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Series IV. Mill Service, Inc. and Environmental Pollution

Scope and Content Notes:

Many of the records in this series specifically relate to permits granted to Mill Service by the Department of Environmental Resources (DER), and the monitoring of their procedures and operations in order to detect pollution and safety hazards. Mill Service's Yukon facility and a separate facility in Bulger, Pa. were repeatedly found to be in violation of permit terms over their years of operation. In 1985, the DER issued Consent Orders for the two facilities, which allowed their continued operations, providing proof of Mill Service's on-going actions to redress past and current environmental pollution. A copy of this consent order can be found in Series VI (Litigation). Much of the series also documents the plan, proposed by Mill Service, Inc. in 1985, to close one of the waste lagoons, Impoundment No. 5, and the creation in 1987 of a new lagoon, Impoundment No. 6, by a combination of strip mining and blasting.

Folder 12 Allegheny Ludlum Pickle Liquor
Folder 13 Assessment Charge - Mill Service
Folder 14-22 Attachments - Plans for waste impoundments
Folder 23 Bender, Carl - letters from
Folder 24 Benefit Fee Reports, 1989-1990
Folder 25 Blast Proposal Notice
Folder 26 Bulger
Folder 27 Case Studies
Folder 28 Chemical Analysis of Different Companies and Consultant Reports
Folder 29 Civil Penalty Payment $250,000
Folder 30 Closure Cost Estimates
Folder 31 Closure Info
Folder 32 Closure Plan #5
Folder 33 Compliance History Form C
Folder 34 Closure #6 Final Design Report
Folder 35 Construction #6
Folder 36-39 Correspondence, Mill Service - Internal and Political, 1972-1991
Folder 40 Customers (of Mill Service, Inc.)
Folder 41 Dike Stability

Box 12
Folder 1 Discharge Monitoring Reports, 1980-1992
Folder 2 Domestic Well Survey - Mill Service
Folder 3 Economic Impairment Study
Folder 4 EPA Organic and Inorganic Analysis Report
Folder 5 EPA Site Inspection of Mill Service
Folder 6-8 EPA Toxic Inventory
Folder 9 Evaluation of Chemistry and Industrial Processes at Mill Service
Folder 10-11 Exposure Information Reports
Folder 12 Fact Sheets
Folder 13 Financial Responsibility Documents, 1985-1986
Folder 14 Furnace Dusts
Folder 15 Hazardous Waste Facilities Plan Comments
Folder 16 Hazardous Waste Inspection Report
Folder 17 Hazard Code - Waste Transport
Folder 18 Hazardous Waste Types
Folder 19 Hydrogeological Report, 1984
Folder 20 Hydrogeological Assessment for #5
Folder 21 Hydrogeological Report for #6, 1985
Folder 22 Impoundment #5 Inspections
Folder 23 Impoundment #5 Leachate Characterization
Folder 24-28 Impoundment #6 Application

Box 13
Folder 1 Impoundment #6 Groundwater Monitoring System Installation
Folder 2 Impoundment #6 Information
Folder 3 Impoundment #6 Inspection
Folder 4 Incentives for New Facility
Folder 5 Industrial Waste Disposal at Permitted Sites
Folder 6 Interim Operating Guidance
Folder 7 Lime Stabilization
Folder 8-12 Maps
Folder 13 Mill Service Background by David Free
Folder 14 Mill Service Blasting Permit
Folder 15 Mill Service Bulger Violations
Folder 16 Mill Service Compliance Problems
Folder 17 Mill Service Employee Absence Record
Folder 18 Mill Service Inspection Reports, 1991
Folder 19 Mill Service History by Diana Steck
Folder 20 Mill Service Mining, Blasting Information
Folder 21 Mill Service Permit "File #2"
Folder 22 NUS-TDD #F3-8308-23 Report (Site inspection)
Folder 23 Pathways
Folder 24-31 Permits

Box 14
Folder 1-2 Permits
Folder 3 Pollutional Study of Mill Service
Folder 4-5 Post-Closure Plan #5
Folder 6 Pre-blast survey
Folder 7 Quality Assurance - Review for Organics
Folder 8 RCRA Facility Assessment - Phase II Report
Folder 9 Replies to Mill Service
Folder 10-13 Reports
Folder 14 Sampling and Analysis Procedure #6
Folder 15 Sanitary Survey Forms
Folder 16 Summary of Penetrometer Tests
Folder 17 Tank Information #4
Folder 18 Toxic Chemical Release Inventory and Report
Folder 19 Transporter Contingency Plan
Folder 20 Waste Characteristics #6
Folder 21 Waste Generators
Folder 22-23 Water Storage and Hauling
Folder 24 Water Analysis Report