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Series IV. Committees, 1973-1982

Folder 16-18 Steering Committee, June 1973-May 1978

The Steering Committee maintained communication with the Expanded National Interim Committee and national NAM, coordinated the joint work of the branches and organizing committees, oversaw chapter committees, prepared agendas for chapter business meetings. Contains minutes of meetings. Notes missing from October 1977-April 1978.

Folder 19 Community Organizing Committee, September 1974-October 1974

The Community Organizing Committee worked with NAM and existing local groups and helped form coalitions between the groups. Contains miscellaneous notes and a statement of purpose.

Folder 20 Cultural Affairs and Fundraising Committee, February 1976-August 1978

The Cultural Affairs Committee developed the work of the Chapter in the arts and coordinated fundraising efforts. Contains notes, correspondence, and miscellaneous material concerning the International Women's Day Celebration.

Folder 21 Gay Liberation Committee, January 1977-March 1977

The Gay Liberation Committee supported legislation that protected against discrimination based on sexual preference.

Folder 22-24 Labor Committee, January 1977-March 1977

The Labor Committee coordinated workplace organizing, produced educational materials, and supported other labor-related programs of the Chapter. Contains correspondence, reports, notes, and miscellaneous materials related to the Labor Theater.

Folder 25 Newsletter Committee, April 1977
Folder 26 Office Committee, April 1975-May 1981

The Office Committee handled the day-to-day activities of the Chapter through the Chapter office and reports to the Steering Committee. Contains telephone trees, membership lists, and monthly meeting schedules.

Folder 27-34 People's Power Project, March 1975-December 1978

The People's Power Project developed the chapter's work in the area of energy. The committees worked with several local groups, which included South Oakland Citizens Council, Pennsylvania Alliance for Jobs and Energy (PAJE), and Pittsburgh Coalition for Non-Nuclear World. The bulk of the material contains references to Duquesne Light Company. It includes hearings and testimony, brochures, notes, strategy papers, photographs, miscellaneous reports, and reference files.

Folder 35 Political Education Committee, January 1977-December 1980

The Political Education (PE) Committee had two tasks: 1) to provide education for the members and committees of the chapter and orientation sessions for new members, and 2) to provide socialist education against agitational work in the larger community. Contains correspondence and questionnaires.

Folder 36-38 Public Presence and Outreach Committee, November 1975-October 1977

The Public Presence and Outreach Committee (PP O) was responsible for planning and executing the chapter's public events. It also worked with other committees in the chapter, when they planned to hold public events. Contains correspondence, strategy papers, flyers describing audiovisual programs, notes, and materials related to the Chapter's programs for women.

Folder 39-41 Social Services Committee, October 1973-January 1974

The Social Services Committee focuses on social services within city and federal government. Contains correspondence, notes, and materials related to the call for former President Nixon's impeachment.

Folder 42 Women's Committee, n.d.

The Women's Committee developed a unified approach to socialist feminism within the chapter. Contains a survey questionnaire.