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Series II. Speeches, 1947-1973

Scope and Content Notes:

Series II consists of five volumes of speeches prepared by R. Conrad Cooper; these deal largely with business and topics of economic interest. The speeches cover a span of time ranging from 1947 to 1973.

Section: Volume I, 1947-1961

A Fair Day's Work for a Fair Day's Pay, American Management Association Personnel Conference, New York, October 3, 1947
The Will to Work More Effectively, Annual Conference of the Western Pennsylvania Affiliated Clubs of the National Association of Foremen, March 13, 1952
What Advantages Does Industry Offer, Annual Meeting, South Eastern Section, American Society for Engineering Education, Louisville, Kentucky, April 5, 1957
Management Planning, Spring Industrial Engineering All-Day Conference, Pittsburgh Chapter, Society for Advancement of Management, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March 20, 1958
Remarks, Conference on Automation Sponsored by District 30, United Steelworkers of America and Indiana University Claypool Hotel, Indianapolis, Indiana, March 29, 1958
The Supervisor and Industrial Competition, The Foreman's Club of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio, February 7, 1959
Statement, The President's Board of Inquiry in the Steel Dispute, Washington, D.C., October 18, 1959
The Three C's of Steel Labor Relations, Virginia Manufacturers' Association, Hot Springs, Virginia, November 6, 1959
Management's Obligation to Manage, The Canadian Manufacturers Association, Toronto, Canada, June 6, 1960
Statement, Sub-Committee on Unemployment and the Impact of Automation of the House Education and Labor Committee, Washington, D.C., March 28, 1961
Steel Collective Bargaining in the 60's, Labor and Industrial Relations Center, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, April 24, 1961
Soft Policies or Firm?, University of Michigan, Bureau of Industrial Relations, Advanced Personnel
Statement, Subcommittee on the Impact of Imports and Exports on American Employment of the House Committee on Education and Labor, August 14, 1961
Let's Look at the Doughnut, Labor-Management Relations Institute, Evansville College, Evansville, Indiana, October 10, 1961
Commencement Address, Kentucky Wesleyan College, Owensboro Kentucky, May 30, 1961

Section: Volume II, 1962-1965

The National Interest in Collective Bargaining, Sixth Annual Conference of the National Association of State Labor Relations, Sept. 13, 1962
The Lesson of the Little Red Hen, Annual Meeting Sioux Falls, SD Chamber of Commerce, November 20, 1962
Remarks, Histadrut Humanitarian Award Dinner in honor of D.J. McDonald, Philadelphia, Pa., March 16, 1963
Report to the IR Committee, ais, July 2, 1963
Remarks, The Can Manufacturers Institute, New York, September 16, 1963
Remarks, The Cincinnati Personnel Association, October 9, 1963
Of People, Power, and Principles, Twenty-fifth Annual Conference of the Texas Personnel and Management Association, Univ. of Texas, October 24, 1963
The Role of Management in the American Economy, Industrial College of the Armed Services, Wash., D.C., January 6, 1964
Remarks, 1964 Employee Relations Spring Meeting of the Independent Natural Gas Association of New Orleans, April 6, 1964
The Health of a Society, Curtain Raiser Dinner of the Mon-Yough Exposition, McKeesport, Pa., July 29, 1964
Remarks, NAM Board of Directors Meeting, Hot Springs, Va., September 21, 1965
The Steel Settlement, USS Good Fellowship Club, Pittsburgh, October 19, 1965
Some Remarks about the Steel Settlement, 12th Annual Pitt Conference on Business Prospects, Webster Hall, Pittsburgh, Pa., at NY-NAM Group, and at Baltimore NAM Group, October 14, 1965; December 2, 1965; January 27, 1965
The Steel Settlement, USS Good Fellowship Club, Pittsburgh, October 19, 1965
Some Remarks About the Steel Settlement, Industrial Relations Committee of the NAM, Wash., D.C., October 28,1965
Management and Labor--A Tie That Binds, Metallurgical Society of A.I.M.E. Pittsburgh, PA., December 1, 1965

Section: Volume III, 1966

Personnel Service -- The Job Ahead, U.S. Steel Salesmen Conference, Pittsburgh, Pa., January 11, 1966
Collective Bargaining--Where Headed?, Pittsburgh Personnel Association, Pittsburgh, Pa., February 9, 1966
Remarks, General Insurance Agents Managers Association of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa., March 2, 1966
The Mill on Lower Lake Road, Errors Zero Kickoff Dinner, Geneva Works, March 7, 1966
Some Thoughts on Collective Bargaining, Steel Founders' Society of America, Chicago, Illinois, March 15, 1966
The "Do it Yourself" Approach, Greater Wilkes-Barre Labor-Management-Citizens Committee, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, March 21, 1966
How Safe is Collective Bargaining?, Western Pennsylvania Safety Conference, Pittsburgh, Pa., April 13, 1966
Illusions of Labor Relations, International University of Presidents, Phoenix, Arizona, April 28, 1966
Some Thoughts on Collective Bargaining, Industrial Relations Association of Detroit, May 12, 1966
Collective Bargaining and Labor Union Power, Roanoke Valley Industries, Roanoke, Virginia, May 16, 1966
The "Do it Yourself" Approach, Pennsylvania Gas Association, Pocono Manor, May 19, 1966
Time to Think--A Minority Opinion, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., Industry General Applications Group, Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, and at Duquesne University School of Business Administration, Pittsburgh, Pa., October 4, 1966 October 27, 1966

Section: Volume IV, 1967-1968

An Appraisal of Collective Bargaining in a Free Society, Seminar of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, Wash., D.C., January 13, 1967
A Look at Some Sacred Cows of Organized Labor, Connecticut Personnel Association, Yale Univ., New Haven, Conn., March 29, 1967
An Appraisal of Collective Bargaining, Fordham University Conservative Club, New York April 7, 1967
Introduction of Abel, USS Good Fellowship Club, Pittsburgh, Pa., April 13, 1967
The Government's Role in the Handling of Emergency Disputes, 36th National Business Conference sponsored by Harvard University Management Association, New York City, April 14, 1967
Remarks, USS Public Relations Meeting, New York, April 19, 1967
The National Labor Scene--1967, National Association of Hosiery Manufacturers Annual Meeting, Atlantic City, N.J., May 8, 1967
Toward a Better Climate, Annual Meeting of the Somerset County Development Council Somerset, Pennsylvania, July 12, 1967
Collective Bargaining Patterns, University of Michigan, Personnel Managers Course, July 26, 1967
Previous Citation:

Essentially the same speech as given on May 8 to Natl. Assoc. of Hosiery Mfgrs., Index No. 33.

Some Problems we Share, 73rd Annual Mtg. of the Central Supply Association, New Orleans, La., November 10, 1967
Collective Bargaining at the Crossroads, Association of Iron Steel Engineers, Pittsburgh District Section, Pittsburgh, Pa., November 13, 1967
The Hour Grows Late, Allied Construction Employers Association, Labor Relations Workshop, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, December 14, 1967
Collective Bargaining at the Crossroads, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Washington, D.C., March 7, 1968
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With appropriate changes to suit occasion.

Remarks, Annual Meeting of officials of the United States Steel Corporation, New York, NY, January 30, 1968
What Road Ahead?, Printing Industry Association of Western Pennsylvania, University Club, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March 21, 1968

Section: Volume V, 1971-1974

A Look at Our Labor Problems, Youngstown District Purchasing Management Association, Avalon Inn, Warren, Ohio, April 6, 1971
Current Trends in Industrial Labor Relations, North Carolina, Chapter of AIIE, Raleigh, N.C., May 5, 1971
Same as above; Accounting, Business, and Management Students, Robert Morris College, Pittsburgh, Pa., May 12, 1971
Remarks, Sewickley Valley Hospital School of Nursing Graduation, Sewickley, Pennsylvania, June 3, 1971
Remarks, Annual Meeting of Airline Editors, Hotel Sonesta, Washington, D.C., October 7, 1971
Remarks, Airlines Operations Conference, Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, California, September 26, 1972
Remarks, Association of Local Transport Airlines, Stanford Court Hotel, San Francisco, California, May 23, 1973
Remarks, Society for Advancement of Management, Philadelphia, Pa., May 20, 1974
Address, Annual Meeting of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, New York. New York, April 27, 1973
Management Planning - Spring Industrial Engineering All-Day Conference, Pittsburgh Chapter, Society for the Advancement of Management, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March 20, 1958