelinski- union hall, on porch w/daughter (Umatic 3/4" small)
Master #33 Saundra Easton (Umatic 3/4" small)
Master #34 Saundra Easton w/ kids (Umatic 3/4" small)
Original #35 IGA-Frank Delipion, Ray Hively, Bob Hisson, exterior IGA, interview (Umatic 3/4" small)
Master #42 Retraining center, interviews w/ Julie Maher, Midland High School (Umatic 3/4" small)
Master tape #43 2nd tape of Midland High School, class-Schulte's class, "Art Class" scratched off (Umatic 3/4" small)
Original #56 Peggy Buckley's Dress Shop 4/3/85 (Umatic 3/4" small)

Box 5
Video 54 Original #60 Bill Cox + his family home 4/3/85 (Umatic 3/4" small)
Video 55 "Unused" (Umatic 3/4" small)
Video 56 Production Tape 1 (Beta Small)

Shots from 3/4 original to be used in Freeze + dissolve FX

Video 57 Production Tape 2 (Beta Small)

used in Freeze + dissolve Fx

Video 58 Dubs of Master Tapes 1-6 (Beta Small)

master 1, Joe Schulte; master 2, coalition; master 3, coalition; master 4, coalition; master 5, coalition Ann's Bar; master 6, Ann's Bar - Phil

Video 59 Dubs of Master Tapes 6-11 (Beta Small)

end of master 6, Anne's Pic + Phil; master 7, Anne's Bar-Ann & Phil; master 8, Ann Phil-Ann Alone; master 9, Mass; master 10, Mass Drakulitch Jr.; master 11, Drakulitch

Video 60 Dubs of Master Tapes 13-18 (Beta Small)

master 13; shots of town, driving through town, Bill Cox in front of mill master 14; Bill Cox in front of mill, Bill Cox w/ guys master 15; Guys on Road, hospital, Father Hoffman master 16; Father Hoffman master 17; Info Age class, Dr. Meta master 18; Info Age class, Dr. Meta, 3 boys retrained

Video 61 Dubs of Master Tapes 22-28 (Beta Small)

Master 25; Stills Master 26; Frank Decapio Stills Master 27; Sim A?, Pig Roast Master 28; Pig Roast Master 22; Outside shots, Union Hall, Anne's, Serbian Club, Church, View of Town Master 23; Julie Hoher, Mill from Hill Master 24; Retraining Center, Union Hall

Video 62 Dubs of Master Tapes 29-34 (Beta Small)

Master 29; Martin Schulte, Mayor Master 30; Bill Cox at home, Bob Z. at Union Hall Master 31; Bob Z. at Union Hall, on porch at home Master 32; Bob Z. & Daughter, Saundra Easton - Car Shot Master 33; Saundra Easton Master 34; Saundra Easton w/ kids

Video 63 "6" (Beta Small)

Origianl 27; Jim at Y, Pig Roast, Serbina Club Dbu of 20; Ziel from cassette, Emmy Lou, Narriation

Video 64 "7" (Beta Small)

Serbian club original #19A Bingo, Bar scene, orignal #20A Serbian Club, 4 guys, original #21 A Serbian Club, Release Announcement

Video 65 Dub of Originals 35-39 (Beta Small)

Original 35; IGA interview, exterior shots Original 36; IGA - Frank exterior shots, high school, kids yelling, cheerleaders inside gym Original 37; Kids at Gym (Miners, Fire truck Ride Original 38; church service, Spaghetti Dinner Original 39; Spagheti Dinner, Morra.

Video 66 Dub of Original 40-45 (Beta Small)

Original 40; Morra - Toot Interview Original 41; Retraining Class - Video Int Original 42; Video Inter Cretsining, High School, Schulte's Class Original 43; high school, Schulte;s Class Original 44; high school food baskets Original 45; food baskte

Video 67 Dub of Original 45-49 (Beta Small)

Original 45; tail end Original 46; Debbie At work LTV interior Original 47; Interior LTV Original 48; Retraining Class, Reviewing Tapes Original 49; GED class

Video 68 Dub of Original 49-55 (Beta Small)

Original 49; Marge & Sonny at Store Original 50; Marge and Sonny at Store Original 51; Pip's Butcher Shop Original 52; Pip's Buthcer Shop, Joe Schulte Original 55; Joe Schulte

Video 69 Dub of Original 54-59 (Beta Small)

Original 54; Gospel Choir Original 55; Gospel Choir Original 56; Peggy Buckly, Press Shop Original 57; Dorothy Husk @ Midcity Diner Original 58; Larry Tackle Shack Original 59; Larry Tackle Shack

Video 70 Dub of Original 59-64 (Beta Small)

Original 59; Bill Cox and family Original 60; Bill Cox & family at home Original 61; Mike sending Mikey to school, Saundra Easton Original 62; Saundra Easton interview Original 63; Zielinkski at Hdsol Ctr., Mill at sunset, High School Dance Original 64; High School Dance

Video 71 Dub of Original 65-69 (Beta Small)

Original 65; Outside Shots Original 66; Park, High School, Vanessa & Friends Original 67; Vanessa & Friends Original 68; Bill & Vincey Cox Exterior Original 69; Bill & Vincey Cox Ext., Bill & Vincey Cox

Video 72 Dub of Original 65 (Betta Small)

Original #65; outside shots

Video 73 "A' (Beta Small)

Coalition N.G., Resume Julie IGA #1 Marg Mos (from 1st cut), order #3 from Delilnie in Hospital - info age

Video 74 "B" (Beta Small)

IGA #2 N.G., Marg + Sonny, Vincie VA Story Short, Spaghetti Revised, Opening Montage Sports, Order #5, Zieli Practicum

Video 75 "C" (Beta Small)

Mikey N.G., Pig Roast, Serbia Club Inc., Drak. Mikey on Porch - Delilnie in Hospital (1st cut).

Video 76 "D" (Beta Small)

Rough Edit #1, Order #7

Video 77 "F" (Beta Small)

Rough History Narration Montage, Order #4 Bill + Vincie Part 1 - Larry Midland Center, Cox Kitchen Ending, Larry revised

Video 78 "G" (Beta Small)

Order #2, Order #6 revised, Shortened retraining 6/9

Video 79 "I" (Beta Small)

12/17 Midland, PA order #8

Box 6
Video 81-100 10/86 Associated Scene (Beta Small)

Opening (old lead liens), Spaghetti Dinner, Kids to black, Midland Center Montage

Beta I dub (Beta Small)

Newspaper headlines, Narration Dub, Trumpet rough xfer

Rough 6/10/86 (Beta Small)
"Peggy Weiss 'Hard Choices'" (Beta Small)
"Control Track" (Beta Small)
Beta Cam edit of dissolves + freeze frames (Beta Small)
Studio-Chris Howe (Beta Small)
"Hard Choices" (audio tape) (Audio tape)
Master tape #4 (Umatic 3/4" small)

12/28 Rev. Gardner w/ coalition

Master tape #6 (Umatic 3/4" small)

12/29 Ann's Bar (camaraderie), Phil -

Master tape #9 (Umatic 3/4" small)

12/30 Mass

Master tape #10

12/30 More Church Mass, Michael Drakulich Jr. on Porch

Master tape #11 (Umatic 3/4" small)

12/30 More Drakulich Family on Porch

Master tape #12 (Umatic 3/4" small)

12/30 Outdoor shots of Midland w/Drakulich 12/31 Main St Shot of Mill - Pan - Street

Master tape #23 (Umatic 3/4" small)

Jan 4, 1985; Interview w/ Julie Maner(?) Jan 4, 1985; Shots of Mill from Hill

Original Tape #37 (Umatic 3/4" small)

Kids in gym, Mike Jr., Fire Truck Ride

Original Tape #40 (Umatic 3/4" small)

Morr, Toots interview.

Original Tape #47 (Umatic 3/4" small)

3rd tape on Midland High School Class + Serbian Club Easter Food Basket Packing

Original Tape #49 (Umatic 3/4" small)

End GED class; Migliore's Store

Box 7
Video 101-113 Original Tape #54 (Umatic 3/4" small)

Vocies of Pentecost Gospel Choir Rehearsal (4/2/85)

Original Tape #59 (Umatic 3/4" small)

The Tackle Shack - Larry Shasteen (end) + Bill Cox and His family at home (4/3/85) tape cover not labeled.

Church, Father Hoffman, Joe Schulte (Umatic 3/4" small)
"Test Tape" (Umatic 3/4" small)
Tape 18 (Umatic 3/4" small)

Info Age, 3 guys retrained

Master tape #20 (Umatic 3/4" small)

Serbian Club- bar, guy in blue, guy in red

Master tape #22 (Umatic 3/4" small)
See Also: Outside shots- union hall, Anne's, Serbian Club, Church, Views of Town, Jan 4, '85.
Master tape #24 (Umatic 3/4" small)

Retraining Center [Jan 4], Union Hall (Guys in office), Ted V., Nick V., Floyd H., Mill from Union Hall

Master tape #25 (Umatic 3/4" small)


Master tape #26 (Umatic 3/4" small)

(2) Stills (beginning...), War effort, Hospital, Mill, Frank Decapio Outside Mill.

Master tape #27 (Umatic 3/4" small)

Jim at Y, skills, Pig Roast, Mike w/ Ted et al.

Master tape #29 (Umatic 3/4" small)

Interview w/ Martin Schulte, Mayor

Master tape #30 (Umatic 3/4" small)

Bill Cox Home, Zielinski Union Hall, Dark Porch to School

Box 8
Video 114-120 #36 (Umatic 3/4" small)

IGA - Frank DeCapio, outside IGA, High School - kids yelling, cheerleaders, inside gym.

Original #47 (Umatic 3/4" small)

Interior of LTV Steel - Finishing Plant, Interview w/ Frank DeCapio

Original #52 (Umatic 3/4" small)

4/2/85, Pip's Butcher Shop, Joe Schulte in his home

Original #53 (Umatic 3/4" small)

4/2/85, Joe Schulte in his home

Original #57 (Umatic 3/4" small)

4/3/85, Mid-City Diner owner Interview Dorthy Huska + Frank Kane Interview

Original #58 (Umatic 3/4" small)

4/3/85, The Tackle Shack Interview - Larry Shasteen

"The Miami Vision" (Umatic 3/4" small)