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Volume 2 H.C. Frick Letterpress Copybook, April 24, 1890-January 12, 1892
17. Frick writes that the letter on Coke will be valuable, and he includes his travel itinerary. May 14, 1890
88. Frick writes that the councils approve. August 4, 1890
101. Frick writes that he will postpone the execution contract until Carnegie returns. August 29, 1890
123. Frick welcomes Carnegie home and mentions that Mr. [John] Leishman is in New York, [N.Y.]. Beneath Frick thanks Carnegie for his inquiry. September 29, 1890
164. Frick writes that a report from the Commercial Gazette called Mr. Curry with private information, stating that Allegheny Bessemer Steel Company was going to be controlled by Carnegie, Phipps & Company soon. November 3, 1890
169. Frick writes that he agrees with Mr. Phipps that it would be better for Carnegie to visit before Phipps leaves. November 13, 1890
171. Frick wires Carnegie telling him that the papers are signed, and they will assume control on the 21st. November 14, 1890
177. Frick wires Carnegie stating that Mr. Roberts is all right, and that collections are fair and bank balances are good. November 25, 1890
188. Frick wires Carnegie telling him to cable Lauder to delay making drafts for tools purchased until after January 1st. December 9, 1890
190. Frick wires Carnegie on the ability to arrange with Mr. Newell tomorrow. Also, Hoffman of Philadelphia is in town, and Frick includes his upcoming schedule. December 9, 1890
194. Frick writes that Mr. [Charles] Schwab was informed of wages not being advanced at Edgar Thomson Steel Works. December 10, 1890
203. Frick returns Mr. Thurston's December 9th letter to Carnegie and writes that they do have an Emery testing machine at their 33rd Street mill that they use. December 16, 1890
215. Frick writes to Carnegie about his conversation with Mr. [Henry] Oliver regarding Pittsburgh & Western matters. December 22, 1890
224. Frick wires Carnegie on blast furnace men having notified [Charles] Schwab that they will strike unless their hours are reduced. Frick includes a suggested course of action. December 30, 1890
227. Frick wires Carnegie on Mr. Gayley and how he has written Carnegie. December 30, 1890
233. Frick includes a letter date on December 31 from their General Superintendent, and writes that he didn't find Mr. Lauder's report on file, and comments on manufacturing plans at Edgar Thomson. January 1, 1891
234. Frick includes correspondence between him and [Charles] Schwab and writes that the Sheriff has promised them protection. January 1, 1891
235. Frick wires Carnegie telling him that newspaper reports are exaggerated and that last night and this morning was quiet. January 2, 1891
244. Frick wires Carnegie telling him that things are quiet at Bessemer with no new developments. January 3, 1891
244. Frick wires Carnegie asking him to write the President to urge the appointment of James H. Reed as District Judge of U.S. Court of Western Pennsylvania. [Attached to previous correspondence.] January 3, 1891
247. Frick wires Carnegie telling him that things look favorable at Bessemer. January 5, 1891
252. Frick includes telegram from [Henry] Oliver on a price quote. January 9, 1891
253. Frick writes that he saw [Henry] Oliver last night and was told that the party is expected to purchase at full price. January 10, 1891
287. Frick writes to Carnegie on miscommunication about a price quote. January 21, 1891
318. Frick wires Carnegie about Mr. Mayer, who seems pleased with matters. February 10, 1891
330. Frick wires Carnegie on current business, a naval contract, and the piety matter. February 17, 1891
335. Frick wires Carnegie on the piety matter and the January [1891] net. February 23, 1891
363. Frick responds to Carnegie's telegram on Pittsburgh & Western stock. March 17, 1891
365. Frick wires Carnegie a telegram message from Mr. Lauder on Evans buying mixer patents for their price. March 18, 1891
366. Frick writes to Carnegie on Pittsburgh & Western and the common stock. March 18, 1891
387. Frick writes to Carnegie on how to make Keystone a department of Carnegie, Phipps, & Company. March 27, 1891
397. Frick writes on the purchase of Lassig Bridge Works and concentrating their business. March 30, 1891
402. Frick responds to Carnegie's comments on settling the difficulties in the coke regions, and writes on the current strike at Edgar Thomson. April 1, 1891
444. Frick wires Carnegie telling him that the strike continues, but other works are running well. May 20, 1891
450. Frick wires Carnegie telling him that they can purchase undivided half McClure at fair price, and asks if he approves. May 25, 1891
459. Frick wires Carnegie telling him that McClure is doubtful and that indebtedness is larger than represented. May 28, 1891
467. Frick wires Carnegie if he would accept governor's appointment as head of Worlds Fair Commission from Penna. June 8, 1891
468. Frick wires Carnegie on pending negotiations with McClure. June 8, 1891
475. Frick wires Carnegie on rail orders and [F.M.] Folger's visit to Homestead. June 17, 1891
481. Frick writes to Carnegie on the expiration of an option for Allegheny Bessemer Steel Company bonds given by William G. Park, and how Mr. Phipps would like to negotiate the sale of them. June 20, 1891
482. Frick wires Carnegie a coded message. June 22, 1891
504. Frick wires Carnegie a coded message. July 7, 1891
509. Frick wires Carnegie a coded message. July 9, 1891
520. Frick wires Carnegie on the possibility of splitting bonds between [John T.] Terry and themselves. Also, states that the armor plant will be ready in ten days. July 15, 1891
521. Frick wires Carnegie, telling him "It's a splendid start" and "perhaps this morning." July 16, 1891
525. Frick wires Carnegie a coded message. July 17, 1891
534. Frick wires Carnegie that tests are still being conducted for the government and that [F.M.] Folger would like to defer until definitive results are obtained. August 21, 1891
555. Frick writes on the agreement covering Sparrows Point, a court injunction against Philadelphia Company, and the status of Harveyized plates. September 28, 1891
635. Frick writes on reasons why Carnegie should increase the capital stock of Carnegie, Phipps, and Company. November 27, 1891
655. Partners extend congratulations, cordiality and best wishes for the new year to Carnegie and his wife. December 25, 1891
657. Frick writes on sending Mr. [James] Swank money from the Bessemer Association, installing long distance telephone lines to their principal cities, their Columbian exhibit, and Frick comments on Carnegie's interview with [Secretary of the Navy] Tracy. December 26, 1891
665. Frick writes on Mr. Ferguson's reasons as to why it would be a mistake to adopt the Alden plans. December 26, 1891
695. Frick wires Carnegie that they were slightly overbid by a real estate broker, but is confident that they will secure the farm. July 26, 1891