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Series III. Lecture Notes and Unpublished Works, 1913-1944

Scope and Content Notes:

Griswold dedication to the landscape architecture field is evident through his diligent notes that he wrote from lectures over the years. The lecture notes describe projects, plans, facts, and theories on landscape architecture. Griswold accumulated lecture notes during his time at Cornell University as well as other conferences and speeches he attended. It is evident that Griswold felt that he could repurpose his notes for future research and conference material. Some of the lecture notes and unpublished works were used in a variety of conferences and speaking engagements given by Griswold. Griswold notes include ideas for speeches, key points of lectures, conference material, and sketches of landscapes. Frequently, these notes directly correspond to a particular landscape project Griswold had worked on. The material in this series date from 1913 to 1944. Additional files relating to lectures and projects may be found in Series VII.

Box 8
Folder 1 Landscape Art #3 Lecture Notes 1913
Folder 2 Landscape Art #4 Lecture Notes 1914-1915
Folder 3 Old as the Hills and as Beautiful 1922
Folder 4 Villa Cicogna 1923
Folder 5 A Synopsis of Lectures on Landscape Architecture, Cleveland School of Art 1924
Folder 6 Italian Gardening 1924
Folder 7 The Villa Caprarola and Its Traditions 1922-1924
Folder 8 The Hillside Home of H.B. Higgins 1932
Folder 9 Parks and Playgrounds: Their Uses and Their Planning 1939
Folder 10 Regional Recreation as a Metropolitan Necessity 1939
Folder 11 Talk by Ralph E. Griswold, Pittsburgh Regional Planning Association 1940
Folder 12 Planting Bigelow Boulevard, Pittsburgh 1941
Folder 13 What the Air Raid Warden Service is Doing 1942
Folder 14 The Planting of Trees as War Memorials 1944
Folder 15 Landscape Architecture undated
Folder 16 Individuality in Landscape Character undated
Folder 17 Landscape Planting in the Grand Manner of the Renaissance undated
Folder 18 Landscape Studies by Motor undated
Folder 19 Looking Into the Future of Pittsburgh Parks undated
Folder 20 The Contribution of Natural Science to the General Welfare undated
Folder 21 The Bureau of Parks: Its Functions and Operation undated
Folder 22 Board of Parks and Recreation undated
Folder 23 Character in the Garden undated
Folder 24 To What Extent Has Landscape Architecture Been Modern Since the Renaissance undated
Folder 25 Italian Gardening and its Relation to the Profession of Landscape Architecture undated
Folder 26 The Meaning of an Academy Fellowship undated
Folder 27 Synopsis of Talks to be given in Class Room undated
Folder 28 The Use of Water in Garden Composition undated
Folder 29 The Adaptation of Physical Beauty undated
Folder 30 The Development of a Garden Scheme undated
Folder 31 History of Gardening undated
Folder 32 Comprehensive Vision in Landscape Design undated
Folder 33 Parks and Recreation Painting for Boroughs and Townships undated
Folder 34 The Future of the Arts and Crafts Center undated
Folder 35 The Architectural Value of Paths, Background, Walls, Water, Etc. undated
Folder 36 Extracts from Charles Eliot, Landscape Architect undated
Folder 37 Pittsburgh: A Place to Live and Work undated
Folder 38 Landscape Lecture Speaking Note Cards undated
Folder 39 An Outline for the Analysis of Garden Design undated
Folder 40 Elements of Character in Landscape Design undated
Folder 41 Gardening: A Fine Art undated
Folder 42 Directions in American Painting undated
Folder 43 Notes and Extracts Relating to Versailles, Chantilly and Ermenville undated