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Collection Inventory

Series I. Family Correspondence

Box 1
Folder 1 Correspondence between Samuel Eliot and Elsa Eliot, 1908-1953
Folder 2 Correspondence from the Eliots while with American Friends Service Committee in Serbia, 1919-1920
Folder 3 Correspondence Addressed to both Samuel and Elsa, 1907-1954
Folder 4-7 Correspondence between Mather Eliot and His Parents, 1923-1955

Series II. Samuel Ely Eliot

Subseries 1. Correspondence

Box 2
Folder 8 With His Parents, 1897-1936
Folder 9 Incoming, 1905-1957
Folder 10 Outgoing, 1905-1943

Subseries 2. Rhodes Scholarship

Folder 11 Rhodes Scholarship
Correspondence, 1911-1913
Cecil Rhodes' Ideas by Samuel Eliot
Rhodes Scholars Petition About Election of Scholars by Artificial Regional Districts
Folder 12 Publications
Alumni Magazine, 1908-1912
Rhodes Scholar News, 1957
The American Oxonian, 1958
Christmas Greetings from Rhodes House, 1951-1954
Folder 13 Alumni Information and Manuscript Essays

Subseries 3. Personal Miscellany

Folder 14 Report Cards from Portland Academy, 1896-1897
Washington University in St. Louis - Invitations, Commencement Program, 1905-1953
Pencil Drawing of Eliot, 1905
Inventory of Eliot's Property in Storage in Portland, OR, 1910-1911
Letters of Introduction, 1911
Freight Bill from Southern Pacific Company, 1910
Copy of S. E. Eliot and Elsa von Manderscheid's Marriage License, 1908

Series III. Elsa von Manderscheid Eliot

Subseries 1. Correspondence

Folder 15 Incoming, 1905-1954

Box 3
Folder 16 Outgoing, 1905-1954

Subseries 2. von Manderscheid Family

Folder 17 Walter von Manderscheid
Materials about Unsuccessful Application to the Officer's Reserve Corps, 1917
Newspaper Clippings about Manderscheid Coaching Rugby Team in Berkley, CA
Folder 18 Condolence Letters to Dr. Mary Morgan following Manderscheid's Death, 1919
Folder 19 Correspondence to Other Family Members and Family Papers

Subseries 3. Personal Miscellany

Folder 20 Monogrammed Hankerchief, 1915
Pilgrimage Certificate, Leather Pouch, Candles and Palm Leaves from Jerusalem, 1955

Series IV. Mather Greenleaf Eliot

Subseries 1. Correspondence

Folder 21 Incoming, 1911-1954
Folder 22 Outgoing, 1920-1954

Subseries 3. Personal Miscellany

Folder 23 Unitarian Church Baptismal Certificate, 1917
Report Cards, circa 1915-1927
Printed Essay, The Problem of Antioch's Future by Mather Eliot, 1931
Resume and Cover Letter to Schuman at Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1939
Commission as First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, 1946

Subseries 2. Photographs

Folder 24 Photographs

Series V. Subject Files

Subseries 1. American Friends of the Middle East

Box 4
Folder 25 Membership Correspondence 1954-1955
AFME Newsletter, 1953-1956
Jottings for My Library of Friends, 1955
Jewish Newsletter, 1955

Subseries 2. Friends of Harvey Gaul

Folder 26 Board Meeting Minutes, 1946-1950
Letter of Appreciation from Mrs. Gaul
Annual Report, 1949-1950
Draft, Harvey Gaul in a New World
The News Sheet: The Official Publication of the Pennsylvania Federation of Music Clubs. List of Compositions by Dr. Harvey B. Gaul, 1881-1945

Subseries 3. Allegheny County Committee for Protestant Refugees

Folder 27 By-Laws
Membership Lists, 1939
Folder 28 Correspondence, 1938-1949
Financial Statement, 1950
Folder 29 Pamphlets about European Refugees

Section: Newsletters

Common Cause, 1939
D.P. News Digest
Newscast by American Committee for Christian Refugees, 1940-1941

Subseries 4. Board of Visitation of Allegheny County

Folder 30 Minutes, 1927-1933
Folder 31 Correspondence, 1931-1933
Standards and Criteria for Foster Homes, Social Work Agencies, and Workhouses

Section: Case Files

Folder 32 Children's Home Society of Pennsylvania
Folder 33 Curtis Home
Folder 34 Florence Crittenden Home
Folder 35 Jewish Home for Babies
Folder 36 Juvenile Court Foster Homes
Folder 37 Blank Report Forms and Directions to Foster Homes

Subseries 5. General Semantics, Materials by Alfred Korzybski and Alfred Sheffield

Folder 38 General Semantics, Materials by Alfred Korzybski and Alfred Sheffield

Subseries 6. Manchester Educational Center

Folder 39 Bank Books for Manchester Educational Center and Manchester Savings Bank and Trust Co., 1932-1945
Log Book and Notes for Manchester Redevelopment, 1946-1951

Subseries 7. Pittsburgh Day Camps, Evaluations of Children, 1947

Folder 40 Pittsburgh Day Camps, Evaluations of Children, 1947

Subseries 8. Russian War Relief, 1941-1946

Box 5
Folder 41 Minutes, 1943-1945
Membership Lists
Folder 42 Reports
Activities Announcements
Transcription of Panel Interview on Soviet Russia
Correspondence, 1941-1946

Subseries 9. Woods Run Settlement

Folder 43 By-Laws
History, Founding of Woods Run and Description of Camp Bosnall
Board of Directors, Minutes, 1956-1957
Board of Directors, Membership Lists, 1941-1953
Board of Directors, Memos about Election of Officers, 1945
Board Resolutions about Camp Bosnall, 1949
Correspondence about Margaret Slocum's Resignation as Director, 1922
Membership Lists, 1943-1950
Folder 44 General Correspondence, 1945-1957
Report on the Committee of Consolidation of Schools, 1944
Report to Board of Managers, 1908
Eliot's Report as Resident Director, 1914
Annual Report, 1949
Listing of Full Time Staff, 1948
Report on Establishing a Nursery School in an Underpriveleged Neighborhood
Budget Reports, 1946-1950
Folder 45 Materials on 50th Anniversary Meeting, 1945
Minutes of 54th Annual Meeting, 1949
Camp Bosnall, Pamphlet, 1950
Folder 46 Study of Woods Run Settlement, 1957
Folder 47 Activities Announcements, 1946-1956
Manchester Neighborhood House Pamphlet, 1957

Subseries 10. Young Women's Christian Association (YMCA)

Folder 48 Discussion Outline for Development of Association Plan, Triennium, 1953-1956
Religious Interpretation in YWCA Programs
Religious Handouts
Yong Adults and the YWCA: Their Work Life, 1952
The YWCA Magazine, 1953

Subseries 11. Other Organizations

Folder 49 Aurora Reading Club of Pittsburgh, Program 1952-1954
Chest X-Ray Survey for Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, Letter
Ladies Aid Society, Book Tracking Needy Women's Names and Goods Provided, 1893
Pittsburgh Christmas Carol Festival, 1944
National Urban League, 1954

Series VI. Photographs

Folder 50 Unidentified Family Members and Event

Series VII. Reports

Folder 51 Progress Report of the Reorganization of the Department of Public Health, Pittsburgh, PA, 1949-1952
Study Guide Outline, Community Health

Series VIII. Miscellaneous Notes and Papers

Folder 52 Unidentified Correspondence
Folder 53 The Melting Pot
Present for Santa
Untitled Paper Against Capital Punishment
Religious Pamphlet, Brother Harkliss
Syllabus for English Class, 1955
Excerpt from letter from T.S. Eliot to T.D. Eliot

Series IX. Address Cards

Box 6
Folder 54 Address Cards for Select Pittsburgh Invitees to an Unidentified Event