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Series V. Grants, Donations, and Funding Requests, 1990-2002

Scope and Content Notes:

Much of CM’s administrative efforts went to securing funding, grants, and community partnerships, without which the operation would not have realized economic viability. Most of the material pertains to grants that were approved; this initiates a relationship process documented by correspondence, bank notes, and periodic progress reports.

The series encompasses grant proposals and funding requests, and records of private and corporate donations, correspondence and notes, application forms and progress reports, financial ledgers, and newspaper clippings, generated in the course of Community Media’s petitions for and maintenance of capital investments from grant-making organizations. Reports include unique demographic and line-item financial information and detailed analyses of CM’s community impact. Not all types of material are represented in all files.

Grants and Funding Requests Summary History identifies the various corporate and individual partners with which CM sustained relationships over a 9 year period. Records of corporate donations include an agreement with East Liberty Development, Inc., which served as a conduit for CM funding before CM’s non-profit incorporation, and documents securing CM’s offices in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Homewood Branch, which became permanent headquarters to CM’s operations during its most active period. Private donations records include letters of thanks from individuals appreciating CM’s programs, and letters of support from professional and non-profit associates, instrumental to securing grant monies.

In some cases, CM staffers were invited to serve on advisory panels or strategic planning boards to a number of arts organizations, notably the Multi-Cultural Arts Initiative and the National Black Programming Consortium. In such cases, meeting minutes are included in the respective files.

CM solicited viable interns as well as educational program funds in a collaborative venture with YouthWorks, Inc.; for records of YouthWorks grants, see Series IV. Internship Programs.

Files are arranged alphabetically by grant-making organization, in original order where applicable. In cases where the grant-making organization is titled with a personal name, arrangement is alphabetical to the first surname in the proper title of the organization. In cases where the grant-making organization is better-known by a partial form of its proper title, files are arranged alphabetically according to the more popular usage (exhaustive title in parentheses).

Folder 30 Grants and Funding Requests Summary History, 1993-2001
Folder 31 Private Donations Correspondence and Invoices, 1993-2002
Folder 32 Corporate Donations Correspondence and Invoices, 1993–2002
Folder 33 Initial Type Proposal, 1993-1996
Folder 34 Letters of Support, 1990-2000
Folder 35 Action Industries Charitable Foundation, 1996
Folder 36-41 The Alcoa Foundation (Allegheny Works), 1991–2002
Folder 42-45 Allegheny Regional Asset District (ARAD), 1995–2002

Box 4
Folder 1-4 Allegheny Regional Asset District (ARAD), 1995–2002
Folder 5 Blue Cross/Blue Shield, 1994
Folder 6 Bridge Builders Foundation, 1998
Folder 7 Buhl Foundation, 1994
Folder 8-19 City of Pittsburgh) Community Development Block Grant, 1994–2002
Folder 20 Consolidated Natural Gas Company Foundation, 1994
Folder 21 Duquesne Light, 1994–2002
Folder 22 Equitable Resources, 1994
Folder 23 Maurice Falk Medical Fund, 1992-1996
Folder 24 Funding Exchange, 1998-1999
Folder 25 Grable Foundation, 1995–2001
Folder 26-32 Heinz Endowments, 1996–2002
Folder 33-34 Independent Television Service, 1999–2001
Folder 35 The Mary Hillman Jennings Foundation, 1994
Folder 36 The Earl Knudson Charitable Foundation, 1999
Folder 37 Laurel Foundation, 1994-1997
Folder 38-41 The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, 1998–2001

Box 5
Folder 1 Richard King Mellon Foundation (Mellon Bank Corporation), 1994–1997
Folder 2 Mellon Financial Corporation Foundation, 2001–2002
Folder 3 Miles, Inc. Foundation, 1994
Folder 4-11 (The Pittsburgh Foundation—Howard Heinz Endowment) Multi-Cultural Arts Initiative, 1993–2001
Folder 12 National Alliance For Media Arts and Culture (NAMAC), 1994
Folder 13-14 National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC), 1999–2001
Folder 15-17 PACE (Program to Aid Citizen Enterprise), 1996–2000
Folder 18 PCTV (Public Community Television Corporation) Programming Trust, 1992–1998
Folder 19-28 Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA), 1990–2001
Folder 29 People’s Gas Company, 1996
Folder 30 Bank (J. B. Finley Charitable Trust), 1998
Folder 31 ProArts (Western Pennsylvania Professionals for the Arts), 1999–2000
Folder 32 Three Rivers Community Fund, 1999–2001
Folder 33 WAVE (Work Achievement Values and Education), 1998–1999