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Subseries 3. Court Cases and Other Legal Issues

Scope and Content Notes:

As a result of much of the legislation, Coleman and her environmental colleagues took part in several court cases. Many of these cases were about the legislation itself and what it would mean for future coal regulations. These groups also participated in court cases in which a person or group was in violation of the legislation that had been passed. The documents in this section of the collection reflect some of the extent of the groups' legal involvement.

Box 9
Folder 1 HB 1075/Act 114 Valley Fills
Folder 2 Hughes Hollow/Vesta Valley Fills
Folder 3 Judge Haden Decision- Valley Fills
Folder 4 Valley Fills- West Virginia 2002 Rule Change
Folder 5 Mediation Working Conference
Folder 6-12 Permanent Surface Mining Regulation Litigation
Folder 13 BethEnergy Mines v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Folder 14-15 Alice Water Protection Association
Folder 16 PUSH (People United to Save Homes)
Folder 17-19 PUSH Litigation
Folder 20 PUSH 1999-2000
Folder 21 Lucchino Case
Folder 22 Roaring Run Court Case
Folder 23 Consol Pennsylvania Coal Company v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Folder 24 Consultants
Folder 25 Pt. Pleasant Settlement, 1994
Folder 26 Mine Subsidence Insurance Fund
Folder 27 Federal Register Notices
Folder 28 Release Agreements (Gag orders)

Box 10
Folder 1-2 Other Lawsuits
Folder 3 Citizen Complaints- FOI/DEP Sample Letters
Folder 4 Citizen Complaints- 1982-1990
Folder 5-6 84 Mining Company
Folder 7 Mine 84 Permit
Folder 8 Mine 84 Permit Renewal
Folder 9 Mine 84 Permit- Washington County, 1994-1995
Folder 10 Mine 84 Permit- Perspective of Water Companies
Folder 11 Permits
Folder 12 Mettiki Mine- West Virginia Longwall Mining
Folder 13 Hays Hill Proposal- Permit
Folder 14 Shoemaker Mine Permit
Folder 15 105 Permit
Folder 16 UMCO Mine Permit- Community Meeting
Folder 17 Willowbrook Mining (McConnels Mill State Park) - Permit
Folder 18 Hilsboro Coal Mining Permit
Folder 19 Enlow Fork Mine Extension
Folder 20 Baily Mine Extension, Greene County, Ryerson Park, 1997-2000
Folder 21 Mining in Schuylkill County
Folder 22 DEP- Technical Guidance Documents on Mining
Folder 23 Correspondence- Greene County Mine Permits
Folder 24 Coal Combustion Waste Disposal (CCW)
Folder 25 Coal Refuse Disposal Sites
Folder 26 Gas Spill- Hazelton
Folder 27 Consol Coal Mines in Greene County, 1981-1993
Folder 28 Pennzoil Underground Injection Control Permit, 1994
Folder 29 RAG- American Coal Co. - Emerald and Cumberland Mines, Greene County
Folder 30 Maple Creek, Montour, Matties, Monview Mines

Box 11
Folder 1 PA Regulatory Program
Folder 2 Office of Surface Mining (OSM) Performance Evaluations
Folder 3 OSM Federal Oversight
Folder 4 Ten-Day Notice Directive
Folder 5-6 OSM
Folder 7-9 OSM, 1997-1999
Folder 10 Environmental Quality Board (EQB) OSM Hearings on Mine Proposals
Folder 11 Intervention Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)/OSM Litigation
Folder 12 OSM/DEP Dispute
Folder 13 Comments on DEP/OSM Proposal, 2003
Folder 14 Final OSM/DEP Negotiation Settlement
Folder 15 DEP Amendment to OSM Decision
Folder 16 OSM Directives to DEP
Folder 17-18 OSM/DEP
Folder 19 OSM Inspection Reports
Folder 20 Mather Coal Refuse Pile
Folder 21 SB 1030- Renewable Portfolio Standard (Electric Generation)
Folder 22-23 Water
Folder 24 Clean Water Act- "Buffer Zone Rule", 2004
Folder 25 Streams- Dunkard Creek, WV
Folder 26 Water Resources Forums, 2001-2004
Folder 27 Probable Hydrologic Consequences of Mining
Folder 28 Stream Study- Enlow Fork, etc
Folder 29 Wheeling Creek Watershed Project
Folder 30 Watersheds- Settling Priorities Mon River Basin
Folder 31 Water Resources Symposium
Folder 32 Stream and Watershed Restoration
Folder 33 Watersheds- West Virginia
Folder 34 HB 866 Costs for Coal Mining Act
Folder 35 Oil Gas Act
Folder 36 Oil Gas Leasing
Folder 37 Noncoal Mining Legislation
Folder 38 HB 393- Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP)
Folder 39 HR No. 6- Sewage Sludge
Folder 40 National Coal Association v. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Folder 41 1872 Mining Law Reform, 1979