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Box 8
Volume 1 H.C. Frick Letterpress Copybook, January 28, 1889-April 24, 1890

The letterpress copybooks comprises copies of outgoing correspondence from H.C. Frick to numerous individuals. Due to the significance of Frick's correspondence with Andrew Carnegie in particular, abstracts were created for these specific letters by History undergraduate students interning at the Archives Service Center. The numbering besides each item below refers to the page number in the copybook where the letter can be found.

23. Frick wires Carnegie about his conversation with Mr. Pitcairn. Pitcairn states he showed a letter to Mr. Roberts and returned it to Frick. Frick understands Carnegie's course of action, but is regretful about it. April 6, 1889
25. Frick writes that he gave Mr. Oliver the letter to Measrs. E. D. Morgan to authorize purchase of stock [for Pittsburgh & Western Railway Co.]. April 9, 1889
26. Frick confirms their recent stock purchase and writes that he is going to see Mr. Quay about some legislation. April 10, 1889
28. Frick writes on the [Pennsylvania & Western Railway Co.] stock. April 11, 1889
29. Frick writes on the Pennsylvania & Western Railway Co. stock, Mr. Phipps having returned, and his trip to Philadelphia and New York. April 12, 1889
30. Frick writes that he has already paid for 7,645 shares and Mr. Oliver is in New York, [N.Y.] and will call on Carnegie today. April 13, 1889
35. Frick writes that it seems necessary for Carnegie Bros. & Co. to purchase half of the Callery Estate at once. April 17, 1889
37. Frick writes on arranging the purchase of 100,000 tons of Norrie Ore at $4.25. April 19, 1889
40. Frick wires Carnegie about Mr. Oliver being confident in his election. April 19, 1889
41. Frick includes a previous telegram message in his letter, and writes on the progress of the Callery stock purchase. April 19, 1889
42. Frick wires Carnegie on the Cleveland party being in Hot Springs, opening negotiations with Cochran of Brown & Cochran, and asking Carnegie to meet him in Philadelphia on Tuesday. April 20, 1889
44. Frick wires Carnegie on Abbott informing him that a line has been located and that he will look into in it next week. April 20, 1889
45. Frick wires Carnegie telling him that he'll meet Carnegie in Philadelphia on May 3rd and that Mr. Potter sent Frick a letter about Norrie Ore. April 25, 1889
47. Frick writes on his proposition to Mr. Leisenring and Mr. Potter's refusal to sell ore at their requested amount. April 25, 1889
55. Frick addresses Carnegie's concerns about stock purchasing, that individuals can issue bonds to any amount, while corporations are limited. May 13, 1889
62. Frick writes to Carnegie on E.D. Morgan's telegram message that asked Frick if he wanted to purchase additional stock, and Frick includes his telegram response that confirms the purchase of the additional stock. May 21, 1889
102. Frick wires Carnegie on the price of ore mixture and that Warrant has full information, including ore cost. July 12, 1889
127. Frick writes on growing worker agitation in coke region and possible strike on August 1st. July 31, 1889
130. Frick wires Carnegie a coded message. August 1, 1889
133. Frick wires Carnegie a coded message that is on negotiations. August 6, 1889
146. Frick wires Carnegie a coded message that mentions contracts for a furnace. August 16, 1889
162. Frick writes that George Oliver is offering $300,000 for Beaver [Falls works]. August 31, 1889
163. Frick asks Carnegie if they should accept George Oliver's offer and sell Beaver Falls works. August 31, 1889
165. Frick writes to Carnegie on the Eland matter and the Long Branch meeting with names being coded. August 31, 1889
167. Frick alerts Carnegie of an important letter sent to Orange, [N.J]. August 31, 1889
169. Frick asks Carnegie if his mailed letter will reach him at Orange, [N.J.]. September 2, 1889
170. Frick includes Carnegie's own telegrams in letter, and Frick states that he isn't committed to George Oliver's purchase. September 2, 1889
174. Frick wires Carnegie telling him that he isn't committed to George Oliver. September 3, 1889
178. Frick wires Carnegie on pig [iron] costs, rail practice being worse this year, and the estimate for August. September 6, 1889
215. Frick wires Carnegie on introducing the new General Superintendent[Mr. Schwab], who was well received. October 10, 1889
230. Frick writes Carnegie about his conversation with Mr. Oliver and Frick's refusal to sell Beaver [Falls Works] for less than $500,000. October 17, 1889
241. Frick tells Carnegie that they are ready to make billets, Mr. Leishman will see Carnegie in New York soon, and that Frick hasn't heard from Drexel [and Co.] yet. Beneath Frick wires Carnegie on Drexel [and Co.] accepting. October 19, 1889
254. Frick will be on lookout for letter and is leaving for Philadelphia tomorrow. Beneath Frick wires Carnegie on morning dispatch of interviews, specifically William Stewart's, stating that ore rates will not be raised until at least May. October 30, 1889
255. Frick states that he gives no credence to newspaper articles on ore rates, and has recently seen Oliver. October 30, 1889
255. Frick wires Carnegie on Elands operations confirmation and George Oliver's expected acceptance of their proposition. [Attached to previous correspondence.] October 31, 1889
272. Frick wires Carnegie on his conversation with Abbott about Stroble and on Curry being in Cleveland, [O.H]. November 16, 1889
277. Frick wires Carnegie on sending Hurst to San Francisco with Vandevort accompanying him. November 21, 1889
278. Frick wires Carnegie on his interview with [William] Park, and how Park would like to meet with Carnegie on Saturday in New York, [N.Y.]. November 21, 1889
279. Frick writes to Carnegie on his conversation with [William] Park to purchase his company [Allegheny Steel] for $600,000. November 21, 1889
280. Frick wires Carnegie telling him that he is closing with Pickands for 175 and [Alfred] Chandler for 150 more of Minnesota [Iron Company]. November 22, 1889
281. Frick writes Carnegie, telling him that he doesn't have much faith in [John] Potter. November 22, 1889
283. Frick writes on his meeting with the Board of Managers to discuss the Eland matter and also on a conversation with [William] Park. November 25, 1889
287. Frick writes Mr. [John] Vandevort's telegram to Carnegie and includes his response. November 25, 1889
288. Frick wires Carnegie about a serious explosion involving Eland, and now Frick's travel plans to Chicago will be delayed. November 26, 1889
291. Frick writes about a conflict involving Mr. Potter. November 26, 1889
296. Frick asks if a letter should be mailed to either New York or Washington. November 30, 1889
297. Frick tells Carnegie that he's wrong on the phosphorus. November 30, 1889
298. Frick asks for Carnegie's approval to telegram Mr. Morse about purchasing Norrie ore, writes about his upcoming trip to Chicago, and responds to Carnegie's note about "Pig." November 30, 1889
301. Frick tells Carnegie that a paper was mailed to Washington [D.C.], that there are no recent rail orders, and mentions November production rates for the Bessemer and Lucy's. December 2, 1889
307. Frick wires Carnegie about a "pig firm", and he will mail a detailed statement later on. December 7, 1889
307. Frick wires Carnegie and tells him that Mr. Morse would like Frick to be in Chicago tomorrow for the Norrie matter. [Attached to previous correspondence.] December 9, 1889
308. Frick writes to Carnegie about his conversation with Mr. [John] Munhall in Homestead about purchasing property. Also, Frick comments on the status of the Homestead Works and his visit to see Mr. Morse in Chicago. December 9, 1889
320. Frick asks Carnegie for a "yes or no" answer on Norrie. December 20, 1889
322. Frick writes to Carnegie on Mr. Lauder wanting to withdraw some of his interest. December 23, 1889
395. Frick writes about buying Semple's stock. February 14, 1890
397. Frick tells Carnegie that he wishes Humphrey could be kept East until option is secured on Semple stock. February 15, 1890
400. Frick relays a message from J.T. Odall of Baltimore & Ohio Road Baltimore to Carnegie that asks if the President will go to Pittsburgh next Wednesday. February 17, 1890
420. Frick writes that he saw Sheppard and that the Wednesday meeting is postponed. He also asks Carnegie if he can meet him in Philadelphia for the Messemer Steel Co. meeting. March 3, 1890
422. Frick writes that he will not be visiting the Ore Mines, would like to see Carnegie in Philadelphia for the Bessemer Steel Co., Ltd. annual meeting, responds to Carnegie's letter on the Pittsburgh central Railroad, and mentions the possibility of getting a contract with Mr. Westinghouse. March 3, 1890
425. Frick writes that Carnegie hasn't responded to Frick's suggested meeting, and he would like him to do so. March 4, 1890
484. Frick writes that Mr. Oliver settled with Mr. McCullough to setting ore rates at $1.05, and Frick was disappointed that he couldn't drop the rate to $1.00. May 20, 1889
486. Frick writes about his conversation with Mr. Vance of the Carnegie Co-operative Store Co. and how the store is doing poorly, and suggests some ideas to Carnegie on it. May 1, 1889
488. Frick writes that they have settled with the Callery & Downing Estate, but they did some editing to the paperwork. April 30, 1889
490. Frick writes to Carnegie about the editing changes to the paperwork for the closing of the Callery & Downing Estate. Frick asks if Carnegie has further suggestions on it. April 29, 1889
492. Frick writes on Mr. Oliver closing the Callery & Downing Estate and mentions Mr. Moore selling his option. April 27, 1889
494. Frick writes on wanting to set ore rates at $1.00 and on Mr. Moore selling his property. April 27, 1889
497. Frick writes on business in the Connellsville Coke Region, and mentions that Mr. Morse would be a good person to work with Mr. Rainey. April 20, 1889