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Subseries 11. Attorney General of United States

Oversize 1 Photo: Former Attorney General Meese with Attorney General Dick Thornburgh, Meese portrait unveiling event, July 25, 1991
Oversize 5 Certificate: To Attorney General from men and women of the drug administration with narrative of drug bust, November 24, 1991
Oversize 12 Gift: Autographed Department of Justice Seal, US Attorney for Northern District, Illinois [Gift to Attorney General when leaving office [Unframed, matted on foam]
Photograph: Large unframed matted photo Attorney General [nice]
Photograph: Attorney General shaking hands with President Salinas of Mexico
Oversize 13 Photograph: Group in United States Attorney Office, Florida, Bob Genzman, United States Attorney
Oversize 14 Photograph: Framed night view of Dept. of Justice and Capital given by United States Attorneys, “Presented to Thornburgh, Attorney General of U.S. ’89 – ’91; on behalf of the USAs and Executive Office for USAs with grateful appreciation for your support and leadership during your tenure as Attorney General of United States of America”
Oversize 15 Photograph: Framed with poem from Brock Brauer (Attorney General’s speech writer) [humorous celebration poem “.... infield play”]
Oversize 16 Photo Album: US Border Patrol, San Diego sector of the INS [includes some great ones, oversized in color], October 25, 1988
Oversize 17 Gift: Small US flag with stand and hardware. Scout Salute – Allegheny/Lunch-o-ree; Thornburgh Keynote Speaker, June 21, 1990
Oversize 28 Photograph: Attorney General Dick Thornburgh at mike on steps of Supreme Court Building surrounded by reporters [Great and significant image! Very large, foam backed], November 2, 1988
Oversize 29 Certificate: President Reagan appoints Thornburgh to ACIR [Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations], September 13, 1988
Oversize 30 Photograph of President GHW Bush and Attorney General Thornburgh, Informal by fireplace in Oval Office [Nice!]
Oversize 31 Honorary Degree: Doctor of Laws, University of Scranton [citation included], June 14, 1990
Oversize 32 Certificate: California Assembly Resolution, June 14, 1990
Oversize 33 Award: Agudath Israel 1991 Humanitarian Award, May 12, 1991
Oversize 35 Award: Gold Medal to Attorney General from PA Association of Broadcasters [Glass obelisk on base], October 14, 1990
Oversize 36 Plaque: SEA, October 19, 1988
Oversize 38 Certificate: Commendation from Dade County, Florida, to Distinguished Visitor Richard Thornburgh, Attorney General of the United States [Framed], October 24, 1990
Oversize 39 Award: Bob Hope 5-Star Civilian Award from Valley Forge Military Academy and Junior College to Honorable Dick Thornburgh for Distinguished Service to the United States of America [framed], May 7, 1989
Oversize 40 Award: Kansas City Honorary Citizen, October 24, 1990
Oversize 42 Award: Man, Woman and Child Statue to Attorney General for the “Pro-family policies of the United States Justice Department, Knights of Columbus Public Forum, Hollywood, California [brass statuette on wooden base], February 9, 1991
Oversize 43 Gift: Congressional Fire Services Institute: To Thornburgh for service to men and women of the American Fire and Emergency Services, 3rd Annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner, Washington, D.C. [Metal megaphone and Separate wooden base, together as OS 43], April 30, 1991
Oversize 48 Plaque: “To Thornburgh in appreciation for all your efforts and active support for the work of the Division. Environment and Natural Resources Division, [Large wooden “slice”from tree trunk], August 15, 1991
Oversize 52 Award: Framed engraved on metal etching of University of Pittsburgh School of Law, awarded on occasion of Caplan Lecture at School of Law, April 3, 1990
Oversize 117 Photograph: Attorney General in classroom at teacher’s desk with kids in front [Large, foam backed]
Photograph: Attorney General at teacher’s desk with blackboard with his name behind him [Large, foam backed]
Photograph: Attorney General close up – DOJ seal partially behind him, no glasses, good picture [Large, foam backed]
Photograph: Attorney General with Stanley Cup Penguins shirt [Large, foam backed]
Oversize 118 Photograph: Attorney General with DOJ Seal, at podium speaking, with President GHW Bush looking on. [When newly elected President Bush reappointed Thornburgh Attorney General; excellent photo- large], November 21, 1988
Oversize 122 Gift: Pastel drawing of Dick Thornburgh arguing Payne v. Tennessee before Supreme Court, by Carole Kabrin, ABC News [Thornburgh without glasses, Supreme Court Justice in background], April 24, 1991
Oversize 123 Flag: Handsome DOJ flag (c. 2’ x 3.5’) given as parting gift by Attorney General Staff, 1991
Flag: Huge fringed flag, most likely to be for flag pole: c. 6’ x 4’. Handsome. Royal blue background. From US Attorneys to Attorney General. Flagpole finial and gold cord included
Oversize 124 Photograph: Color photograph of Attorney General Thornburgh with Martin Lee, (Hong Kong connection)
Photograph: Color photograph of Dick and Ginny Thornburgh and John and Janet Ashcroft (former Attorney General)
Photograph: Color photograph of Attorney General Thornburgh with Paul O’Neill, Ex-Alcoa CEO and U.S. Treasury Secretary, from Pittsburgh
Photograph: Color photograph of Ken Starr, AG DT, and Robert Fiske. Starr was Solicitor General when DT was AG. Fiske a noted litigator
Photograph: Color photograph of DT with Louis Freeh, 10th Director of the FBI
Oversize 127 Certificate: Attorney General flew on Air Force One, from President Bush, March 22, 1989
Award: Conference of Chief Justices, Resolution of Appreciation to Attorney General [Leather cover], August 16, 1990
Gift: Christmas cards to Ginny and Dick Thornburgh from President and Mrs. Bush [oversized, autographed, handsome], 1989-1991
Oversize 130 Honorary Degree: Franklin Marshall College, Doctor of Humane Letters, October 20, 1988
Honorary Degree: George Washington University, National Law Center, Doctor of Laws, May 21, 1989
Honorary Degree: Catholic University of America, Doctor of Laws, May 26, 1990
Oversize 132 Stamps: Leather Folders enclosing full page of first issue stamps, with accompanying letter from Postmaster General, Anthony M. Frank, to Richard Thornburgh, Attorney General, 1988, partial 1989
Oversize 133 Stamps: Leather Folders enclosing full page of first issue stamps, with accompanying letter from Postmaster General, Anthony M. Frank, to Richard Thornburgh, Attorney General, 1989 and 1990
Oversize 134 Stamps: Leather Folders enclosing full page of first issue stamps, with accompanying letter from Postmaster General, Anthony M. Frank, to Richard Thornburgh, Attorney General, Partial 1990, 1991
Oversize 159 Plaque: Pennsylvanians vs. Pornography , Recognizes service of Richard Thornburgh as US Attorney General and his commitment to upholding the obscenity laws: RAAP Conference, October 1989
Award: Flat Etched Glass award on wooden base (c.8”x6”): “Proclaiming and Protecting Human Dignity – Dick Thornburgh – National Leadership Award. From The Religious Alliance Against Pornography [Flame of Compassion also etched on the glass], 1991
Oversize 161 Photograph: Attorney General with Assistant Attorneys General in Conference Room,
Gift: Photograph of Attorney General Dick Thornburgh seated in front row, with United States Attorney’s Office attorneys, Pittsburgh
Gift: Framed pencil sketch of Dick Thornburgh, “Paris, Affaire Maamar – Assises Speciale” [Dick Thornburgh was present in courtroom at the time], December 1989
Oversize 162 Plaque: Clock on plaque to Dick Thornburgh US Attorney General in appreciation for leadership and friendship, from Federal Bureau of Prisons [nice]
Oversize 163 Gift: Incredibly heavy large [long] carved marble name plate with lettering in gold script: “Dick Thornburgh, U.S. Attorney General” [Very distinguished]
Gift: DOJ United States Attorney Office, Northern District of Ohio [paper weight]
Plaque: DOJ Postal Inspection Service to Attorney General [handsome looking with stamps]
Plaque: From United States Attorneys to Attorney General [handsome night photo of DOJ]
Oversize 164 Plaque: From Men and Women of offices of United States Attorneys for “outstanding support of law enforcement”, August 15, 1991
Oversize 167 Plaque: Outstanding Citizens Award to Dick Thornburgh “…outstanding contributions to your profession and the community” Palo Alto Jaycees, March 23, 1990
Plaque: “In Recognition of a Long Time Friend” United States Attorney General Richard Thornburgh Pennsylvania Easter Seal Society, “Providing the Power to Overcome/ Serving Persons with Disabilities”, November 1990
Oversize 168 Award: Upright etched glass rectangle on wooden base National Government Leaders Against Drunk Driving Award To Honorable Dick Thornburgh, Department of Justice By MADD, February 19, 1991
Award: Vertical etched glass illuminated plinth on wooden base, handsome; National Foundation for People with Disabilities Mentor Award, Presented to Attorney General Dick Thornburgh for his wise counsel Americans with Disabilities Act, 1990 1991
Award: Brass Gold Apple Award to Dick Thornburgh, Attorney General of the U.S. a great friend of literacy Freedom to Read Conference, Ottawa, CA [“golden apple” in clear cube on wooden base], October 14-17, 1990
Gift: Heavy brass bust of Lincoln on marble base Honorable Dick Thornburgh, Attorney General of the United States; The Lincoln Club of Orange County, June 23, 1990
Plaque: The Dole Foundation for the Employment of Persons with Disabilities Recognizes United States Attorney General Richard L. Thornburgh “whose vision of equality under the law includes equal rights for all people with disabilities and whose wisdom and guidance have been crucial in paving the way for a more free and just society for people with disabilities with deep appreciation for outstanding leadership and commitment in the development and passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act,” July 25, 1991
Oversize 169 Plaque: To Honorable Richard L. Thornburgh from National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges Event: Dedication of Midby-Byron National Center for Judicial Education; Reno, Nevada, November 9, 1990
Plaque: To Dick L. Thornburgh; Kent County Citizens with Disabilities, The Grand Rapids Center for Independent Living, Grand Rapids, Michigan; “In appreciation for his personal support and diligent efforts in helping to secure the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, October 18, 1990
Plaque: To Honorable Richard L. Thornburgh, Man of the Year in Government, “For dedicated Service and Outstanding Achievements” by Allegheny County League of Women Voters, April 17, 1990
Plaque: From Illinois States’ Attorneys Association Honorable Dick Thornburgh Honorary Member, undated
Plaque: Dick Thornburgh “Statesman of Justice”; The Americans With Disabilities Act Award “43 Million Americans with Disabilities congratulate Attorney General Dick Thornburgh on his historic statesmanship for the enactment of The World’s First Comprehensive Civil Rights Law for People with Disabilities Task Force on the Rights and Empowerments of Americans with Disabilities, October 12, 1990
Plaque: Richard Thornburgh, United States Attorney General, 19th Annual Law Day, Montgomery County Bar Association; Montgomery, Alabama, May 2, 1991
Plaque: Texas Police Association to Honorable Richard L. Thornburgh United States Attorney General “In honor of your generosity to and support of the Texas Police Association during its 90th Anniversary Conference and Seminar in Fort Worth, Texas,” June 11-14, 1989
Plaque: National Sheriffs’ Association Honorary Life Membership “…in the Advancement of Progressive Law Enforcement” [Handsome wooden plaque with incised lettering], June 26, 1990
Oversize 170 Plaque: University of Louisville School of Law, Brandeis Lecture, To Dick Thornburgh, October 2, 1990
Plaque: To Dick Thornburgh, United States Attorney General “…Contributions to municipal law enforcement” The California Police Chiefs Association 1991 Annual Conference, February 4, 1991
Plaque: To Dick Thornburgh, Attorney General of United States “In recognition of outstanding leadership” Hillsborough County Bar Association, November 8, 1990
Plaque: Ohio State University College of Law To Honorable Richard L. Thornburgh, Hooding Speaker, Spring 1990
Plaque: To Richard Thornburgh Attorney General of the United States, “…Dedication to the Enforcement of the Law and To a Safe Environment for All Persons and for your support of Memphis Area Neighborhood Watch, Inc.”
Award: Engraved glass award, National Conference of Christians and Jews Defender of Justice Award “For Distinguished Civic Service” to Honorable Dick Thornburgh [HEAVY and quite handsome], August 20, 1990
Award: Cube on base; From Citizens Crime Committee of Delaware Valley to Dick Thornburgh United States Attorney General, Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, May 1, 1991