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Series X. Audio-Visual Material, 1980-2000

Scope and Content Notes:

This series was originally part of the Aaron Levinson Audio-Visual library, named for a local philanthropist who participated enthusiastically in fundraising efforts on behalf of Peace Links. Some of the films were given or purchased by Peace Links, some were also taped from television. Inventories of the Levinson Library at various stages of its existence are in Series II. New materials were added June 2011 in the section entitled, "New Material Added, 2011".

Subseries 1. Films, 1980-2000

Box 17
Cassette 1 "Back from the Brink: End the Nuclear Threat Now", undated
Cassette 2 "Breaking the Spell", undated
Cassette 3 "Building Bombs", undated
Cassette 4 "Children and the Nuclear War", undated
Cassette 5 "Children of War Tour", 1984
Cassette 6 "Guns for Guatemala", undated
Cassette 7 "Health, Wealth, and National Security: Colorado Coalition for the Prevention of Nuclear War", undated
Cassette 8-9 "In the Nuclear Shadow" (2 copies), undated
Cassette 10 "International Physicians for Social Responsibility"/"What Soviet Children are Saying about Nuclear War", undated
Cassette 11 "Jordan's Stormy Banks", 1991
Cassette 12 "Lanterns for Hope", undated
Cassette 13 "Letters From A Dead Man"/"Breaking the Spell", undated
Cassette 14 "Mylar", with Rick Santorum, undated
Cassette 15 "NOVA Frontline: Strategic Defense Initiative", undated
Cassette 16 "NOVA: The Bomb's Lethal Legacy", undated
Cassette 17 "Nowhere to Hide", with Ramsey Clark, undated
Cassette 18 "Peace Links", undated
Cassette 19 "Preventing Nuclear War: The First Essential Step", undated
Cassette 20 "Preventing the Final Mistake", undated
Cassette 21 "Russian Leadership Program", 2000
Cassette 22 "Soviet Children Reaction to Nuclear Weapons", undated
Cassette 23 "Stopping War Before It Starts", undated
Cassette 24-25 "The Art of Being Human" (2 copies), undated
Cassette 26-32 "The Edge of History" (7 copies), undated
Cassette 33 "The Missiles/Rehearsing Doomsday", undated
Cassette 34 "The Tree House", undated
Cassette 35-36 "War Toys Conference" (2 copies), undated
Cassette 37 "What About the Children?", undated
Cassette 1-2 "Back From the Brink: End the Nuclear Threat Now" (2 copies), undated
Cassette 3 "Betty Linden Interview", 1986
Cassette 4 "Beyond War: An Introductory Presentation", undated
Cassette 6 "Century of Non-Violence", undated
Cassette 5 "Century of Non-Violence II", undated
Cassette 7 "Do Kirk Workshop", undated
Cassette 8-9 "Dr. Lown-Peace Links Dinner ", (2 copies) 1990
Cassette 10 "Drops of Water, Grains of Sand", undated
Cassette 11 "Fail Safe", undated
Cassette 12 "Focus On: Lee Hicks", undated
Cassette 13 "In Search of Glasnost and Perestroika", undated
Cassette 14-15 "Interview on China with Carl Goldstein", 1993 (2 copies)
Cassette 16 "Interview with Carl Goldstein", undated
Cassette 17 "Let Us Begin: What Are We Making Weapons For?", 1986
Cassette 18 "Making Things Happen: Spreading the Vote", undated
Cassette 19 "No Grapes", undated
Cassette 20 "Nuclear Bomb Factories", undated
Cassette 21 "Paving the Way for a Peaceful Future", undated
Cassette 22 "Peace Links 11th Annual Dinner", 1994
Cassette 23 "Peace Links 9th Annual Dinner", 1992
Cassette 24 "Peace Links Press Conference", 1980
Cassette 25 "Peace Links Workshop-Conflict Resolution", undated
Cassette 26 "Peace Train to Beijing: A Project of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom", undated
Cassette 27 "Phil Donahue in Russia", undated
Cassette 28 "Press Conference and Peace Link Luncheon-Heinz Hall", 1983
Cassette 29 "Report on the United Nations 4th World Conference for Women"
Cassette 30-31 "Soviet Women Visit" (2 copies), 1985
Cassette 32 "Sticks and Stones: A Modern Fable", undated
Cassette 33 "The Common Ground Approach to Conflict Resolution", undated
Cassette 34 "The Military and the Environment", undated
Cassette 35 "The Shadow of Hate: A History of Intolerance in America", undated
Cassette 36 "US/USSR Youth Exchange Program", undated
Cassette 37 "Vladimir Pozner – Peace Links Dinner", 1992
Cassette 38 "What About the Russians?", undated
Cassette 39-40 "Women for America for the World" (2 copies), undated
Cassette 41 Unlabeled: Interview with Margaret Taux (?) and final 3 installments of "Peter Ustinov's Russia", undated

Box 19
Reel 1 "Anti-Contra Aid Ad"- 2-inch reel-to-reel, 1986
Cassette 1 "Arkansas Peace Links Panel January 27, 1983" - Audio Cassette, January 27, 1983

Subseries 2. VHS, undated

Cassette 2 "Harrisburg Peace Garden", undated
Cassette 3 "Star Wars Defense: Can It Work?", undated

Subseries 3. U-Matic, 1984-1988

Cassette 4 "Building Bridges of Trust", Undated
Cassette 5 "Edge of History", undated
Cassette 6 "PL/Pt. Park College - SDI" Edited, undated
Cassette 7 "PL/Pt. Park College - SDI" Unedited, undated
Cassette 8 "Preventing Nuclear War: The First Essential Step", 1985
Cassette 9 "Reception for Soviet Women", 1985
Cassette 10 "The Last Epidemic: The Medical Consequences of Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear War", undated
Cassette 11 "Through the Arts: Cultural Exchange for Peace, Interview", 1988
Cassette 12 "Weapons in Space" Union of Concerned Scientists, 1984
Cassette 13 "What About the Children", May 1984

Section: "Women for America", undated

Subseries 4. Beta, 1986

Cassette 15 "It's up to the Women", undated
Cassette 16 "Paul Warnke-SDI", 1986
Cassette 17 "Space Weapons: An Overview", undated
Cassette 18 "Teresa Wilson on Soviet Women", undated
Cassette 19 "The Challenge of the Caucuses and Breaking the Spell", undated
Cassette 20 "The Power of the Atom with Peter Jennings", undated

Subseries 5. 16mm film, undated

Box 20
Reel 1 "A Call to Peace", undated
Reel 2 "If You Lose this Planet", undated
Reel 3 "In the Nuclear Shadow", undated
Reel 4 "The Last Epidemic", undated
Reel 5 "War Without Winners II", undated
Reel 6 "What About the Russians", undated
Reel 7 Unidentified, undated

Box 21
Reel 8 "The Edge of History", undated
Reel 9-10 "Women for America, For the World" (2 copies), undated

Section: New Material Added, 2011

Box 23
Cassette 1 "Drops of Water, Grains of Sand", undated
Cassette 2 Freeport Riverside Park, August, 5, 1989
Cassette 3 Harrisburg Peace Garden, undated
Cassette 4 International Peace Lantern Exchange Project, 1985-1988

Box 24
Cassette 1 Katerina Shevelova Television Interview, April 13, 1988
Cassette 2 Lantern CER, 1988
Cassette 3 Lanterns for Hope, International Peace Exchange, Tape 6 of 6 undated
Cassette 4 Peace Links, Side 1, undated
Cassette 5 Peace Garden of Riverfront Park - Harrisburg, Pa., undated