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Subseries 3. Governor, 1979-1987

Videotape DTV-004 PBS: Transition: A Governor Takes Office February 4, 1979
Videotape DTV-005 WTPA: Tour of Governor's Home and Interview with Governor and Ginny May 9, 1979
Videotape DTV-006 Governor's Speech to Joint Session of the Pennsylvania Legislature [online] October 1, 1979
Videotape DTV-007 Governor Greeting Pope John Paul II in Pope's first visit to Philadelphia [online] October 9, 1979
Videotape DTV-008-009 Lancaster Town Meeting with Governor, December 18, 1979 (2 tapes)
Videotape DTV-010 Marcia Kaplan Interviews: Jay Waldman and Paul Critchlow December 21, 1979 December 28, 1979
Videotape DTV-011 Marsha Kaplan Interviews: Governor and Lieutenant Governor January, 1980
Videotape DTV-012 WITF "Newsmakers" John Baer Host: Roundtable Questions and Answers with the Governor January 21, 1980
Videotape DTV-013 WPVI: "First Ladies" Series with Ginny Thornburgh February 26, 1980
Videotape DTV-014 First annual Distinguished Artists Award to Jimmy Stewart May 1, 1980
Videotape DTV-015 PA Distinguished Service Medal awarded to General Matthew B. Ridgeway [online] June 6, 1980
Videotape DTV-016 PPTN: "Call the Governor: PA Town Meeting"; John Dimsdale host June 13, 1980
Videotape DTV-017 PPTN: "People's Business" regarding Promoting Small Business July 4, 1980
Videotape DTV-018 PPTN: "People's Business" regarding Coal in PA, Liquor Control Board, and other topics July 18, 1980
Videotape DTV-019 WPVI-Channel 6 Philadelphia: Republican Governors Association November 17, 1980
Videotape DTV-020 Coal Pier 124 Opening in Philadelphia December 18, 1980
Videotape DTV-021 WITF "Newsmakers" John Baer Host: Questions and Answers to the Governor January 23, 1980
Videotape DTV-022 Governor's News Conference regarding reforms of Liquor Control Board (LCB) and abolishing State Store System, Harrisburg [online] January 28, 1981
Videotape DTV-023 The Governor's Budget Address February 3, 1981
Videotape DTV-024 PA Charter Proclamation March 4, 1981
Videotape DTV-025 News Conference, Philadelphia, regarding SEPTA Strike April 3, 1981
Videotape DTV-026 Arnold Palmer: PA Promotion, Pittsburgh April 13, 1981
Videotape DTV-027 Taiwanese Contract Signing regarding purchase contracts with PA companies May 1, 1981
Videotape DTV-028 PA Distinguished Artists Award to James Michener May 5, 1981
Videotape DTV-029 WQLN: Choices for PA May 24, 1981
Videotape DTV-030 American Legion Convention: speech July 11, 1981
Videotape DTV-031 National Governors Conference (NGC): Transportation Meeting August 10, 1981
Videotape DTV-032 News Conference: Anti-Crime Legislation September 16, 1981
Videotape DTV-033 Capitol Building Rededication: 75th Anniversary October 19, 1981
Videotape DTV-034 Pittsburgh Parkway East Reopening and Ribbon cutting Ceremonies October 21, 1981
Videotape DTV-035 News Conference: Pittsburgh Transportation Projects October 28, 1981
Videotape DTV-036 News Conference regarding Lottery Fund and increased Senior Citizen Benefits November 10, 1981
Videotape DTV-037 PPTN: "Call the Governor: PA Town Meeting"; John Dimsdale Host November 11, 1981
Videotape DTV-038 PA Highway Conference, Pittsburgh: speech December 9, 1981
Videotape DTV-039 PA Highway Conference, Pittsburgh: PennDOT Secretary Larson speech December 9, 1981
Videotape DTV-040 PBS: "MacNeil Lehrer Report" regarding New Federalism [online] January 27, 1982
Videotape DTV-041 KYW-TV: "City Lights" regarding Black Issues, Governor January 30, 1982
Videotape DTV-042 Budget Address to the Legislature February 9, 1982
Videotape DTV-043 Thornburgh Re-Election Announcement; Franklin Plaza, Philadelphia, Pa. March 2, 1982
Videotape DTV-044 Thornburgh Crime Bill Signing (5 Year Mandatory Sentencing for Violent Crimes) April 23, 1982
Videotape DTV-045a Governor Thornburgh's Final Budget Address to Joint Session of Pennsylvania Legislature [online] February 4, 1986
Videotape DTV-045b Reelection Campaign Fundraiser Luncheon: President Reagan speaker, May 14, 1982
Videotape DTV-046 PA Distinguished Artists Award to Marion Anderson June 8, 1982
Videotape DTV-047 CNN: "Getting Tough on Crime" July 14, 1982
Videotape DTV-051 Thornburgh Inauguration and Celebratory Events [online] January 18, 1983
Videotape DTV-052 WPHL: "Profile" Interview regarding Commonwealth, African American Relations, Appointments, And Ben Franklin Partnership February 11, 1983
Videotape DTV-053 PPTN: "Call the Governor" PA Town Meeting; Mackenzie Carpenter Host May 17, 1983
Videotape DTV-054 Speech to National Bridge Conference June 1, 1983
Videotape DTV-055 News Conference: Chesapeake Bay June 2, 1983
Videotape DTV-056 WHTM: Marcia Kaplan Interviews Roy Zimmerman, Ginny Thornburgh, Dr. Morrison, and Governor Thornburgh December, 1983
Videotape DTV-057 CBS: Governor and Ginny Thornburgh in China December 1, 1983
Videotape DTV-058 Martin Luther King Day Observance and Awards Luncheon with Governor and Coretta King, Philadelphia [online] January 16, 1984
Videotape DTV-059 Budget Address to Legislature February 7, 1984
Videotape DTV-060 PBS: "MacNeil Lehrer Report" regarding the Federal Deficit [online] July 31, 1984
Videotape DTV-061 Holiday Driving PSA with Kendall Leigh Thornburgh November 26, 1984
Videotape DTV-062 PA Tourism Promotions December 10, 1984
Videotape DTV-063 Budget Address to Legislature February 2, 1985
Videotape DTV-064 PBS: "MacNeil Lehrer Report" regarding the Federal Budget Impasse with Governors Thornburgh and Cuomo [online] February 25, 1985
Videotape DTV-065 WHYY: "In Person" with Governor April 17, 1985
Videotape DTV-066 PBS: "MacNeil Lehrer Newshour" regarding Reagan's Tax Reform Plan June 6, 1985
Videotape DTV-067 Groundbreaking Ceremony: Bainbridge Street Bridge, Sunbury PA July 12, 1985
Videotape DTV-068 Aldan Elementary School: Students' Interview with Governor January, 1986
Videotape DTV-069 Budget Address to Legislature February 4, 1986
Videotape DTV-070 PBS: "MacNeil-Lehrer Report" regarding Federal Budget '87 with Governors Thornburgh and Clinton [online] February 5, 1986
Videotape DTV-071 Visit to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts: Governor reading story about William Penn March 4, 1986
Videotape DTV-072 Speech to Financial Executives Institute (FEI) regarding "Major Business and Economic Issues Affecting Pennsylvania and Philadelphia" [online] May 1, 1986
Videotape DTV-073 Governor's Awards for Excellence in the Arts: Hazlett Memorial Awards [online] June 2, 1986
Videotape DTV-074 Rededication of PA Memorial at the Gettysburg Battlefield: remarks July 1, 1986
Videotape DTV-075-076 Interview with Dick Thornburgh: multiple issues November 12, 1986 (2 videotapes (parts 1 and 2).)
Videotape DTV-077 Bainbridge Street Bridge Dedication, Sunbury, PA November 24, 1986
Videotape DTV-078 Larry Kane Interview regarding Welfare Reform: Governor and Ginny Thornburgh December 1, 1986
Videotape DTV-079 Pennsylvania Tourism Commercials [online] 1979-1986
Videotape DTV-080 Conversations with the Governor #1: Education/Agenda for Excellence with Robert Wilburn September 12, 1984
Videotape DTV-081 Conversations with the Governor #2: Transportation with Secretary Thomas Larson October 21, 1984
Videotape DTV-082 Conversations with the Governor #3: Drug and Alcohol Abuse with Dick Wetherbee and Lucile Flemming November 18, 1984
Videotape DTV-083 Conversations with the Governor #4: Liquor Control Board with Senators Greenleaf and Kelly December 5, 1984
Videotape DTV-084 Conversations with the Governor #5: with Nicholas Benedictus January 10, 1985
Videotape DTV-085 Conversations with the Governor #6: Economic Development and Jobs with Secretary James Pickard and L. Jack Bradt February 6, 1985
Videotape DTV-086 Conversations with the Governor #7: 1985 Budget Address February 13, 1985
Videotape DTV-087 Conversations with the Governor #8: Economic Development and Community Conservation with Secretary Shirley Dennis and Mayors Pfuhl and Althaus April 1, 1985
Videotape DTV-088 Conversations with the Governor #9: Travel and Tourism; State Parks with Chris Umble and Ned Book and Bill Forrey May 19, 1985
Videotape DTV-089 Conversations with the Governor #10: Handicapped with Jennifer Howse, G. Lowe, and G. Makuch June 16, 1985
Videotape DTV-090 Conversations with the Governor #11: Senior Citizen Programs with Secretary Alma Jacobs July 21, 1985
Videotape DTV-091 Conversations with the Governor #12: Job Training with Mike Aker and Marvin Berger August 18, 1985
Videotape DTV-092 Conversations with the Governor #13: Welfare with Secretary Walter Cohen and Don Stovall September 22, 1985
Videotape DTV-093 Conversations with the Governor #14: Agriculture with Secretary Grubb, Obie Snider, and Hugh Miller October 20, 1985
Videotape DTV-094 Conversations with the Governor #15: Health with Secretary Muller, P. Boyer, and George Grode November 17, 1985
Videotape DTV-095 Conversations with the Governor #16: Education with Secretary K. Wright, N. Semple, and K. Evans December 22, 1985
Videotape DTV-096 Conversations with the Governor #17: Taxes/Budget with Secretary Jim Scheiner and Charles Potter January 19, 1986
Videotape DTV-097 Conversations with the Governor #18: 1986 Budget Address February 16, 1986
Videotape DTV-098 Conversations with the Governor #19: Emergencies with Nick Steptzoff, John Patton, PEMA, and Gen. Dick Scott March 16, 1986
Videotape DTV-099 Conversations with the Governor #20: Veterans with A. DiLoretto, T. Hertzler, and D. Swartz April 20, 1986
Videotape DTV-100 Conversations with the Governor #21: Council on Arts and PHMC with Diana Rose, L. Frantz, Larry Tise, and G. Tapper May 18, 1986
Videotape DTV-101 Conversations with the Governor #22: Economic Development with Walt Plosila, P. Likins, George Werner, and B. Logue June 15, 1986
Videotape DTV-102 Conversations with the Governor #23: Mental Illness and the Homeless with Dr. Nelson, Sheila Stacks, Trevor Ferrell, and Robert Williams July 20, 1986
Videotape DTV-103 Conversations with the Governor #24: Workings of State Government with Secretaries Bittenbender, Dr. Wright, and Baran August 17, 1986
Videotape DTV-104 Conversations with the Governor #25: Infrastructure with Secretary Thomas Larson and Secretary Nick DeBenedictis September 12, 1986
Videotape DTV-105 Conversations with the Governor #26: Law Enforcement and Justice with Commissioners Jay Cochran and Glen Jeffers October 7, 1986
Videotape DTV-106 Conversations with the Governor #27: Virginia Judson Thornburgh November 13, 1986
Videotape DTV-107 Conversations with the Governor #28: The Thornburgh Years [online] December 17, 1986
Videotape DTV-108 People's Business Interview with the Governor and Ginny Thornburgh January 3, 1987

Subseries 2. Re-election Campaign for Governor 1982

Videotape DTV-043 Thornburgh re-election announcement, Franklin Plaza, Philadelphia, PA March 2, 1982
Videotape DTV-045b Reelection Campaign Fundraiser Luncheon: President Reagan speaker [online] May 14, 1982
Videotape DTV-048 WITF Newsmakers:1982 Election, Host John Baer September 3, 1982
Videotape DTV-049 Re-election Campaign for Governor Ads [online] 1982
Videotape DTV-050 Election Night, Philadelphia [online] November 2, 1982