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Subseries 4. Health, Hygiene, and Safety

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains a wealth of information regarding the dangers of working at National-Duquesne Works. Accident reports and investigations detail many situations in which the worker’s health had failed or those in which the employee was injured while working at the plant. Safety reports and meeting minutes at the plant, regional, and national levels outline ways in which management and supervisors tried to solve safety issues and prevent further injury to workers.

Section: Accidents and Injuries

Scope and Content Notes:

Section scope note: These records outline the many different types of injuries and accidents that occurred at the National-Duquesne Works. Reports include graphic descriptions of the incidents by the injured worker or witnesses and some include photographs or diagrams of the accident site. Some accident reports even include the nationality of the injured employee.

Box 208-212 Lost Time Accidents, 1930-1960
Box 212 Injury Reports and Ambulance Calls, 1951-1958
Box 213 Ambulance Calls, 1960-1962
Box 214 Delayed Treatment, Serious Minor Injury Cases and Deceased Employees, 1941-1964
Box 215-216 Minor Injury Reports, 1955
Box Box 217-219 Daily Injury Reports, 1957-1967
Box 220 Medical and Pension Records, 1970
Box 221 Serious Minor Injury Reports, 1958-1963
Box 222 Safety Department Daily Injury and Hospital Reports, 1959-1962, 1964
Box 223 Accident Investigations, Daily Injury Slips and Hospital Reports, 1964-1966
Box 224 Injury Reports, 1961-1963
Box 225 Consolidated Injury Reports Including Other Plants, 1969-1975
Box 226-228 Lost Time Injuries Including Other Plants, 1976-1982
Box 229 US Steel Injuries, 1967-1975
Box 230 Foreman's Accident Reports, 1981
Box 231 Statements of Injured Employees, 1964-1968
Box 232 Outside Contraction, Compensation and Disfigurement Cases, 1969-1979

Section: Safety

Scope and Content Notes:

Section scope note: This section includes information on safety meetings and statistics from National-Duquesne Works, U.S. Steel, and various other steel companies. From these documents it can be determined how National-Duquesne Works measured up to other plants in aspects of accidents and safety. Publications intended for workers regarding hygiene and safety are also included, as well as signs posted at the plant.

Box 233 Safety Performances and Minutes of Major Steel Production Companies, 1944-1955
Box 234 Joint Union Management, Safety and Health Committee Minutes, 1965-
Box 235 Safety Activity Reports, 1970-1974
Box 236-237 General Superintendent's Staff Safety Meetings, 1972-1979
Box 238 Safety and Hygiene Pamphlets, 1972-1981
Box 239 General Superintendents Safety Meetings, 1980-1982
Box 240 Safety Statistics, 1981-1982
Box 241 Eastern Steel Works Safety Meeting Minutes and Reports
Box 242 Safety Training and OSHA Files
Box 243-244 Safety
Box 245 Safety Department Binders about Procedure
Box 246 Safety Policy and Reports

Map-case 3
Drawer 12 1. "Let's better our safety score in '84" Poster, 1983
2. "Have a safe Merry Christmas" Poster, 1983

Section: Safety Microfilm

Scope and Content Notes:

This section includes microfilmed injury reports from 1969-1972, as well as safety statistics from the National Works. Monthly reports list the number of accidents by department and detail those that had occurred in the twenty-four hours prior to the report's release. From these, trends in accident frequency and severity can be studied.

Microfilm-cabinet 3
Drawer 6
Reel 64 U.S. Steel Corp. National Works Safety Activity Reports; Injury Reports, 1970-1974
Reel 65 U.S. Steel Corp. National Works Injury Reports; Safety Statistics, 1968-1972
Reel 66 U.S. Steel Corp. National Works Safety Statistics, August 1968- September 1970

Section: Medical Records

Scope and Content Notes:

These are the medical records of former employees of the National Works. The original documents were not salvageable, so the Archives Service Center created microfilm copies before they were destroyed. These records contain information about the typical plant worker’s health while at the Works, including any injuries sustained while on the job, physical examination results, and details of any treatment administered at the plant hospital.

Reel 67-78 U.S. Steel Corp. National Works Medical Records; "Deceased and Pensioned", 1965-1975
Reel 79-93 U.S. Steel Corp. National Works Medical Records, "Quits and Transfers", 1965-1973