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Series III. Health and Environmental Testing

Scope and Content Notes:

The possibility of compensation for the residents of Yukon for health damages rested mainly on the results of a DER-commissioned health study of South Huntingdon Township, in which Yukon is located. This study was conducted from 1986 to 1988. Several other tests and surveys were conducted around the Yukon area in order to determine the extent of pollution coming from the dump site and the effects of the pollution on the health of residents. Some were conducted by the DER and some were commissioned by CRY from independent contractors in hopes that the results would provide more conclusive evidence to support the group's claims in court. Additional documentation of other environmental tests can be found in series IV.

Folder 24 Air Tests of Homes
Folder 25 Animal Testing
Folder 26 Basement Test (ATSDR), 1991
Folder 27 Citizens' Environmental Lab - Reports
Folder 28 Cokeburg and Yukon Health Studies

Box 10
Folder 1 Cancer Study Information
Folder 2 Cancer Mortality in South Huntingdon Township
Folder 3 Cancer and Other Diseases
Folder 4 Comments of CCHW - Health Survey
Folder 5 Diana's Family Health
Folder 6 Dr. Miranda
Folder 7 Environmental Testing, various
Folder 8-9 Epidemiology Studies
Folder 10-11 Health Departments - Correspondence
Folder 12 Health, Pa. Department of
Folder 13 Health Effects of Toxic Chemicals
Folder 14 Health File
Folder 15 Health Questionnaire
Folder 16 Health Replies from Doctors
Folder 17-21 Health Studies and Surveys
Folder 22 Industrial Testing (Texaco)
Folder 23 K-Chem Lab Testing - Kodrin
Folder 24 Lappe, Dr. M, Health Report
Folder 25 Miscellaneous Tests - Sources Not Named
Folder 26 Mortality Rate in Yukon
Folder 27 Robertson, Greg (DER) - Testing Methods
Folder 28 Soil Tests
Folder 29-30 VOC
Folder 31 Water Tests
Folder 32-36 Drinking Water Tests - Domestic Wells

Box 11
Folder 1-9 Groundwater Tests, Mill Service
Folder 10 Yukon Health Study
Folder 11 Yukon Mortality and Death Certificates