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Box 3
Folder 1 Papers on Masonry by Arizona Research Lodge, No. 1
1. The Book of Genesis in the History of Arizona Masonry, by Ken Hoskins
2. The Signs and History of the Symbols, Ritual and Lecture of Freedom Masonry, by Louis Myers
3. The Lecture of the Fellowcraft Degree, by Ralph Hutchison
4. The Negro in American Freemasonry, by Ken James M. Sellers
5. Persecution of Freemasonry, by James Misurelli
6. The Badge of a Mason, by Estel W. Brooks
7. Symbolically Thinking, by Edward S. Dodge
8. A Personal Account of English Scottish Freemasonry, by Edward S. Dodge
9. Let There Be Light, by Louis Myers
10. George Washington, The Mason, by Estel W. Brooks
11. Rocks In the Stream and Anti-Masonic Movements, by David Knight
12. The Tormented Soul of Patrick Branwell Bronte, by Mervin Hogan
13. The Office of the Grand Lecturer, by Robert F. Henderson
14. REMEMBER, Now Thy Creator, by Estel W. Brooks
15. Going Around in Circles, by Robert F. Henderson
16. How Can We Enlist Leadership, by Barry Casey
17. Drinking and Improprieties in Early Masonic Lodges, by W. Lynn Dixon
18. The Tetragramaton (Ancient Masters Word), by Norman Edwards
19. The History of Formation of the Supreme Council Southern Jurisdiction of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Masonry, by Don W. Miller
20. Freedom, by Don W. Miller
21. The Names of the Diety, by Norman Edwards
22. The Significance of the Laying of the Cornerstone, by Dale Thomas
23. The Symbolism of Colors in Masonry, by Norman Edwards
24. Soloman, the Copper King, by Estel W. Brooks
25. Merging into Modern Masonry, by W. Lynn Dixon
26. Greek Mythology, by James M. Sellers
27. The Cryptic Cable Tow Between Mormonism Masonry, by Mervin Hogan
28. The Holy Saints John, by Minor "Dusty" Rhodes
29. A Fourteenth Satire, by George N. Marshall
30. Table Lodge As Used By Arizona Research, by James M. Sellers