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Series XXI. Photographic and Media Materials, 1912-1997

Scope and Content Notes:

This series includes all non-print materials in the collection, such as photographs, negatives, slides and aperture cards. These boxes are shelved in the Media Room. A portion of the images have been selected for digitization and are available online.

Map-case 9-9
Folder 1 Tower Hill & Emerald Mines: 8 photostats & prints
Folder 2 Aerial photographs of Seven Springs area

Map-case 9-8
Folder 1 Photograph of attendees at retirement party for W. L. Doolittle and J. B. Morrow held at the Duquesne Club in April, 1951
Folder 2 Photograph of attendees at the Consolidation Coal Company Annual Sales Conference held at the Hotel New Yorker in New York City, April 10-12, 1930
Folder 3 Equipment and machinery photographs
Folder 4 Posters and memorabilia
Box 286 Images 1-62, Prints and Negatives

62 prints and negatives documenting mines of the Vesta Coal Division of Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation in southeastern Washington County and the 1936 hurricane.

Box 287 Images 63-135, Prints and Negatives

75 prints and negatives documenting the mines of Vesta Coal Division of Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation in southeastern Washington County.

Box 288 Images 136-209, Prints and Negatives

81 prints and negatives documenting mining equipment in the Vesta-Shanopin Division of the Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation in California, Pa., the Nickeson Mine in the Vesta Coal Division, and the Shanopin Coal Company Cleaning plant.

Box 289 Images 210-267B, Prints and Negatives

60 images documenting the Nickeson Mine, Blair Limestone Cars, Thompson Shaft, Shanopin Fan House, Shanopin Coal Company and unidentified portraits of men in mines.

Box 290 Images 263-358, 35mm Slides

100 35mm slides documenting various mining activities.

Box 291 Images 359-385, Lantern Slides

27 4x5 lantern slides of unidentified mine workings, maps, and diagrams.

Box 292 Images 386-527, Aerial Photographs

Box 293
Folder 1 Aperture cards - Index maps for H and K Sheets
Folder 2 Aperture cards - Sheets H 5211-H 5447
Folder 3 Aperture cards - Sheets K 5001-K 5959
Folder 4 Aperture cards - Dilworth Mine

Box 294
Folder 1 Glenharold Mine Reclamation Photos
Folder 2 Historical photograph collection of early mines 1912
Folder 3 Coal education resource kit- Illinois Department of Energy and Natural Resources
Folder 4 Mine rescue service presentation images
Folder 5 Assorted Slide Box
Folder 6 McElroy Mine Dedication Program with photos 8/9/1969
Folder 7 “Coal Preparation” Instructional Video 2/1997
Folder 8 “The Birth of a Coal Mining Town: Jenkins, Kentucky,” video
Folder 9 “Twentymile Coal: The People Behind the Power,” video
Folder 10 “We’re In It Together,” video

Box 295
Folder 1 Powhatan #4 Mine Construction Progress Pictures 1970
Folder 2 Liverpool Docks/ Mine Photos
Folder 3 “Tape of Blauvelt’s Presentation of 12-16-76,” audio tapes
Folder 4 “Photographs of Your Trip,” November 15, 1948, Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Company
Folder 5 Consol Prep Photos, digital CDs (6)
Folder 6 Consol L.G. Prep Photos, digital CDs (3)
Folder 7 Bailey Mine Prep Photos, digital CDs (5)
Folder 8 Barge Lines, Rail-Water, Barge-Water
Folder 9 Forsyth; Black Servant; Pyramid, and Victory Mines ca. 1951 1951
Folder 10 Silver Spade ca. 1965
Folder 11-13 Silver Spade Construction ca. 1965
Folder 14 FIATT Mine
Folder 15 West Virginia, Ceredo Mine and Docks
Folder 16 Jenner Mine/ Power Plant ca. 1919
Folder 17 Ireland Mine ca. 1956
Folder 18 Shamrock Mines Nos. 1 & 2
Folder 19 DISCO- Distilled Coal ca. 1949-1953
Folder 20 Flood Photos ca. 7/25/1969 - 7/29/1969
Folder 21 Mining Shovels
Folder 22 Miners In Action” ca.1948-1968
Folder 23-24 Burning Star Mine No. 1
Folder 25-26 Burning Star Mine No. 2
Folder 27 Burning Star Mine No. 2, Mining Shovel
Folder 28 Burning Star Mine No. 3
Folder 29-30 Mining Equipment, ca. 1919-1968
Folder 31 Kayford, Leewood, and Rose Mines
Folder 32 Raccoon and Ceredo Mines

Box 296
Folder 1-3 Administrative Staff and Company Receptions
Folder 4 Coal Breaker- Shenandoah, PA
Folder 5 Consol Published Advertisements
Folder 6 Panorama of Unknown Mining Town, ca. 1940s 1940s
Folder 7 Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Co. Management ca. 1958 1958
Folder 8 Jake Ke(p?)ler
Folder 9 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony near Steubenville, OH, November 22, 1961
Folder 10 Unknown Canadian Mine and Wash Plant, ca. 1980s
Folder 11-12 First Aid Teams and First Aid Competitions, ca. 1946-1960s 1946-1960s

Prints depicting first aid demonstrations and competitions sponsored by the coal mining industry, and the mining rescue teams that participated in them. The history of such gatherings dates to October 30, 1911 when the first national mine-safety demonstration was held at Forbes field, in Pittsburgh. The demonstration was planned and managed by engineers of the Bureau with the aid of miners and coal operators of the Pittsburgh district. It embraced exhibits that demonstrated the character of nearly every branch of the Bureau's investigative work in relation to mine accidents, including first-aid and mine-rescue work, coal-dust explosions, and also special coal-dust explosions at the Bureau's experimental mine at Bruceton, Pa. Approximately 15,000 persons attended the demonstration. Thenceforth, first aid contests were annually held in mining towns across the Appalachians and mining country.

Folder 13 Textual Documents
Folder 14 Miscellaneous Negatives- 4x5
Folder 15 Miscellaneous Negatives- 35mm
Folder 16 Miscellaneous Negatives- Transparencies
Folder 17 Miscellaneous Prints

Box 297
Folder 1 Bishop Mine Prep Plant, (just beginning demolition activities- Sept. 1996)
Folder 2 Bucyrus – Erie, Backhoe fire at B.S. No. 4
Folder 3 Buchanan Prep Plant Superintendent- Tom Burton
Folder 4 Miners Vacation- Picture Page, Contractor Connection Newsletter. Ca. 1998 1998
Folder 5 Photos of the Newly Completed Fine Coal and Briquetting Plant Located at the Robena Preparation Plant Site, ca. 1998-2000 1998-2000
Folder 6 Matthews Mines (Nos. 1, 2, 3)
Folder 7 Miscellaneous Prints
Folder 8 DISCO Promotional Zippo Lighter (no fluid)

Box 298
Record 1-2 Vinyl pressings (2) of assorted mining songs