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Subseries 1. SMCRA- State and Federal

Scope and Content Notes:

There are two Acts referred to as SMCRA: one is a Pennsylvania statute passed in 1945 called the Subsidence Mine Conservation and Reclamation Act; the other is a federal statute passed in 1977 called the Subsidence Mine Control and Reclamation Act. Both of these acts have been through several attempts at amendment and this collection contains information about those amendments and the work surrounding them. One major attempt to amend SMCRA of 1977 is referred to as "State Window" Strip Mining Regulations. This was very controversial because it allowed states to create their own mining rules as long as they were no more or no less strict than the federal laws. Coleman and the groups to which she belonged were heavily involved in fighting this amendment and the papers reflect their work in this area.

Box 7
Folder 1 Coal Legislation- House Bill
Folder 2 Side by Side- PA v. Federal rules
Folder 3 Notes on SMCRA History
Folder 4 Title 25- 1975
Folder 5-7 Title 25
Folder 8 Comments of National Wildlife Federation Ownership and Control Rule
Folder 9 Background: Pennsylvania Subsidence Law
Folder 10 Subsidence Rules 82-84
Folder 11 PA Coal Regulation Changes 1991
Folder 12 Areas Unsuitable for Mining Program
Folder 13 1945 SMCRA
Folder 14 SMCRA
Folder 15 HB 329
Folder 16 Acts 173/43
Folder 17 HB 1076
Folder 18 Other Amendments to SMCRA 1945
Folder 19 SMCRA 1945- DER report
Folder 20 SMCRA 1977
Folder 21 Enforcement of SMCRA
Folder 22 "State Window" Strip Mining Regulations
Folder 23 "State Window" litigation, 1982-1983
Folder 24 Senate Bill 416
Folder 25 Other Amendments to SMCRA 1977
Folder 26 Senate Resolution 100
Folder 27 House Subcommittee of Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources Hearing 1987
Folder 28 Section 522 (e) of SMCRA- VER (Valid Existing Rights)
Folder 29 VER Opinion
Folder 30 VER
Folder 31 Office of Surface Mining (OSM) Reports 1986
Folder 32 SMCRA Litigation
Folder 33 SMCRA Litigation 1985
Folder 34 SMCRA Litigation 1987
Folder 35-36 OSM Proposal Revisions to SMCRA