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Subseries 5. Attorney General of the United States, 1988-1991

Videotape DTV-111 PBS: "McNeil-Lehrer Report": Thornburgh Named Attorney General of the United States [online] July 14, 1988
Videotape DTV-112 AG Thornburgh speaks to Department of Justice (DOJ) Employees in the Great Hall for the first time [online] October 7, 1988
Videotape DTV-113 Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) San Diego Sector, Mexican Border Patrol, San Ysidro, CA October 24, 1988

Box 1601
Videotape DTV-114 Multiple TV Stations: AG Interview following Argument at the Supreme Court re Drug Testing (Burnley) November 2, 1988
Videotape DTV-115 ABC This Week with David Brinkley: AG Thornburgh and Senator Boren regarding Oliver North January 8, 1989
Videotape DTV-116 Martin Luther King Jr. Week, at 21st Street Ecumenical Center, Atlanta, Georgia; speech January 16, 1989
Videotape DTV-117 NBC Meet the Press and NBC Today Show, Multiple Topics January 20, 1989
Videotape DTV-118 Announcement to National Governor's Association (NGA) re funds to states for fighting drugs and crime February 27, 1989
Videotape DTV-119 President Bush at Glynco: Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in GA, AG accompanies; subject crime package June 15, 1989
Videotape DTV-120 ABC This Week with David Brinkley regarding Flag Desecration July 2, 1989
Videotape DTV-121 FBI Agents' Graduation and Tour, Quantico, VA July 7, 1989
Videotape DTV-122 Federal Bar Association, Tom Clark Award, Washington, DC August 25, 1989
Videotape DTV-123 PBS: "MacNeil Lehrer News Hour" regarding Columbia and Drug War [online] August 28, 1989
Videotape DTV-124 Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty Signing Ceremony: AG and Prince Bola Ajibola of Nigeria September 13, 1989
Videotape DTV-125 200th Anniversary of Office of AG: remarks of President Bush and AG Thornburgh September 22, 1989
Videotape DTV-126 ABC Good Morning America: regarding Soviet Union Trip October 23, 1989
Videotape DTV-127 CBS Nightwatch: Soviet Union Trip October 25, 1989
Videotape DTV-128 AG statement re apprehension of Noriega at Howard Air Force Base, Panama January 4, 1990
Videotape DTV-129 MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour regarding Noriega January 4, 1990
Videotape DTV-130 C-SPAN: Employment of the Disabled January 10, 1990
Videotape DTV-131 Attorney General's Press Conference regarding Exxon Valdez [online] February 27, 1990
Videotape DTV-132 AG Testimony at the hearing of the Commerce, Justice, State, Judiciary House Appropriations Committee regarding Fiscal Year 1991 Appropriations March 8, 1990
Videotape DTV-133 AG News Conference/Boston: Crime Family Indicted March 26, 1990
Videotape DTV-134 Senate Judiciary Committee: Testimony April 3, 1990
Videotape DTV-135 CNN "Newsmaker Saturday" AG Interview regarding Crime in the USA April 28, 1990
Videotape DTV-136 C-SPAN: Mexican-American Attorney Generals Borders Conference, Santa Fe, NM May 6, 1990
Videotape DTV-137 C-SPAN: Senate Judiciary Committee: DOJ authorization testimony May 8, 1990
Videotape DTV-138 House Judiciary Committee May 16, 1990
Videotape DTV-139 Ginny Thornburgh on Dr. Schuler's "Hour of Power" May 20, 1990
Videotape DTV-140 ABC: "This Week with David Brinkley" regarding the Civil Rights Bill May 20, 1990
Videotape DTV-141 U.S. Attorney Financial Institution Fraud Conference with President Bush and Attorney General Thornburgh June 22, 1990
Videotape DTV-142 News Conference: AG and U.S. Attorney Arnold regarding the Midwest Federal J&L indictment June 26, 1990
Videotape DTV-143 Heritage Foundation regarding the Rule of Law and David Brinkley Show regarding Neal Bush July 15, 1990
Videotape DTV-144 National Press Club: White Collar crime "Box Score on the Savings and Loans" July 25, 1990
Videotape DTV-145 Action News: Dick Thornburgh Live regarding the Anti-Fraud Bill July 25, 1990
Videotape DTV-146 1990 ALEC Convention: Luncheon Speech regarding civil rights, crime, drugs, firearms, Supreme Court nomination of David Souter July 27, 1990
Videotape DTV-147 Senate Banking Committee: Bank and Thrift Fraud August 2, 1990
Videotape DTV-148 Joint American/Russian Conference with Soviet Minister of Justice Veniamin F. Yakovlev and Attorney General Thornburgh [online] August 17, 1990
Videotape DTV-149 C-SPAN I: Call-In Interview with the AG regarding civil rights, Supreme Court nomination/David Souter, J&L Crisis, Henry Barr, Noriega, gun control, drugs, Nazi war criminals, white collar crime August 22, 1990
Videotape DTV-150 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Speech at Boston University School of Law September 14, 1990
Videotape DTV-151 Press Conference on Crime Bill September 26, 1990
Videotape DTV-152 Attorney General with Stuart Hobson Middle School Class October 4, 1990
Videotape DTV-153 CBS/NBC/CNN/ABC: Attorney General's Japanese Internees Ceremony October 9, 1990
Videotape DTV-154 PA Broadcasters' Gold Medal Award: Dick Thornburgh Biography October 14, 1990
Videotape DTV-155 CNN "The World Today": Civil Rights Act October 22, 1990
Videotape DTV-156 Indictment Announcement: N D Texas/ New Savings and Loan Case/ Press Conference--indictment against Jarrett E. Woods, Jr. October 25, 1990
Videotape DTV-157 AG Closing Remarks, Disability Employment Awareness Month Ceremony October 30, 1990
Videotape DTV-158 C-SPAN I: AG Speech before DOJ Financial Institution Fraud Enforcement Conference November 6, 1990
Videotape DTV-159 CNN: AG Press Conference regarding the Indictment of Mail Bomb Murderer Walter Leroy Moody, Jr. November 7, 1990
Videotape DTV-160 Law Enforcement Television Network (LETN): AG Interview November 13, 1990
Videotape DTV-161 C-SPAN: Role of the Attorney General December 27, 1990
Videotape DTV-162 The Attorney General's Awards Ceremony, Great Hall February 8, 1991
Videotape DTV-163 ABC: AG Guest on Dr. Robert Schuller' s Hour of Power February 10, 1991
Videotape DTV-164 Attorney General's announcement of indictments against former officers of Atlanta Branch of Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro (BNL) over Iraqi Agricultural and other Export Credits [online] February 28, 1991
Videotape DTV-165 AG Introduction of President Bush and President Bush Speech to DOJ Crime Summit March 5, 1991
Videotape DTV-166 PBS: "MacNeil/Lehrer Report" regarding Crime [online] March 11, 1991
Videotape DTV-167 AG News Conference Segments: Exxon Oil Spill Settlement March 13, 1991
Videotape DTV-168 CNN: National Newspaper Association, Speech on Violent Crime March 15, 1991
Videotape DTV-169 NBC Channel 4 "Meet the Press": L.A. Police Brutality Case, Gun Control, and Pan AM 103 March 17, 1991
Videotape DTV-170 CNN Newsmaker: AG Interview regarding Crime Bill and Gun Control April 7, 1991
Videotape DTV-171 CNN Crier and Company: AG Crime Victim Impact Testimony April 18, 1991
Videotape DTV-172-173 C-SPAN I: AG Testimony before Senate Judiciary Committee regarding Comprehensive Crime Control Act (S635) April 18, 1991 (2 videotapes.)
Videotape DTV-174 AG News Conference following Argument before Supreme Court (Payne vs. Tennessee) April 24, 1991
Videotape DTV-175 NBC/ABC/CBS/CNN/MacNeil-Lehrer: Tennessee vs. Payne Supreme Court Decision April 25, 1991
Videotape DTV-176 Department of Justice: Points of Light Ceremony April 26, 1991
Videotape DTV-177 News Conference: Civil Antitrust Case: Eight Ivy League Universities May 22, 1991
Videotape DTV-178 C-SPAN, CNN, CBS "Face the Nation": AG Thornburgh's Resignation June 7, 1991
Videotape DTV-179 PBS: "McNeil-Lehrer Report": Crime Bill and Miranda June 13, 1991
Videotape DTV-180 Fox Morning News: AG Thornburgh's Interview regarding the Crime Bill June 13, 1991
Videotape DTV-181 "Meet the Press" and "This Week with David Brinkley": AG Interviews regarding the Supreme Court Nominee to Replace Justice Marshall June 30, 1991
Videotape DTV-182 First Anniversary of the Signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): DOJ Ceremony [online] July 26, 1991
Videotape DTV-183 Various news segments of BCCI story and interviews with the AG August 4, 1991
Videotape DTV-184 AG Press Conference on Drug Strategies August 7, 1991
Videotape DTV-185 President Bush and AG Thornburgh Address at National Fraternal Order of Police in Pittsburgh, PA August 14, 1991
Videotape DTV-186 AG Thornburgh Farewell Ceremony and speech August 15, 1991