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Subseries 5. Accidents

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries includes detailed information on accidents that occurred within the mines. The books list the name of the person injured, how the person had worked in the mines, and descriptions of the events that occurred which led to the accident. Books identify any witnesses and compensation that went to the families of injured persons.

Box 108
Folder 1 Accidents No. 718; Division No. 3; Partridge Mine, Dickson Mine, Margerum Mine, Moon Run Mine; Property lines and levels, Crop lines; Duquesne Light Co. Survey, Cherry Mine
Folder 2 Accidents No. 721; Division No. 6; Essen Mine # 3, Harrison Mine, Railroad, Road Locations, Property levels, Vulcan Hallow Mine, Essen Mine # 3
Folder 3 Accidents No. 722; Division No. 7; Manown Mine, Somers Mine # 4; Property lines and levels, elevations
Folder 4 Accidents No. 723; Division No. 8; Ocean Mine # 2, Forest Hill Mine, West Newton Mine; Property Lines and Levels, power lines
Folder 5 Accidents No. 724; Division No. 9; Banning Mine # 2, # 3, Eureka Mine # 1, Waverly Mine; Property lines and levels
Folder 6 Accidents No. 726; Division No. 11; Risher Mine, Coal Bluff Mine, Property Levels – power line, Black Diamond Mine, Catsburg Mine
Folder 7 Accidents No. 727; Division No. 12; Mongah Mine, Cincinnati Mine, Creek Location, Building Locations, Property Lines and Levels, Eclipse Mine
Folder 8 Accidents No. 728; Division No. 13; Fayette City Mine, Sunnyside Mine, Gallatin Mine, Apollo Mine, Property Lines and Levels
Folder 9 Accidents No. 729; Division No. 14; Crescent Mine, Knob Mine Property Lines and Levels, Gas Line Locations