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Subseries 1. Labor Relations

Scope and Content Notes:

The grievances listed in this subseries are predominantly arranged by their original coding system. It is unknown to us what the letters in the title stand for. The year and case number are separated by a dash. Grievances cover a variety of topics including seniority disputes, wrongful firings, benefits, duty reassessment, and other breaches of union contracts. The Step 3 meeting minutes include information regarding the grievance process used by U.S. Steel and the United Steelworkers of America. Files regarding affirmative action detail how National-Duquesne Works strove to become more of an equal opportunity employer. Matters covered in the subject files include Civil Rights committee meetings, employee complaints, monthly USX and National-Duquesne Works grievance reports, and incentive plans, among others.

Box 05-12 Grievances: Closed Wage Cases, 1937-1954, 1956-1960
Box 13 Closed Salary Cases, 1942-1950
Box 14 Closed Job Description and Class Grievances, 1960-1970
Box 15 Closed Salary Cases, 1962-1970
Box 16-18 Closed Grievances, 1962-1964
Box 19-23 Closed Production & Maintenance Grievances, 1965-1970
Box 24-25 Salaried and Production & Maintenance National Plant Grievances, 1971-1972
Box 26-27 Closed Production & Maintenance National Plant Grievances, 1973-1974
Box 28-48 Closed Grievances, 1975-1982
Box 49 Step 3 Minutes (Wage Grievances), 1937-1950
Box 50 Step 3 Minutes (Salary Grievances), 1942-1967
Box 51-52 Step 3 Minutes (Wage Grievances), 1951-1968
Box 53 Work Stoppages and Strike Files, 1945-1956
Box 54 Strike and Contract Negotiations, 1959-1964
Box 55-57 Affirmative Action Compliance Program, 1970-1979
Box 58-63 Labor Relations Subject Files
Box 64 Employee Relations, 1969-1971
Box 65 Publicity and Policy, 1960s-1970s
Box 66-75 Arbitrations (Organized by sections of the contract), 1970-1982
Box 76 Binders: Consent Decree, Savings and Vacation Plan, Local Issues, 1960