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Series VI. Bound Volumes, 1931-1997

Scope and Content Notes:

Series VI contains the bound volumes in the collection. These include a membership book, account book, and day books. The day books record visitors, events, and daily observations dating from 1931 to 1938. Other volumes include Popular Astronomy journals kept by AAAP members for the years 1932 through 1937. In addition, the Star Atlas and Reference Handbook that was kept at the Valley View Obsevatory in the North Side of Pittsburgh can be found in this series. This volume was published in 1927 and includes annotations by Leo Scanlon.

Box 6
Volume 1 Account Book, 1945-1983
Volume 2 Membership Book, 1931-1939
Volume 3 Day Book, 1931
Volume 4 Day Book, 1932
Volume 5 Day Book, 1933
Volume 6 Day Book, 1934
Volume 7 Day Book, 1935
Volume 8 Day Book, 1936
Volume 9 Day Book, 1937
Volume 10 Day Book, 1938
Volume 11 Popular Astronomy, 1932-1933
Volume 12 Popular Astronomy, 1934-1935
Volume 13 Popular Astronomy, 1936-1937
Volume 14 Amateur Telescope Making, Scientific American, 1937
Volume 15 Star Atlas and Reference Handbook, by Arthur P. Norton, Gail and Inglis, London, England, 1927