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Subseries 3. Scrapbooks, 1892-1900

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains newspaper clipping scrapbooks that were maintained by the Carnegie Steel Company and mainly cover news reporting at the time of the Homestead steel strike, riot, aftermath, and other subsequent events. The material highlighted the strikes and riots (Volume 1); assassination attempt (Volume 1 and 2); nonunion, union, and strikers (Volume 3 and 4); Private W.L. Iams Case (Volume 4); poisoning conspiracy (Volume 4 and 5); and Hugh O’Donnell (Volume 2 and 5). Only Volumes 1 and 2 are indexed.

Most of the scrapbooks are day-by-day accounts of specific events related to the company. Clippings are primarily from local and national presses, but there is some international coverage as well. Some of the local periodicals include the Pittsburgh Leader, Pittsburgh Dispatch, and the Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette. Some of the national clippings include the Boston Globe, Boston News,Chicago Globe, Post Dispatch (St. Louis), Oregonian (Portland, Oregon), and the New York Tribune. Examples of the international newspapers include the Manchester Guardian, The Echo (London), and The Times (London). The scrapbooks also include some journal articles from The Illustrated American, Harper’s Weekly, and Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Weekly.

Volumes 6 through 8 contain articles pertaining to the Frick-Carnegie law suit, plot to free attempted assassin Alexander Berkman, and Frick Building construction. There are also clippings on J. P Morgan, Philander C. Knox, Henry Phipps, and Charles M. Schwab. The majority of articles are from the New York Sun. Volume 9 documents the company’s history in an unbound draft proof. The scrapbooks date from July 1892 to December 1900.

Box 18
Volume 1 The Carnegie Steel Company, Ltd., Strike and Riot of 1892, June 2-July 23, 1892

Box 19
Volume 2 The Carnegie Steel Company, Ltd., Strike and Riot of 1892, July 23-August 18, 1892

Box 20
Volume 3 The Carnegie Steel Company, Ltd., Strike and Riot of 1892, August 16-October 27, 1892

Box 21
Volume 4 The Carnegie Steel Company, Ltd., Strike and Riot of 1892-1893, October 27, 1892-January 19, 1893

Box 22
Volume 5 The Carnegie Steel Company, Ltd., January 19, 1893-April 18, 1894

Box 23
Volume 6 Newspaper Clippings, July 6, 1892-September 11, 1892

Box 24
Volume 7 Newspaper Clippings, January 3, 1900-October 31, 1901

Box 25
Volume 8 Newspaper Clippings, January 10-December 28, 1900

Box 26
Volume 9 The History of the Carnegie Steel Company Draft Proofs, (unbound), 1903