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Subseries 2. Recordings for Slide Shows

Scope and Content Notes:

The following audio tapes, labeled here as "Cassette," have corresponding slide shows and are arranged in order of how they appear in the binders.

Box 302
Cassette 1 "Camping at Camp Aliquippa"
Cassette 2 "Management Compensation Program"
Cassette 3 "Packing Clinic"
Cassette 4 "Oxy-Acetylene Handling and Application"
Cassette 5 "Oxy-Acetylene Cutting and Welding"
Cassette 6 "Introduction to Couplings"
Cassette 7 "CRT Operations"
Cassette 8 "Force"
Cassette 9 "Introduction to Fluid Power"
Cassette 10 "Intro. to Air Valves and Simple Circuits"
Cassette 11 "How to Tame a Machine"
Cassette 12 "Roll Pipe with Pipe Hook"
Cassette 13 "The Little Things That Count"
Cassette 14 "Intro. to Safety Belts and Lanyards"
Cassette 15 "Introduction to the Blooming Mill Indoctrination Program"
Cassette 16 "Rolling Mills Safety Hook up Program"
Cassette 17 "Andy Tells Steve about Rescue Breathing"
Cassette 18 "Caring for Bearings"
Cassette 19 "Roller Bearing Basics"
Cassette 20 "'It Could Happen Here' Fire Prevention"
Cassette 21 "Winter Driving and You"
Cassette 22 "Cylinders" (parts 1&2)
Cassette 23 "Fuses and Heat Pile Up"
Cassette 24 "Fuses and Overloads"
Cassette 25 "Commutators and Carbon Brushes Part One"
Cassette 26 "Commutators and Carbon Brushes Part Two"
Cassette 27 "Principles of Steam Tapping"
Cassette 28 "Human Relations Part I"
Cassette 29 "Human Relations Part II 'Practical Psy.' Action vs. Reaction"
Cassette 30 "Human Relations Part IV"
Cassette 31 "The Silent Killer"
Cassette 32 "'V' Belt Preventive Maintenance"
Cassette 33 "Gate Control"