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Series III. Organizations and Subject Files

Scope and Content Notes:

Brochures and information related to various local and national organizations and subjects are contained in this series. The items in this series served as resources for the organization on a wide array of social issues ranging from the criminal justice system to teenage pregnancy.

Folder 43 Affirmative Action
Folder 44 Bail Reform
Folder 45 Brochure Requests
Folder 46 Bulletin Board
Folder 47 Cancer Calendar
Folder 48 Census, 1980
Folder 49 Child Care
Folder 50 Children's Expo, 1979
Folder 51 Christmas Message, 1976
Folder 52 Church Town
Folder 53 Citizen's Advisory Committee on Racial Equality to the Board of Education , Pittsburgh Public Schools
Folder 54 Citizens School Assembly

Box 8
Folder 1 Coalition Against Cutbacks in Human Services, W. Moreland Co.
Folder 2 Coalition for Media Change
Folder 3 Commission on Status of Women
Folder 4 Committee for American-Iranian Crisis Resolution
Folder 5 Common Cause
Folder 6 Community Release Agency (RCA)
Folder 7 Consumer Information Service
Folder 8 Consumer Protection
Folder 9 Criminal Justice System
Folder 10 Directors of Volunteers in Agencies (DOVIA)
Folder 11 Earth Day +1
Folder 12 Education Statistics
Folder 13 Energy
Folder 14 Environment
Folder 15 Equal Rights Amendment
Folder 16 Feminist Network
Folder 17 Flea Market, 1976
Folder 18 Florence Reizenstein Task Force, 1974
Folder 19 Florence Reizenstein Human Relations Award
Folder 20 Food Labeling
Folder 21 Foundation Information
Folder 22 Garfield Area Outreach
Folder 23 Gay and Lesbian Groups
Folder 24 General
Folder 25 Governor's Annual Workforce Report, 1981
Folder 26 Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP)
Folder 27 Hands Up
Folder 28 Health Education
Folder 29-30 Health and Welfare Funding Conference, 1976-1977
Folder 31 Health Spirit, 1980
Folder 32 Henry G. Frick Education Commission
Folder 33 Heritage and Consumerism Project- Herron Hill Middle School
Folder 34 Home for Crippled Children
Folder 35 Home Rule Charter
Folder 36 Hotlines for Help
Folder 37 PA Human Relations Commission
Folder 38 Hunger in America
Folder 39 Indian Rights
Folder 40 Jaycees Christmas Shopping Project and Circus
Folder 41 Juvenile Detention Home
Folder 42 Kibbutz for street children
Folder 43 Legal Reform
Folder 44 Legislation
Folder 45 Leisure-Learn
Folder 46 Meals on Wheels
Folder 47 Meeting with Attorney General J. Shane Creamer
Folder 48 Metropolitan Tenants' Organization
Folder 49 National Organization for Women (NOW)
Folder 50 Negro Educational Emergency Drive Dinner and Reizenstein Award
Folder 51 Neighborhood Youth Corps
Folder 52 New Professionals
Folder 53 News Clippings
Folder 54 Parent Advisory Council Handbook
Folder 55 Penal Reform
Folder 56 Pennsylvania Program for Women and Girl Offenders
Folder 57 Pittsburgh Area Pre-School
Folder 58 Pittsburgh League of Women Voters
Folder 59 Pittsburgh School Board Selection
Folder 60 Rape Statutes
Folder 61 Resources
Folder 62 School Volunteer Association of Pittsburgh
Folder 63 Special Projects
Folder 64 St. Richard's School
Folder 65 State Hearings
Folder 66 Survival Manual, 1984
Folder 67 Talent Referral Project
Folder 68 Teenage Pregnancy
Folder 69 United Nations Association of Pittsburgh
Folder 70 United Way Pledge-A-Thon
Folder 71 Uptown Neighbors in Action
Folder 72 Volunteer Handbook
Folder 73 Volunteer Network