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Series III. Internship Programs, 1994-2001

Scope and Content Notes:

Series includes grant applications, records of receipt, invoices, student personnel records and correspondence relating to Community Media’s internship training and intern-produced programs. The bulk of the records in this series relate to programs funded by YouthWorks, a youth employment and job skills training initiative based in Western Pennsylvania. The YouthWorks program is itself supported by The Pittsburgh Partnership, The Heinz Endowments, the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County governments, and the Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board, which administers federal funds for the region; records issuing from these agencies are included in the series. YouthWorks applicants compete for several grants with different monetary caps and eligibility criteria, including “Best Practices,” “Building Organizational Capacity,” and “Youth Careers” grants.

Records of intern acquisition include classified ads and intern position descriptions, facility access policy and terms of employment. Intern applications files include letters of introduction, and formal evaluations of the incoming and outgoing skill-levels of the interns.

Intern Survey and Evaluation Forms were completed periodically throughout the course of the summer internship, and follow up reports were solicited to monitor the student’s school activity, and facilitate career placement.

Administrative Correspondence includes email prints detailing the daily operations of the program, as well as correspondence relating to interns acquired by agreement with some other smaller regional programs, or directly from local universities or school districts, utilizing the Head Start program at Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Annual grant applications and reports are included in the series. YouthWorks funding subsidized CM’s seasonal internships, providing funds for development and implementation of curricula in A/V production, including special events and career development field trips; records of such education are included. YouthWorks grants also made it possible to compensate working project interns with an hourly wage; intern schedules and hourly invoices specify project assignments, locations, and crew responsibilities as delegated among the various interns.

Interns worked across CM’s programs. YouthWorks grants enabled interns to produce documentaries through the Community Eye program for each year that monies were received, including a 1999 film itself documenting several other Pittsburgh-based YouthWorks programs. Beginning in 2000, CM intern coordinator Darnell “Werm” Grisham also worked under a pilot program called YouthArtWorks, a component of YouthWorks, a specialized grant scheme designed to facilitate teaching apprenticeships in creative and commercial art forms. That same year, Grisham also attended a leadership conference sponsored by the National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture; a summary report is included in the YouthArtWorks file (cross-reference PCA files in Series V., Grants, Donations, and Funding Requests). Records of a YouthWorks-sponsored 2001 career-development trip to media training programs in Philadelphia, PA and New York, NY include student reflections.

Analytical year-end program reports detail fiscal appropriations and disbursements, as well as interns’ work experience, and include interns’ evaluations of the program, and each of the projects they engineered. Documentary films facilitated by YouthWorks grants include: 1997’s “Harambe,” 1999’s “YouthWorks” documentary, 2001’s “Jonny Gammage: Enough is Enough!,” and a multitude of VDS client projects.

Box 2
Folder 1 Intern Program Advertisements and Job Descriptions
Folder 2 Intern Screening Interview Records and Resumés
Folder 3 Intern Personnel Lists
Folder 4-8 Intern Survey and Evaluation Forms, 1998-2001
Folder 9-10 Intern Program Administrative Correspondence and Emails, 1996-2001
Folder 11 Intern workshops and training curricula
Folder 12 Weekly Schedules, 1998, 2001
Folder 13 YouthWorks “Best Practice” records, 1996-1997
Folder 14-15 YouthWorks “Building Organizational Capacity” records, 1999-2000
Folder 16 NAMAC Conference, 2000
Folder 17-18 YouthArtWorks “Youth Careers” records, 2000-2001