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Subseries 1. Oversized Flat File Print Material

Scope and Content Notes:

Material in this subseries consists of oversized prints, drawings, photostats, plans and blueprints. These oversized documents are stored in flat file map cases in archival dividers. Additional files relating to this project may be found in Series III, IV and V.

Map-case 5
Drawer 1
Folder 1 Pittsburgh Renaissance: City park and underground parking garage (Mellon Square), 1949
Folder 2 Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Nashville Branch Plan, undated
Folder 3 Mr. & Mrs. John W. Lawrence Farm Group, 1931
Folder 4 J. E. Lewis Residence, undated
Folder 5 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mandell Garden: garden, garden perspective and garden plan and elevation, undated
Folder 6 Allen’s Oak and Gates: Villa Medici photograph, Firenza Artistica, and “Caryatides of the Erechteion” print, undated
Folder 7 Adolph Dupres Cabin: front and rear view, undated
Folder 8 First House Built in Cincinnati, OH: perspective, undated
Folder 9 Private Residents: Roy A. Hunt residence Perspective, B. D. Phillips residence Perspective, and Perspective of unknown residence, 1944
Folder 10 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial: Plan on art paper, Elevation on vellum, Perspective on trace; Plan on trace, Rendered plan, undated
Folder 11 Richard K. Mellon Mountain Vista improvements, undated
Folder 12 Shadyside Presbyterian Church: Perspective on Chapel entrance garden, undated
Folder 13 Coraopolis Borough Park: Proposed swimming pool perspective, Proposed all-purpose athletic field perspective, undated
Folder 14 Chatham Village: Landscape plan for first unit, Plan of landscape development and Plan of landscape development, 1939
Folder 15 Richeyville Recreation Building: Landscape improvements perspective, 1947
Folder 16 John Sephus Mack Community Center: Memorial Entrance perspective, Memorial Entrance perspective revised, Picnic Shelter perspective and Pool, 1946
Folder 17 Vestaburg School: Landscape improvements rendering, Vestaburg Recreation Building: Proposed planting rendering and Proposed planting rendering, 1947
Folder 18 Fox Chapel Country Club: Pool perspective, 1930
Folder 19 Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. DuPuy: Front and rear perspectives, undated
Folder 20 Charles F. Chubb Memorial, McConnell’s Mill State Park: preliminary study, undated
Folder 21 Lion’s Club of America, California Borough: Recreational study plan, undated
Folder 22 Beaver Area Joint School District High School: Study, Site no. 1 expanded perspective and Study, Site no. 2 perspective, 1954
Folder 23 Parks: Urban playgrounds perspective and National perspective, undated
Folder 24 Mr. H.B. Higgins Estate: Perspective, Plan and seven photographs, 1932

Drawer 2
Folder 25 Watercolors: Mr. & Mrs. John W. Lawrence Estate, Hartwood Acres, 1931
Folder 26 B.D. Phillips Residence: three photographs, two Inner Court rendering prints and Inner Court perspective, 1944
Folder 27 Anzio-Nettuno Military Cemetery: Sixteen photographs, Cover of V.F.W. Magazine, two perspectives with plan, Rendered plan, Aerial photograph, Proposed tree planting perspective and Axial view perspective, 1950-1956
Folder 28 Mr. & Mrs. Roy A. Hunt Garden: four photographs, walled garden elevation perspective and plan, 1944
Folder 29 Miscellaneous Photostats, undated
Folder 30 Bellevue Park: three aerial view perspective photostats, 3 proposed Memorial Entrance perspective photostats, Park under construction (aerial photograph) and two Dedication pamphlets, 1951
Folder 31 A.K. Wright Memorial, Hillcrest Cemetery perspective and plan, undated
Folder 32 Mr. & Mrs. Cyrus H. McCormick: Thirteen photostats and three photographs, undated
Folder 33 Agora Excavations: eight photographs, a Plan of Restoration of Stoa, Postcard of west side of Agora model, Map of ancient Greece, Bench perspective, Reconstruction of Stoa of Attalos, Map of Attica, Map of Modern Athens and Tourist map of Greece, 1950-1956
Folder 34 Parks: Burgess Park swimming pool and bath house perspective, Titusville Park Aerial view perspective, and Recreation park and swimming pool pamphlet, 1949
Folder 35 Residences: Mr. & Mrs. H. J. Stringer, Jr. Residence: Perspective, Mr. & Mrs. Morton Aronson Residence: Plan, Mr. & Mrs. Harton S. Semple Residence: Terrace perspective, Ed Magee Residence: “Baywind” perspective, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ever Residence: Entrance perspective, Mrs. John Fazer Residence: Townhouse, Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Blair Residence: Perspective, Mr. & Mrs. Blair Shiller Residence: Garden perspective, 1930-1945
Folder 36 Fox Chapel Country Club: Interior Court perspective, Interior Court perspective and three photographs, 1930
Folder 37 Griswold Certificates: American Academy of Rome, Cornell University, Papal Blessing & Greek Recognition, undated
Folder 38 Allegheny County Club: Plan, undated