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Series I. Railroad Industry

Scope and Content Notes:

The Railroad Industry Series includes a broad volume of photographic slides covering the daily workings of several major railway companies, including Amtrak, Pennsylvania Railroad, ConRail, Union Pacific, and Union Switch and Signal. These slides focus on companies, towns, railroad equipment, and rail yards. Several generic railroad sections, created independently and originally named Miscellaneous, are present. These sections contain a mix of topics pertaining to the railway industry, including trains, town environs, wrecks, and yards. The series dates from 1985 to 1992.

Box 1
Folder 1 Midgrade, Pa.; Horse Shoe Curve, Pa.; Tunnel Hill, Pa.
Folder 2 Tunnel Hill Pa.; Cresson, Pa.; Galitlen. Pa.
Folder 3 Galitzen, Pa.; Southfork, Pa.; Cassandra, Pa.; Johnstown, Pa.; Spruce Creek to Cresson, Pa.; Spruce Creek, Pa.; Freedom, Pa.
Folder 4 Freedom, Pa.
Folder 5 Freedom, Pa.; Rochester, Pa.
Folder 6 Rochester, Pa.

Box 2
Folder 1 Leetstown, Pa., Conway, Pa.
Folder 02-03 Conway, Pa.; Maintenance of Way and Special Loads in Conway, Pa.
Folder 04-05 ConRail (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Folder 6 ConRail

Box 3
Folder 1 ConRail and Emsworth, Pa.
Folder 2 Emsworth, Pa.; Wampum, Pa; Homewood, Pa.; Harrisburg, Pa.
Folder 3 Harrisburg, Pa.; Clairton, Pa.; Enola, Pa.; Shire Oaks, Pa.; New Brighton, Pa.; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Altoona, Pa.
Folder 04-05 Altoona, Pa.

Box 4
Folder 01-03 Amtrak (Indiana, Illinois)
Folder 4 Amtrak (Indiana, Illinois) and Union Pacific (Feather River, Ca.)
Folder 5 UP (Feather River, Ca.); East Chicago, In.; Gary, In.; Corwith Yard (Chicago, Il.)
Folder 6 Corwith Yard (Chicago, Il.); Railroad companies, Indiana and Illinois

Box 5
Folder 01-06 Railroad

Box 6
Folder 01-02 Railroad
Folder 3 Railroad; Porter, Indiana
Folder 04-05 Porter, Indiana
Folder 6 Porter, Indiana; Amtrak

Box 7
Folder 01-02 Amtrak
Folder 3 Amtrak; Union Switch and Signal
Folder 04-06 Union Switch and Signal
Box 8 Altoona, Pa.
Box 9 Conway Yard
Box 10 Railroad
Box 11 Conway Yard
Box 12 Conway Yard
Box 13 Conway/ Pittsburgh Railroad
Box 14 Conway Yard
Box 15 Conway Yard
Box 16 Wrecks/ Derailments
Box 17 Conway Yard
Box 18 Conway Yard
Box 19 Conway Yard
Box 20 Conway Yard
Box 21 Wrecks/ Railroad