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Series II. AWU Organized Labor Efforts

Scope and Content Notes:

Series II concerns AWU and their efforts to organize. There are also two sub-series related to particular activities. The first has to do with their efforts to start up their own business as an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, and the second pertains to the boycott of Armour and its subsidiary's products. AWU's activities were not documented in any consistent way, and there are wide gaps in the information. There are meeting agendas, hand-written notes, hand-written member lists, mailing labels, typed mailing lists, newspaper clippings (often without dates), minimal financial information, articles of incorporation, and flyers.

Subseries 1. Administrative Material

Scope and Content Notes:

Sub-Series 1 is a collection of administrative material consisting of old letters to AWU, financial reports, letters from leaders, as well as rejections to propodals.

Folder 10 Old Letters, AWU
Folder 11 Mailing Addresses, AWU
Folder 12 AWU Financial Report
Folder 13 PPP and AWU Fight Song
Folder 14 Letters to Leaders, 1/84
Folder 15 Address Sheets AWU
Folder 16 Rejected 8 Proposal

Subseries 2. Efforts to Purchase Plant

Scope and Content Notes:

Sub-Series 2 pertains to the group's attempts to purchase a facility and start their own business. It reflects the involvement of the Center for Entrepreneurial Development in having a feasibility study done. AWU received a $5000 grant from the Pittsburgh National Bank Foundation for that project. Professor Dwight Baumann of Carnegie-Mellon University and a class of mechanical engineering students undertook the preliminary study. Part of this was the development of a proposal to the Ben Franklin Partnership for an engineering study of the "state of the art" in meat processing. An application was also made to the Commonwealth Employee Ownership Assistance Program, and the city and county each pledged $25,000 in matching funds to supplement the state funds. Then state Rep. Tom Murphy, D-North Side, vocally supported the cause of AWU, and was part of a steering committee for Pittsburgh Provision and Packing. The steering committee requested bids for the role of project coordinator for the feasibility study, and Philadelphia Association for Cooperative Enterprise (PACE) was chosen. All of this activity is documented to some extent in this sub-series, through correspondence and various reports, and photocopies of proposals and applications.

Folder 17 Production Armour Plant
Folder 18 Plants to Look At
Folder 19 Leaders City, County, State
Folder 20 Coop Enterprise
Folder 21 Letters from Leaders in City, County
Folder 22 PPP Letters
Folder 23 Request for Grant PPP
Folder 24 URA Loans and Grants
Folder 25 Feasibility Study Bids
Folder 26 Mark D. Schwartz, lawyer
Folder 27 Bill Schirro Steel Buildings
Folder 28 Articles of Incorporation PPP
Folder 29 I.D.A.L./Allegheny County Industrial Development Authority
Folder 30 Press Clips/News Releases
Folder 31 Meat and Poultry Inspection Directory
Folder 32 PPP Initial Market Study
Folder 33 Proposal to PACE for PPP, May, 1985
Folder 34 Facilities Analysis-PPP
Folder 35 Proposal to PACE for Market Analysis Feasibility of Meat Processing in Pittsburgh, July, 1985
Folder 36 Employee Ownership Handbook-PA MILRITE

Subseries 3. Boycott

Scope and Content Notes:

Sub-Series 3 documents the boycott that AWU launched against Armour and Con-Agra. There is much correspondence to local politicians, clergy, and grocery store owners to support the boycott. AWU also sent out multiple copies of a letter to other unions and other locals, along with a form to be returned, on which the group could indicate how many flyers they would distribute, whether they wanted someone from AWU to come and speak at one of their meetings, and if they could make any monetary donation. There are many of these returned forms in the files. There are also flyers about rallies, lyrics to a boycott song, newspaper clippings, and many more letters of support from former Armour employees and others. There is also a videotape with a meeting on planning and sustaining the boycott.

Folder 37 Boycott
Folder 38 Letters Boycott
Folder 39 Boycott Letters Returned
Folder 40 Giant Eagle Markets Co.
Folder 41 Statement of Support-Shop Save
Folder 42 Letters of Intent
Folder 43 RHB Boycott Song
Folder 44 Press Clips
Folder 45 Video: Anti-union busting demo.