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Series IV. Reference Materials, undated

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains materials collected to facilitate Griswold’s landscape architecture designs. The majority of these materials are reference photographs of a variety of structures and architectural details, mainly of Italian and American origin. Sketches and photographs are organized into architectural form files such as balustrades, villas, and interiors, which were later used as references for his work. The reference materials retained the original order and labeling in the manner it was received. Included in this series are photographs, sketches, plans, blueprints, layouts, and articles. The majority of the reference material are undated.

Box 9
Folder 1-2 Fountains, Well Heads, and Cascades
Folder 3 Paintings
Folder 4 Arches and Colonnades
Folder 5-6 Italian Villas
Folder 7 Italian Villas and Facades
Folder 8 Villa Catena
Folder 9 Windows, Doors, and Columns
Folder 10 Courtyards and Loggia
Folder 11 Architectural Interiors
Folder 12 Bridges
Folder 13 Piazzas
Folder 14 Rubbings and Watercolors

Box 10
Folder 01-02 Measured Details of Villa Caprarola
Folder 3 Measured Details of Villa Cicogna
Folder 4 Measured Details from Frascati, Italy
Folder 5 Measured Details from Italy
Folder 6 Measured Details of Facades and Villas
Folder 7 Measured Details of Balustrades
Folder 8 Measured Details of Steps
Folder 9 Steps and Balustrades
Folder 10 Well Heads
Folder 11 Iron Railings
Folder 12 Iron Works
Folder 13 Gateways

Box 11
Folder 1 Sculpture and Vases
Folder 2 Cemeteries undate
Folder 3 Cartouches
Folder 4 Flower Shows
Folder 5 Gateways
Folder 6 General and Theses
Folder 7 General Landscape
Folder 8 Plans and Exhibit Prints
Folder 9 Edward Capps Memorial Lectern
Folder 10 E. W. Mathews Landscape
Folder 11 Fox Chapel Club Fountain
Folder 12 Albert D. Taylor Plans and Photographs
Folder 13 Albert D. Taylor Photographs
Folder 14 H.B. Higgins Photographs
Folder 15 R.A. Hunt Photographs
Folder 16 B.D. Phillips Photographs
Folder 17 J.E. Lewis Photographs
Folder 18 Julius Fleischman Garden Photographs
Folder 19 Dr. Bowman Landscape Photographs