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Subseries 2. Bituminous Mine Subsidence and Land Conservation Act (BMSLCA)

Scope and Content Notes:

In 1966, Act 31, also known as the Bituminous Mine Subsidence and Land Conservation Act (BMSLCA), was passed in Pennsylvania. It addressed the damage caused to people and property by underground coal mining. Act 31 underwent a series of amendments, the most significant being Act 54. Throughout the legislation changes, Coleman and the groups in which she participated, mainly the Sierra Club and the Tri State Citizens Mining Network, were heavily involved in the deliberation surrounding the amendments and much of their correspondence regarding these activities is included in this section of the collection.

Box 8
Folder 1 Pennsylvania Longwall Mining Regulations
Folder 2 Act 31 of 1966 (Bituminous Mine Subsidence and Land Conservation Act)
Folder 3-4 BMSLCA
Folder 5 HB 2514 (Deep Mine Mediation Bill 1990)
Folder 6 HB 2514
Folder 7 HB 1828 (originally HB 2514)
Folder 8 HB 1828
Folder 9 House vote on HB 1828
Folder 10 Deep Mine Mediation Program CAWLM withdrawal
Folder 11 Other Amendments to Act 31
Folder 12-16 Act 54
Folder 17 Technical guidance- Act 54
Folder 18 Act 54- DEP, DER
Folder 19 Act 54- Public hearing, Oct.13, 1998
Folder 20 Meetings on Act 54
Folder 21 Comments on Act 54- Coal Caucus Meeting
Folder 22 Flannery decision on subsidence, 1990
Folder 23 Mining Litigation Correspondence
Folder 24 DEP's BMSCLA Regulatory Package
Folder 25 HB 2242 (Coal Community Fairness Act)
Folder 26 Coal Community Fairness Act Rally, 2001
Folder 27 HB 2653 ("Peter Daley's Amendment")
Folder 28 HB 1800 Coalfield Water and Protection Act