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Series V. Project Files, 1917-1976

Scope and Content Notes:

The majority of Griswold’s professional material revolve around his architectural landscape projects both in the United State and abroad. Some of these files contain documentary photographs, including many from his work on the Athenian Agora during the 1950s. Some of the highlighted works are the Agora project, the Anzio Cemetery, the Jones & Laughlin Steel Company town revitalization, and the Mellon-Scaife Botanical Garden. The items in this series span the years from 1917 to 1976. Included are plans, blueprints, layouts, drafts of articles and speeches, news clippings, professional correspondence, and information about Griswold’s projects. Projects details and dates are also mentioned in the diary entries in Series II. Additional files relating to this materials may be found in Series VII.

Subseries 1. Jones & Laughlin Steel Company Town Revitalization, 1946-1948

Scope and Content Notes:

A project of local significance to Pittsburgh was the Jones & Laughlin Steel Company town revitalization. Jones & Laughlin Steel hired Griswold for the recreation and restoration of many of its company towns throughout western and central Pennsylvania, which produced much of the coal and coke used in the production of steel. Griswold was consulted to head the revitalization project in the company towns of Vestaburgh, Richeyville, Bobtown, Blairton, and Denbo; he completed these revitalization projects between 1946 and 1947.

Box 12
Folder 1 Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation- Report on landscape and recreation improvement of company towns, 1946-1947
Folder 2 Jones & Laughlin Steel- Vestaburgh, 1946
Folder 3 Jones & Laughlin Steel- Richeyville, 1946
Folder 4 Jones & Laughlin Steel- Bobtown, 1946
Folder 5 Jones & Laughlin Steel- Blairton, 1946
Folder 6 Jones & Laughlin Steel- Denbo, 1947
Folder 7-10 Jones & Laughlin Steel, 1946-1948

Subseries 2. Anzio Cemetery Project, 1949-1955

Scope and Content Notes:

The World War II Sicily-Rome American Cemetery and Memorial, built in Italy to commemorate Americans who died during the liberation of Axis Nation Italy, was directed by the United States War Commission, which oversaw the overall design, construction, sculpture, and landscaping work necessary for the site. A wide central mall leads to the memorial, adorned with works of art and architecture, emblematic of America's reverence for the fallen war dead. Architects for the cemetery and memorial were Gugler, Kimball and Husted of New York City. Ralph Griswold was tapped by the commission to act as landscape architect; this became his first major landscaping work overseas. Griswold spent much of his time drawing plans, developing planting plans, writing and answering correspondence, and working with the War Commission in efforts to construct the memorial.

Griswold designed the entrance road to the Anzio Cemetery, lining the path with neatly-trimmed hedges. There is a large elliptical shaped reflecting pool with a small island at its center. Griswold chose to plant several Italian cypress trees which flank the stone cenotaph on the island. Evergreen holly oak trees and hedges line the wide grassy mall through the graves area from the reflecting pool to the memorial. The larger garden north of the memorial is planted with beds of polyanthus roses, geraniums, white oleander, purple bougainvillea and other flowers in parterre arrangements. The permanent cemetery and memorial were completed in 1956. The material in this subseries dates from 1949 to 1955.

Box 13
Folder 1 Anzio Cemetery, Correspondence, 1949-1955
Folder 2-6 Anzio Cemetery, Correspondence, 1950

Box 14
Folder 1 Anzio Cemetery, Plans and Blueprints, 1950-1951
Folder 2 Anzio Cemetery, Correspondence, 1951
Folder 3 Anzio Cemetery, Correspondence and Plan, 1952
Folder 4 Anzio Cemetery, Correspondence, 1953-1956
Folder 5 Anzio Cemetery, Inspection and Photographs, 1966-1968
Folder 6 Anzio Cemetery Letters, Photographs, Postcards, and News Clippings, 1952-1965

Subseries 3. Agora Material, 1950-1956

Scope and Content Notes:

The American School of Classical Studies in Athens has been a premier center for the study of Greek civilization since its inception in 1881. It has proved to be not only a center for teaching, but the heart of American excavations of antiquity in Greece, with the resulting published material forming the basis of classical study today. In 1931, the school began work on their most significant find, the ancient Greek Agora in the city of Athens. Since 3000 B.C.E., this ancient marketplace served as the confluence of Athenian economic, political, and social practices, and emerged as the physical manifestation of the famous democracy of Athens around the fifth century B.C.E. The grounds, where ancient citizens held public office and elections, would influence Western Civilization for centuries to come.

By 1957, the first archeological park in Europe was developed to showcase the work of the Agora excavation from the previous decades. The landscaping for this presentation proved to be a challenging and novel undertaking. The school director, Homer Thompson, began talks with Ralph E. Griswold in 1950 to act as supervisor of the new park. His work included not only making the park serviceable by adding benches, creating entrances, and clearing ruin, but aesthetically pleasing by adorning the surrounding hillside and park with historically and culturally relevant foliage and trees. He was responsible not only for the logistic constraints of an operation in the dry environment of Attica, but charged with conforming to stringent academic standards of recreating the ancient marketplace. Griswold also coordinated with American and Greek donations for the landscape work, budgeting and researching most of the sites' expenses. During his long involvement with the project, he developed a lasting relationship and correspondence with Homer Thompson and much of the staff of the American School of Classical Studies. The project was completed between 1950 and 1955; the park was dedicated in 1956. The material in this subseries dates form 1950 to 1956.

Box 15
Folder 1 Agora Correspondence, 1950-1955
Folder 2 Agora Photographs and Reference Drawings, 1952-1953
Folder 3 Agora Photographs, Correspondence, and Plant Lists, 1952-1967
Folder 4 Agora Preliminary Report, 1953
Folder 5 Agora Reports, 1953
Folder 6 Agora Excavation Plan, 1953
Folder 7 Agora Correspondence and Personnel Lists, 1953-1956
Folder 8 Agora Correspondence and Article Drafts, 1954
Folder 9 Agora Memorial Fountain, 1954
Folder 10 Agora Church of the Holy Apostles, 1954-1955
Folder 11 Agora Budget, 1954-1955

Box 16
Folder 1 Agora Business Agreement, 1950-1956
Folder 2 Agora Plans and Layouts, 1954-1956
Folder 3 Agora Temple of Haphaistos Label Order, 1955
Folder 4 Agora Planting, Correspondence, and Notes, 1955-1956
Folder 5 Agora Correspondence and Press Clippings, 1955-1957
Folder 6 Agora Faucets, 1956-1957
Folder 7 Agora Correspondence, 1956-1957
Folder 8 Archeological Landscape Pioneering, 1957

Box 17
Folder 1 Agora Correspondence, Maps, and Notes, 1957-1962
Folder 2 Agora Correspondence, Press, and News Clippings, 1957-1967
Folder 3 Agora Photographs, Negatives, Plans, Articles, Landscape Architecture, 1957-1967
Folder 4 Agora Correspondence, 1966
Folder 5 Agora Plant Lists, undated
Folder 6 Archeological Institute of America and Lucy Shoe Correspondence, 1953-1955

Subseries 4. Garden Club of Virginia Material, undated

Scope and Content Notes:

The Garden Club of Virginia is an active association of garden clubs responsible for many of Virginia’s historic garden restoration including Monticello. Griswold was a part of the Garden Club of Virginia Restoration Committee, and this subseries documents his relationship with committee members and relates to several club projects. The Garden Club of Virginia, much like Griswold himself, was interested in historic preservation. The garden clubs restoration projects began in 1927, however, Griswold was not involved until the late 1950s. The restoration effort in which Griswold was involved included the Mary Washington House, Colonial Williamsburg, Monticello, Kent Valentine House, Woodrow Wilson House, Scotchtown, St. Johns Mews, Agecroft Hall, Morgan Mill, University of Virginia, and Christ Church of Middlesex County. Griswold was either the main landscape architect or landscape consultant on these restoration projects. He was also responsible for revitalization projects related to a chapel at Washington College in Lexington, Virginia, that had been built during Robert E. Lee’s tenure as university president.

Box 18
Folder 1 Garden Club of Virginia Correspondence, 1959-1962
Folder 2 Garden Club of Virginia Correspondence, 1962-1963
Folder 3 Garden Club of Virginia Correspondence, 1963-1966
Folder 4 Garden Club of Virginia Correspondence, 1964-1965
Folder 5 Garden Club of Virginia Correspondence, 1965-1966
Folder 6 Garden Club of Virginia Dedication Programs, 1973-1976
Folder 7 Garden Club of Virginia Correspondence, 1974-1976
Folder 8 Garden Club of Virginia, Rolfe-Warren Plantation, 1976

Subseries 5. Mellon-Scaife Botanical Garden, 1966-1967

Scope and Content Notes:

The restoration of the main garden in Mellon Park is found in the Pittsburgh Point Breeze neighborhood. This garden was developed as a memorial to Mrs. Sarah Mellon Scaife. To memorialize Mrs. Scaife, Griswold designed, developed, and participated in the rededication of an outdoor botanical garden. The botanical garden was developed to serve not only as a memorial, but as a source of study for botanical students, landscape professionals, and amateur gardeners alike. This garden promoted both the scientific and aesthetic understanding required to create botanical gardens. Griswold worked on this project from 1966 to 1969.

Folder 9 Mellon-Scaife Botanical Garden, 1966-1967

Subseries 6. General Projects, 1924-1976

Scope and Content Notes:

The subseries contains material relating to Griswold’s architectural landscape projects and his professional life. Some of these files contain documentary photographs, correspondence, and both architectural and business plans. Griswold worked on many residential and public landscape projects. Projects in this subseries are arranged in chronological and title order. Material in this subseries date from 1924 through 1976

Box 19
Folder 1 Landscape Architecture Bibliographies, 1924
Folder 2 Christmas Cards, Programs, and Invitations, 1924-1952
Folder 3 Magazine Article Draft, 1927
Folder 4 J.W. Lawrence Contracts, Bids, and Speculations, 1928-1930
Folder 5-6 J.W. Lawrence Plans, 1929-1931
Folder 7 J.W. Lawrence Correspondence, 1929-1931
Folder 8 J.W. Lawrence Estimates and Computations, 1929-1931
Folder 9 J.W. Lawrence Bills, Acknowledgements, and Plant Materials, 1929-1931

Box 20
Folder 1 Physicians’ Building, 1929-1930
Folder 2 Physicians’ Building, 1929-1931
Folder 3 J.J. Thompson: Estimates and Computations, 1929-1931
Folder 4 J.J. Thompson: Orders, Acknowledgements, and Bills, 1930
Folder 5 J.J. Thompson: Plant Lists, 1930
Folder 6 J.J. Thompson: Contact, Bids, Specifications, 1930-1931
Folder 7 J.J. Thompson: Correspondence, 1930-1933
Folder 8 Fox Chapel Golf Club, 1930
Folder 9 West Virginia University, 1930
Folder 10 John B. Semple, 1930
Folder 11 John B. Semple, 1931
Folder 12-14 John B. Semple, 1931-1932
Folder 15 R.F. Moreland: Contacts, Bids, Speculations, 1930
Folder 16 R.F. Moreland: Statement, 1930
Folder 17 R.F. Moreland: Plan, 1930
Folder 18 R.F. Moreland: Correspondence, 1930-1931

Box 21
Folder 1 University of Pittsburgh, Falk Clinic, 1930-1931
Folder 2 University of Pittsburgh, Falk Clinic, 1930-1933
Folder 3 Frank Semple, Jr., 1930-1931
Folder 4 Sewickley Memorial, 1930-1933
Folder 5 Twentieth Century Club, 1930-1933
Folder 6-7 Rolling Rock Farms Plant Orders, Bills, and Receipts, 1930-1932
Folder 8 Rolling Rock Farms Work Summaries, Planting Lists, and Planting Records, 1930-1933
Folder 9 Rolling Rock Club, 1930-1932
Folder 10 Pennsylvania College for Women, 1931
Folder 11-12 Pennsylvania College for Women, 1931-1932
Folder 13 Pennsylvania College for Women, 1931-1934
Folder 14 Pennsylvania College for Women, Athletic Field, 1931-1951

Box 22
Folder 1 Howard K. Walter, 1931
Folder 2 Mrs. R.J. Magee, 1931-1932
Folder 3 Frank Semple: Correspondence, 1931-1933
Folder 4 Frank Semple: Estimates, Computations and Blueprint, 1931-1933
Folder 5 John M. Rice Consultation Receipt, 1932
Folder 6 Robert Woods Bliss Blueprint, 1932
Folder 7 Dr. F. Sonneborn and W. H. Daugherty, Sr., 1932
Folder 8 George Flinn, 1932
Folder 9 S.B. Linhart, 1932
Folder 10 Mrs. A. Rex Flinn, 1932-1933
Folder 11 Garden Dictionary Entries, 1933-1934
Folder 12 Garden Dictionary Entries, 1934-1935
Folder 13-14 W. J. Sloane Exhibition Garden, 1933
Folder 15 Greater Pittsburgh Parks Association Correspondence, 1933-1940
Folder 16 Chatham Village News, 1934-1939

Box 23
Folder 1 Rosenwald: Kraeger, Tree Inventory, 1937
Folder 2 Rosenwald: Kraeger, Approved Bills, 1937-1939
Folder 3 Rosenwald: Grunsfeld, 1937-1939
Folder 4 Rosenwald: Kraeger, 1937-1938
Folder 5 Rosenwald: Sprinkler System, 1938
Folder 6 Rosenwald: Professional Service Agreements, 1938-1940
Folder 7-8 Rosenwald: Cornell, 1938-1939
Folder 8 Rosenwald: Fleisher, 1938-1940
Folder 10 Rosenwald: Leopold, 1938-1940
Folder 11 Rosenwald: Calculations, 1938-1940
Folder 12 Rosenwald: Professional Statement, 1938-1942

Box 24
Folder 1 Lilian von Bonin, 1938
Folder 2 W.L. Mellon, 1938-1939
Folder 3 Charles J. Rosenbloom, 1938-1939
Folder 4 W.L. Standish, 1938-1939
Folder 5 Singleton Paul, 1938-1940
Folder 6 J.D. Berg, 1938-1940
Folder 7 City of Pittsburgh Correspondence, 1938-1945
Folder 8 Charles M. Stotz, 1938-1948
Folder 9 Howard Walters, 1939
Folder 10-11 Andover Terrace Building Project, 1939
Folder 12-15 Alfred K. Stern, 1939-1940
Folder 16 H.C. McEldowney, 1939-1940
Folder 17 Joe Speidel, 1939-1940
Folder 18 George R. Gibbons, 1939-1940

Box 25
Folder 1 Nelson Wagner, 1939-1941
Folder 2 Windsor and Hartsgrove Properties, 1939-1942
Folder 3 Pittsburgh, 1940
Folder 4 Humphrey Morris: Presbyterian and Womens’ Hospital, 1940
Folder 5 Frederick Faris and Neil Stifel, 1940
Folder 6 C.F. Du Puy, 1940-1941
Folder 7 David M. Levy, 1941
Folder 8 Defense Housing: Clairton, Morgantown, Shaler, and Moon Townships, 1941-1942
Folder 9 William M. Robinson, 1941-1946
Folder 10 Housing Authority Reports, 1943-1945
Folder 11 J.S. Lanahan, 1944
Folder 12 Point Breeze Park Plans and Correspondence, 1944
Folder 13 American Commission for Living War Memorials, 1944-1945
Folder 14 American Commission for Living War Memorials, 1945

Box 26
Folder 1 Drake Park, 1944-1947
Folder 2 Resignation from City Parks, Baltimore City Service Exam, 1945-1946
Folder 3 Mrs. John Frazer, 1945-1946
Folder 4-7 Pennsylvania State Parks, 1945-1946

Box 27
Folder 1 Bellevue Park Abandoned Site, 1946
Folder 2 Lockhart, Statement, and Correspondence, 1946-1948
Folder 3 Kay Boys Club, 1947
Folder 4 Babcock-Lott Enterprises, 1947-1948
Folder 5 Veterans’ Hospital Open Air Theater and Band Stand, 1947-1949
Folder 6 Pittsburgh Plate Glass, 1948
Folder 7 Allegheny Conference Recreation Report, 1948-1950
Folder 8 Pittsburgh Zoological Society Correspondence, 1949
Folder 9 Drake Well Park and Titusville Garden Club, 1949
Folder 10 James A. Bell and Westminster Place, 1949
Folder 11 John C. Conte: Valmar Garden, 1949
Folder 12 Employee Applications, 1950-1955
Folder 13 R.F. Moreland, 1951
Folder 14 Printing Orders, Griswold and Renner Correspondence, 1951-1956
Folder 15 Charles Morgan Correspondence, 1952-1956
Folder 16 Calvin Wells, 1949
Folder 17 Ben Fairless, 1945

Box 28
Folder 1 Ward M. Canady Correspondence, 1954-1955
Folder 2 Stuart Thompson Correspondence, 1954-1955
Folder 3 Peat Moss Correspondence, 1954-1955
Folder 4 Requests for Publication, Photographs of Pittsburgh, 1955-1956
Folder 5 Speaking Engagement Correspondence, 1955-1956
Folder 6 Correspondence, 1955-1956
Folder 7-8 Henry Ford II Estate, 1956
Folder 9 Leland Hazard, 1956-1957
Folder 10 Pennsbury Manor Articles, Plans, Correspondence, and Landscape Study, 1957-1970

Box 29
Folder 1 Pennsbury Manor Plot Plan and General Information, 1962
Folder 2 Pennsbury Manor Estimates and Contracts, 1968-1970
Folder 3-4 Dumbarton Oaks, 1959-1967
Folder 5 Kaufmann's Mount Lebanon Landscape Studies, 1961
Folder 6 Williamsburg Symposium, 1958-1959
Folder 7 Colonial Williamsburg Correspondence, 1959-1961
Folder 8 Colonial Williamsburg Correspondence, 1961-1962
Folder 9 Colonial Williamsburg Correspondence, 1963-1964
Folder 10 Colonial Williamsburg Antiques Forum Correspondence, 1961-1962

Box 30
Folder 1-3 Williamsburg: An Eighteenth-Century Garden City, Draft, 1962
Folder 4-5 Williamsburg: An Eighteenth-Century Garden City, Second Draft, 1962
Folder 6 Work Portfolio, 1963
Folder 7 Allegheny Country Club Plans, 1964
Folder 8 Westover Garden Rehabilitation Proposal and Correspondence, 1964-1965
Folder 9 Allegheny Park Common Grounds Plan, 1965
Folder 10 Thomas Robinson Memorial Gate, 1968-1969

Box 31
Folder 1 Point State Park Correspondence, Photographs, and News Clippings, 1968-1969
Folder 2 Point State Park Correspondence and Photographs, 1969-1973
Folder 3 Miscellaneous Dormant Projects, 1968-1970
Folder 4 Robert E. Lee Foundation, 1968-1970
Folder 5 Gunston Hall Correspondence and Photographs, 1968-1970
Folder 6 Leslie Cheek Jr. Correspondence, 1968-1970
Folder 7 Leslie Cheek Jr. Finances and Sketches, 1969-1970
Folder 8 Leslie Cheek Jr. Specs and Bids, 1970
Folder 9 Leslie Cheek Jr. Correspondence, 1970-1975

Box 32
Folder 1 Neill Log House Restoration Correspondence and Photographs, 1968-1971
Folder 2 University of Virginia, 1968-1976
Folder 3 Carll Tucker Jr. Tree Replacement, 1969
Folder 4 Rock Ford, 1969-1971
Folder 5-7 Stone Mountain, 1969-1971
Folder 8 Winfred T. Grenfel, 1970-1973
Folder 9 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, 1972-1974

Box 33
Folder 1 Caleb Pusey House Correspondence and Photographs, 1972-1975
Folder 2 George M. Modlin, 1973-1974
Folder 3 Prince George Street, 1973-1974
Folder 4 Blandford Cemetery, 1973-1974
Folder 5 Leland Hazard Peppercorn, 1973-1975
Folder 6 Richmond Capital Grounds, 1973-1975
Folder 7 Hugh Patterson, 1974
Folder 8 Joseph Sellinger, 1974
Folder 9 Mrs. Lothrop Reed, 1974
Folder 10 St. Thomas Church in Orange, Virginia, 1974
Folder 11 American Horticultural Society: Riverview Farm, 1974
Folder 12 Robert A. Bristow, 1974-1975
Folder 13 Woodrow Wilson Birthplace, 1974-1975
Folder 14 Kenmore, 1974-1975
Folder 15 N. David Kjellstrom, 1975
Folder 16 Farnham Church, 1975
Folder 17 Wildflower Refuge at the College of William and Mary, 1976
Folder 18 Frick Fiasco, 1976
Folder 19 Whittle House, 1976