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Series IX. Papers and Diaries of Leo Scanlon, 1929-1949

Scope and Content Notes:

Series IX consists of the private papers and diaries of AAAP co-founder Leo Scanlon. Scanlon co-founded the AAAP with Chester Roe in 1929 and remained an active member for 70 years until his death in 1999. Scanlon was an accomplished telescope maker and observer which is reflected in his papers. The astronomical community regarded Scanlon highly as a person and as an emissary of popular science, particularly astronomy. Leo Scanlon's memoirs and biography can be found in this collection under Series I, Historical Materials, located in Box 1, folder 12.

The bulk of the material in this series is the eleven diaries kept by Scanlon from 1929 to 1937. The diaries include correspondence, photographs, clippings, observation logs, newsletters, AAAP meeting minutes, and AAAP memorabilia. An inventory of topics and materials contained in the diaries is available for most of the volumes and can be found with the diary. The original copy of Volume 2 was donated to the Astrology Museum in Springfield, VT and is accessible in this collection as a photocopy.

The series also consists of lecture notes, published articles, radio scripts and photographs by Leo Scanlon. Additional materials collected by Leo Scanlon include articles and photographs on telescopes, amateur astronomers, observatories and astronomical interests.

Subseries 1. Bound Diaries, 1929-1937

Box 9
Folder 1 Volume 1, September 1929-August 1930
Folder 2 Volume 2, (photocopy) August 1930-December 1930
Folder 3 Volume 3, January 1931-December 1931
Folder 4 Volume 4, January 1932-June 1932
Folder 5 Volume 5, (eclipse edition) July 1932-September 1932
Folder 6 Volume 6, September 1932-December 1932
Folder 7 Volume 7, January 1933-June 1933
Folder 8 Volume 8, July 1933-December 1933
Folder 9 Volume 9, January 1934-November 1934
Folder 10 Volume 10, September 1934-July 1935
Folder 11 Volume 11, Springfield Trip (Convention of Amateur Telescope Makers), 1937

Subseries 2. Research Papers,

Folder 12 Variable Star Observer Questionnaire, 1934
Folder 13 Halley's Comet, 1984-1985
Folder 14 Valley View Observatory Stationary
Folder 15 News Clippings from Pittsburgh Papers Detailing Early Space Exploration, 1956-1958
Folder 16 Lecture Notes on Telescope Setting Circles, February 1948
Folder 17 Lecture Notes, 1933-1948
Folder 18 Academy of Science and Art, Lecture Programs, (intermittant) 1933-1977
Folder 19 Framed Letter to Mr. Scanlon from the Secretary of Smithsonian Institution, 1932
Folder 20 Articles and Notes on What Amateur Astronomers thought of Astrology, 1933-1940
Folder 21 Pittsburgh Moonwatch Program; Invoices and correspondence with Kaufmans in regard to financing the station, 1956-1957
Folder 22 Kiwanis Club, certificate and lecture notes, 1940-1963
Folder 23 Lecture Notes on AAVSO and Telescopes, 1942-1948
Folder 24 The Science Counselor, Vol. XI, no. 1, September 1948 (
Folder 25 Sky and Telescope, Vol. I, no. 4, February 1942 (
Folder 26 Sky and Telescope, Vol. VII, no. 1, November 1947 (
Folder 27 The Bulletin Index, December 3, 1936 (
Folder 28 Russell Porter File, 1946 (
Folder 29 Script for Radio Series, "You and the Universe", written by Leo Scanlon
Folder 30 Miscellaneous Photographs, 1930-1940 (