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Subseries 14. Ginny Thornburgh

Oversize 24 Plaque: Pittsburgh Jaycees, naming Virginia Thornburgh 1974 Human Relations Woman of the Year [picture of Point, and Ginny], January 26, 1975
Oversize 44 Honorary Degree: Doctor of Public Service, Chatham College, “for her advocacy and work for rights and access for persons with disabilities.” [Framed degree and hood], August 17, 2002
Oversize 70 Plaque: Appreciation from The Christian Council of Korea to Ginny Thornburgh [pretty Oriental Frame], 2005
Oversize 85 Certificate: To Mrs. Virginia Thornburgh, Community Services Award (CSP) “…leadership in health and welfare…”, May 18, 1973
Oversize 87 Proclamation: To Ginny Thornburgh, from Forbes Hospice, “…exemplary care, compassion…”, May 5, 1986
Oversize 88 Award: Tribute to Ginny Thornburgh by National Youth Aliyah Committee for Hadassah, “…promoted public awareness of needs of special children…”, June 7, 1983
Oversize 121 Cartoon: Ginny Thornburgh “Kids Need Heroes” Cartoon, Child Guidance Center [leaving Governorship], 1987
Oversize 122 Photograph: Ginny Thornburgh in class interacting with children.
Oversize 125 Certificate: Appreciation for “generosity and service in promoting objectives of...” National Secretaries Association, February 11, 1974
Certificate: PA Committee on International Year of the Child, 1979
Certificate: National Exhibits by Blind Artists…Award for Exemplary Leadership in work with handicapped to Ginny Thornburgh, September 16, 1979
Resolution: Commendation by Commonwealth of PA State Board of Education, March 11, 1982
Citation: Montgomery County Community College Presidential Citation, June 4, 1982
Certificate: Appreciation by Shriners Hospitals for Crippled Children, “for the personal interest shown in the welfare of our little patients,” April 19, 1983
Certificate: PA Hospice Network, In recognition and appreciation of “outstanding commitment to the hospice concept and unyielding encouragement to hospice staff and volunteers”, October 3, 1985
Certificate: Easter Seal Society of Allegheny County 50th Anniversary State Golden Lily Award, October 8, 1985
Certificate: Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Appreciation of unique contribution, January 24, 1986
Certificate: Named a Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, Undated
Proclamation: Gold Seal Proclamation by Governor Dick Thornburgh to Ginny Thornburgh honoring her birthday, January 7, 1980
Degree: Harvard University Master’s Degree in Education Virginia Judson [Framed], 1962
Oversize 128 Honorary Degree: Doctor of Humane Letters, Elizabethtown College, May 9, 1981
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Laws, Dickinson School of Law [with citation and program], May 31, 1986
Oversize 131 Honorary Degree: Doctor of Humane Letters, Mansfield State College, May 23, 1981
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Humane Letters, Wilson College, May 1, 1981
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Laws, Wheaton College, May 30, 1981
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Humane Letters, Cabrini College, May 15, 1983
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Humane Letters, Cedar Crest College, May 22, 1983
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Public Service, Westminster College, April 17, 1994
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Public Service, Clarion University, May 13, 2000
Oversize 142 Plaque: Juvenile Judges Commission Chairman’s Award to Ginny Thornburgh, “for your support to the children of PA, October 13, 1983
Oversize 156 Plaque: PENNHURST CENTER June 30, 1986…[Piece of stone attached] “A little piece of Pennhurst to cherish forever” to Ginny Thornburgh, …recognition of contribution to Pennhurst’s History of Service, Jan. 20, 1987
Oversize 173 Award: United Mental Health Agency Award “for distinction in field of mental retardation as an Advocate and educator on behalf of mentally Retarded citizens of Allegheny County," June 2, 1975
Oversize 174 Plaque: National Assn of Social Workers distinguished service award, June 4, 1980
Plaque: Dorothea Lynde Dix Humanitarian Award, service to the handicapped, November 12, 1980
Plaque: PA Special Olympics award to Ginny and Dick Thornburgh [photo of them with Peter], 1982
Plaque: Barber Center Appreciation Award to Ginny and Dick Thornburgh for interest and concern for retarded citizens, 1952-1982
Plaque: Harcum Junior College Commencement Speaker, May 14, 1983
Plaque: AAOP Keystone Award for leadership role in improvement of services to chemically dependent citizens, 1983
Plaque: Distinguished Volunteer Leadership Award for leadership in the fight against birth defects, by March of Dimes
Oversize 175 Plaque: JFK Memorial Award to Ginny Thornburgh in recognition of her significant contributions to Community Mental Health/Mental Retardation Movement in America; The Board of Directors of the Northeast Community Center for MH/MR, April 22, 1979
Plaque: Association of Retarded Citizens award for generous support
Plaque: Recognition for meritorious service and personal commitment to clients and staff of Ebensburg Center
Plaque: Vision Thru Art Award in deep appreciation of her commitment to promoting art for the blind and sighted, April 28, 1985
Plaque: Bucks County Assn. for Retarded Citizens award for continuing efforts in expanding life opportunities for the developmentally disabled, June 28, 1980
Plaque: American Academy of Pediatrics award for support and help implementing initiatives of the “Speak up for Children” program, December 1979
Plaque: American Association on Mental Deficiency Region IX Leadership Award Presented to Ginny Thornburgh, October 22, 1982
Oversize 176 Plaque: ORT social assistance award, February 21, 1973
Plaque: Three Rivers Youth award for 6 years of dedicated service on Board of Directors
Plaque: Neighborhood Day Care Centers for your continuous support
Plaque: Westmoreland County Special Olympics award for outstanding efforts on their behalf, 1982
Plaque: PA Psychological Assoc public service award for outstanding contributions to human welfare, June 19, 1979
Plaque: In appreciation for participation in WHP Station birthday, Hershey Park, PA, May 28, 1979
Plaque: YMCA Camp, for participation in annual meeting, and recognitions of intention to underwrite in her name sending underprivileged youngsters to the camp, May 16, 1979
Plaque: Certificate of appreciation to Ginny Thornburgh for outstanding service to Volunteers of American, April 5, 1980
Oversize 177 Plaque: Lee Hospital Award, October 19, 1984
Plaque: Disabled American Veterans award for outstanding dedication to the needs of disabled and handicapped persons, June 19, 1984
Plaque: County Treasurer’s Association for outstanding message as speaker, June 17, 1983
Plaque: Veterans award to outstanding and dedicated service to children and youth programs, March 1983
Plaque: United Negro College fund award in recognition of dedicated service in meeting needs of special children and in unselfish time and talent given for betterment of the community, January 29, 1982
Plaque: National Society for Autistic children award for uncommon sensitivity, courage, and dignity in providing example and encouragement for advocates for developmentally disabled people, 1981
Plaque: ACLU award honoring outstanding dedication to rights of mentally retarded, December 12, 1979
Oversize 178 Plaque: Committee to Combat Huntington’s Disease award for one who inspires through devotion, May 15, 1981
Plaque: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority award to first lady at health happening fair, 1981
Plaque: Veterans Administration for outstanding service and recognition of needs of the handicapped, May 15, 1981
Plaque: PA Council of Administrators of Special Education recognition for 8 years of commitment and dedication to exception children as PA’s first lady, November 3, 1986
Plaque: Shippensburg University in recognition of distinguished achievement and personal service for the benefit of the citizens of the commonwealth, May 19, 1986
Plaque: Governor’s Committee on Employment for the Handicapped [Metal plate with wording loose from the wooden backing], November 6, 1985
Oversize 179 Plaque: Presented to Ginny Thornburgh by the, Vocational Rehabilitation Center in recognition of long and dedicated record, and as an advocate for the rights of Disabled people, January 26, 1983
Plaque: Juvenile Law Award, in recognition and appreciation of the significant contributions rendered by Virginia Judson Thornburgh to the field of juvenile justice and child welfare in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Juvenile Law Committee, the Allegheny County Bar Association, Pittsburgh, PA, Richard S. Levine, Chairperson, 1986
Plaque: Resolution from PA Federation of Women’s Clubs to Ginny Thornburgh, and electing her to honorary membership, May 19, 1984
Plaque: Presented to Ginny Thornburgh by Women’s American ORT, Philadelphia Region [clear plaque], 1985
Plaque: Small round plaque on base: Thanks to Ginny Thornburgh, LARC, Inc. [Partners in Rehabilitation]
Award: To Ginny Thornburgh Outstanding volunteer [small item on clear base with etched dove]
Award: Small heavy steel beam: Ginny Thornburgh Member of BIG SHOP PRIDE TEAM, Homestead Works, [similar given to Governor], 1980
Award: J.C. Penny Golden Rule Award to Ginny Thornburgh [marble base with “brass” vertical emblem],
Oversize 180 Award: Virginia Thornburgh, Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, Named a Paul Harris Fellow “in appreciation of tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations between peoples of the world, undated
Award: Paul Harris Medal in blue velvet box with colored ribbon
Award: Inglis House Disability Awareness Award, Presented to Ginny Thornburgh “in recognition of her outstanding accomplishments which promote greater public understanding and awareness of the needs and abilities of persons with physical disabilities” INGLIS HOUSE, a WHEELCHAIR COMMUNITY, October 16, 1996
Award: Seal of U.S. President’s Committee on Mental Retardation Award Metal plate: Virginia J. Thornburgh, Committee Member, 1982-1987
Plaque: Pennsylvania Special Olympics, To “Special Friend Virginia Thornburgh,” “Too often the mentally challenged are told ‘you can’t do it.’ Special Olympics says ‘you can do it.’ All you need is a chance. Thank you for giving that chance to the Special Olympians of Pennsylvania.”
Plaque: The Martin Luther Home Society Board of Directors Honors “Ginny Thornburgh Person of the Year for 1996, In recognition of dedicated leadership and caring as a parent, writer, speaker, and advocate for persons with disabilities” Seal at the bottom: “LOVE, HOPE, CARING, LEADERSHIP,” 1996
Plaque: Inscribed metal plate, “It’s all about community! Learning from people with mental retardation” Award presented to Ginny Thornburgh by National Organization on Disabilities, “For inspiring us to move From Barriers to Bridges That All May Worship” Philadelphia Office of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, October 22, 1996
Plaque: PEOPLE-TO-PEOPLE COMMITTEE ON DISABILITY KAY ARNESON AWARD to GINNY THORNBURGH, “for pioneer efforts to increase public awareness of the architectural communication, and attitudinal barriers that limit the handicapped to worship and to encourage congregational action to remove such obstacles. She has led a Religion and Disability crusade by speaking, writing and inspiring personal example,” David A. Waugh, Chairman [Blue metal inscribed plate edged in gold], June 5, 1998
Certificate: WE HEREBY EXPRESS OUR SINCERE APPRECIATION TO Ginny Thornburgh For Her commitment to the Independent Living Movement Awarded at the RLI Center Awards Luncheon, [In leather folder with color decoration of pine branches and cones], November 9, 1990
Certificate: Girl Scouts, Mrs. Ginny Thornburgh “is a Lifetime Member of the Girl Scout Movement in the United States and is entitled to all the benefits of Lifetime Membership, March 27, 1991
Oversize 181 Award: Shippensburg University, Women’s Political Summit “Recognizing Women Who Improve The Lives of Pennsylvanians Through Public Service” Pi Sigma Alpha Theta Gamma Chapter, March 26-27, 2002
Award: Opportunity Award [Stained glass plaque with stand, Jesus with people around him], 1998
Award: Virginia J. Thornburgh, Sevier McCahill Award for outstanding service to youth with disabilities; presented by Disabilities International Foundation [Silver plated Oneida Revere Bowl], 1998
Award: The Raker Memorial Award with wooden stand; On Back: Ginny Thornburgh, Washington, D.C. [Round metal medallion on ribbon], March 22, 1990
Award: Helen Homans Gilbert Award for Distinguished Volunteer Service presented to Virginia Judson Thornburgh by Radcliffe College, [Press release and extended writing on certificate; Handsome lettered parchment document in leather case], May 12, 1989
Award: “The Americans With Disabilities Act Award The Task Force on the Rights and Empowerment of Americans with Disabilities Congratulates Ginny Thornburgh On her Historic Contributions to the enactment of The World’s First Comprehensive Civil Rights Law for People with Disabilities,” October 12, 1990
Plaque: Presented by Edith R. Rudolphy Residence for the Blind to Ginny Thornburgh for unselfish support in the construction of the sheltered workshop for the blind. Dedication Day [Wood backed bronze plate, boxed], October 22, 1987