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Series III. Publications

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains publications concerning the Pittsburgh Typographical Union No. 7 from 1915 to 1959. The majority of these publications are the monthly bulletins of the International Typographical Union and Pittsburgh Typographical Union No. 7. Contained in the series are also monthly issues of the Typographical Journal from 1915 to 1959 published by the International Typographical Union. Also present are many pamphlets and booklets written by various labor union figures or organizations concerning labor and union issues.

Box 11
Volume 1-19 The Official Bulletin of the International Typographical Union, 1915-1933

Box 12
Volume 1-22 The Official Bulletin of the International Typographical Union, 1934-1949

Box 13
Volume 1-8 The Official Bulletin of the International Typographical Union, 1950-1957
Folder 1-15 Book of Laws of the International Typographical Union, 1929-1959

Box 14
Folder 1-23 Pittsburgh Typographical Union No. 7 Official Bulletin, 1930-1958

Box 15
Folder 1-42 The Typographical Journal of the International Typographical Union, 1915-1931

Box 16
Folder 1-30 The Typographical Journal of the International Typographical Union, 1931-1936

Box 17
Folder 1-25 The Typographical Journal of the International Typographical Union, 1936-1940

Box 18
Folder 1-38 The Typographical Journal of the International Typographical Union, 1940-1946

Box 19
Folder 1-41 The Typographical Journal of the International Typographical Union, 1946-1959

Box 20
Folder 1 Cushing's Manual: Rules of Proceedings and Debate in Deliberative Assemblies by Luther S. Cushing, 1887
Folder 2 The Closed Union Shop is Justifiable: The Case for a Closed Union Shop by Edison L. Bowers and Alfred G. Buehler, 1922
Folder 3 A Pictorial Presentation of the Union Printers Home, 1935
Folder 4 A Handbook for Committeemen of Local Lodges of S.W.O.C. by Steel Workers Organizing Committee, 1937
Folder 5 Collective Bargaining by R.D. Bundy, 1937
Folder 6 The Newspaper Credo of William Randolph Hearst, 1939
Folder 7 The Closed Shop by the National Association of Manufacturers, December 2, 1941
Folder 8 The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 2, 1942
Folder 9 Tuberculosis League of Pittsburgh Activities, 1944-1945
Folder 10 The Veteran's Guide: What You Are Entitled To, 1944-1945
Folder 11 The Arbitration Journal by the American Arbitration Association, 1946
Folder 12 How to Arbitrate a Labor Dispute by Theodore W. Kheel, June 1946
Folder 13 Guide to the National Labor Realtions Act: Procedures and Practices by Louis G. Silverberg, 1946
Folder 14 New Labor Law: Management Relations Act with Explanation, 1947
Folder 15 Programs for the 90th Anniversary, 1949
Folder 16 A Political Challenge to Business and Industry by Henry Ford II, April 1949
Folder 17 What's Wrong with the T-H Law...Plenty by the American Federation of Labor, June 1949
Folder 18 The Gazette: Pennsylvania is the Keystone of the Democratic Arch, October 12, 1950
Folder 19 Samuel Gompers Credo: Qoutations from his Speeches and Writings, 1950
Folder 20 International Typographical Union Manuals, 1949-1951
Folder 21 Official Civil Defense Publications by the Plant and Security Committee, 1950-1951
Folder 22 Growing Pains in the Suburbs: The Story of Metropolitan Pittsburgh's Building Boom by The Pittsburgh Press, 1951
Folder 23 Brief History of the American Labor Movement by Maurice J. Tobin and Ewan Clague, 1951
Folder 24 Letter Press Printing by the Anglo-American Council on Productivity, 1951
Folder 25 American Federation of Labor Publications, 1952
Folder 26 Pennsylvania Week News Bulletin by the Department of Commerce of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1952
Folder 27 Carnegie Magazine, September 1952
Folder 28 Pittsburgh Renaissance Issue by the Pittsburgh Press, December 13, 1953
Folder 29 'Right-to-Work' Laws: Three Moral Studies by an Oblate Father, an Eminent Rabbi, and a Methodist Dean, 1954
Folder 30 Decision: The Graduate Guide to Business by Oliver P. Bardes, 1954
Folder 31 Policy Resolutions of the AFL-CIO, January 1955
Folder 32 Constitution of the AFL-CIO and other Official Documents Relating to the Achievement of Labor Unity, January 1956
Folder 33 The Tocsin by the International Typographical Union, April 1957
Folder 34 The Present Committee on Education Beyond High School: Second Report to the President, July 1957
Folder 35 29 Timely Mailing Tips: To Help You Get More for Your Postage Dollar by the U.S. Postal Service, 1957
Folder 36 International Stablility and Progress; US Interests and Instruments by the American Assembly, 1957
Folder 37 United States Department of Labor Publications, 1957
Folder 38 Pennsylvania Housing: Report on the Governor's Citizens Committee on Housing, 1957
Folder 39 The Science Press: "Foremost in Cold-Type Composition", 1957
Folder 40 Wages and the Public Interest by the Conference on Economic Progress, January 1958
Folder 41 Syngman Rhee: An Asian Leader Speaks for Peace by the American-Asian Educational Exchange, January 1958
Folder 42 Breaking Through the Age Barrier by the Bureau of Asian Security, May 1958
Folder 43 How Old is Top Management in Insurance? by Theodore Bakerman, May 1958
Folder 44 AFL-CIO Education News and Views, November 1958
Folder 45 Harvard Business Review: the Magazine for Thoughtful Businessmen, November-December 1958
Folder 46 The Metropolitan Area as a Racial Problem by Morton Grodzins, 1958
Folder 47 The Challenge: Highlights of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare's Programs and Plans, November- December 1958
Folder 48 The Changing Economic Function of the Central City by Raymond Vernon, 1959
Folder 49 US News and World Report: What the Labor Unions Want Now, February 2, 1959
Folder 50 Headline Series 'Great Decisions...1959'; Reshaping Foriegn Policy Amid Revolutions by the Foriegn Policy Association, 1959
Folder 51 Program Celebrating John Feigel's Twenty-five Years as President by Typographical Union No. 7, 1962
Folder 52 Governor's Study of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Printing and Duplications Facilities by Harris R. Margolis, 1965
Folder 53 Union Propoganda Posters
Reel 4 Pittsburgh Typographical Union No. 7 Official Bulletin, 1930-1958
Oversize 3 Official Bulletin by Local No. 7
Oversize 4-5 Pittsburgh Daily Reporter, John Feigel and Typographical Union No. 7 Copies, October 15-November 17, 1950