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Series X. Publications

Scope and Content Notes:

Evansgardner and Gardner kept files of publications that they used as references throughout their involvement with women’s issues. Along with Evansgardner’s personal card catalog of publications, this series contains articles, pamphlets, magazines, and newsletters dealing with feminism and racism, 1968-1975.

Folder 39 Miscellaneous publications, 1968-1975

Section: Farrell, Warren T. "The Resocialization of Men’s Attitudes Toward women’s Role in Society"

Folder 41 Article- A Bright Woman is Caught in a Double Bird, Matina Horner, 1969
Folder 42 Facts Concerning Women, 1969

Section: Pamphlet, Goodbye to All That

Folder 44 Washington Monthly, 1970
Folder 45 Alumni Times, 1973
Folder 46 Pamphlet, Free Joan Bird, 1970
Folder 47 Pamphlet, What Everyone Should Know About Black Americans, 1970
Folder 48 Magazine, The Hard Times, 1972
Folder 49 Article- Your Business is Her Business, 1970
Folder 50 University of Pittsburgh, Opportunities for women, 1970
Folder 51 Magazine, The New Republic, 1970
Folder 52 Newsletter, Link-up, 1970
Folder 53 Newsletters, Westside Center News and LA Women’s Center Newsletter, 1972
Folder 54 Miscellaneous Flyers and Publications, 1970-1971
Folder 55 Underutilization of Women Workers, 1971
Folder 56 Article- Spotlight on top Career Workers for the US, 1970
Folder 57 Pamphlet- Help Wanted…or is it?, 1968
Folder 58 Article- Bringing the National Board Closer to Membership, undated
Folder 59 The Allegheny Feminist, 1977
Folder 60 Analogy with Blacks, 1969

Box 37
Folder 1 Card Catalog of Feminist Books, 1972

Section: Pittsburgh East

Section: The Pittsburgh News Sun

Folder 4 Pittsburgh Press, How They Voted, 1969
Folder 5 Pittsburgh Catholic, 1969
Folder 6 Peer Perspective, 1981
Folder 7 The Status of Women Articles, 1978
Folder 8 Civil Rights, 1967
Folder 9 Wisconsin Women, Newsletter, 1973

Section: Do It NOW Correspondence

Section: Pittsburgh Newsletter Correspondence

Folder 12 Pittsburgh NOW Newsletters, 1970
Folder 13 NOW Newsletters, 1979
Folder 14 PA NOW Newsletters, 1973
Folder 15 Newsletters, 1978-1979