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Series VII. Programs and Proposals

Scope and Content Notes:

This series provides records to the programs and proposals developed by the organization. The Hot Breakfast Program established at several area elementary schools from 1972-1981 was the first program of its kind in Pittsburgh. Another program that generated a large amount of records is the WIIC Action Line where members of WIUC would take phone calls and help resolve community issues by giving referrals to the individuals during 1982 and 1983. The 1972 WIUC Day Care Training Project offered training for family day care mothers in Allegheny County to further their knowledge of child care/development and provide an opportunity for participants to learn from each other based on their experiences. Another notable project was the Florence Reizenstein Task Force whose purpose was to alleviate racial tensions in area schools.

Folder 10 Guidelines for Proposals
Folder 11 Proposals- Special Projects
Folder 12 Proposals, 1981
Folder 13 Community Action Pittsburgh Proposal
Folder 14 CETA Proposal
Folder 15 Comprehensive Employment and Training Act Proposal
Folder 16 Homework Hotline Proposal
Folder 17 Neighborhood Assistance Act Proposal
Folder 18 Teen Mother Project Proposal
Folder 19 Voter's Registration Project and Proposal
Folder 20-25 Call for Action, 1969-1976
Folder 26 Camperships
Folder 27-28 Children's Corner, 1971-1974
Folder 29 Conference on Families, 1979-1980
Folder 30-32 Florence Reizenstein Task Force, 1970-1974

Box 12
Folder 1 Helpmobile- WJAS
Folder 2-3 Teen Pregnancy Conference, 1984
Folder 4 School Lunch Coordinating Committee
Folder 5-14 Breakfast Program, 1970-1981 (intermittent)
Folder 15 Summer Breakfast Program
Folder 16 Homewood Lunch Program
Folder 17 Larimer Lunch Program
Folder 18 Miller School Lunch Program
Folder 19 St. Agnes Breakfast Program
Folder 20 Breakfast Program Evaluation

Box 13
Folder 1 WPXI- Action Line
Folder 2 General
Folder 3 Contact Notebook
Folder 4 Contact Note Cards
Folder 5 Resources
Folder 6 Information
Folder 7 Resolved Action Line
Folder 8 Incomplete
Folder 9 Animals
Folder 10 Automobile
Folder 11 Consumers
Folder 12 Credit
Folder 13 Education
Folder 14 Employment
Folder 15 Environmental Health
Folder 16 Health
Folder 17 Home Repairs
Folder 18 Housing
Folder 19 Human Relations
Folder 20 Information
Folder 21 Insurance
Folder 22 Landlord and Neighbor
Folder 23 Legal
Folder 24 Parking
Folder 25 Port Authority Transit (PAT)
Folder 26 Public Works
Folder 27 Social Security
Folder 28 Taxes
Folder 29 Television
Folder 30 Traffic Police
Folder 31 Utilities
Folder 32 Vacant Building
Folder 33 Veterans Administration
Folder 34 Water- Flooding Sewage
Folder 35 Action Line Volunteers
Folder 36-55 Action Line Phone Log, 1982-1983

Box 14
Folder 1 Report on WIUC Family Day Care Mother Training Project
Folder 2 General
Folder 3 Fact Sheet
Folder 4 Family Day Care Mother Training Project
Folder 5 WIUC Training Program, 1971
Folder 6 Finances
Folder 7 Licensing Regulations and Forms (State of Pennsylvania)
Folder 8 Legal
Folder 9 Letters From Natural Parents
Folder 10 List of Family Day Care Mothers- Licensed in Allegheny County
Folder 11 Day Care in Allegheny County
Folder 12 Louise Child Care
Folder 13 Newspaper Clippings
Folder 14 Publicity
Folder 15 Sites
Folder 16 Workshop Applications
Folder 17 Applications for Non-Participants
Folder 18 Program Participant List
Folder 19 Workshop Attendance
Folder 20 Vitae of Program Trainers
Folder 21 Workshop Information
Folder 22 Agendas
Folder 23 Contract with McKeesport Area School
Folder 24 Contracts with Trainers and Co-Trainers
Folder 25 Correspondence with Consultants
Folder 26 Correspondence with Day Care Mothers
Folder 27 Correspondence with Louise Jackson
Folder 28 Correspondence with Miscellaneous
Folder 29 Correspondence with Trainers
Folder 30 Correspondence with Co-Trainers
Folder 31 Elected Members of Groups
Folder 32 Executive Committee
Folder 33 List of films and slides related to child care/development
Folder 34 Pamphlets and Other Printed Materials
Folder 35 Backup Resources
Folder 36 Sample Packet
Folder 37 Summary and Evaluation
Folder 38 Post-Training Observation