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Collection Inventory

Series I. Correspondence

Scope and Content Notes:

The correspondence of the organization is an extensive part of the collection filed in six boxes. There is correspondence with individuals, local businesses, legislators, and various local and national organizations. The large amount of correspondence demonstrates the action-oriented approach that WIUC used to accomplish their goals.

Subseries 1. Correspondence A-C

Box 1
Folder 1 A-Letters to Individuals
Folder 2 Able-1 Answering Service
Folder 3 Action Coalition of Elders
Folder 4 Action for Children's Television
Folder 5 Action Housing
Folder 6 Action-Washington, D.C.
Folder 7 Ad Hoc Committee on School Board Selection
Folder 8 Ad Hoc Committee to Save the Children
Folder 9 Ad Hoc Lawyers Committee
Folder 10 Adult Services
Folder 11 Aeronauts International
Folder 12 African Heritage Classroom
Folder 13 Afro-Asian Festival
Folder 14 Afro-Technical Educational Consultants (AF-TEC)
Folder 15 Alcoa Foundation
Folder 16 Allegheny Airlines
Folder 17 Allegheny Center
Folder 18 Allegheny Children's Center
Folder 19 Allegheny Conference on Community Development
Folder 20 Allegheny Conference on Environmental Systems Services
Folder 21 Allegheny County, Bar Association
Folder 22 Allegheny County, Board of Assistance
Folder 23 Allegheny County, Board of Consumer Affairs
Folder 24 Allegheny County, Children Youth Service
Folder 25 Allegheny County, Child Welfare Services
Folder 26 Allegheny County, Commissioners
Folder 27 Allegheny County, Community Development
Folder 28 Allegheny County, Council- Camp Fire Girls
Folder 29 Allegheny County, Council on Civil Rights
Folder 30 Allegheny County, Court on Civil Pleas
Folder 31 Allegheny County, Environmental
Folder 32 Allegheny County, Environmental Coalition
Folder 33 Allegheny County, Foster Home Development
Folder 34 Allegheny County, Government Study Commission
Folder 35 Allegheny County, Health Department
Folder 36 Allegheny County, Human Services Commission
Folder 37 Allegheny County, Labor Council
Folder 38 Allegheny County, Long Term Care of Elderly
Folder 39 Allegheny County, Medical Assistants Society
Folder 40 Allegheny County, Medical Society, 1979
Folder 41 Allegheny County, Mental Health Retardation Plan
Folder 42 Allegheny County, Parks Recreation
Folder 43 Allegheny County, Prison
Folder 44 Allegheny County, Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN)
Folder 45 Allegheny County, Schools
Folder 46 Allegheny County, Sheriff's Office
Folder 47 Allegheny County, Taxpayers League
Folder 48 Allegheny East Mental Health Mental Retardation Center, Inc.
Folder 49 Allegheny Foundation
Folder 50 Allegheny Housing Rehabilitation Corporation (AHRCO)
Folder 51 Allegheny Institute for Environmental Study Education
Folder 52 Allegheny Intermediate Unit
Folder 53 Allegheny Regional Narcotics Task Force
Folder 54 Allegheny Regional Planning Council
Folder 55 Allegheny Union Baptist Association, Women's Auxiliary
Folder 56 Alliance for Advancement of Health Education
Folder 57 Alliance for Consumer Protection
Folder 58 Alliance for Volunteerism
Folder 59 Alma Illery Medical Center
Folder 60 Alpha Wesleyan Service Guild of the First United Methodist Church
Folder 61 Alternative Education Resource Development
Folder 62 American Association of Medical Assistants, Inc.
Folder 63-67 American Association of University Women (AAUW)
Folder 68 American Baptist Women
Folder 69 American Cancer Society
Folder 70 American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Folder 71 American Freedom from Hunger Foundation, Inc.
Folder 72 American Friends Service Committee
Folder 73 American Jewish Committee
Folder 74 American Jewish Congress
Folder 75 American Planning Association
Folder 76 American Red Cross
Folder 77 American School Food Service Association
Folder 78 Americans for Democratic Action- Pittsburgh
Folder 79 Animal Rescue League
Folder 80 Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith
Folder 81 Anti-Inflation Drive
Folder 82 Arsenal Family Children's Center
Folder 83 Assembly on University Goals Governance
Folder 84 Association for Retarded Children
Folder 85 Association of Community Organizations for Change Now (ACORN)
Folder 86 Association of Western Pennsylvania Women's Deans, Counselors and Personal Workers
Folder 87 Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company
Folder 88 Attorney General, U.S.
Folder 89 Attorney General's Office, Pennsylvania
Folder 90 B- Letters to Individuals
Folder 91 Babcock Lumber Company
Folder 92 Baha'i Assembly of Pittsburgh
Folder 93 Bakerstown Presbyterian Church
Folder 94 Baldwin Community Action Committee
Folder 95 Baltimore, City Police
Folder 96 Beatrice Foods Company
Folder 97 Bell Atlantic Telephone Company
Folder 98 Bellefield Presbyterian Church
Folder 99 Belmar School PTA
Folder 100 Bennett Paper Company
Folder 101 Bethesda United Presbyterian Church United Community Center
Folder 102 Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Folder 103 Bevlan Presbyterian Church
Folder 104 Bicentennial Convocation on Religious Liberty
Folder 105 BICEP
Folder 106 Bidwell Recreation Center Bidwell Church
Folder 107 Binstock, Dorothy
Folder 108 Birmingham United Church of Christ
Folder 109 Black Adoption Services of Three Rivers Adoption Council (TRAC)
Folder 110 Black American Historical Research Center
Folder 111 Black Guardians
Folder 112 Black League of Afro-American Culture
Folder 113 Black Solidarity Fair
Folder 114 Black Women's Political Caucus
Folder 115 Bluett Bluett
Folder 116 B'nai B'rith Women Greater Pittsburgh Council
Folder 117 Board of Public Education- Pittsburgh
Folder 118 Boarding Homes
Folder 119 Borland Printing Company
Folder 120 Boy Scouts of America
Folder 121 Bright Beginners
Folder 122 Brown Baking Company
Folder 123 Buhl Foundation
Folder 124 Bureau of National Affairs
Folder 125 Business Job Development Corporation
Folder 126 4-C, Community Coordinated Child Care, 1976
Folder 127 C- Letters to Individuals
Folder 128 Camp Achievement
Folder 129 Campbell Soup Company
Folder 130 Campership Committee of Greater Pittsburgh
Folder 131 Carlow College
Folder 132 Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Folder 133 Carnegie Mellon University
Folder 134 George Washington Carver Lunch
Folder 135 Cathedral College of Christian Vocation
Folder 136 Catholic Social Service of Allegheny County
Folder 137 Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh
Folder 138 Catholic Inter Racial Council
Folder 139 Center for Community Affairs
Folder 140 Center for Pregnant School Area Girls
Folder 141 Central Medical Pavillion
Folder 142 Ceta (Job Power) County
Folder 143 Chamber of Commerce
Folder 144 Chatham College
Folder 145 Child Abuse Bill
Folder 146 Children's Lobby of Western Pennsylvania
Folder 147 Concern for Health Options: Information, Care Education (CHOICE)
Folder 148 Christian Associates
Folder 149 Christ United Methodist Church
Folder 150 Church Women United
Folder 151 Churchill Area Schools
Folder 152 Cincinnati, City Police
Folder 153 Citizen Education/ Action Group for Criminal Justice
Folder 154 Citizen Coalition for Pittsburgh Trial Board Reform
Folder 155 Citizens Advisory Group
Folder 156 Citizens Committee, Allegheny County Parks Recreation and Conservation Plan
Folder 157 Citizenship Information Center
Folder 158 City Government Study Commission
Folder 159 City Times
Folder 160 Civic Organizations
Folder 161 Clean Community Association
Folder 162 Coalition for Human Needs
Folder 163 Coalition on National Priorities Military Policy
Folder 164 College Club of Pittsburgh
Folder 165 Columbia Gas Company
Folder 166 Colville
Folder 167 Combined Parents Legislative Action Committee
Folder 168 Committee for Integrated Schools
Folder 169 Common Cause
Folder 170 Community Action Pittsburgh (CAP)
Folder 171 Community Action Regional Training

Box 2
Folder 1 Cablevision
Folder 2 Community Change, Inc.
Folder 3 Community College of Allegheny County, Allegheny Campus
Folder 4 Community of Reconciliation
Folder 5 Community Relations Committee of the United Jewish Federation
Folder 6 Community Release Agency
Folder 7 Community Services of Pennsylvania
Folder 8 Concerned Workers
Folder 9 Condolences
Folder 10 Condors
Folder 11 Conference on Women's Ministries, 1980
Folder 12 Constituent Organizations
Folder 13 Consumer Coalition
Folder 14 Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Western Pennsylvania
Folder 15 Contact, Pittsburgh, Inc.
Folder 16 Continental Casualty Company
Folder 17 Copenhagen, Denmark
Folder 18 Coro Foundation
Folder 19 Corporation Lists
Folder 20 Council House
Folder 21 County Conference Committee
Folder 22 Create, Inc.

Subseries 2. Correspondence D-F

Folder 23 D- Letters to Individuals
Folder 24 Deprived Poor Americans
Folder 25 Department of Community Affairs
Folder 26 Displaced Homemakers
Folder 27 Letters to Donors
Folder 28 Duquesne Light Company
Folder 29 Duquesne University
Folder 30 E- Letters to Individuals
Folder 31 East End Education Committee
Folder 32 East Liberty Chamber of Commerce
Folder 33 East Liberty Garfield Citizens Council
Folder 34 East Liberty Presbyterian Church
Folder 35 East Hills Merchants Association
Folder 36 Ebony Preparatory School
Folder 37 Educational Medical School
Folder 38 Eighth United Presbyterian Church
Folder 39 Environment: Pittsburgh
Folder 40 Environmental Planning Information Center of Pittsburgh
Folder 41 Episcopal Churchwomen
Folder 42 Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh
Folder 43 Equal Rights Amendment
Folder 44 Equitable Gas
Folder 45 Executive Women's Council
Folder 46 F- Letters to Individuals
Folder 47 Falk, Maurice Medical Fund
Folder 48 Family Addiction Control Education Program (FACE)
Folder 49 Family and Childrens Service, 1977
Folder 50 Family Planning Center of Wilkinsburg
Folder 51 Family Planning Council of Western Pennsylvania
Folder 52 Farm Workers
Folder 53 First Baptist Church of Pittsburgh
Folder 54 First Unitarian Church
Folder 55 First Variable Rate Fund
Folder 56 Food, Nutrition, and Dairy Council
Folder 57 Food Stamps
Folder 58 Ford Foundation
Folder 59 Forest Hills Women's Club
Folder 60 Fraternal Order of Police
Folder 61 Freedom House
Folder 62 Frick School Parent Representatives
Folder 63 Friends of Farm Workers
Folder 64 Fund for Aid of Neighbors in Need

Subseries 3. Correspondence G-I

Folder 65 G- Letters to Individuals
Folder 66 Garfield Area Community Outreach
Folder 67 Generations Together
Folder 68 Georgia State University
Folder 69 Gimbels
Folder 70 Glen Hazel Area Citizens Union
Folder 71 Governor
Folder 72 Governor's Commission on Mortgage Interest Rates
Folder 73 Governor's Committee for the Physically Handicapped
Folder 74 Governor's Justice Committee- Pennsylvania
Folder 75 Greater Pittsburgh Business Development Corporation
Folder 76 Greater Pittsburgh Direct Action Coalition
Folder 77 Greater Pittsburgh Guild for the Blind
Folder 78 Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP)
Folder 79 Group for Recycling in Pennsylvania (GRIP)
Folder 80 Group W (Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, Inc.)
Folder 81 Guardians
Folder 82 Gulf Oil Corporation
Folder 83 H-Letters to Individuals
Folder 84 Hadassah
Folder 85 Happiness of Women
Folder 86 Hartford, The John A. Foundation
Folder 87 Hazelwood, Glenwood, Glen Hazel Council, Inc.
Folder 88 Health Welfare Association of Allegheny County
Folder 89 Health Welfare Planning Association (HWP)
Folder 90 Health Education Center, HWP
Folder 91 Health Research Services Foundation of United Fund
Folder 92 Health Systems Agency of Southwestern Pennsylvania
Folder 93 Heinz, Senator John
Folder 94 Heinz, Howard- Endowment,
Folder 95 Heinz Company Foundation
Folder 96 Hiland Presbyterian Church
Folder 97 Hill District Citizens Community Action Development, Inc.
Folder 98 Hill District Federal Credit Union
Folder 99 Hill House Association
Folder 100 Hillman Foundation, Inc.
Folder 101 Home for Crippled Children
Folder 102 Home Rule
Folder 103 Homestead Hospital
Folder 104 Homewood- Brushton Clean-up Coalition
Folder 105 Homewood-Brushton Community Improvement, Inc.
Folder 106 Homework Hotline Advisory Council
Folder 107 Hope for the Addict, Inc.
Folder 108 Hope Lutheran Church
Folder 109 Horne Company, Joseph
Folder 110 Housing Urban Development
Folder 111 Housing Authority
Folder 112 Human Relations, Mayor's Commission on
Folder 113 Human Relations Testimony by WIUC
Folder 114 Humanities Grant Information
Folder 115 Hunger Action Coalition
Folder 116 I-Letters to Individuals
Folder 117 Ida J. Brannen Wesleyan Service Guild of Warren, United Methodist Church
Folder 118 IMPACT
Folder 119 Imperial Quality Horseshoes
Folder 120 Improved Benevolent Protection of Elks (IBPOE), The Education Department of
Folder 121 Infant Formula
Folder 122 Information Volunteer Services of Allegheny County
Folder 123 Institute of Lifetime Learning
Folder 124 Institute on Human Ecology of Southwestern Pennsylvania
Folder 125 Insurance: National Health Welfare Mutual Life
Folder 126 Internal Revenue Service
Folder 127 International Women's Year
Folder 128 International Year of the Child, 1979
Folder 129 International Year of Disabled Persons, 1981

Subseries 4. Correspondence J-L

Folder 130 J-Letters to Individuals
Folder 131 Jewish Chronicle
Folder 132 Jewish Community Relations Committee
Folder 133 Job Advisory Service
Folder 134 Job Advisory Service (Chatham)
Folder 135 Job Corp
Folder 136 Job Training Partnership Act
Folder 137 Joint Action in Community Service (JACS)
Folder 138 Joint Committee on Public Welfare
Folder 139 Junior League of Philadelphia
Folder 140 Junior League of Pittsburgh
Folder 141 Juvenile Justice Center of Pennsylvania

Box 3
Folder 1 K- Letters to Individuals
Folder 2 Kane Hospital, 1976
Folder 3 Kaufmann's
Folder 4 KDKA-TV
Folder 5 Kellogg
Folder 6 Keystone Christian
Folder 7 King Jr., Mrs. Martin Luther
Folder 8 Martin Luther King Club at Larimer Elementary School
Folder 9 Kingsley Association
Folder 10 Kline, Caryl
Folder 11 Know, Inc.
Folder 12 Koppers Company
Folder 13 Kramer, Phyllis
Folder 14 Kroger Company
Folder 15 L- Letters to Individuals
Folder 16 Labor Department
Folder 17 Lawrenceville Family Service
Folder 18-20 League of Women Voters
Folder 21 Leoni, Shellie
Folder 22 Lesko, Inc.
Folder 23 Levinson Foundation
Folder 24 Logan School Programs
Folder 25 Louik, Michael- Assistant Attorney General
Folder 26 Louise Child Care Center
Folder 27 Lutheran Church Women of First Lutheran Church

Subseries 5. Correspondence M-0

Folder 28 M- Letters to Individuals
Folder 29 Mackintosh-Hemphill Division
Folder 30 Magie Carpet
Folder 31 Manpower
Folder 32 March of Dimes
Folder 33 Mayor's Task Force, 1984
Folder 34 McCloy Company
Folder 35 McGregor, Senator Jack
Folder 36 Meals on Wheels
Folder 37 Medical Committee for Human Rights
Folder 38 Medical Eye Bank of Western Pennsylvania
Folder 39 Mellon Foundation, Richard King
Folder 40 Mellon National Bank
Folder 41 Mental Health Retardation Center, Inc.- Allegheny East
Folder 42 Mental Health Retardation Citizen Advisory Board- Area 9C
Folder 43 Mercy Hospital
Folder 44 Meredith Broadcasting Corporation
Folder 45 Merton Center, Thomas- Ministry for Justice Peace
Folder 46 Metropolitan Pittsburgh Public Broadcasting, Inc.
Folder 47 Metropolitan Tenants Organization
Folder 48 Michelson Advertising Agency
Folder 49 Mini-Corporation Housing Association of Allegheny County
Folder 50 Mobilization for Survival
Folder 51 Mt. Lebanon Citizens for Community Relations
Folder 52 Ms. Foundation for Women, Inc.
Folder 53 Multi-Senior Citizen Center
Folder 54 National Alliance of Businessmen
Folder 55 National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), Pittsburgh
Folder 56-58 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
Folder 59 National Association of Negro Business Professional Women's Clubs, Inc.
Folder 60 National Association of Social Workers, Inc. (NASW), Southwest Pennsylvania Chapter
Folder 61 National Black Political Assembly
Folder 62 National Center for Juvenile Justice
Folder 63 National Center for Voluntary Action
Folder 64 National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing (NCDH)
Folder 65 National Committee on Household Employment
Folder 66 National Conference of Christians Jews
Folder 67 National Congress of Neighborhood Women
Folder 68 National Council of Jewish Women
Folder 69 National Council of Negro Women
Folder 70 National Federation of Settlements Neighborhood Centers
Folder 71 National Health Service Committee
Folder 72 National Organization for Women (NOW)
Folder 73 National Science Foundation
Folder 74 National Urban Coalition
Folder 75 National Welfare Rights Organization
Folder 76 National Women's Mailing List
Folder 77 National Women's Political Caucus
Folder 78 National Youth Pilgrimage
Folder 79 Nationwide Communications, Inc.
Folder 80 NBC Television Network
Folder 81 Negro Education Emergency Drive (NEED)
Folder 82 Neighborhood Legal Services Association
Folder 83 Neighborhood Youth Corps
Folder 84 Neighborhoods for Living Center
Folder 85 Neighbors in Need
Folder 86 New American Movement
Folder 87 New World National Bank
Folder 88 New York Life Insurance Company
Folder 89 Nolan, The Honorable Thomas
Folder 90 North Park Transfer Station
Folder 91 Northview Heights Resident Council
Folder 92 Northwest Tenants Organization

Box 4
Folder 1 O- Letters to Individuals
Folder 2 Oakland News
Folder 3 Oakland Women's Center
Folder 4 Ohio Valley Provision Company
Folder 5 OIC International
Folder 6 Open Doors for the Handicapped
Folder 7 Operation Transit Awareness Campaign (TAC)
Folder 8 Operation Transportation
Folder 9 Ozanam

Subseries 6. Correspondence P

Folder 10 P- Letters to Individuals
Folder 11 Parents' League for Emotional Adjustment
Folder 12 Parents School of Pittsburgh
Folder 13 Pittsburgh City Parents Teachers Association Mental Health Committee
Folder 14 Parents Teachers Association- Television Violence
Folder 15 Port Authority Transit
Folder 16 Patients' Rights Program
Folder 17 Peace Freedom Center
Folder 18 Penn Fixture Supply Company
Folder 19 Penn's Southwest Association Newsletter
Folder 20 Penney, J.C.
Folder 21 Pennsylvania Advisory Council for Vocational Education
Folder 22 Pennsylvania Association for Retarded Children, Inc.
Folder 23 Pennsylvania Association of Older Persons, Inc. (PAOP)
Folder 24 Pennsylvania Board of Probation Parole
Folder 25 Pennsylvania Civil Service Jobs
Folder 26 Pennsylvania Coalition on Food and Nutrition
Folder 27 Pennsylvania Commission for Women
Folder 28 Pennsylvania Department of Community Affairs
Folder 29 Pennsylvania Department of Education
Folder 30 Pennsylvania Department of Justice
Folder 31 Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry
Folder 32 Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare
Folder 33 Pennsylvania Environmental Action-Zero Population Growth
Folder 34 Pennsylvania Environmental Council
Folder 35 Pennsylvania Equal Rights Council
Folder 36 Pennsylvania Health and Welfare Committee
Folder 37 Pennsylvania House Bills 2044 2340
Folder 38 Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Folder 39 Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission
Folder 40 Pennsylvania Human Services Forum
Folder 41 Pennsylvania Humanities Council
Folder 42 Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA)
Folder 43 Pennsylvania Mental Health, Inc.
Folder 44 Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board
Folder 45 Pennsylvania Negro Democratic Committee
Folder 46 Pennsylvania Nurses Association
Folder 47 Pennsylvania Pretrial Justice Federation
Folder 48 Pennsylvania Program for Women and Girl Offenders, Inc.
Folder 49 Pennsylvania Public Health Association
Folder 50 Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
Folder 51 Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth
Folder 52 Pennsylvania Secretary to the Department of Public Welfare
Folder 53 Pennsylvania Senate
Folder 54 Pennsylvania State Police
Folder 55 Pennsylvania State University
Folder 56 Pennsylvania, Indiana University of
Folder 57 Pennsylvania Women's Legislative Exchange
Folder 58 Pennsylvania Women's Political Caucus of Allegheny County
Folder 59 Pennsylvanians for the Preservation on Public Television
Folder 60 Pennsylvanians for Women's Rights
Folder 61 Peoples Gas Company
Folder 62 Philadelphia, City Personnel Department
Folder 63 Philadelphia, City Police
Folder 64 Pioneer Women Pittsburgh Council
Folder 65 Pirates Wives
Folder 66 Pitney-Bowes, Inc.
Folder 67 Pittsburgh Action Against Rape
Folder 68 Pittsburgh Alliance for Displaced Homemakers
Folder 69 Pittsburgh Area Pre-School Association
Folder 70 Pittsburgh Area Religion and Race Council
Folder 71 Pittsburgh Association for the Advancement of Women
Folder 72 Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
Folder 73 Pittsburgh Brewing Company
Folder 74 Pittsburgh Building Construction Industry
Folder 75 Pittsburgh Catholic
Folder 76 Pittsburgh Child Guidance Center
Folder 77 Pittsburgh City Commission on Human Relations
Folder 78 Pittsburgh City Council
Folder 79 Pittsburgh City Department of Personnel Civil Service
Folder 80 Pittsburgh City Mayor
Folder 81 Pittsburgh City Parks and Recreation
Folder 82 Pittsburgh Coalition on National Priorities
Folder 83 Pittsburgh Committee for Human Rights
Folder 84 Pittsburgh Community Leadership Coalition (PCLC)
Folder 85 Pittsburgh Conference of Jewish Women's Organizations
Folder 86 Pittsburgh Council on Public Education
Folder 87 Pittsburgh Courier
Folder 88 Pittsburgh Diocesan Council of Catholic Women
Folder 89 Pittsburgh Federal Executive Board
Folder 90 Pittsburgh Forum
Folder 91 Pittsburgh Free Clinic
Folder 92 Pittsburgh Foundation
Folder 93 Pittsburgh History Landmarks Foundation
Folder 94 Pittsburgh Housing Authority
Folder 95 Pittsburgh Maulers
Folder 96 Pittsburgh Model Cities Program
Folder 97 Pittsburgh National Bank
Folder 98 Pittsburgh Neighborhood Alliance
Folder 99 Pittsburgh Neighborhood Alliance- Operation Partnership: Pittsburgh
Folder 100 Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute
Folder 101 Pittsburgh Plate Glass
Folder 102 Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Folder 103 Pittsburgh Presbyterian Society
Folder 104 Pittsburgh Press
Folder 105 Pittsburgh Public Schools
Folder 106 Pittsburgh Public Schools Desegregation Project
Folder 107 Pittsburgh Public Schools- Parent Representative Section
Folder 108 Pittsburgh Public Schools- Summer Work Program
Folder 109 Pittsburgh Radio Organization, Inc.
Folder 110 Pittsburgh Residential Manpower Center
Folder 111 Pittsburgh Sisters' Council
Folder 112 Pittsburgh Symphony- Women's Society
Folder 113 Pittsburgh Walk for Development
Folder 114 Pittsburgh Women's Task Force
Folder 115 Pittsburgh Working Women
Folder 116 "Pittsburgh Yes"
Folder 117 Planned Parenthood Center of Pittsburgh
Folder 118 Pleva, Mrs. William
Folder 119 Point Park College
Folder 120 Pornography
Folder 121 Practising Law Institute
Folder 122 Pre-trial Justice Federation
Folder 123 Private Line
Folder 124 Private Providers Pilot Project
Folder 125 Program for Female Offenders
Folder 126 Program Services Institute, Carnegie Library
Folder 127 Program to Aid Citizen Enterprise (PACE)
Folder 128 Project Equality
Folder 129 Project Forward
Folder 130 Project Pace Setter
Folder 131 Public Affairs Committee of the Student Union Board Citizen Information Center
Folder 132 Public Education Fund
Folder 133 Public Management Institute
Folder 134 Public Relations Society of Pittsburgh
Folder 135 Public Service Materials Center

Subseries 7. Correspondence R-T

Folder 136 R- Letters to Individuals
Folder 137 Rabbinical Association of America
Folder 138 Rape Sexual Assault Center
Folder 139 Recreational Opportunities Advancement Council
Folder 140 Reizenstein Consortium
Folder 141 Reizenstein, Mr. Louis

Box 5
Folder 1 Resources for Youth
Folder 2 Retail Merchants Association
Folder 3 Retired Executive Volunteers
Folder 4 Retired Senior Volunteer Program
Folder 5 Rhea's Bakery
Folder 6 Robert Morris College
Folder 7 Rodef Shalom Sisterhood
Folder 8 Rodef Shalom Temple
Folder 9 Rodman Street Baptist Church
Folder 10 Ruden Finn, Incorporated
Folder 11 S- Letters to Individuals
Folder 12 St. Brigid-St. Benedict, The Moor Church
Folder 13 St. Francis General Hospital
Folder 14 St. Joseph's School
Folder 15 St. Margaret's Memorial Hospital
Folder 16 St. Mary of Mercy Church
Folder 17 St. Paul's Cathedral
Folder 18 St. Peter's Child Development Centers, Inc.
Folder 19 Salk Institute
Folder 20 Sarah Mellon Scaife Foundation
Folder 21 Schenley High School
Folder 22 School Volunteers Association of Pittsburgh
Folder 23 Sears, Roebuck and Company
Folder 24 Senate Bills
Folder 25 Senior Citizens News
Folder 26 Shady Lane School
Folder 27 Sickle Cell Society
Folder 28 South Hills Association for Racial Equality (SHARE)
Folder 29 South Hills Village Merchants Association
Folder 30 South Oakland Citizens Council
Folder 31 South Pittsburgh Consumers Committee
Folder 32 Southwestern Pennsylvania Regional Planning Commission
Folder 33 Soviet Jewry, 1976-1970
Folder 34 Speakers Bureau, 1977
Folder 35 S H Green Stamp Company
Folder 36 Stanwix Autopark
Folder 37 State Committee Hearings
Folder 38 State Correctional Institution at Pittsburgh
Folder 39 State Tenant Organization of Pittsburgh
Folder 40 Sterrett School Parents Club
Folder 41 Stevens, Boycott of J.P.
Folder 42 Stouffer's
Folder 43 Student Coalition Against Racism, Univ. of Pittsburgh
Folder 44 Superior Envelope Mfg. Corporation
Folder 45 Superjet Travel, Inc.
Folder 46 Swan Memorial Foundation, Inc.
Folder 47 T-Letters to Individuals
Folder 48 Taft Broadcasting Company
Folder 49 Talk Magazine
Folder 50 Target '72
Folder 51 Teachers Center
Folder 52 Teamsters' Local 249
Folder 53 Terrace Village Health Center
Folder 54 Third United Presbyterian Church
Folder 55 Thorofare Markets, Inc.
Folder 56 Toner Institute
Folder 57 Town Meeting
Folder 58 Tuberculosis League of Pittsburgh
Folder 59 Television Violence, 1976

Subseries 8. Correspondenc U-V

Folder 60 Union National Bank of Pittsburgh
Folder 61 Unitarians for Social Action, Unitarian Universalist Church of South Hills
Folder 62 United Family Services of Pittsburgh
Folder 63 United Farm Workers
Folder 64 United Fund of Allegheny County
Folder 65 United Jewish Federation
Folder 66 United Mental Health Services of Allegheny County
Folder 67 United Methodist Women- Warren United Methodist Church
Folder 68 United Nations Association of Pittsburgh
Folder 69 United Nations Decade for Women, 1980
Folder 70 U.S. Government Census, 1977
Folder 71 United States Consumer Products
Folder 72 United States Department of Commerce
Folder 73 United States Department of Health Education Welfare
Folder 74 United States Department of Housing Urban Development
Folder 75 United States Department of Justice
Folder 76 United States Department of Labor
Folder 77 United States Department of State- Agency for International Development
Folder 78 United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Folder 79 United States House of Representatives
Folder 80 United States Marine Corps
Folder 81 United States Office of Emergency Preparedness
Folder 82 United States President
Folder 83 United States Secretary of Transportation
Folder 84 United States Senate
Folder 85 United States Steel Corporation
Folder 86 United States Steel Workers of America
Folder 87 United Methodist Women of Warren United Methodist Church
Folder 88 United Way
Folder 89 United Women's Cooperative
Folder 90 Unity in Housing
Folder 91 University and City Ministries
Folder 92 University of North Carolina
Folder 94 University of Pittsburgh, Center for Urban Research
Folder 95 University of Pittsburgh, Office of Urban and Community Services
Folder 96 University of Pittsburgh, Parliamentary Procedures
Folder 97 University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine
Folder 98 University of Pittsburgh, School of Social Work
Folder 99 University of Pittsburgh, Women's Center
Folder 100 University of Pittsburgh, Women's Study Program
Folder 101 University of Pittsburgh, Social Relations
Folder 102 Upsher, Tony
Folder 103 Urban Institute Survey
Folder 104 Urban League of Pittsburgh, Inc.
Folder 105 Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh
Folder 106 Urban Task Force
Folder 107 Urban Youth Action, Inc.
Folder 108 V- Letters to Individuals
Folder 109 Vectors/Pittsburgh (formerly Pgh. Jaycee's)
Folder 110 Vesuvius Crucible Company
Folder 111 Vibrations II-Committee for Penal Reform
Folder 112 Vintage Adult Day Care Center
Folder 113 Vista
Folder 114 Vocational Rehabilitation Center
Folder 115 Volunteer Action Center
Folder 116 Volunteer Viewpoints
Folder 117 Volunteer in Progress
Folder 118 Volunteer for Shirley Chisholm for President
Folder 119 Volunteerism Conference, 1975
Folder 120 Volunteerism, Department of

Subseries 9. Correspondence W-Z

Folder 121 W- Letters to Individuals
Folder 122 WAMO
Folder 123 Warren Village, Inc.
Folder 124 Warrendale Youth Development Center
Folder 125 Washington Half-Way Home for Women, Inc.
Folder 126 Washington Intelligence Report
Folder 127 WDVE Radio
Folder 128 WEEP- Radio
Folder 129 Welfare Rights Organization of Allegheny County
Folder 130 Western Pennsylvania Black Political Assembly
Folder 131 Western Pennsylvania Coalition for Children's Survival
Folder 132 Western Pennsylvania Coalition for Human Needs and Rights
Folder 133 Western Pennsylvania Fair Budget Coalition
Folder 134 Western Pennsylvania National Bank
Folder 135 Western Pennsylvania Public Interest Research Group
Folder 136 Western Pennsylvania Teen Challenge
Folder 137 Western Restoration Center
Folder 138 Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Folder 139 Westmoreland County Clean Green Committee
Folder 140 White House Conference on Aging
Folder 141 WIIC Television
Folder 142 Wildsisters, Inc.
Folder 143 Wilhelm Weinberg Seminar, Cornell University
Folder 144 WJAS Radio

Box 6
Folder 1 Wolff, Garwood R. Co.
Folder 2 Woman Kind
Folder 3 Woman's Club of Forest Hills
Folder 4 Womanspace- East, Inc.
Folder 5 Women Concerned for the Unborn Child
Folder 6 Women in Community Development
Folder 7 Women in Community Service
Folder 8 Women of Calvary Church
Folder 9 Women of St. Martin's
Folder 10 Women Today
Folder 11 Women USA
Folder 12 Women's American Organization for Rehabilitation Through Training (ORT), Pittsburgh Region
Folder 13 Women's Association of the United Fund
Folder 14 Women's Center-South
Folder 15 Women's Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh
Folder 16 Women's Crusade Against Organized Crime
Folder 17 Women's Development Corporation
Folder 18 Women's Federation of the Third Presbyterian Church
Folder 19 Women's Group of the New American Movement
Folder 20 Women's Health Services, Inc.
Folder 21 Women's Information Service and Exchange (WISE)
Folder 22 Women's Plea for Human Rights for Soviet Jewry
Folder 23 Women's Political Caucus
Folder 24 Women's Society of Christian Service
Folder 25 Woodville State Hospital
Folder 26 World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh
Folder 27 World Peace Tax Fund
Folder 28 World's Greatest Fairshake Festival, 1978
Folder 29 WQED Public Broadcasting
Folder 30 WTAE Radio and Television
Folder 31 WWSW Radio
Folder 32 WYEP Radio
Folder 33 Xerox Corporation
Folder 34 Y-Letters to Individuals
Folder 35 Young Men and Women's Hebrew Association and Irene Kaufmann Centers (Y-IKC)
Folder 36 Young Women's Christian Association of Greater Pittsburgh (YWCA)
Folder 37 Younger Center, Paul
Folder 38 Youth City
Folder 39 Z-Letters to Individuals
Folder 40 Zangrille Plumbing Company

Series II. Committees

Scope and Content Notes:

This series is made up of the various ad hoc committees concerned with urban issues and committees related to the functioning of the organization itself that the Women in the Urban Crisis served on. Ad hoc committees were established for day care, education, employment, health, housing, and welfare. Committees pertaining to finance, fundraising, and nominating of officers were customary to meeting operational needs.

Folder 41 Committee on School Board Selection
Folder 42 Committee for Open Media (COM)
Folder 43 Committee on Corporal Punishment
Folder 44-47 Committee, General, 1978-1981
Folder 48-52 Day Care, Committee, 1970-1974, 1976
Folder 53-65 Education, Committee, 1970-1982
Folder 66 Education Publications Committee
Folder 67-77 Employment, Committee, 1969-1975, 1977-1981
Folder 78 Executive Committee

Box 7
Folder 1-2 Finance Committee
Folder 3 Foundations, Committee, 1984
Folder 4 Fundraising Committee, 1982
Folder 5 Furniture Exchange Committee
Folder 6-14 Health, Committee, 1970-1979
Folder 15-24 Housing, Committee, 1969-1976, 1979-1980
Folder 25 Housing Directory Committee
Folder 26-34 Nominating Committee, 1971-1984, no 1981
Folder 35 Personnel Committee
Folder 36 Volunteers Committee
Folder 37-42 Welfare Committee, 1969-1973, 1975-1976

Series III. Organizations and Subject Files

Scope and Content Notes:

Brochures and information related to various local and national organizations and subjects are contained in this series. The items in this series served as resources for the organization on a wide array of social issues ranging from the criminal justice system to teenage pregnancy.

Folder 43 Affirmative Action
Folder 44 Bail Reform
Folder 45 Brochure Requests
Folder 46 Bulletin Board
Folder 47 Cancer Calendar
Folder 48 Census, 1980
Folder 49 Child Care
Folder 50 Children's Expo, 1979
Folder 51 Christmas Message, 1976
Folder 52 Church Town
Folder 53 Citizen's Advisory Committee on Racial Equality to the Board of Education , Pittsburgh Public Schools
Folder 54 Citizens School Assembly

Box 8
Folder 1 Coalition Against Cutbacks in Human Services, W. Moreland Co.
Folder 2 Coalition for Media Change
Folder 3 Commission on Status of Women
Folder 4 Committee for American-Iranian Crisis Resolution
Folder 5 Common Cause
Folder 6 Community Release Agency (RCA)
Folder 7 Consumer Information Service
Folder 8 Consumer Protection
Folder 9 Criminal Justice System
Folder 10 Directors of Volunteers in Agencies (DOVIA)
Folder 11 Earth Day +1
Folder 12 Education Statistics
Folder 13 Energy
Folder 14 Environment
Folder 15 Equal Rights Amendment
Folder 16 Feminist Network
Folder 17 Flea Market, 1976
Folder 18 Florence Reizenstein Task Force, 1974
Folder 19 Florence Reizenstein Human Relations Award
Folder 20 Food Labeling
Folder 21 Foundation Information
Folder 22 Garfield Area Outreach
Folder 23 Gay and Lesbian Groups
Folder 24 General
Folder 25 Governor's Annual Workforce Report, 1981
Folder 26 Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP)
Folder 27 Hands Up
Folder 28 Health Education
Folder 29-30 Health and Welfare Funding Conference, 1976-1977
Folder 31 Health Spirit, 1980
Folder 32 Henry G. Frick Education Commission
Folder 33 Heritage and Consumerism Project- Herron Hill Middle School
Folder 34 Home for Crippled Children
Folder 35 Home Rule Charter
Folder 36 Hotlines for Help
Folder 37 PA Human Relations Commission
Folder 38 Hunger in America
Folder 39 Indian Rights
Folder 40 Jaycees Christmas Shopping Project and Circus
Folder 41 Juvenile Detention Home
Folder 42 Kibbutz for street children
Folder 43 Legal Reform
Folder 44 Legislation
Folder 45 Leisure-Learn
Folder 46 Meals on Wheels
Folder 47 Meeting with Attorney General J. Shane Creamer
Folder 48 Metropolitan Tenants' Organization
Folder 49 National Organization for Women (NOW)
Folder 50 Negro Educational Emergency Drive Dinner and Reizenstein Award
Folder 51 Neighborhood Youth Corps
Folder 52 New Professionals
Folder 53 News Clippings
Folder 54 Parent Advisory Council Handbook
Folder 55 Penal Reform
Folder 56 Pennsylvania Program for Women and Girl Offenders
Folder 57 Pittsburgh Area Pre-School
Folder 58 Pittsburgh League of Women Voters
Folder 59 Pittsburgh School Board Selection
Folder 60 Rape Statutes
Folder 61 Resources
Folder 62 School Volunteer Association of Pittsburgh
Folder 63 Special Projects
Folder 64 St. Richard's School
Folder 65 State Hearings
Folder 66 Survival Manual, 1984
Folder 67 Talent Referral Project
Folder 68 Teenage Pregnancy
Folder 69 United Nations Association of Pittsburgh
Folder 70 United Way Pledge-A-Thon
Folder 71 Uptown Neighbors in Action
Folder 72 Volunteer Handbook
Folder 73 Volunteer Network

Series IV. Organizational Files

Scope and Content Notes:

The organizational files are representative of the operation of WIUC. These files include information on the history of the organization and its various policies, the presidents' progress reports and records, and the treasurer's reports from 1972-1984. There are also files containing the minutes for the board of director's meetings from 1969-1984. Also of importance are the organizational monthly newsletters that range in date from 1974-1983, although records are intermittent for several months.

Box 9
Folder 1 WIUC Organizational File
Folder 2 WIUC History and Funding
Folder 3 By-Laws
Folder 4 Parliamentary Pointers
Folder 5 Policy
Folder 6 Duties of Officers
Folder 7 Priorities
Folder 8 President's Progress Reports
Folder 9 Facilities
Folder 10 Equipment
Folder 11 Evaluation Day, 1975
Folder 12 Evaluation Session
Folder 13 MTE Poll, 1975
Folder 14 Personnel Policy
Folder 15 Volunteer Opportunities
Folder 16 Speaker's Bureau
Folder 17 News Items
Folder 18 Public Relations
Folder 19 Press Conferences
Folder 20 Press Releases
Folder 21 Newsletter Design
Folder 22 Newsletter
Folder 23 Mailings
Folder 24-33 Treasurer's Report, 1972-1983 (intermittent)
Folder 34 Delegate's Meetings
Folder 35 Executive Committee, 1984
Folder 36 Board of Directors
Folder 37 Board Responsibility
Folder 38 Notes to Board Members
Folder 39 Board of Directors Meeting Agendas
Folder 40-55 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, 1969-1984

Series V. Membership

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains a list of individual and constituent members. Constituent organizations range from groups representing local churches to local branches of national organizations. Members are accountable for paying yearly dues, where records can be found spanning the years 1970-1984.

Box 10
Folder 1 Membership Lists
Folder 2 Membership Thank You Letters
Folder 3-4 Constituent Organizations
Folder 5 Constituent Relations
Folder 6-18 Dues and Membership Materials, 1970-1984

Series VI. Annual Conferences

Scope and Content Notes:

Following the 1969 conference at Chatham College, WIUC held annual meetings through 1984. These meetings gathered together individual members and members from the constituent organizations to discuss the happenings of the year and where the organization was headed. Keynote speakers included Lt. Governor Ernest Kline in 1977 and Helen Payson Seager, the Director of the Pennsylvania Commission for Women in 1983.

Folder 19 WIUC Conference, 1969
Folder 20-28 Annual Conference, 1970-1976

Box 11
Folder 1-9 Annual Conference, 1977-1984

Series VII. Programs and Proposals

Scope and Content Notes:

This series provides records to the programs and proposals developed by the organization. The Hot Breakfast Program established at several area elementary schools from 1972-1981 was the first program of its kind in Pittsburgh. Another program that generated a large amount of records is the WIIC Action Line where members of WIUC would take phone calls and help resolve community issues by giving referrals to the individuals during 1982 and 1983. The 1972 WIUC Day Care Training Project offered training for family day care mothers in Allegheny County to further their knowledge of child care/development and provide an opportunity for participants to learn from each other based on their experiences. Another notable project was the Florence Reizenstein Task Force whose purpose was to alleviate racial tensions in area schools.

Folder 10 Guidelines for Proposals
Folder 11 Proposals- Special Projects
Folder 12 Proposals, 1981
Folder 13 Community Action Pittsburgh Proposal
Folder 14 CETA Proposal
Folder 15 Comprehensive Employment and Training Act Proposal
Folder 16 Homework Hotline Proposal
Folder 17 Neighborhood Assistance Act Proposal
Folder 18 Teen Mother Project Proposal
Folder 19 Voter's Registration Project and Proposal
Folder 20-25 Call for Action, 1969-1976
Folder 26 Camperships
Folder 27-28 Children's Corner, 1971-1974
Folder 29 Conference on Families, 1979-1980
Folder 30-32 Florence Reizenstein Task Force, 1970-1974

Box 12
Folder 1 Helpmobile- WJAS
Folder 2-3 Teen Pregnancy Conference, 1984
Folder 4 School Lunch Coordinating Committee
Folder 5-14 Breakfast Program, 1970-1981 (intermittent)
Folder 15 Summer Breakfast Program
Folder 16 Homewood Lunch Program
Folder 17 Larimer Lunch Program
Folder 18 Miller School Lunch Program
Folder 19 St. Agnes Breakfast Program
Folder 20 Breakfast Program Evaluation

Box 13
Folder 1 WPXI- Action Line
Folder 2 General
Folder 3 Contact Notebook
Folder 4 Contact Note Cards
Folder 5 Resources
Folder 6 Information
Folder 7 Resolved Action Line
Folder 8 Incomplete
Folder 9 Animals
Folder 10 Automobile
Folder 11 Consumers
Folder 12 Credit
Folder 13 Education
Folder 14 Employment
Folder 15 Environmental Health
Folder 16 Health
Folder 17 Home Repairs
Folder 18 Housing
Folder 19 Human Relations
Folder 20 Information
Folder 21 Insurance
Folder 22 Landlord and Neighbor
Folder 23 Legal
Folder 24 Parking
Folder 25 Port Authority Transit (PAT)
Folder 26 Public Works
Folder 27 Social Security
Folder 28 Taxes
Folder 29 Television
Folder 30 Traffic Police
Folder 31 Utilities
Folder 32 Vacant Building
Folder 33 Veterans Administration
Folder 34 Water- Flooding Sewage
Folder 35 Action Line Volunteers
Folder 36-55 Action Line Phone Log, 1982-1983

Box 14
Folder 1 Report on WIUC Family Day Care Mother Training Project
Folder 2 General
Folder 3 Fact Sheet
Folder 4 Family Day Care Mother Training Project
Folder 5 WIUC Training Program, 1971
Folder 6 Finances
Folder 7 Licensing Regulations and Forms (State of Pennsylvania)
Folder 8 Legal
Folder 9 Letters From Natural Parents
Folder 10 List of Family Day Care Mothers- Licensed in Allegheny County
Folder 11 Day Care in Allegheny County
Folder 12 Louise Child Care
Folder 13 Newspaper Clippings
Folder 14 Publicity
Folder 15 Sites
Folder 16 Workshop Applications
Folder 17 Applications for Non-Participants
Folder 18 Program Participant List
Folder 19 Workshop Attendance
Folder 20 Vitae of Program Trainers
Folder 21 Workshop Information
Folder 22 Agendas
Folder 23 Contract with McKeesport Area School
Folder 24 Contracts with Trainers and Co-Trainers
Folder 25 Correspondence with Consultants
Folder 26 Correspondence with Day Care Mothers
Folder 27 Correspondence with Louise Jackson
Folder 28 Correspondence with Miscellaneous
Folder 29 Correspondence with Trainers
Folder 30 Correspondence with Co-Trainers
Folder 31 Elected Members of Groups
Folder 32 Executive Committee
Folder 33 List of films and slides related to child care/development
Folder 34 Pamphlets and Other Printed Materials
Folder 35 Backup Resources
Folder 36 Sample Packet
Folder 37 Summary and Evaluation
Folder 38 Post-Training Observation

Series VIII. Scrapbook, Photographs, and Slides

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains photographs and slides that illustrate the various programs, projects, and meetings. In addition, newspaper clippings are contained in a scrapbook.

Box 15
Folder 1 Action Line Photos
Folder 2 Breakfast Program Photos
Folder 3 Health Spirit Photos, 1980
Folder 4 Miscellaneous Photos
Folder 5 Scrapbook
Folder 6 Award
Folder 7 Award in Frame
Folder 8 Slides