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Series VI. Publications, 1982-1990

Subseries 1. DSA Publication, 1977-1990

Box 3
Folder 32 DSA/Pittsburgh Monthly Newsheets, October 1982-June 1990

Missing: December 1982-October 1983

January 1984-March 1984

December 1984-November 1985

January 1986-May 1987

July 1987-September 1987

November 1987-December 1987

September 1988-November 1988

January 1989-June 1989

August 1989-December 1989

February 1990-May 1990

Folder 33-34 Democratic Socialists of America, Formerly New American Movement/Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee, Pittsburgh Local Newsletter, Volume 10, Number 4, September 1982-October 1982

Issued 1973 through May/June 1982 as New American Movement, Pittsburgh Chapter Newsletter; changed title with November/December 1982 - 1990 to Allegheny Socialist. For copies of the New American Movement, Pittsburgh Chapter Newsletter, see ais 89:18.

Folder 35-37 Newsletters of Other DSA Locals, July 1981-October 1990

Contains Cleveland Beacon (July 1981-1983), Forward Left (April 1988-February 1990), Ithaca Socialist (August 1988 and November 1989), Kentucky Socialist (August 1988), New Ground (May 1988-June 1990), New York Democratic Socialist (n.d.), Philadelphia Socialist (September 1988-October 1990), The Reading Socialist (November 1983-January 1984).

Folder 37a - b Democratic Left, November 1977, 1989-1990

Issued November 1977 as Newsletter of the Democratic Left Missing: December 1977-August 1980; October-December 1980; February-March 1981; May 1981-September 1982; February 1983; June-August 1983; November 1983-February 1984; May-June 1984; September 1984-April 1987; November 1987-February 1988; July-August 1988.

Subseries 2. Commission Publications

Folder 38 Environmental Commission, Spring-Summer 1990

Contains EcoSocialist Review, Volume 4, Numbers 1-2.

Labor Commission, February 1988-December 1988

Contains Labor Voice, February 1988, August 1988, October 1988, and December 1988.

Folder 39 Latino, Afro-American and Anti-Racism Commission, Summer 1988-1990

Contains Our Struggle/Nuestra Lucha, Volume 6, Numbers 2 and 3; Volume 7, Spring 1989; Volume 8, Numbers 2 and 3.

Religion and Socialism Commission, Fall 1988, Summer 1989

Contains Religious Socialism, Volume 12, Number 3, and Volume 13, Number 2.

Youth Section, January 1988-August 1990

Contains Activist (Numbers 12, 24, and 25); Days of Decision (Winter 1988); A Better World in Birth, Songs for Socialists.

Subseries 3. Special Publications and Pamphlets

Folder 40 DSA-Los Nuevos Socialists, n.d.
Feminist Perspectives on the Family, Volume 10, Summer 1982
The Near and the Far: What it Means to be a Socialist in America Today, n.d.
Plant Closings = Jobs Blackmail, n.d.
The Politics of the Housing Crisis, n.d.
Revolution and Democracy, n.d.
Socialism Informs: The Best of Our Politics, n.d.
Socialist Standard, Volume 1, Number 5; Volume 2, Numbers 2 and 4; Volume 4, Numbers 4-5 1983-1986
Socialist Vision, n.d.
"Some Rob You with a Six Gun, Some with a Fountain Pen," A Democratic Socialist Perspective on the Savings and Loan Crisis, n.d.
We are Democratic Socialists with a Vision for the Future, n.d.
What is Socialist Feminism?, 1986
What Socialism is...and is not: Twelve Myths About Democratic Socialism, n.d.
Where We Stand: A Political Statement of Democratic Socialists of America, n.d.
Why We are Socialists: Points of Unity Between the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee and the New American Movement, n.d.

Subseries 4. Other Publications, 1988-1989

Folder 40 The Commonwealth Report: A Newsletter of Politics and Public Opinion, The Commonwealth Institute, 1989

Contains issues dated May/June 1989 and September 1989.

Democratic Promise: Ideas for Turning America in a Progressive Direction, Foundation for the Study of Independent Social Ideas, 1988
Left Green Notes: Organizing Bulletin of the Left Green Network, January 1989, Number 1, January 1989
UAW Ammo: What Next for Polish Workers?, Volume 26, Number 8, n.d.

Subseries 5. Institute for Democratic Socialism, 1984-1990

Box 4
Folder 40a-d The Black Church and Marxism: What Do They Have to Say to Each Other?, James H. Cone, April 1980
Socialist Forum: Discussion Bulletin of the Democratic Socialists of America, Institute for Democratic Socialism, 1984-1990

Contains Number 4, Part 1 and supplement; Number 5, 1984; Number 11, 1987; Number 13, 1988; Number 14 and Number 15, 1989; Number 16, 1990.

Third World Socialists: A Political Journal on the Theory and Practice of Liberation, n.d.

Contains Volume 1, Numbers 1-2.

Toward a Socialist Theory of Racism, Cornel West, n.d.