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Series XVII. National Publication, September 1971-October 1983

Box 4
Folder 119-124 New American Movement, September 1971-December 1976
Folder 125 Moving On (Minneapolis, Minn.), April 1974-December 1976
Folder 126-129 Moving On (Chicago), March 1977-October 1983

Section: Discussion Bulletin [New American Movement (Organization)],

Folder 130-132 n.d.

Box 5
Folder 133-141 n.d.
Folder 142 Miscellaneous Serial Publications, June 1977-December 1981

Contains Women Organizing Bulletin,the Cultural Gazette, Health Activists Digest,the Struggle Against Racism,and the Reproductive Rights Newsletter.

Section: Special Publications, January 1975-April 1981

Folder 143-145 Attica, n.d.
Basic marxism: what it is and how to use it. The basic political education cource of the New American Movement, n.d.
Building Political Education Course, n.d.
Building a chapter of the New American Movement, n.d.
Building a peoples movement, an organizing manual, n.d.
Convention Papers 1975. Trategy one year plan and practice of the New American Movement, 1975
How we work. Constitution and By-laws of the New American Movement, n.d.
An Introductory Course, New American Movement, June 1976
National Health Insurance. A Strategic Perspective. Reprinted from Discussion Bulletin number 18 of the New American Movement, n.d.
For the peoples' eyes only. Papers on the war and Watergate. By North Country Peace Campaign/NAM, n.d.
Revolution and Democracy. Reprinted by New American Movement, n.d.
Socialist working papers on energy, n.d.
Socialist working papers on energy,Revised edition, 1979
Undocumented workers: Are they the Problem?, n.d.
Where we stand. Strategy and Resolutions of the New American Movement, n.d.
Working Papers. Workplace Experiences of Members of the New American Movement, n.d.
Afghanistan and the New Cold War. Dorothy Healy interviews Eqbals Ahmad, n.d.
Friction in the System. A new songbook of political music, by Eastbay People's Music, 1976
Growing Up Female. A documentary about women. Pittsburgh 1905: A peoples history, n.d.
Growing Up Female as Six Become One. A documentary film about women, n.d.
Here We Go Again: Militarization, the Draft, the Cold War, n.d.
NAM Film Guide,, n.d.
New American Movement National Convention. The Labor Movement Today and the Role of the Left within it., July 19-23, 1978
New American Movement Convention '79. Looking toward the 80s. August 8-12, 1979
New York and the Crisis of Our Cities, n.d.
Organizing a Socialist Student Movement. A Publication of the student wing of the New American Movement, n.d.
A People's Energy Plan. An Alternative to Crisis and Monopoly Energy Policy, n.d.
People's Power Project, n.d.
Pittsburgh 1905: A People's History. A narrated slide show with music, n.d.
Processed Ideas and Packaged Dreams. The Manufactoring and Marketing of American Reality, n.d.
What's Wrong with the American Economy, n.d.
Working Papers on Gay/Lesbian Liberation and Socialism, 1979
A written and graphic manifestoby: New American Movement, n.d.
Yesterday's Lessons: Lay-offs, unemployment, and working class unity, n.d.