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Subseries 1. Land and Water Bulk, 1950-1975 1885-1975

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains B/W prints of various sizes, negatives, 35mm slides, 5x7 glass plate negatives, and 3x4 lantern slides depicting land which the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy has worked to transform into some of today's most utilized parks, nature reserves, protected state game lands, and historical sites in Western Pennsylvania. Prominent geographic locations of note in this collection include: Ohiopyle State Park; McConnell's Mill State Park; Raccoon Creek State Park, with a focus on the Wildflower Reserve; Cook Forest; Ferncliff Peninsula; Jennings Nature Reserve and Blazing Star Prairie; Laurel Ridge; McCoy Farm; Conneaut Marsh; Fallingwater; the Old Stone House; the Johnston Tavern; and the Burke Building. Beyond geographic locations, this subseries contains general images, including: scenic views; rivers and streams; flowers and forests; and wildlife.

Prominent photographers in this subseries include Galen W. Barton, Michael Fedison, Norman Fisher, Peggy Fisher, Thomas Jarrett, James McClain, Leslie Miller, Graham M. Netting, Thomas C. Pears, Joseph B. White, and Paul G. Wiegman. The majority of these images are marked with dates and locations, while others have been marked up for publication. Other photographs were taken by staff photographers for the following newspapers: The Daily News, The Evening Standard, The Pittsburgh Press, The Youngstown Vindicator, Valley Daily News, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Photographs in the Pittsburgh folder contain shots taken by Harold Corsini.

Box 39
Folder 1 Aerial Views, Caves (Slides)
Folder 2 Allegheny River Islands (Slides)
Folder 3 Bear Run (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 4 Bear Run (Slides)
Folder 5 Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve (Prints)
Folder 6 Breakneck Bridge (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 7 Buchanan Run (Prints)
Folder 8 Burke Building (Prints, Negatives, and Slides)

The Burke Building is the oldest commercial building in downtown Pittsburgh, erected in 1836. Before the WPC purchased the building in 1996, it served as a restaurant. Picutres of the restaurant, taken about 1970, are included in this folder.

Folder 9 Burke Building Renovation (Slides)
Folder 10 Burke Building Renovation, March 26, 1996 (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 11 Burke Building Renovation, April 4, 1996 (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 12 Burke Building Renovation, April 9, 1996 (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 13 Burke Building Renovation, April 16, 1996 (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 14 Burke Building Renovation, April 23, 1996 (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 15 Burke Building Renovation, April 30, 1996 (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 16 Burke Building Renovation, June 4, 1996 (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 17 Burke Building Renovation, July 1996 (Prints)
Folder 18 Burke Building Renovation, July 29, 1996 (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 19 Burke Building Renovation, August 1996 (Prints)
Folder 20 Burke Building Renovation, August 16, 1996 (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 21 Burke Building Renovation, September 1996 (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 22 Burke Building Renovation, October 1996 (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 23 Burke Building Renovation, October 1996 (Prints)
Folder 24 Burke Building Renovation, November 1996 (Prints)
Folder 25 Burke Building Renovation, December 1996 (Prints)
Folder 26 Burke Building Renovation, January 1997 (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 27 Burke Building Renovation (Prints)
Folder 28 Burke Building Renovation (Prints)
Folder 29 Burke Building Renovation (Prints)
Folder 30 Burke Building Renovation (Prints)

Box 40
Folder 1 Burke Building Renovation (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 2 Burke Building Renovation (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 3 Butler County, Route 528 Land Acquisitions (Prints)
Folder 4 Catherine Swamp (Prints)
Folder 5 Charles F. Chubb Memorial Fountain (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 6 Cherry Run (Prints)
Folder 7 Cherry Run (Slides)
Folder 8 Children, Scenic, Wildlife, Between 1965 and 1966 (Negatives)
Folder 9 Children, Scenic, Wildlife, Between 1967 and 1968 (Negatives)
Folder 10 Children, Scenic, Wildlife, Between 1969 and 1970 (Negatives)
Folder 11 Clarion River (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 12 Clarion River (Slides)
Folder 13 Columbus Bog (Prints and Slides)
Folder 14 Conemaugh Gorge (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 15 Confluence, Pennsylvania (Prints)
Folder 16 Conneaut Marsh (Prints)
Folder 17 Conneaut Marsh (Slides)
Folder 18 Cook Forest State Park (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 19 Cook Forest State Park (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 20 Cook Forest State Park (Slides)
Folder 21 Copied Charts and Maps (Negatives)
Folder 22 Cucumber Falls (Prints)
Folder 23 David Roderick Wildlife Reserve (Prints)
Folder 24 Enlow Fork (Prints)
Folder 25 Erie National Wildlife Refuge (Prints)
Folder 26 Fallingwater (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 27 Fallingwater (Slides)
Folder 28 Farmland, Flowers (Slides)
Folder 29 Ferncliff Peninsula Natural Area (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 30 Flowers (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 31 Foliage, Forests (Slides)
Folder 32 Forests (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 33 Fort Necessity (Prints)
Folder 34 Fox Estate, Foxburg, Pennsylvania (Prints)
Folder 35 French Creek (Slides)
Folder 36 Fringed Gentian (Prints)
Folder 37 Fringed Gentian (Slides)
Folder 38 Greene County (Prints)
Folder 39 Harmon Creek Coal Company, Property (Prints)
Folder 40 Hetzel Studio (Prints)
Folder 41 Hickory Creek (Prints)
Folder 42 Hosterman's Pit (Prints)
Folder 43 Indian Creek Rail Road (Prints and Negatives)

Box 41
Folder 1 Jennings Nature Reserve and Blazing Star Prairie (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 2 Jennings Nature Reserve and Blazing Star Prairie (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 3 Jennings Nature Reserve: A Collection of Photographs (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 4 Johnston Tavern (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 5 Johnston Tavern Dedication (Prints)
Folder 6 Johnston Tavern Restoration (Prints)
Folder 7 Jonathan Run (Prints)
Folder 8 Keister Park (Prints)
Folder 9 Lake Arthur (Prints)
Folder 10 Lake Arthur Dam Groundbreaking and Dedication (Prints)
Folder 11 Lake Pleasant Properties of Conservation Interest (Prints)
Folder 12 Laurel Ridge State Park (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 13 Little Beaver (Prints)
Folder 14 Lone Star Farm (Prints)
Folder 15 Loyalhanna Gorge (Prints)
Folder 16 Markleysburg Bog (Prints)
Folder 17 McConnell's Mill State Park (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 18 McConnell's Mill State Park (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 19 McConnell's Mill State Park Summer Outing, July 30, 1960 (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 20 McCoy Farm Views, Whitney Creek (Prints)
Folder 21 Meadow Run (Prints)
Folder 22 Mercer Bog (Prints)
Folder 23 Miller Esker (Prints)
Folder 24 Moraine State Park (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 25 Moraine State Park (Slides)
Folder 26 Mount Davis Natural Area (Prints)
Folder 27 Mountain Streams (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 28 Muddy Creek (Prints)
Folder 29 Octagonal Schoolhouse, Butler County (Prints)
Folder 30 Ohiopyle Copy Artwork and Maps (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 31 Ohiopyle Falls (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 32 Ohiopyle Historical (Prints)
Folder 33 Ohiopyle Region (Prints)
Folder 34 Ohiopyle Region (Slides)
Folder 35 Ohiopyle Region and Ohiopyle State Park (Prints and Negatives)

Box 42
Folders 1-21 Ohiopyle Region (Prints)

19 mounted prints of the Ohiopyle Region, taken between 1885 and 1890. Prints of various areas throughout the Ohiopyle region are depicted, including: Cucumber Falls; Meadow Run; Lovers Leap; Ohiopyle Falls; and the B&O train station at Ohiopyle. 5 of the 19 prints depict Daisy Kinzer and George M. Kinzer at various areas in the Ohiopyle region. 1 print depicting the old covered bridge at Ohiopyle. 1 print depicting a woman standing on the National Highway east of Uniontown, taken in the early 1900s.

Box 43
Folders 1-14 Ohiopyle Region (Glass Plate Negatives)

12 glass plate negatives taken about 1902 by photographer Frank M. Hull. 9 glass plate negatives depict the Ohiopyle region, including: Cucumber Falls; Ohiopyle Falls; and the Youghiogheny River. 3 glass plate negatives depict the lower Allegheny from Monument Hill. 1 lantern slide taken about 1910 by Dr. O.E. Jennings, depicting the Ohiopyle Falls. 1 print of Cucumber Falls enclosed in leather-bound book.

Box 44
Folder 1 Oil Creek Valley (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 2 Old Allegheny (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 3 Old Stone House (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 4 Old Stone House (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 5 Old Stone House Copy Artwork (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 6 Old Stone House Picture Postcards (Prints)
Folder 7 Otter Creek (Prints)
Folder 8 Pennsylvania State Parks (Prints)
Folder 9 Pine Creek Gorge (Prints)
Folder 10 Pine Swamp (Prints)
Folder 11 Pithole (Prints)
Folder 12 Pittsburgh (Prints)
Folder 13 Pittsburgh Parks and Playgrounds (Prints)
Folder 14 Poland Municipal Forest (Prints)
Folder 15 Poorbaugh Property (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 16 President Oil (Prints)
Folder 17 President Oil (Slides)
Folder 18 Presque Isle State Park (Prints)
Folder 19 Presque Isle State Park (Slides)
Folder 20 Prince Gallitzin State Park (Prints)
Folder 21 Pymatuning Reservoir State Park (Prints)
Folder 22 Quakertown Falls (Prints)
Folder 23 Raccoon Creek State Park (Prints)
Folder 24 Raystown Macrosite, Rosecrans Bog (Slides)
Folder 25 Renfrew Woods (Prints)
Folder 26 Scenic Views (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 27 Scenic, Summer, Sunsets (Slides)
Folder 28 Scholard's Run (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 29 Shawnee State Park (Prints)
Folder 30 Sideling Hill Creek (Slides)
Folder 31 Sinking Valley (Slides)
Folder 32 Snyder Property (Prints)
Folder 33 Springfield Falls (Prints)
Folder 34 Storm Damage (Prints)
Folder 35 Streams (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 36 Strip Mines (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 37 Sugarloaf (Prints)
Folder 38 Sugar Run (Prints)
Folder 39 Susquehanna River (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 40 Tharp Knob (Prints)
Folder 41 Titus Bog (Prints)
Folder 42 Todd Sanctuary (Prints)
Folder 43 Twelve Mile Island (Prints)
Folder 44 Trees (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 45 Tree Planting (Prints)
Folder 46 Tytoona Cave Natural Area (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 47 USX Property, Erie County (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 48 Wake Robin Reserve (Prints)
Folder 49 Washington Crossing State Park (Prints)
Folder 50 Water, Waterfalls, Winter (Slides)
Folder 51 Wattsburg Bog (Prints)
Folder 52 Wattsburg Bog (Slides)
Folder 53 Whann Run (Prints)
Folder 54 Western Maryland Railway Copy Artwork (Prints)

Box 45
Folder 1 Wildflower Reserve (Prints and Negatives)
Folder 2 Wildflower Reserve (Prints)
Folder 3 Wildflower Reserve, Braun Shelter (Prints)
Folder 4 Wildflower Reserve (Slides)
Folder 5 Wildlife (Prints)
Folder 6 Wildlife (Slides)
Folder 7 Willis Creek Confluence with Brush Creek (Prints)
Folder 8 Wilroy Furnace (Prints)
Folder 9 Wolf Creek (Slides)
Folder 10 Youghiogheny River and Dam (Prints)

Box 46
Folders 1-3 Oversize Prints (Prints)