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Series I. Projects, 1971-1987

Box 90 1-Allegheny General Hospital--Renovation, 1971
2-Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh--Standby Generator, 1971
3-Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh--Construction, Renovation, Bed Replacement & Siregraph Equipment Replacement, 1971
4-PA State Planning Board W.P.--Planning prospectus of the Ellwood City Hospitals, appendix of regional planning and development activities, 1971
5-Ellwood City Hospital--Construction of new hospital, 1972
6-Manchester Health Center--Construction of the Manchester Health Center, 1972
7-Westmoreland Manor--beds, the acquisition of two nursing homes, and the replacement of the Manor's older building, 1971
8-Renal Disease Program--Western PA renal disease program, 1971
9-United-Rochester Hospitals--Merger of the United and the Rochester General Hospitals, building of a new hospital, 1971
10-Greene County Memorial Hospital--Modernization and Construction, 1971
11-Uniontown Hospital--Phase I construction of emergency and outpatient departments, 1972
12-St. Johns General Hospital--Construction of Fleming Shelter, 1972
13-Western Pennsylvania Hospital--six bed renal unit, 1973
14-not present
15-Community Health Association of Western Pennsylvania, 1971
16-Jeanette District Memorial Hospital--Modifications to second floor, 1972
17-not present
18-not present
19-not present
20-Western Pennsylvania Regional Medical Program--program in diabetes, obesity and endocrine disorders, 1971
21-Western Pennsylvania Regional Medical Program--sickle cell anemia and related hemoglobinopathies, 1971
22-Western Pennsylvania Regional Medical Program--Evaluation of emergency resuscitation/implementation of education programs in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, 1971
23-Department of Health, Education, and Welfare--Proposal for a Neighborhood Improvement-Rodent Control Program for the Turtle Creek Valley Model Cities, 1971
24-Horizon Home--Application for the construction of Horizon Home, 1971
25-not present
26-not present
27-Western Pennsylvania Regional Medical Program--Hypertension Management Program, 1971
28-Western Pennsylvania Regional Medical Program--Beaver County Heart Association Lipid Screening Project, 1973
29-Empty File,
30-Western Pennsylvania Regional Medical Program--Program for the preparation, demonstration and evaluation of primary care nurse practitioners, 1971
31-Western Pennsylvania Regional Medical Program--Regionalized program in radiation therapy, 1971
Box 91 32-Central Medical Pavilion--Construction of Central Medical Pavilion, 1972
33-Greene County Emergency and Welfare Service--"Parish House", 1971
34-not present
35-Stanley Whitehall Sheltered Workshop--Proposal for construction of the Stanley Whitehall Sheltered Workshop, Undated
36-Evergreen Convalescent Home--Construction of addition to house skilled beds, 1972
37-University Health Center of Pittsburgh--Bridge connecting Presbyterian-University Hospital and Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, 1972
38-Hazelwood Health Council--Request for employment, 1972
39-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Drug Treatment Program, Undated
40-New Kensington Miners' Clinic--Alle-Kiski Family Planning Program, 1972
41-Allegheny County Health Department--Application for the continuation of the Allegheny County Rodent Control Project, 1972
42-Pennsylvania Medical Society--Medical Care Appraisal Project, 1972
43-Allegheny County Health Department--Immunization Project, 1972
44-Westmoreland Hospital--Pediatric Dental Service Project, 1972
45-Monsour Medical Foundation--HMO planning grant, 1972
Box 92 46-St. John's Lutheran Home--112 bed addition, 1972
47-University Health Center of Pittsburgh--Health maintenance organization, 1972
48-St. Francis General Hospital--Modernization of North Wing, 1972
49-Monsour Hospital--Adult dental program, 1972
50-not present
51-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Venereal disease control, 1972
52-Department of Public Welfare--Venereal disease and Rubella control, 1972
53-Empty File,
54-Westmoreland Hospital--Radiation Facility, 1972
55-Allegheny County Health Department--Lead Poisoning Control Program,
56-Jeannette District Memorial Hospital--Construction and Renovation, 1971
57-not present
58-Allegheny County Health Department--Public health center, 1972
59-Sunnyview Home of Butler--Addition of beds, 1973
60-Allegheny Council on Emergency Medical Services--Helicopter proposal, 1972
61-Family Planning Council of Southwestern Pennsylvania--Second year continuation grant, 1972
62-Monsour Hospital--Radiation Therapy Unit, 1972
63-United Family Services of Pittsburgh--Family health centers, 1972
64-not present
65-Allegheny County Council on Emergency Medical and Health Services--Area wide emergency medical care system, 1972
66-Western Pennsylvania Regional Medical Program--Consumer Health Information and Education Federation Project Proposal, 1972
67-not present
68-not present
69-Community Care Clinic of Northwest Washington County--National Health Service Corps personnel, 1973
70-Westmoreland County Community College Associate Degree Nursing Program--Establishment of program, 1972
71-Citizens General Hospital--Air conditioning unit, 1972
72-Indiana YMCA--Drug Helpline, 1972
73-Monongahela Memorial Hospital--Acute Care Facility, 1972
Box 93 74-Overlook Medical Clinic--Addition, 1972
75-McKeesport Hospital--Construction of a wing, 1972
76-Henry Clay Frick Hospital--Emergency room and outpatient department expansion, 1972
77-Pittsburgh Free Medical Clinic--Proposal to open up day-time primary health care, 1972
78-Allegheny Valley Hospital--First & second annual reports/Additions, 1973
79-The Pennsylvania State Plan for Hospital and Medical Facilities--1972 Amendments, 1972
80-Fayette County Development Council--Fayette Community Health Service Center, 1972
81-Mercy Hospital--Addition of a corp. physician, 1973
82-Homewood-Brushton Neighborhood Health Center--Refunding Request 1973
83-Latrobe Area Hospital--Ambulatory Care Center, 1972
84-Homewood-Brushton Neighborhood Health Center--Drug Rehabilitation Program, 1972
85-Westmoreland County Council on Alcoholism--AA-oriented, transitional living program, 1972
86-Butler County Community College--Associate Degree Career Ladder Nursing Education Program, 1972
87-Butler County Memorial Hospital--Renovation of Radiology Department, 1974
88-Westmoreland Hospital Association--Super voltage radiation therapy facility proposal, 1972
89-Family Planning Advisory Committee--Establishment of family planning service in Butler County, 1973
90-Community Health Association of Western Pennsylvania--Continuation of funds, 1972
Box 94 91-St. Francis General Hospital--Modernization, 1974
92-Grandview Extendicare--New facility in New Castle, 1972
93-Divine Providence Hospital--Renovation and expansion proposal, 1972
94-Jameson Memorial Hospital—Super voltage radiation therapy, 1973
95-Western Pennsylvania Regional Medical Program--Program to teach registered nurses to screen for cervical cancer, 1973
96-Western Pennsylvania Regional Medical Program--Biochemical screening and diagnostic test for early detection of genital malignancy, 1973
97-Western Pennsylvania Regional Medical Program--Education of nurses in adult ambulatory care, 1973
98-Western Pennsylvania Regional Medical Program--A comprehensive chronic renal care system for Western Pennsylvania, 1973
99-St. John's Lutheran Home-- Construction of 175-bed addition, 1973
100-Lutheran Welfare Concordia Home--Proposal for expansion, 1979
101-Western Pennsylvania Regional Medical Program--Regional Neonatal Program, 1973
102-Western Pennsylvania Regional Medical Program--Arlington Heights/St. Clair Village Primary Care Demonstration, 1973
103-not present,
104-Western Pennsylvania Regional Medical Program--Emergency Medical Services Training Project, 1973
105-Allegheny Valley Mental Health and Mental Retardation Center--Ten bed in-patient psychiatric unit at Citizens General Hospital, 1973
106-Western Pennsylvania Regional Medical Program--Develop a curriculum to educate health professionals in the principles and techniques of the health education process, 1973
Box 95 107- Centralized Hospital Services of Southwestern Pennsylvania--Central laundry facility, 1973
108-Easter Seal Society--Establishment grant application for Easter Seal Workshop, 1973
109-Allegheny County Health Department--Rodent Control Program, 1973
110-South Hills Health System--Refinancing, 1974
111-Johns Hopkins University--Experimental Medical Care Review Organization, 1973
112-Homewood-Brushton Neighborhood Health Center--Manpower request under the National Health Service Corps Program, 1973
113-St. Clair Memorial Hospital--First Annual Report, 1973
Box 96 114-Sewickley Valley Hospital--Long Range Development Program, 1973
115-Community Medical Center of Northwest Washington County--National Health Services Corps, 1973
116-St. Francis General Hospital--Annual Reports, 1975
117-Pennsylvania Association for the Blind (Pittsburgh Branch)--Construction and Renovation,
Box 97 118-East Suburban General Hospital--Establishment proposal, 1973
119-Carmichaels Clinic--Manpower request under the National Health Service Corps Program, 1973
120-The West Haven Nursing Home--Construction of building, 120
121-Columbia Hospital--Forbes Hospital System long range plan, 1973
122-Westmoreland Hospital Association--Super voltage Radiation Therapy Facility, 1974
123-Westmoreland Hospital Association--Home Health Care Proposal, 1973
124-not present
125-Family Planning Council of Southwestern Pennsylvania--Application For Continuation Grant (Third Year), 1973
126-Aliquippa Hospital--Development Proposals, 1973
127-not present
128-Allegheny County Health Department--Immunization Project, 1973
129-not present
130-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Continuation Application for Communicable Disease Control in Pennsylvania, 1973
131-Sugar Creek Rest Intermediate Care Facility--Plan For Construction of Facility, 1973
132-Allegheny County Health Department--Childhood Lead Poisoning Proposal, 1973
133-Fair Winds Manor Nursing Home--Renovate and Replace 18 Beds, 1973
Box 98 134-Cambria County Home and Hospitals--First, Second and Third Annual Reports, 1974
135-St. Clair Memorial Hospital--Replacement of Equipment, 1974
136-not present
137-not present
138-North Hills Passavant Hospital-Outpatient Surgical Facility, 1975
139-St. Johns General Hospital--Application For Construction of Alcoholism and Drug Rehabilitation Center, 1973
140-Shadyside Hospital--Replacement of Blood Analysis Equipment, 1975
141-Homestead Hospital--Continuation Grant for Mental Health Center, 1973
142-Washington County Long Term Care Facility--First, Second, 1974
143-Latrobe Area Hospital--Mental Health Center Federal Staffing Grant, 1973
144- CARCOA--Proposal for Gerontology Center and Nursing Home Facility, 1973
145-Allegheny General Hospital--Continuation of Incremental Dental Health Care Program, 1973
146-South Hills Health System--Homestead Hospital Special Procedures Radiology Unit, 1975
147-Jeannette District Memorial Hospital--Personal Health Services Proposal, 1974
Box 99 148-Medical Center of Beaver County--Sale of Rochester Unit, Replacement of Three Hospitals With One Facility, 1976
149-Beaver County Hospital--Addition of 99 Intermediate Beds, 1974
150-State Department of Health--Proposal for Demonstration Nutrition Project 1975
151-Kade Nursing Home- First and Second Annual Reports, 1974
152-Westmoreland Hospital Association--Home Health Care Proposal, 1974
Box 100 153- Homewood-Brushton Neighborhood Health Center--Continuation Application, 1974
154-not present
155-Westmoreland Hospital Association--Primary Care Center Relocation, 1975
156-H.C. Frick Community Hospital--First Annual Report, 1974
157-not present
158-not present
159-not present
160-not present
161-Medical Center of Beaver County--Beaver County Heart Association Lipid Screening Program, 1973
162-University of Pittsburgh--Emergency Medical Services Training Program, 1973
163-Presbyterian University Hospital--Cervical Cancer Screening Training for Registered Nurses, 1973
164-University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing-- Adult Nurse Practitioner Training Program, 1973
165-Presbyterian University Hospital--Comprehensive Chronic Renal Care System for Western Pennsylvania, 1973
166-American Heart Association, Southwestern Pennsylvania--Southwest Pennsylvania Hypertension Control Program for Greene-Fayette Counties, 1973
167-Butler County Health and Welfare--Planning for an Experimental Health Care Delivery System, 1973
168-Eastern Allegheny County Hospital Corporation--Quality Assurance Programs for selected Allegheny County Hospitals, 1973
169-Terrace Village Health Center--Evaluation of Medical Care Quality, 1973
170-University of Pittsburgh--Regional Radiation Therapy Project, 1973
171-Magee-Womens Hospital--Western Pennsylvania Neonatal Project, 1973
172-Centralized Hospital Service of Westmoreland County--Quality Assurance Program, 1973
173-University of Pittsburgh--Evaluation of Ambulatory Care of Patients with Hypertension, 1973
174-Allegheny County Health Department--Maternity and Infant Care Application, 1973
175-Ohio Valley General Hospital--Construction and Renovation, 1973
176-Shadyside Hospital--Parking Garage Expansion, 1973
177-Community Health Association of Western Pennsylvania--Continuation Application, 1973
178-Monsour Hospital--Primary Care Module, 1973
179-Old People's Home Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia--Eighty Bed Addition, 1973
180-Lawrence County Commissioners, Laurence County Home--Phase I Renovation, 1974
181-McMurray Hills Manor--Expansion of Facility to Include Addition of Forty-eight I.C.F. Beds, 1973
182-University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic--Continuation Grant, 1973
183-Home Health Care, Inc.--Home Health Care Proposal, 1973
184-Community Medical Center of Northeast Butler County--National Health Service Corps Proposal, 1973
185-Albert Gallatin Medical Advisory Committee of Southwest Fayette County--National Health Service Corps Proposal, 1973
Box 101 186-Kiski Valley Medical Planning Committee--National Health Service Corps Proposal, 1973
187-not present
188-Monsour Hospital--Hypertension Intervention Program, 1973
189-Connellsville State General Hospital--Establishing a Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department, 1975
190-not present
191-not present
192-Allegheny County Health Department-- Neighborhood Improvement Rodent Control Continuation Project, 1974
193-Mt. View Christian Home--Expansion of Facility, 1975
194-Divine Providence Hospital--Rectilinear Scanner, 1974
195-Divine Providence Hospital--Electro-Encephalograph Machine, 1974
196-Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic Home--Renovation, 1974
197-McGuire Memorial Home for the Mentally Retarded--Application for Reimbursement under the Medical Assistance Program, 1974
198-Uniontown Hospital--Replacement of X-ray Equipment, 1974
199-Uniontown Hospital--Purchase of a Coulter Chemistry II, 1974
200-Uniontown Hospital--Improvements to ICU Department, 1974
201-Uniontown Hospital--Rewiring Nurses Residence and Nursing School, 1974
202-Shadyside Hospital--Renovations to the Pavilion and South Building, 1974
203-not present
204-Latrobe Area Hospital, Community Mental Health Center--Federal Staffing Grant Continuation, 1974
205-Bethlen Home--Adding Thirty ICF Beds, 1975
206-Saint Francis College--Physician's Assistance Program, 1974
207-Irene Stacy Community Mental Health Center--Continuation Federal Staffing Grant, 1974
208-Montefiore Hospital--Integral Parking Garage, 1975
209-Jack Reese Nursing and Rehabilitation Service--Expansion Proposal, 1974
210-Forbes Health System--First, Second, Third and Fourth Annual Reports, 1975
211-North Hills Passavant Hospital--Professional Office Building, 1974
212-Braddock General Hospital--Inpatient Psychiatric Unit, 1974
213-Allegheny General Hospital--Chronic Renal Dialysis Therapy Unit, 1974
214-Homewood-Brushton Neighborhood Health Center--Drug Rehabilitation Center,, 1974
Box 102 215-St. Clair Memorial Hospital--Replacement of Equipment, 1974
216-South Hills Health System-Homestead Division--Repair of Boiler House, Replacement of Three Boilers and Improvements to the Steam Generating Distribution System, 1974
217-Family Planning Council of Western Pennsylvania--Application for Continuation Grant, 1974
218-University of Pittsburgh--Adult Nurse Practitioner: The Education of Nurses in Adult Ambulatory Care, 1974
219-Beaver County Heart Association--Lipid Screening Project, 1974
220-Magee Women's Hospital--Western Pennsylvania Regional Neonatal Program, 1974
221-Presbyterian University Hospital--Expansion of Renal Therapy Resources in Western Pennsylvania, 1974
222-John J. Kane Hospital--Additions and Modifications to Existing Electrical Emergency Systems, 1974
223-Westmoreland Manor--Additions and Expansions, 1975
224-Allegheny General Hospital--Incremental Child Health Program, 1974
225-St. Francis Hospital--Renal Disease Program, 1974
226-University of Pittsburgh, Clinical Medicine--Regional Program for the Delivery of Health Care in Butler County, 1974
227-Butler County Health and Welfare--Planning for the Delivery of Health Care in Butler County, 1974
228-Centralized Hospital Service of Westmoreland County--Quality Assurance Program, 1974
229-not present
230-Sewickley Valley Hospital Home Health Agency--Beaver Valley Home Health Audit Project, 1974
231-Eastern Allegheny County Hospital Corporation--Quality Assurance Project, 1974
232-Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association--Pilot Project to Develop and Implement Physical Therapy Audit in Five Pittsburgh Hospitals, 1974
233-not present
234-Augustine's Italian Village--Construction of a Nursing Home in New Castle, 1974
235-Monsour Hospital--Primary Care Module in Sewickley, 1974
Box 103 236-Allegheny County Health Department--Continuation Application for Immunization Project, 1974
237-Slippery Rock State College--Baccalaureate Program in Nursing, 1974
238-Mahoning Shenango Area Health Education Network--Request for Continued Funding, 1974
239-Western Pennsylvania Regional Medical Program--Core Continuation Application, 1974
240-Home for Crippled Children--Remodeling Project, 1974
241-Vocational Rehabilitation Center--Long Range Plan and Addition to Present Facility, 1974
242-University of Pittsburgh, School of Social Work--Application to the VA for Assistance in the Education of Students in Health Service Planning, 1974
243-John J. Kane Hospital--Life Safety Code, 1974
244-not present
245-Centralized Hospital Services--Health Information System for Westmoreland County, 1974
246-Harmarville Rehabilitation Center--Planning for the Rehabilitation of Post-acute Care Cardiac Patients, 1974
247-Harmarville Rehabilitation Center--Planning for Rehabilitation of Cancer Patients, 1974
248-Western Pennsylvania Regional Medical Program--Quality Assurance Program, 1974
249-Allegheny Children and Youth Service Council--Coordination of Residential Care for Handicapped Children of Southwestern Pennsylvania, 1974
250-Mercy and Children's Hospitals--Expand, Implement, and Evaluate the Drug Information Program of the Pharmaceutical Profile Center, 1974
251-Columbia-Montour Home Health Services--Pennsylvania Assembly of Home Health Agencies Quality Assurance Project, 1974
252-South Hills Health System, St. Joseph Division--South Hills Health System Primary Nursing Project, 1974
253-St.Francis and Ellwood City Hospitals--Patient Evaluation Program, 1974
254-Butler County Health and Welfare Council--Planning for the Delivery of Health Care in Butler County, 1974
255-University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Department of Surgery--Comprehensive Public Information and Education Program for Renal Disease in Western Pennsylvania, 1974
256-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Critical Care Nursing Education Program, 1974
257-Allegheny General Hospital--Development of a Tumor Registry for Northwest Allegheny Hospital Corporation, 1974
258-University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health, Department of Biostatistics--The Role of Aryl Hydrocarbon Hydroxylase in Lung Cancer among Coke Oven Workers, 1974
259-Comprehensive Health Planning Association of Western Pennsylvania--Health Resources Data System, 1974
260-Centerville Clinic--Centerville Clinic Community Mental Health Center, 1974
261-Lawrence County Home--Addition of New Wing and Renovation of Existing Structure, 1974
262-University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine--A Grant for the Planning and Early Implementation of a Comprehensive Regional Cancer Center, 1974
263-Belair Nursing Home--Completion Proposal, 1974
264-Connellsville State General Hospital--Critical Care Unit for Coronary and Intensive Care Patients, 1974
265-Connellsville State General Hospital--Extended Care Unit at the Level of Skilled Nursing Care, 1974
266-Beaver County Community College--Training Grant Application in Emergency Medical Services, 1974
Box 104 267-Community Medical Center of Northwestern Washington County--Construction of Primary Care Facility, 1974
268-University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy--Health Center Dial Access Medical and Drug Information Systems, 1974
269-Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh--Regional Pediatric Program, 1974
270-Indiana Hospital--Program for Development, 1974
271-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Pennsylvania Coalworkers of Respiratory Disease Program, 1974
272-Sugar Creek Rest Home--Proposal for Addition of Twenty-two Intermediate Care Beds, 1974
273-Allegheny General Hospital--Planning and Development Prospectus (Phase II), 1974
274-St. Margaret Memorial Hospital--Replacement of Obsolete Radiology Equipment, First Annual Report, 1974
275-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Venereal Disease Control Continuation, 1974
Box 104-105 276-Human Services Center--Reapplication for Federal Assistance, 1974
Box 105 277-Kiski Valley Visiting Nurses Association--Home Health Care Services for Armstrong County, 1974
278-Community Health Association--Application to Commence Operation of Prepaid Group Practice Health Delivery Program, 1974
279-Western Pennsylvania Hospital--Equipment Replacement, 1974
280-Magee-Women's Hospital--Acquisition of Parking Property, 1974
281-Oakland Convalescent Center--Personal Health Service Proposal, 1974
282-South Hills Health System--Construction of New Hospital and Renovation of Existing Facility, 1974
283-Henry Clay Frick Community Hospital--Additions and Renovations, 1974
284-Homewood-Brushton Neighborhood Health Center--Continuing Grant Application, 1974
285-South Hills Health System--Community Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center Continuation Grant, 1974
286-Fazio Nursing Home--74 Bed ICF Linked to the Nursing Home, 1974
287-Mercy Hospital--Erection of Parking Garage, 1974
288-Murray Manor Convalescent Center--Project Expansion Proposal, 1974
289-not present
290-Kiski Valley Medical Facility--Primary Care Center, 1974
291-Armstrong County Health Center--125 Bed Long-Term Care Facility, 1974
Box 106 292-Bio-Medical Applications of Pittsburgh--Expansion of Artificial Kidney Center Located Within St. Francis Hospital, 1974
293-Allegheny General Hospital--Establishing a Chronic Hemodialysis Unit, 1974
294-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Project to Replace and Update Existing Radiology Facilities, 1974
295-Golden Hill Nursing Home--Addition of Fifty Intermediate Care Beds, 1974
296-Canonsburg General Hospital--Two Emergency Psychiatric Beds, 1974
297-Lutheran Welfare Concordia Home--Life Safety Codes Renovations, First and Fourth Annual Reports, 1975
298-Indiana County Community Action Program--National Health Service Corps, 1974
299-Homewood-Brushton Neighborhood Health Center--Continuation Grant Application for the Drug Rehabilitation Program, 1975
300-The Methodist Home and Hospital for the Aged--Life Safety Code Requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, 1975
301-Suburban General Hospital--X-ray Equipment Replacement, 1974
302-Montefiore Hospital--Conversion of Nurses Residence into a Multi-Purpose Facility, 1974
303-St.Anne Home for the Elderly--Renovations for Compliance with the Life Safety Codes, 1974
304-University Health Center of Pittsburgh, Montefiore and Children's Hospital--Leasing of Two EMI Scanners, 1974
305-St. Francis Hospital--St. Francis Community MH/MR Clinic Continuation Staffing Grant, 1974
306-Westmoreland Hospital Association--Remodeling of Nursery, 1974
307-Canonsburg General Hospital--Replacement of X-Ray Unit, 1974
308-Twin Valley Convalescent Home--Renovations, 1974
309-Washington and Jefferson College--Baccalaureate Degree Nursing Program, 1975
310-not present
311-Allegheny County Health Department--Federal Rodent Control Neighborhood Improvement Program Proposal, 1974
312-Mid-Allegheny Clarion Valley Regional Health System--Rural Health Initiative Program, 1975
Box 107 313-Hoffman Memorial Medical Center--National Health Service Corps Application, 1974
314-Indiana County Community Action Program--Rural Health Initiative Program, 1975
315-Board of Commissioners, Allegheny County--Emergency Medical Services Project Year III, 1975
316-Holmes House--Holmes House Life Safety Proposal, 1975
317-University of Pittsburgh--Cancer Control Program, 1975
318-Irene Stacy Community Mental Health Center--Continuation of Federal Staffing, 1975
319-Mercy Hospital--National Health Service Corps Continuation Application, 1975
320-Uniontown Hospital--Phase II Building Program, 1975
321-not present
322-Butler County Memorial Hospital--Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Unit, 1975
323-University of Pittsburgh School of Health Related Professions--Dietetics Program, 1975
324-Allegheny General Hospital--Comprehensive Family and Child Care Program, 1975
325-Allegheny County Health Department--Grant Renewal Application for Childhood Lead Poisoning Control Program, 1974
326-Allegheny County Health Department--Continuation Application for Immunization Project, 1975
327-Family Planning Council of Western Pennsylvania--Continuation Application, 1975
328-Pine Hurst Nursing and Convalescent Home--New Facility, 1975
329-Western State School and Hospital--Life Safety Code Corrections, 1975
Box 108 330-Latrobe Area Mental Health Center--Continuation Grant Application, 1975
331-Lions Community Health Center--Community Medical Center, 1975
332-Westmoreland Hospital Community Mental Health Center--Continuation Staffing Grant, 1975
333-Mayview State Hospital--Renovations to Meet Labor and Industry Life Safety Code Requirements, 1975
334-Western Restoration Center--Renovations to Meet Labor and Industry Life Safety Code Requirements, 1975
335-Kiski Valley Medical Facilities--Continuation Application, 1975
336-Shadyside Hospital--Expansion of Intensive Care Facilities, Establishment of a Critical Care Medicine Program, 1975
337-Mid-Monongahela Valley Council of Governments--Comprehensive Rodent Control Program, 1975
338-University of Pittsburgh--Primary Care Program, 1975
339-Cresson State School and Hospital--First Annual Report, 1976
340-Emergency Medical Services Institute--Establishment and Initial Operation of an Emergency Medical Service for Southwestern Pennsylvania, 1975
341-Dixmont State Hospital--Life Safety Code Renovation, 1975
342-Westmoreland Hospital Association--Automated Computerized Tomographic Scanner, 1975
343-Torrance State Hospital--Improvements to Meet Life Safety Code Requirements, 1975
344-Ebensburg State School and Hospital--First Annual Report, 1976
345-University of Pittsburgh--Adult Nurse Practitioner, 1974
346-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Critical Care Nursing, 1974
347-EACH--Quality Assurance Project, 1974
348-Columbia-Montour Home Health Services--Pennsylvania Home Health Agencies, 1974
349-Sewickley Valley Hospital--Beaver Valley Quality Assurance Program, 1974
350-Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association--Physical Therapy Quality Assurance Program, 1974
351-Mercy Hospital and Children's Hospitals--Pharmaceutical Profile Center, 1974
352-Western Pennsylvania Comprehensive Health Planning Agency--Health Resources Data System, 1974
353-St. Francis and Ellwood City Hospitals--Lawrence County Patient Education, 1974
354-Allegheny General Hospital--Pilot Tumor Registry, 1974
355-Health and Welfare Planning Agency--Community-wide Health Education Program, 1975
356-Braddock Hospital--Braddock Hospital Patient Education Program, 1975
Box 109 357-Mahoning Shenango Area Health Education Network--Continuation Grant Application, 1975
358-Allegheny Valley Hospital--Life Safety Code Renovations, 1975
359-Mountain View Center--Long Term Care Facility, 1975
360-Connellsville State General Hospital--Renovations for Life Safety Code, 1975
361-St. Johns General Hospital--Development Plan/Program, 1975
362-Western Pennsylvania Hospital--Long Range Plan and Development, 1975
363-Citizen's General Hospital--Monitoring Equipment, 1975
364-Westmoreland Hospital Association--Modernization and Expansion Program, 1975
365-Aliquippa Hospital--Equipment, 1975
366-University Health Center of Pittsburgh--Semi-Private Unit Renovation, 1975
367-University Health Center of Pittsburgh--Remodeling of North Wing, 1975
368-University Health Center of Pittsburgh--Seventh Floor Learning Center Expansion, 1975
369-Divine Providence Hospital--Equipment Replacement, 1975
370-Butler County Memorial Hospital--Nixon-Sarver Intermediate Care Facility, 1975
371-Curry Memorial Home--Proposed Expansion, 1975
Box 110 372-Community Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center--Continuation Staffing Grant, 1975
373-Sudie Cameron Nursing Home--Renovations, 1975
374-Fayette County Mental Health Clinic--Mental Health Outreach to Children and their Families Continuation Application, 1975
375-Mercy Hospital--Acquisition of a Computerized Transaxial Tomography Unit, 1975
376-Braddock General Hospital--Professional Office Building, 1975
377-McKeesport Hospital--Establishment of Radiation Therapy Facility, 1975
378-Connellsville State General Hospital--Proposal for Psychiatric Short-Term Inpatient Care, 1975
379-not present
380-Allegheny County Health Department--Maternity and Infant Care Project Renewal, 1975
381-Homewood-Brushton Neighborhood Health Center--Continuation Grant Application, 1975
382-Evergreen Convalescent Home--Life Safety Code Renovations, 1975
383-South Hills Health System--Community Mental Health Center Continuation Grant, 1975
384-Citizen's General Hospital--Life Safety Code Renovations, 1975
385-The Washington Hospital--Additions and Remodeling, 1975
386-not present
387-University of Pittsburgh School of Health Related Professions--Application for a Grant to Assist in the Education and Training of Clinical and Community Dietitians, 1975
388-Bonetti Convalescent Home--Addition of Sixty Skilled Beds, 1975
389-West Penn Home Health Agency--Home Health Care, 1975
Box 111 390-Professional Home Health Agency--Development of Home Health Services, 1975
391-St. Francis General Hospital--Part F Community Mental Health Center Grant Continuation, 1975
392-not present
393-not present
394-Mahoning Medical Center--New Primary Care Center, 1975
395-Monongahela Valley Hospital--Construction of an Acute Care Hospital, 1975
396-not present
397-not present
398-Allegheny Valley Hospital--Life Safety Code Construction, 1975
399-Presbyterian Association for Care of the Aged and Orphans--Life Safety Code Renovations, 1975
400-St. John's General Hospital--Life Safety Code Renovations, Expansion of Long-Term Care Facility, 1975
401-Suburban General Hospital--Equipment Replacement, 1975
402-Mon Valley Health and Welfare Authority--Expansion and Renovation of Physical Plant, 1975
403-North Hills Passavant Hospital--Relocation of Department of Respiratory Care and Expansion of the Department of Radiology, 1975
404-University Health Center of Pittsburgh--Human Vestibular Systems Laboratory, 1975
405-Veterans Administration Hospital of Pittsburgh--CAT Scanner, 1975
406-Shadyside Hospital--CAT Scanner, 1975
407-Uniontown Hospital Association--Renovation for Relocating of Coffee-Gift Shop, 1975
Box 112 408-Baptist Homes--Life Safety Code Renovations, 1975
409-The Washington Hospital--Land Acquisition, 1976
410-not present
411-not present
412-not present
413-Kiski Valley Medical Facilities--Renovation of Primary Care Center, 1976
414-Sunny Crest Convalescent Home--Expansion and Renovation, 1976
415-Westmoreland Hospital--Community Mental Health Center Continuation Grant, 1976
416-St. Margaret Memorial Hospital--New Facility, 1976
Box 113 417-Comprehensive Health Planning Council of the Southern Alleghenies--Application for Health Systems Agency Designation and Grant, 1976
418-Health Systems Agency of Southwestern Pennsylvania--Application for Designation as the Health Systems Agency of Southwestern Pennsylvania, 1976
419-Irene Stacy Community Mental Health Center--Continuation of Federal Staffing Grant, 1976
420-Jameson Memorial Hospital--Air Conditioning and Air Handling Renovation and Remodeling, 1976
421-Allegheny County Health Department--Continuation Application for the Immunization Project, 1976
422-Fayette County Mental Health Outreach to Children and Their Families--Federal Staffing Grant Continuation, 1976
423-Woodville State Hospital--Evaluation and Placement of Geriatric Patients, 1976
424-Mid-Allegheny Clarion Valley Regional Health System--Rural Health Initiative Program Continuation, 1976
425-Kiski Valley Medical Facilities--Continuation Application for a Second Year, 1976
426-not present,
427-St. Francis General Hospital--Modernization of North Wing, 1976
428-Latrobe Area Mental Health Center--Continuation Staffing Grant, 1976
429-Indiana Hospital--Expansion and Renovation, 1976
430-not present
431-Regional Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center for Children and Youth--Remodeling Outpatient Facilities, 1976
Box 114 432-Kiski Valley Medical Facilities--Comprehensive Dental Care Clinic, 1976
433-Centerville Clinic--Application for Community Mental Health Center Consultation and Education Grant, 1976
434- South Hills Health System Community Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center--NIMH Staffing Grant, 1976
435-South Hills Health System--Preventative Service for Children Grant Continuation, 1976
436-South Hills Health Center Community Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center--Consultation and Education Grant Continuation, 1976
437-not present
438-Armstrong/Indiana Mental Health/Mental Retardation Program--Application for Community Mental Health Center Planning Grant, 1976
439-Westmoreland Hospital Association--Westmoreland Hospital Community Mental Health Center Supplemental Funding Grant Application, 1976
440-Southwest Pittsburgh Mental Health/Mental Retardation Program--Application for Initial Operations Grant, 1976
441-Family Planning Council of Western Pennsylvania--Year Six Continuation Application, 1976
442-University Health Center-Children's Hospital--Tomography Equipment Replacement, 1976
443-Allegheny General Hospital--Revised Construction Plan, 1976
444-Latrobe Area Mental Health Center--Consultation and Education Grant, 1976
445-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Communicable Disease Control in Pennsylvania Continuation Grant Application, 1976
446-Mayview State Hospital-Relocation of Children's Psychiatric Treatment Service from Western State School and Hospital, 1976
447-St. Joseph Home for the Aged--Life Safety Code Renovation and Addition of 47 Beds, 1976
448-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Venereal Disease Control Continuation Application, 1976
449-not present
450-Allegheny Valley Hospital--Replacement of Angiographic Equipment, 1976
Box 115 451-Emergency Medical Services Institute--Proposal for the Establishment and Initial Operation of an Emergency Medical Services System, 1976
452-University Health Center of Pittsburgh-Children's Hospital--Surgical Facility Expansion, 1976
453-not present
454-not present
455-Wexford House-Expansion, 1976
456-Allegheny County Health Department--Allegheny County Influenza Immunization Project, 1976
457-McKeesport Hospital--Nuclear Equipment Replacement, 1976
458-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Influenza Immunization Activities Grant, 1976
459-Armstrong County Health Center--Addition of 31 Bed Skilled and Intermediate Care Beds, 1976
460-Chicora Medical Center--Addition of 26 Skilled Care Beds, 1976
461-Presbyterian Association for Care of Aged and Orphans--Life Safety Code Renovations, 1976
462-not present
463-not present
Box 116 464-Aliquippa Hospital--Modernization and Expansion of Support Service Areas, 1976
465-North Hills Passavant Hospital--Computerized Axial Tomography Scanner, 1976
466-Department of Community Affairs--Development and Operational Plan for the Establishment of Health Maintenance Organizations in Pennsylvania Communities, 1976
467-Chronic Respiratory and Occupational Disease Services--Intensive Control of Tuberculosis, 1976
468-Central Medical Health Services--Sprinkler System, 1976
469-Central Medical Health Services--Cardiac Catheterization Unit, 1976
470-Homewood-Brushton Neighborhood Health Center--Community Health Services Project Grant Application, 1976
471-Windsor House Convalescent Home--New Facility, 1976
472-University Health Center--Joint Radiation Oncology Center, 1976
473-Jeanette District Memorial Hospital--Life Safety Code Renovations, 1976
Box 116-117 474-Forbes Health Center--Proposal for East Suburban Health Center 1976
475-499-not present
Box 118 500-McKeesport Hospital--Biochemical Analyzer, 1976
501-Butler County Memorial Hospital--Life Safety Code Renovations, 1976
502-St. Francis General Hospital--Continuation Staffing Grant Application for Community Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center, 1976
503-Forbes Health Center--Columbia Health Center Radiology Application, 1976
504-Armsdale Home and Hospital--Addition of 118 Bed Facility, 1976
505-Suburban General Hospital--Radiology Equipment, 1976
506-Divine Providence Hospital--Dietary Department Renovation, 1976
507-St. John's General Hospital--Plan/Program for Development, 1976
508-University Health Center of Pittsburgh-Children's Hospital--CT Scanner, 1876
509-Allegheny County Health Department--Year 4 of Rodent Control Program, 1977
510-Mercy Hospital--CAT Scanner, 1977
Box 119 511-St. Francis General Hospital--Air Conditioning Unit, 1977
512-Aliquippa Hospital--Life Safety Code Renovations, 1977
513-North Hills Passavant Hospital--Expansion of Hospital Building, 1977
514-Sunnyview Home--180 Bed Addition, 1977
515-Forbes Health System-Columbia Health Center--Life Safety Code Renovations, 1977
516-Graham's Nursing Home--Renovation and Expansion, 1977
517-Presbyterian University Hospital--Life Safety Code Renovations, 1977
518-Ohio Valley Hospital--Project Changes, 1977
519-Medical Center of Beaver County-Rochester Unit--Radiology Equipment, 1977
520-Medical Center of Beaver County-Beaver Falls Unit--Radiology Equipment, 1977
521-Jefferson Hills Nursing Home--50 Bed Addition, 1977
Box 120 522-Irene Stacy Community Mental Health Center--Federal Staffing Grant Continuation Application, 1977
523-St. Margaret Memorial Hospital--Development of the Primary Care Group Practice in West Deer Township, 1977
524-Family Counseling Center of Armstrong County--Outpatient Services, 1977
525-Southern Indiana Health System--Development of a Primary Care Health Center, 1977
526-Bio-Medical Applications of Southwestern Pennsylvania--Establishment of a Ten Station Hemodialysis Facility, 1977
527-Sugar Creek Rest Home--Sixty LTC Bed Addition, 1977-1978
528-St. Joseph Home for the Aged--Renovation of Fourth Floor with an Addition of Fifty Skilled Beds, 1977
529-Fobes Health System--Penn Hills Primary Care Unit, 1977
530-Butler Alcoholism Recover Center--Grant Application for a Female Alcoholic Program, 1977
Box 121 531-Allegheny County Health Department--Mobile Environmental Education Unit, 1977
532-Westmoreland Hospital Community Mental Health Center--Continuation Staffing Grant Application, 1977
533-Canonsburg General Hospital--X-ray Unit Replacement, 1977
534-South Hills Health System-Community Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center--Consultation and Education Grant, 1977
535-Latrobe Area Mental Health Center--Community Mental Health Center Staffing Continuation Grant Application, 1977
536-Magee Women's Hospital--Conversion of Gynecological Surgery Unit to Obstetrical Unit and Nursery, 1977
537-Presbyterian University Hospital--Urology Suite, Financial Statements, 1977
538-Eye and Ear Hospital--Diagnostic Radiology Facility, 1977
539-University Health Center of Pittsburgh-Falk Clinic--Ambulatory Care Module, 1977
540-Forbes Health System--Inhouse Computer Service Proposal, 1977
541-Butler County Memorial Hospital--Nuclear Medicine Equipment, 1977
542-Mt. Lebanon Manor Convalescent Center--New Facility, 1977
Box 122 543-Centerville Clinic Community Mental Health Center--Continuation Staffing Grant, 1977
544-not present
545-Aliquippa Hospital--Renovation and Modernization, 1977
546-Westmoreland Hospital--Upgrade ACTA Scanner, 1977
547-Woodville State Hospital--Evaluation and Placement of Geriatric Patients, Third Year Renewal Application, 1977
548-Mid-Allegheny Clarion Valley Regional Health System--Continuation Application for Financial Assistance, 1977
549-Emergency Medical Service Institute--Grant for EMS Training, 1977
550-The Community Medical Center of Northwest Washington County--Application for Funding for Primary Care Delivery System, 1977
551-Western Pennsylvania Hospital--Long Range Plan and Program for Development, 1977
Box 123 552-Braddock General Hospital--Fluoroscopic Unit, 1977
553-Community Mental Health Center of Beaver County--NIMH Federal Staffing Continuation Grant, 1977
554-Twin Valley Convalescent Home--Eighty Bed Addition, 1977
555-Hemophilia Center of Western Pennsylvania--Hemophilia Treatment Centers Program, 1977
556-Miners Clinics/Russellton Medical Group--Application to National Health Service Corps, 1977
557-University Health Center of Pittsburgh--Cardiac Catheterization Lab at Presbyterian Hospital, 1977
558-Mid-Allegheny Clarion Valley Regional Health System--National Health Service Corps Application, 1977
559-Latrobe Area Hospital--Replacement of X-ray Equipment, 1977
560-Centerville Clinics--Rural Health Services, 1977
561-Fayette County Mental Health/Mental Retardation Clinic--Continuation Application for the Fayette County Outreach to Children and Their Families, 1977
562-Armstrong/Indiana Mental Health and Mental Retardation Program--Application for a Community Mental Health Center Planning Grant, 1977
563-Dixmont State Hospital--Boiler Plant, 1977
564-Dixmont State Hospital--Utility Distribution Center, 1977
565-The Washington Hospital--ICU/CCU Equipment Replacement, 1977
566-University Health Center-Presbyterian University Hospital--Dietary Department, 1977
567-Westmoreland Manor--Renovation and Expansion, 1977
568-University Health Center-Children's Hospital--Radiology Room Replacement, 1977
569-University Health Center-Children's Hospital--Radiology Room Installed, 1977
Box 124 570-not present
571-The Methodist Home--Addition, 1977
572-Woodville State Hospital--Staff Development Program, 1977
573-The South Side Hospital--Emergency Room Expansion and Renovation Project, 1977
574-Human Services Center--Lawrence County Mental Health Center, 1977
575-Mercy Hospital--Second Stage Replacement,
576-Shadyside Hospital--Procurement of Replacement and New Diagnostic Equipment, 1977
577-Primary Care Health Services--Community Health Services Continuation Grant Application, 1977
578-Canonsburg General Hospital--Ambulatory Care, 1978
579-Canonsburg General Hospital--Nuclear Medicine, 1978
580-Episcopal Church Home--New Facility, 1978
581-University Health Center of Pittsburgh-Montefiore--CT Scanner, 1978
Box 125 582-Forbes Health System--New Health Maintenance Organization, 1978
583-University of Pittsburgh-Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic--WPIC Renovation Project, 1977
584-John J. Kane Hospital--Life Safety Code Renovations, 1977
585-Jeannette District Memorial Hospital--Parking Garage, 1977
586-South Side Hospital--Radioisotope Camera for the Division of Nuclear Medicine, 1977
Box 126 587-Suburban General Hospital--Boiler Conversion, 1977
588-St. John's General Hospital--JCAH and Life Safety Code Plan of Correction, 1977
589-Armstrong County Health Center--Renovation Project, 1977
590-Forbes Health System--Hospice Program, 1977
591-St.Francis General Hospital--Diagnostic Radiology Equipment, 1978
592-St.Francis General Hospital--Elevator Replacement, 1977
593-South Hills Health System Community Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center--Continuation Staffing Grant, 1977
594-St. Francis Community Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center--Adolescent and Children's Mental Health Staffing Grant, 1977
595-Jameson Memorial Hospital--Window Replacement, 1977
596-Suburban General Hospital--Air-conditioning in Central Building, 1977
597-Forbes Health System--Family Practice Residency, 1977
Box 127 598-F.O.R. Sto Rox Neighborhood Health Council--Supplemental Health Service Grant, 1978
599-St. Clair Memorial Hospital--Telephone System, 1977
600-Canonsburg General Hospital--HMO Feasibility Study Grant Application, 1977
601-Community Human Services Corporation--Funding of Primary Health Care Station 1977
602-University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine--Residency Training, 1977
603-Western Pennsylvania Hospital--Dental General Practice Residency Grant Application, 1978
604-Southern Indiana Health System--Application for Financial Assistance under the Rural Health Initiative Program, 1977
605-Kiski Valley Medical Facility--Rural Health Initiative Funding, 1977
606-McKeesport Hospital--Phase II Renovation and Expansion, 1978
Box 128 607-Butler Hospital--Operating Room Air Conditioning, 1978
608-Connellsville State Hospital--Dental Clinic for the Developmentally Disabled, 1978
609-Redstone Presbytery--Construction of New Facility, 1978
610-Allegheny General Hospital--General Dental Practice Residency, 1977
611-Lexington Home for the Aged--New Facility, 1978
612-Latrobe General Hospital--Modernization Expansion, 1978
Box 129 613-Southern Indiana Health System--Continuation Application for Financial Assistance, 1978
614-Graham's Nursing Home--Construction of 120 LTC Beds, 1978
615-St. Francis General Hospital--Community Mental Health Center ARC Grant Request, 1978
616-Mahoning Medical Center--ARC Continuation Grant Application for Primary Care Delivery System, 1978
617-C. Howard Marcy State Hospital--Life Safety Code Renovation, 1978
618-National Medical Care--Establishment of a 10-Station Affiliated Hemodialysis Unit in Westmoreland County, 1978
619-Braddock General Hospital--Twenty-One Bed Critical Care Unit, 1978
620-The South Side Hospital--Program for Development, 1978
Box 130 621-Latrobe Area Hospital--Boiler Plant Conversion, 1978
622-Torrance State Hospital--Boiler Plant Alterations, 1978
623-Jewish Home and Hospital for the Aged--Additional Building, 1978
624-Mid-Allegheny Clarion Valley Regional Health System--Rural Health Initiative Continuation Grant Application, 1978
625-Family Planning Council--Continuation Application for Funding, 1978
626-Latrobe Area Mental Health Center--Continuation Application Staffing Grant, 1978
627-St. Clair Memorial Hospital--SMA II System, 1978
628-St. Clair Memorial Hospital--Computer System, 1978
629-Westmoreland Hospital Community-Mental Health Center--Continuation Staffing Grant Application, 1978
630-South Hills Health System Home Health Agency--Respiratory Therapy in Service in Home Care Grant Application, 1978
631-Emergency Medical Service Institute--Application for Funds, 1978
632-Armstrong-Indiana County Drug and Alcohol Council--Proposed Annual County Plan for Treatment and Prevention of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 1978
633-Butler County Drug and Alcohol Council--Proposed Annual County Plan for Treatment and Prevention of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 1978
Box 131 634-Forbes Health System--Facility Conversion at Pittsburgh to Long Term Care, 1978
635-Uiversity Health Center of Pittsburgh--Central Laboratory Information System, 1978
636-Baptist Homes--Life Safety Code Renovations, 1978
637-Presbyterian-University Hospital--CT Scanner, 1978
638-Bernard I. Cohen, M.D.--Free Standing Ambulatory Surgical Center, 1978
639-Connellsville State General Hospital--Intensive and Coronary Care Unit, 1978
640-Washington-Greene Drug and Alcohol Planning Commission--County Plans on Drug and Alcohol Services, 1978
641-not present
Box 132 642-Centerville Clinics-Community Mental Health Center--Continuation Staffing Grant Application, 1978
643-Shannock Valley Area Medical Facility--DHEW-RHI Planning and Development Grant, 1978
644-West Haven Nursing Home--Twenty-Two Bed Addition, 1978
645-Valley View Nursing Home of Kittanning--120 Bed Nursing Home, 1978
646-Fayette County Mental Health/Mental Retardation Clinic--Continuation Application for the Fayette County Outreach to Children and Their Families, 1978
647-Armstrong County Health Center-Primary Care Department, 1978
648-St. Margaret Memorial Hospital--Medical Arts Building, 1978
649-Hemophilia Center of Western Pennsylvania--Hemophilia Treatment Centers Program, 1978
650-Fayette County Drug and Alcohol Commission--Fayette County Drug and Alcohol Plan, 1978
651-St. Francis General Hospital Community Mental Health Center--Education Grant Proposal, 1978
652-South Hills Health System Home Health Agency--Therapeutic Psychiatric Nursing in Home Care Grant Application, 1978
653-Centerville Clinics--Community Health Centers Program Grant Application, 1978
654-Mayview State Hospital--Water Distribution System and Renovations to Electrical System, 1978
655-Mayview State Hospital--Renovations, 1978
656-Community Mental Health Center of Beaver County--Federal Distress and Consultation and Education Grants, 1978
657-Dixmont State Hospital--Air Conditioning Installation in Hutchinson Building, 1978
658-Mon Valley Health and Welfare Council--Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Service Delivery Plan for Westmoreland County, 1978
Box 133 659-Greene County Memorial Hospital--Home Health Services Grant Application, 1978
660-Community Medical Center of Northwest Washington County--Continuation Application for Rural Health Initiative Funds, 1978
661-Sun City-East--Skilled, Intermediate and Custodial Nursing Facilities, 1978
662-Kiski Valley Medical Facilities--Rural Health Initiative Continuation Funding Proposal, 1978
663-Dixmont State Hospital--Renovations, 1978
664-Southern Indiana Health Systems--Continuation Application for Funding, 1978
665-South Hills Health System Community Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center--Consultation and Education Continuation Grant Application, 1978
666-John J. Kane Hospital--Facility Replacement, 1978
667-Southwestern Pennsylvania Economic Development District--Application for ARC Continuation Funding, 1978
668-St.Clair Memorial Hospital--Life Safety Code Renovations, 1978
Box 134 669-X-U-N Diagnostic Associates--CT Scanner, 1978
670-Commissioner's Council on Drugs and Alcohol--Alcohol and Drug Abuse Diversion Project, 1978
671-Elmcrest--60 Bed Addition, 1978
672-Pennsylvania Blue Shield--Application for Computerized Tomography Scanner Installation, 1978
673-Pennsylvania Blue Shield--Application for Computerized Tomography Scanner Installation, 1978
674-Jashwant K. Sharma, M.D.--Renal Dialysis Center, 1978
675-Citizen's General Hospital-KVMF--Transfer of Facility, 1978
676-Miners Clinic--Operational Grant for the Rural Health Initiative/Community Health Centers Program, 1978
Box 135 677-South Hills Health System--Mental Health/Mental Retardation Continuation Staffing Grant Application, 1978
678-Penn Group Health Plan--Addition to West Haven Nursing Home, 1978
679-Pennsylvania Department of Health--State Application for Influenza Immunization Project, 1978
680-Citizens General Hospital--Renovations, 1978
681-Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Health--Genetic Disease Testing and Counseling Program, 1978
682-Pinehurst Nursing and Convalescent Home--New Nursing Home, 1978
683-Alma Illery Medical Center--Two Primary Care Centers, 1978
684-Pennsylvania Department of Health-Bureau of Family Health Services--Improved Pregnancy Outcome Program, 1978
685-not present
686-Alma Illery Medical Center--Primary Care Health Services, Continuation Grant Application, 1978
687-Armstong County Memorial Hospital--CAT Scanner, 1978
Box 136 688-Allegheny General Hospital--General Practice Residency in Dentistry, 1978
689-Western Pennsylvania Hospital--Residency Training in General Practice of Dentistry, 1978
690-Alma Illery Medical Center-Satellite Clinic--Primary Care Health Services, 1978
691-Bio-Medical Applications of Butler--Affiliated Maintenance Dialysis Unit, 1978
692-St. Francis General Hospital--Purchase and Installation of Six MeV Linear Accelerators, 1978
693-Presbyterian-University Hospital--ICU Monitoring Equipment, 1978
694-The Western Pennsylvania Hospital--Expansion of Chronic Renal Program, 1978
695-The Washington Hospital--CAT Scanner, 1978
696-Harmarville Rehabilitation Center--Program and Development Proposal, 1978
697-St. Francis General Hospital Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center--Adolescent and Children's Mental Health Continuation Staffing Grant, 1978
Box 137 698-Medical Center of Beaver County--Application to Provide Chronic Dialysis Services in Beaver County, 1978
699-Magee-Womens Hospital--Replacement of One Fluoroscopic Room, 1978
700-The United Methodist Home--Life Safety Code Renovations,
701-Latrobe Area Mental Health Center--Continuing Education-Training Grant Application, 1978
702-Medical Center of Beaver County--Radiation Therapy Unit, 1978
703-Home Health Services of Allegheny County--Establishment, 1978
Box 138 704-The Country Place--New 120 Bed Nursing Home, 1978
705-Beaver Valley Geriatric Center--Replacement of Two Burners, 1978
706-Westmoreland Hospital Community Mental Health Center--Operational Grant Application, 1978
707-The Community Mental Health Center of Beaver County--National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Demonstration Grant, 1978
708-Indiana Hospital--Telephone Transmission Service for EEG, 1978
709-Butler County Memorial Hospital--New Facility, 1978
710-Southeastern Greene Community Health Center--National Health Service Corps Personnel, 1978
711-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Venereal Disease Control Program Grant Application, 1978
712-Commonwealth of Pennsylvania-Department of Health--Influenza Immunization Program, 1978
713-Aliquippa Hospital--ESRD Program, 1978
Box 139 714-Allegheny County Health Department-Immunization Project, 1978
715-Valley View Nursing Home--Expansion, 1979
716-Westmoreland Hospital Association--Telephone System Replacement, 1978
717-University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing--Nurse Practitioner/Clinician Program, 1978
718-Department of Health--Communicable Disease Control in Pennsylvania Continuation Grant Application, 1978
719-Suburban General Hospital--Lab Equipment Acquisition, 1978
720-Allegheny County Health Department--1979 Federal Rodent Control/Neighborhood Improvement Program Proposal, 1978
721-Shadyside Hospital--Construction of Medical Office Building and Additional Parking Facilities, 1978
722-Windsor House--New 168 Bed LTC Facility, 1978
723-Greene County Memorial Hospital--Ultrasound, 1978
724-Southern Indiana Health System--Continuation Funding Application, 1979
725-Community College of Allegheny College--CCAC Physician Assistant Program Training Grant Association, 1979
Box 140 726-Oakmont Residence--39 LTC Bed Addition, 1979
727-Westmoreland Home Health Care Agency--Hospice Demonstration Grant Application, 1979
728-Mountain View Center for Rehabilitation and Convalescent Care--Addition of 48 Skilled Nursing Care Beds, 1979
729-Community Health Clinic--Community Health Clinic Project, 1979
730-Southside Hospital--Program for Development, 1979
Box 141 731-Turtle Creek Valley Mental Health/Mental Retardation--Initial Operations Grant, 1979
732-Lancer Development Corporation--Intermediate Care Facility/Mental Retardation Facility, 1979
733-Allegheny East Mental Health and Mental Retardation Center--Application for Community Mental Health Center, 1979
Box 142 734-Centerville Clinics--Community Health Centers Program Continuing Grant Application, 1979
735-United Mental Health--Alcohol Abuse Program-Residential Care, 1979
736-Vincentian Home for Chronically Ill--Expansion, 1979
737-Citizens General Hospital--Training Allied Health Professionals for Alle-Kisk Valley Grant Application, 1979
738-Irene Stacy Community Mental Health Center--Continuation Application Federal Staffing Grant, 1979
739-Westmoreland Hospital Association--Elevator Installation, 1979
740-Forbes Health System--Family Practice Residence Program Continuation Grant Support, 1979
741-Forbes Health System-Satellite Family Practice Center at Columbia Health Center--Supplemental Grant Support, 1979
742-Emergency Medical Service Institute--Advanced Life Support Planning Activities in Rural Counties of Southwestern Pennsylvania Grant Application, 1979
743-Monongahela Valley Hospital--CT Scanner, 1979
744-Mid-Allegheny Clarion Valley Regional Health System--Rural Health Initiative Grant Application, 1979
745-Mahoning Medical Center--Continuation Grant Application, 1979
746-Community College of Allegheny County--Associate Degree Career Ladder Nursing Education Program, 1979
747-County of Butler Commissioners' Council on Drugs and Alcohol--Drug and Alcohol Program for Butler County Prison, 1979
748-Forbes Health System-Columbia Health Center--Replace Operating Room Air Conditioning, 1979
749-Forbes Health Maintenance Plan--Continuation Grant, 1979
Box 143 750-Westmoreland Hospital Association--Community Mental Health Center Operational Grant Application, 1979
751-West Greene Health Services--Primary Health Care Grant Application, 1979
752-McKeesport Hospital--Dialysis Center, 1979
753-County of Allegheny--Annual Plan and Budget for Drugs and Alcohol, 1979
754-Washington-Greene County Mental Health/Mental Retardation Program--Annual Plan for Services, 1979
755-Health and Welfare Planning Association--Community Health Information System Study, 1979
756-Armstrong-Indiana County D & A Commission--Proposed Annual Plan for the Treatment of and Prevention of Drugs and Alcohol, 1979
757-Family Planning Council of Western Pennsylvania--Family Planning Services Continuation Grant Application, 1979
758-West Haven Nursing Home--83 LTC Bed Expansion, 1979
759-F.O.R. Sto-Rox Neighborhood Health Council-Neighborhood Family Health Center--Urban Health Initiative Continuation Grant Application, 1979
Box 144 760-Canonsburg General Hospital--Program for Development, 1979
761-Verland Foundation--60 Bed ICF/MR Facility, 1979
762-Allegheny Valley School--Garage/Warehouse Construction, 1979
Box 145 763-Northwest Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission--Regional Emergency Communications System Grant Application, 1979
764-Shannock Valley Area Medical Facility--Operational Grant Application, 1979
765-Commonwealth of Pennsylvania--Statewide Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Information and Counseling Program, 1979
766-St. Clair Memorial Hospital--New Parking Lot, 1979
767-Forbes Health System-East Suburban Health Center--CT Scanner, 1979
768-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Childhood Accident Prevention Program Grant Application, 1979
769-Shadyside Hospital--Cardiac Care Lab, 1979
770-University Health Center--Additional Computer for Central Data Center, 1979
771-South Hills Health System--Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded, 1979
Box 146 772-Sickle Cell Society--Comprehensive Service Program Grant Application, 1979
773-St. Francis General Hospital--Information System, 1979
774-St. Francis General Hospital--Energy Conservation Equipment, 1979
775-Fayette County Mental Health/Mental Retardation Clinic--Outreach to Children and their Families Continuation Grant Application, 1979
776-Centerville Clinics--Community Mental Health Center Continuation Grant Application, 1979
777-Community Mental Health Center of Allegheny/Indiana Counties--Initial Operations Grant, 1979
778-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Genetic Disease Testing and Counseling Services Program Continuation Grant, 778
779-St. Francis General Hospital Community Mental Health Center--Parent-Infant Program, 1979
Box 147 780-St. Francis General Hospital Community Mental Health Center--Consultation and Education Program Grant Application, 1979
781-Chartiers Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center--Community Mental Health Center Initial Operations Grant Application, 1979
782-Grandview Health Care-Fayette County--120-Bed LTC Facility, 1979
783-Community Medical Center of Northwest Washington County--Rural Health Initiative Continuation Grant Application, 1979
784-South Hills Health System Community Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center--Children's Services Continuation Grant Application, 1979
785-South Hills Health System Community Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center--Consultation and Education Continuation Grant Application, 1979
786-Mon Valley Health and Welfare Council--Mon Valley Ambulatory Care Center Project Continuation Grant Application, 1979
787-Nurse Consultation and Service Agency--Expansion of Services for an Existing Home Health Agency Grant Application, 1979
788-Forbes Health Maintenance Plan-HMO Loan Application, 1979
789-University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing--Primary Care Nursing of Infants and Children Continuation Grant, 1979
790-Consilium--Project Alcohol and the Elderly Grant Application, 1979
Box 148 791-South Hills Health System Home Health Agency--Respiratory Therapy Service in Home Care Continuation Grant Application, 1979
792-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Black Lung Clinics Program Grant Application, 1979
793-North Hills Passavant Hospital--Installation of a Laboratory Computer System, 1979
794-Jameson Memorial Hospital--Modernization and Bed Replacement, 1979
795-American Medical Affiliates--New Nursing Home in North Versailles Township, 1979
Box 149 796-Lutheran Welfare Concordia Home--Addition of 60 ICF Beds, 1979
797-Ellwood City Hospital--Program for Expansion and Renovation, 1979
798-Allegheny County Health Department--Influenza Immunization Continuation Grant Application, 1979
799-Southwestern Pennsylvania Economic Development District--Human Resources Development Continuation Grant Application, 1979
800-Forbes Health Maintenance Plan--Continuation Grant Application, 1979
801-St. Francis Hospital of New Castle--Program for Development, 1979
802-Pennsylvania Department of Health--High Blood Pressure Control Program Grant Application, 1979
803-Alma Illery Medical Center-Primary Care Health Services--Continuation Grant Application, 1979
804-Miners Clinics--Rural Health Initiative/Community Health Centers Program Continuation Grant Application, 1979
Box 150 805-Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic--Life Safety Code Renovations, 1979
806-Centerville Clinics--Rural Health Initiative Continuation Grant Application, 1979
807-Centerville Clinics--Supplemental RHI Adolescent Health Services Grant Application, 1979
808-Centerville Clinics--Supplemental RHI, Ambulatory Health Care and Community Mental Health Care Linkage Program, 1979
809-Bio-Medical Applications of Pittsburgh--Change of Site, 1979
810-Indiana Hospital--Renovation of Existing Nurses Residence and Classroom Building into a Medical Office Building, 1979
811-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Health Education/Risk Reduction Program, 1979
812-Butler County Memorial Hospital--CT Scanner, 1979
813-Jeanette District Memorial Hospital--Replace Radiographic Units, 1979
814-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Expand Ultrasound Services, 1979
815-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Artificial Kidney Treatment Center, 1979
816-Forbes Health System--Graduate Training in Family Medicine Continuation Grant, 1979
817-Monsour Medical Center--Graduate Training Program in Family Medicine Grant, 1979
818-American Medical Affiliates-Wesley Manor Health Care Center-120 Bed Long Term Care Facility, 1979
Box 151 819-Newton Care Centers--Purchase of Mountain View Nursing Home, 1979
820-McKeesport Hospital--Family Practice Residency Program Grant Application, 1979
821-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Stereotactic Surgery Center, 1980
822-Monroeville Manor--240 Bed LTC Facility, 1980
823-Centerville Clinics--Rural Health Initiative Continuation Grant Application, 1980
824-St. Francis General Hospital-Community Mental Health Center--Adolescent and Children’s Staffing Continuation, 1979
825-John J. Kane Hospital--Replace Obsolete Bed Frames and Mattresses, 1979
826-Medical Center of Beaver County--CT Scanner, 1979
827-Neighborhood Comprehensive Health Services--Primary Health Care Grant Application, 1980
Box 152 828-Butler County Commissioner's Council on Drugs and Alcohol--Tertiary Program for Female Alcoholics Continuation Grant Application, 1980
829-Medical Center of Beaver County--Graduate Training in Family Medicine Grant Application, 1980
830-Frienship Village--New 60 LTC Bed Nursing Home and ILU, 1980
831-Magee-Women’s Hospitall--Additions and Alterations, 1980
832-Allegheny County Health Department--Immunization Project Continuation Grant Application, 1979
833-Westmoreland Hospital Association--Computer System, 1980
Box 153 834-Friendship Villa--Purchase of South Hills Convalescent Center, 1979
835-Sunnyview Home--Program for Replacement, 1979
836-Washington Hospital--Computerized Medical Information System, 1979
837-Uniontown Hospital Association--Renovate Radiology Department, 1980
838-Laurel Manor Village--80 Bed LTC Facility, 1980
Box 154 839-Sewickley Valley Hospital--Renovation/Modernization Project, 1980
840-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Venereal Disease Control Continuation Grant, 1980
841-Forbes Health Maintenance Plan--Supplemental Initial Development Proposal for a Qualified HMO Grant Application, 1980
842-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Immunization and Measles Eradication Program Continuation Grant Application, 1979
843-Citizens General Hospital--Replacement of Radiographic-Fluoroscopic Equipment, 1979
844-John J. Kane Hospital--Decentralized Long Term Care Facilities, 1980
845-Children's Hospital--Property Purchase for a Courtyard, 1979
Box 155 846-Children's Hospital--Property Purchase, 1980
847-Community Health Clinic--Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention and Services Program Grant Application, 1980
848-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Expansion of Ultrasound Radiology, 1980
849-Miners Clinic--Supplemental Manpower Application to N.H.S.C., 1980
850-McKeesport Hospital--HMO Feasibility Study Grant Application, 1980
851-Tri-State Council on Alcoholism--Detoxification Facility, 1980
852-Mercy Hospital--Solar Energy Demonstration Project, 1980
853-Allegheny County Health Department--Rodent Control/Neighborhood Improvement Continuation Grant Application, 1980
854-Green County Memorial Hospital--Replace Diagnostic Radiology Equipment, 1980
855-Pittsburgh Lifetime Care Community-Sherwood Oaks--58 Skilled Beds, 1980
856-Irene Stacy Community Mental Health Center--Federal Staffing Continuation Grant Application, 1980
857-Southern Indiana Medical Center--Black Lung Clinics Program Grant Application, 1980
858-Armstrong County Memorial Hospital--Replacement of One Tomographic Unit and Three Radiographic Fluoroscopic Units, 1980
859-Centerville Clinics--Black Lung Treatment and Nursing Centers Grant Application, 1980
860-Kiski Armstrong Home Care of Pennsylvania--Black Lung Program Grant, 1980
861-Miners Clinic--Pennsylvania Coal Workers' Respiratory Disease Program Application, 1980
862-Centerville Clinics--Community Mental Health Centers Federal Staffing and Construction Continuation Grant Application, 1980
863-Miners Clinic--Pennsylvania Coal Workers' Respiratory Disease Program Grant Application, 1980
864-University Health Center of Pittsburgh--Replacement of Central Laundry Equipment, 1980
865-Community College of Beaver County--Action-Oriented Continuing Education for Nurses Grant Application, 1980
866-Westmoreland Home Health Care Agency--Black Lung Clinics Program Grant Application, 1980
867-Southern Indiana Medical Center--Federal R.H.I. Continuation Grant Application, 1980
868-St. Barnabas Nursing Home--Renovations Converting Administrative Office Area into an 8 Bed Skilled Care Unit, 1980
Box 156 869-South Hills Health System Home Health Agency--Respiratory Therapy Service in Home Care Supplemental Grant Application, 1980
870-Westmoreland Hospital Association Community Mental Health Center--Initial Consultation and Education Grant Application, 1980
871-St. Johns Lutheran Home--Addition of 21 LTC Beds, 1980
872-St. Francis General Hospital--Energy Conservation Measure Program Grant Application, 1980
873-Butler County Commissioners Council on Drugs and Alcohol--Tertiary Program for Female Alcoholics Renewal Grant Application, 1980
874-F.O.R. Sto-Rox Neighborhood Corporation--Urban Health Initiative Continuation Grant Application, 1980
875-Allegheny Valley School--Conversion of 22 Bed Residential Facility to 15 Bed ICF/MR, 1980
876-Centerville Clinics--HMO Feasibility Study Grant Application, 1980
877-Human Services Center-Community Mental Health Centers--Initial Operations Grant Application, 1980
878-Allegheny County Health Department--Fluoridation Project Grant Application, 1980
879-Beaver County Drug and Alcohol Commission--State-wide Services Contract Funds, 1980
880-Mid-Allegheny Clarion Valley Regional Health System--RHI Continuation Grant Application, 1980
881-Westmoreland County Emergency Medical Services Council--Advanced Life Support Training for the Kiski Valley, 1980
882-Community College of Allegheny County--Training of Emergency Medical Technicians/Ambulance Attendants, 1980
883-Westmoreland Hospital Community Mental Health Center--Continuation Operational Grant Application, 1980
Box 157 884-Allegheny East Mental Health/Mental Retardation Centers--Community Mental Health Center Comprehensive Services Support Renewal Grant Application, 1980
885-Emergency Medical Service Institute--Expansion and Improvement of an Emergency Medical Services System,
886-St. Clair Hospital--Energy Conservation Project, 1980
887-Miners Clinics--Rural Health Initiative Continuation Grant Application, 1980
888-Alle-Kiski Health Plan--HMO Planning Grant Application, 1980
889-Passavant Health Center--Facility Expansion, 1980
Box 158 890-Pittsburgh Lifetime Care Community--Sherwood Oaks, 1980
891-St. Francis General Hospital--Mobile Radioisotope Camera, 1980
892-Family Planning Council of Western Pennsylvania--Family Planning Services Continuation Grant Application, 1980
893-C. Howard Marcy State Hospital--Life Safety Code Renovations, 1980
894-Skilled Health Facilities--Purchase Assets of Golfview Manor Nursing Home, 1980
895-Skilled Health Facilities--Purchase Assets of Suburban Manor Nursing Home, 1980
896-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Expand Nuclear Cardiology Program, 1980
897-Sewickley Valley Hospital--Energy Management Plan, 1980
898-Western Center--Medical Assistance Compliance, 1980
899-Ellwood City Hospital--Acquisition of Ultra-Sound Scanning Equipment, 1980
900-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Energy Conservation, 1980
901-Pennsylvania Department of Health--High Blood Pressure Control Program, 1980
902-not present
903-Montefiore Hospital--Energy Conservation, 1980
904-Shadyside Hospital--Total Energy Plant, Replacement of Inoperable Equipment and Related Corrective Maintenance, 1980
Box 159 905-Greene County Memorial Hospital--Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention and Services Grant Application, 1980
906-C. Howard Marcy State Hospital--Medical Assistance Compliance, 1980
907-C. Howard Marcy State Hospital--Renovations, 1980
908-Centerville Clinics-Rural Health Initiative, 1980
909-Sickle Cell Society of Western Pennsylvania--Screening and Education Clinic, 1980
910-Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh--Equipment for Central Chemistry Lab, 1980
911-Emergency Medical Service Institute --Communication Improvement Project, 1980
912-Lancer Development Corporation--Custodial Care Facility, 1980
913-Allegheny East Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center-Wilkinsburg Facility--Renovations, 1980
914-Sisters of Mercy--HMO Grant Application, 1980
915-McKeesport Hospital--Linear Accelerator, 1980
916-Health and Welfare Planning Association--Health Risk Reduction at the Worksite, 1980
917-Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh--Energy Conservation Measures Program, 1980
918-Department of Health--Migrant Health Program, 1980
919-Indiana County Head Start--Maternal Infant Child Care Project, 1980
920-College Misericordia--Home Health Service Training Grant, 1980
Box 160 921-Allegheny Valley Hospital--Replacement and Renovation of Building, 1980
922-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Genetic Disease Testing and Counseling Services Program, 1980
923-Henry Clay Frick Community Hospital--Refinancing of Bond Issue, 1980
924-Newton Care Centers--Renovation and Addition of Beds at Mountain View Nursing Home, 1980
925-Armstrong County Memorial Hospital--Addition of an Operating Room, 1980
Box 161 926-Dexter K. Case--Renovate and Add 100 New Beds, 1980
927-Sewickley Valley Hospital--Addition of Psychiatric Beds and Relocation of Psychiatric Unit, 1980
928-Fair Winds Manor--Life Safety Code Renovation, 1980
929-Shadyside Hospital--Pathology Laboratory and Data Processing Department, 1980
Box 162 930-Westmoreland Hospital Association--Modernization and Expansion, 1980
931-Jeannette District Memorial Hospital--Medical Office Building, 1980
932-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Diabetes Control Project, 1980
933-Allegheny General Hospital--CAT Scanner, 1980
934-Community Mental Health--Early Childhood Planning Program, 1980
935-St. Francis General Hospital--Developmental Evaluative Services for Children Grant Application, 1980
936-Valley Special Needs Program--ARC Child Development Program, 1980
937-St. Francis General Hospital--Parent-Infant Programs, 1980
938-Community Mental Health Center of Beaver County--Consultation and Education Grant Application, 1980
939-Friends United for Neighborhood Development--Friends United Center Health Services, 1980
940-St. Francis General Hospital--Consultation and Education Services Grant Application, 1980
941-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Health Education-Risk Reduction Program, 1980
Box 163 942-The West End Health Center--Urban Health Initiative Grant Application, 1980
943-Southeastern Greene Community Health Center--Rural Health Initiative Grant Application, 1980
944-Family Planning Council of Western Pennsylvania--Local Decision Making for Adolescent Reproductive Health Care Programs Grant Application, 1980
945-Family Planning Council of Western Pennsylvania--Family Planning Staff Training in Counseling Skills with Emphasis on Adolescents, 1980
946-Centerville Clinics--Greene County Black Lung Nursing Treatment and Outreach Center, 1980
947-Laurel Health Maintenance Organization--HMO Feasibility, 1980
948-Community Mental Health Center of Armstrong and Indiana Counties--Initial Operations, 1980
949-Community Medical Center of Northwestern Washington County--Health Service Development Project, 1980
950-Allegheny County Health Department--Women, Infant, Child Nutrition Services, 1980
951-South Hills Health System--CT Scanner, 1980
952-Mon Valley Community Mental Health Center--Comprehensive Services Support Program, 1980
953-University of Pittsburgh--Minimizing Alcohol Problems and Smoking Among Youth, 1980
954-Health and Welfare Planning Association--Cooperative High Risk Reduction Program, 1980
Box 164 955-Beaver Valley Geriatric Center--Bond Refinancing, 1980
956-St. Clair Hospital--Lease of Automated Differential System, 1980
957-Turtle Creek Valley Mental Health/Mental Retardation--Second Year Initial Operations, 1980
958-West End Health Center--Assignment of Health Manpower by the National Health Service Corps., 1980
959-Henry Clay Frick Community Hospital--Acquisition of Diagnostic Ultrasound Equipment, 1980
960-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Improved Pregnancy Outcome for Pennsylvania, 1980
961-South Hills Health System--Consultation and Education Services Grant Application, 1980
962-South Hills Health System--Respiratory Therapy in Home Care, 1980
963-Point Marion Borough--Water Fluoridation Project, 1980
964-Primary Care Health Services-Alma Illery Medical Center--Health Services Development Grant, 1980
965-Canonsburg General Hospital--Crossroads Medical Coal Workers' Respiratory Disease Program, 1980
966-Allegheny Valley Hospital--Construction of a new 450 Car Parking Garage, 1980
967-United Mental Health, Inc.-- My House Grant Application, 1980
968-Southwestern Pennsylvania Economic Development District--Human Resources Development Program, 1980
969-Southern Indiana Medical Center--Black Lung Clinic Program, 1980
970-South Hills Health System--Renovation and Expansion of 1924 Building, 1980
971-Beaver Valley Geriatric Center--Sale of Facility, 1980
Box 165 972-Westmoreland Home Health Care Agency--Black Lung Clinic Program, 1980
973-Friendship Villa--Purchase of Ivy Nursing Home, 1980
974-Citizens General Hospital and Allegheny Valley Hospital--Joint Proposal for a full body CT Scanner, 1980
975-West Greene Health Services--National Health Service Corps Manpower Application, 1980
976-South Hills Health System--Renovation to Remove Architectural Barriers for the Handicapped, 1980
977-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Land Purchase, 1980
978-Forbes Health System--Purchase 8 Acres of Land, 1980
979-Shadyside Hospital--Installation of a New Elevator and Modification of Existing Elevator, 1980
980-Elsie Miller Convalescent Home--Facility Purchase, 1980
981-St. Francis General Hospital--Call Classifier, 1980
982-not present
983-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Construct a Multi-Level Parking Garage, 1980
984-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Parking Garage Expansion, 1980
985-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Replacement of Myelography Radiology Room, 1980
Box 166 986-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Comprehensive Public Health Services Formula Grant, Tuberculosis Control in Pennsylvania Grant Application, 1980
987-Allegheny County Health Department--Supplemental Fluoridation Project, 1980
988-Allegheny County Health Department--Childhood Lead Based Paint Poisoning Prevention Program, 1980
989-Children's Hospital--Renovation and Expansion of Office Space at Children's Hospital, 1980
990-Eye and Ear Hospital--Replacement Facility, 1980
991-Saint Anne Home for the Elderly--Construction of Laundry and Maintenance Building, 1980
992-Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, Specialty Services Project, Addition of 37 beds, 1980-1981
Box 167 993-Children's Hospital--Modernization and Expansion Project, 1980
994-University Health Center--Lothrop/Darragh Parking Garage, 1980
995-Forbes Health System--Renovation of Columbia Health Center, 1980
996-Medical Center of Beaver County--Graduate Training in Family Medicine, 1980
997-University of Pittsburgh--Area Health Education Center Program, 1980
Box 168 998-University Health Center of Pittsburgh--Renovation of Radiology Department, 1980
999-Shadyside Hospital--Replace Tomography Unit, 1980
1000-Westmoreland Hospital Association--Energy Conservation Measure, 1980
1001-Divine Providence Hospital--Development of Ultrasound Diagnostic Capability, 1980
1002-Divine Providence Hospital--Energy Conservation, 1980
1003-Centerville Clinics--Rural Health Initiative Grant, 1980
1004-Allegheny Valley Hospital--CT Scanner, 1980
1005-Leader Nursing Centers--180-Bed Nursing Home Facility in Westmoreland County, 1980
1006-Sewickley Valley Hospital--On-line Data Communications and Information System, 1980
1007-North Hills Passavant Hospital--Replacement and Improvement of Radiology Department, 1980
1008-Washington-Greene Prevention Corporation--Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Alcohol Related Birth Defects, 1980
1009-Commonwealth of Pennsylvania--Health Program for Refugees, 1980
1010-Medical Center of Beaver County--Computerized Laboratory Management System, 1980
Box 169 1011-Leonard E. Price--Stone Hedge Manor, 1980
1012-South Hills Health System--Chemistry Clinical Analyzer, 1980
1013-John D. Pippin--Ambulatory Surgical Facility, 1980
1014-Emergency Hall Nursing Home--Kitchen Expansion and Modernization, 1980
1015-Braddock General Hospital--Upgrading Alcoholic Rehabilitation Service, 1980
1016-Baptist Home--Replace Existing Kitchen Facilities, 1980
1017-Monongahela Valley Hospital--Construct LTC Facility, 1980
1018-Grandview Health Center--120-Bed SNF/ICF Facility, 1980
1019-Leader Nursing Centers--180-Bed Nursing Home, 1980
Box 170 1020-South Hills Health System--Laundry and Support Service Facilities, 1980
1021-Washington County Health Center--Addition of 250 LTC Beds, 1980
1022-Brownsville General Hospital--Replacement of X-Ray Equipment, 1980
1023-Presbyterian Association for Care of the Aged and Orphans, 1980
1024-Suburban General Hospital--Install and Rent Computerized Information System, 1980
1025-Medical Center of Beaver County--Acquisition of a Telephone System, 1980
1026-Westmoreland Hospital Association--Replace Nuclear Medicine Equipment, 1980
1027-Medical Center of Beaver County--Family Practice Center Renovation, 1980
1028-Medical Center of Beaver County--Replacement of Basic Radiology Equipment, 1980
1029-Bartley J. Morrow, D.D.S.--New Nursing Facility in Beaver County, 1980
1030-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Renovation of Office Space, 1980
1031-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Central Sterile Renovation, 1031
Box 171 1032-University Health Center of Pittsburgh-Joint Radiation Oncology Center--Expansion, 1980
1033-Montefiore Hospital--Replace Body Scanner, 1980
1034-Weirton Convalescent Center--Construct Nursing Home for Elderly in Washington County, 1980
1035-Regency Hall Nursing Home--Re-Licensing of 21 LTC Beds, 1980
1036-John J. Kane Hospital--Replace Obsolete Bed Frames and Mattresses, 1980
1037-The Horizon Center--Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 1980
1038-Butler County Memorial Hospital--Rehabilitate Primary Electrical Distribution Facility, 1980
1039-Butler County Memorial Hospital--Replace Computer System, 1980
1040-St. Francis General Hospital--Adolescent and Children's Mental Health Staffing Grant Application, 1980
1041-Magee-Womens Hospital--Energy Conservation, 1980
1042-Allegheny County Health Department--Immunization Project, 1980
1043-Pennigan Investment--Long-Term Care Facility in Beaver County, 1980
1044-Fayette County Council for Family Abuse and Human Intervention--Alcoholism Treatment and Rehabilitation Grant Application, 1980
1045-Chicora Medical Center--38 Bed Addition, 1980
Box 172 1046-St. Clair Memorial Hospital--Acquisition of a CT Scanner, 1980
1047-St. Johns General Hospital--New Hospital Construction, New Services and 422 Beds, 1980
1048-Commonwealth of Pennsylvania--Immunization and Measles Elimination, 1980
1049-Commonwealth of Pennsylvania--Venereal Disease Control, 1980
1050-Alma Illery Medical Center-Primary Care Health Services--Satellite Clinics-West End Health Center and St. Clair, 1980
1051-Bon Care--Cost Increase, 1980
1052-Community College of Allegheny County--Physician Assistant Training Program, 1980
1053-Northwest Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission--Emergency Communications System, 1980
1054-Irene Stacy Community Mental Health Center--Continuation Staffing Grant, 1980
Box 173 1055-Allegheny Valley School--Construction of Five 8-Bed Intermediate Care Facilities, 1980
1056-Shadyside Hospital--Construction of Office Building, 1980
1057-Allegheny Valley School--Construction of Four 8-Bed Intermediate Care Facilities, 1980
1058-Beaver County Health Care--120-Bed Long Term Care Facility in Brighton Township, 1980
1059-Wesley Manor Home Health Care Center--Cost Increase, 1980
1060-Washington County Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse--Crisis Intervention, 1980
1061-Southeastern Greene Community Health Center--Assignment of Two National Health Service Corps Physicians, 1980
1062-Allegheny County Health Department--Rodent Control/Neighborhood Improvement, 1980
1063-Centerville Clinics--Community Mental Health Center, 1980
1064-Citizens General Hospital--Computerized Telephone System, 1980
1065-North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commissions--Rural Health Initiative, 1981
Box 174 1066-Mid Allegheny Clarion Valley Regional Health System--Rural Health Initiative, 1981
1067-South Hills Health System-Governor's Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse--Funding of Women's Prevention Project, 1981
1068-Sto-Rox Neighborhood Family Health Council--Urban Health Initiative, 1981
1069-Dialysis Clinics--Establishment of 13 Station Dialysis Facility in McKeesport, PA, 1981
1070-Family Planning Council of Western Pennsylvania--Application for Continuation Grant, 1981
1071-University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing--Primary Care Nursing of Infant and Children, 1981
1072-Miners Clinics--Rural Health Initiative, 1980
1073-Westmoreland Hospital Association--Community Mental Health Center, 1981
1074-Montefiore Hospital, 6 MeV Linear Accelerator, 1981-1982
1075-Alle-Kiski Valley Health Plan--HMO Initial Development Grant, 1981
Box 175 1076-Shadyside Hospital--Cost Increase, 1981
1077-Marian Manor--Renovation of Kitchen and Addition of Recreation Room, 1981
1078-Allegheny East Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center--C.M.H.C. Comprehensive Services Support Renewal Grant, 1981
1079-Sickle Cell Society--Screening, Counseling and Education Continuation Grant Application, 1981
1080-St. Francis General Hospital--Cost Increase, 1981
1081-Presbyterian Home--New 120-Bed LTC Facility in Indiana, 1981
1082-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Pennsylvania Black Lung Clinics Program, 1981
1083-St. Francis General Hospital--Replacement of 27 Patients Monitors, 1981
1084-Allegheny County Health Department--Tuberculosis Control, 1981
1085-St. Francis General Hospital--Cost Increase, 1981
1086-Community College of Allegheny County--Satellite Nursing Program at the Boyce Campus, 1981
1087-Fair Winds Manor--Cost Increase, 1981
1088-Mercy Hospital--Upgrade Special Procedures Radiographic Room, 1981
1089-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Contract with Children’s Hospital to Provide Care to Handicapped Children, 1981
1090-Greene County Memorial Hospital--Home Health Services, 1981
1091-Reformed Presbyterian Home--New Long Term Care Facility, 1981
Box 176 1092-Valley Care Association--120-Bed LTC Facility, 1981
1093-Community Dialysis Centers--13-Station Hemodialysis Clinic in New Kensington, 1981
1094-Torrance State Hospital--Handicapped Standards Improvements, 1981
Box 177 1095-Providence Health Care Center--Conversion of the Beaver Falls Unit to a 180-Bed LTC Facility, 1981
1096-Western Pennsylvania Hospital--Telephone System, 1981
1097-Beaver Valley Geriatric Center--280 Beds, Side Rails, 380 Overbed Tables and Night Stands, 1981
1098-Brownsville General Hospital--Renovations-JCAH and Life Safety Code Renovations, 1981
1099-Monsour Medical Center--Replace Two Fluoroscopic/Radiographic Units, 1981
1100-Hospice of Greene County--Primary Health Care, 1981
1101-St. Francis General Hospital--Developmental Evaluative Services for Children, 1981
1102-Mon Valley United Health Services--Comprehensive Health Services Program, 1981
1103-Valley Special Needs Program--ARC Child Development Program, 1981
1104-Rehabilitation Institute of Pittsburgh--ARC Continuation Grant Application, 1981
1105-St. Francis General Hospital--Installation of Centrifugal Chiller and Automatic Temperature Control Valve, 1981
1106-Community Mental Health Center of Beaver County--Consultation and Education Continuation Grant Application, 1981
1107-St. Francis General Hospital--Consultation and Education Continuation Grant Application, 1981
Box 178 1108-Human Services Center--Initial Operation Renewal Grant Application, 1981
1109-Community Medical Center of Northwest Washington County--RHI Funds, 1981
1110-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Computerized Electrocardiographic Analysis System, 1981
1111-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Cardiac Monitoring System, 1981
1112-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Renovation of the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning System, 1981
1113-Community College of Allegheny County--Licensed Practical Nursing Program at South Campus, 1981
1114-Jeannette District Memorial Hospital--Renovation of Ancillary Services, 1981
1115-Sewickley Valley Hospital--CT Whole Body Scanner, 1981
1116-Lemington Home for the Aged--Cost Increase, 1981
1117-Dialysis Clinics--10 Stations in New Kensington, 1981
Box 179 1118-Suburban General Hospital--Acquisition of a CT Scanner, 1981
1119-Alma Illery Medical Center--Primary Care Health Services, 1981
1120-Allegheny Valley Hospital--Cost Increase, 1981
1121-National Medical Care-Bio-Medical Applications of Butler--Expansion of Facility from 7 to 10 Stations, 1981
1122-Alan A. Axelson, M.D.--Construction of a Private Psychiatric Hospital, 1981
1123-Eye and Ear Hospital--Surface Parking Lot, 1981
1124-Ohio Valley General Hospital--Acquisition of a Full Body CT Scanner, 1981
Box 180 1125-Butler County Memorial Hospital--Acquisition of Replacement Telephone Equipment, 1981
1126-South Hills Health System--Consultation and Education Services Continuation Grant Application, 1981
1127-Valley View Nursing Home--Cost Increase, 1981
1128-Aliquippa Hospital--Acquisition of a CT Scanner, 1981
1129-Centerville Clinics--Optometric Equipment Grant Application, 1981
1130-Centerville Clinics--R.H.I. Continuation Grant Application, 1981
1131-Magee-Womens Hospital--Energy Conservation Project, 1981
1132-not present
1133-West Haven Nursing Home--83 Bed Expansion, 1981
Box 181 1134-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Replacement of CT Scanner, 1981
1135-Torrance State Hospital--Power Plant Alterations, 1981
1136-Butler County Commissioners' Council on Drugs and Alcohol--Tertiary Program for Female Alcoholics, 1981
1137-Step-by-Step--Development of 32 ICF/MR Beds, 1981
1138-Beverly Enterprises--Construction of 120-Bed Nursing Home, 1981
1139-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Lothrop/Darragh Parking Garage, 1981
1140-Turtle Creek Valley Mental Health/Mental Retardation--Consultation and Education Services, 1981
Box 182 1141-Allegheny County Health Department--Rodent Control/Neighborhood Improvement Continuation Program, 1981
1142-Dialysis Clinics--Expansion from 8 to 12 Stations, 1982
1143-Allegheny General Hospital--Addition of 6 Dialysis Stations, 1982
1144-Forbes Health System--Cost Increase, 1981
1145-University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing--Adult Primary Health Care Nursing Grant, 1981
1146-Allegheny Valley School--Renovate and Convert 70-Bed PLF to a 57-Bed ICF/MR, 1981
1147-Allegheny County Health Department--Comprehensive Immunization Continuation Grant Application, 1981
1148-South Hills Health System--Medical Office Building Acquisition, 1981
1149-Medical Center of Beaver County--Cost Increase, 1981
Box 183 1150-Greensburg Nursing and Convalescent Center--120-Bed Long Term Care Facility, 1981
1151-Indiana County Head Start--Child Health Initiative for Lifelong Development, 1981
1152-Southwestern Pennsylvania Economic Development District--Human Resources Development Program Continuation Grant Application, 1981
1153-American Health Systems--Addition of 39-Beds at Oakmont Nursing Center, 1981
1154-Unity Pavilion--110-Bed Nursing Home Facility, 1981
Box 184 1155-West Penn Hospital--Cost Increase, 1981
1156-Almar Radiologists--Replacement of Whole Body CT Scanner, 1981
1157-Monroeville Manor Associates--240-Bed Nursing Home, 1981
1158-Shadyside Hospital--Purchase, Install and Operate A Vascular Procedure Room, 1981
1159-Butler County Memorial Hospital--Conversion of Dormitory Space for Physician Offices and Dialysis Unit, 1981
1160-Dr. Alan A. Axelson--Construction of a Psychiatric Hospital for Children and Adolescents, 1981
1161-Turtle Creek Valley Mental Health/Mental Retardation--Preventive Support Systems for At-Risk Population, 1981
1162-Harmarville Rehabilitation Center--Cost Increase, 1981
1163-Montefiore Hospital--Replace Telephone System, 1981
1164-Almar Illery Medical Center--Supplemental Manpower Application Requesting National Health Service Corps Professionals for the St. Clair Village Health Center, 1982
1165-Mid Allegheny Clarion Valley Regional Health System--Rural Health Initiative, 1982
1166-Sto-Rox Neighborhood Family Health Center--Urban Health Initiative, 1982
Box 185 1167-Braddock General Hospital--Acquisition of a Whole Body CT Scanner, 1982
1168-Sewickley Valley Hospital--Cost Increase, 1982
1169-The North Fayette County Municipal Authority--Grant Application for Water Fluoridation Project, 1982
1170-Life Management Consultants--Development of Six Sites, 1982
Box 185-186 1171-Rehab Hospital Services Corporation--Construction of 85-Bed Comprehensive Physical Rehabilitation Center, 1982
Box 187 1172-Living Care Services Corporation-Friendship Village--60-Bed LTC Facility, 1982
1173-St. Margaret Memorial Hospital--Acquisition of a Whole-Body CT Scanner, 1982
1174-South Side Hospital--Establish Occupational Therapy Service, 1982
1175-West Penn Hospital--Expansion of Cardiac Catheterization Suite, 1982
1176-Braddock General Hospital--Replacement of Telephone System, 1982
1177-Leader Nursing Centers--Cost Increase, 1982
1178-Family Planning Council of Western Pennsylvania--Continuation Grant, 1982
1179-Miners Clinics--Rural Health Initiative, 1982
1180-Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission--Shannock Valley Medical Facility RHI Continuation Grant Application, 1982
Box 188 1181-Mobile Imaging--Shared CT Scanning Services, 1982
1182-Susquehanna American Associates--120-Bed LTC Facility, 1982
1183-Susquehanna American Associates--Construction of a 120-Bed Nursing Home-Baldock Health Care Center, 1982
1184-Mercy Hospital--Replacement of Radiology Equipment, 1982
1185-Keystone Company--120-Bed Nursing Home-Meadowlands Health Care Center, 1982
Box 189 1186-Keystone Company--120-Bed Nursing Home-West Hills Health Care Center, 1982
1187-Southern Hills Nursing Center--120-Bed Long Term Care Facility, 1982
1188-Marian Manor--Cost Increase, 1982
1189-Forbes Health System--CT Scanning Services at Columbia Health Center, 1982
1190-Cumberland Associates--120-Bed Nursing Home in Franklin Township, 1982
1191-Jameson Memorial Hospital--Ambulatory Care Center and CT Scanner, 1982
1192-Allegheny County Health Department--Tuberculosis Control, 1982
1193-Greensburg North Associates--120-Bed Nursing Home, 1982
Box 190 1194-South Side Hospital--Acquisition of a Whole Body CT Scanner, 1982
1195-Alle-Kiski Valley Health Plan--Federal Qualification for the Development of an HMO, 1982
1196-Lancer Development Corporation--Cost Increase, 1982
1197-University of Pittsburgh--Renovation and Expansion of Falk Clinic, 1982
1198-Citizens General Hospital--Cost Increase, 1982
Box 190-191 1199-St. Francis General Hospital--Replacement of Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities, 1982
Box 191 1200-The Verland Foundation--Cost Increase, 1982
1201-Suburban General Hospital--Cost Increase, 1982
1202-Pittsburgh Public Schools--Adolescent Pregnancy Demonstration Project, 1982
1203-Southeastern Greene Community Health Center--Adolescent Family Life Demonstration Project, 1982
1204-The Children's Home of Pittsburgh--Adolescent Pregnancy Program, 1982
1205-Try-Again Homes--Adolescent Family Life Demonstration Program, 1982
1206-YWCA of Washington--Adolescent Pregnancy Program, 1982
1207-Theiss Health Center--Adolescent Pregnancy Program, 1982
1208-University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine--Adolescent Life Demonstration Project, 1982
1209-Georgian Terrace Associates--120-Bed Nursing Home, 1982
1210-Forbes Health System--Expansion of Inpatient Psychiatric Services, 1982
1211-Medical Center of Beaver County--Addition of 2 Beds, 1982
1212-Shadyside Hospital--Addition of 9 Critical Care Beds with a Reduction of 9 Medical/Surgical Beds, 1982
1213-Oakmont Nursing Center Associates-American Health Systems--Cost Increase, 1982
Box 192 1214-Mayview State Hospital--Handicapped Standards Improvement, 1982
1215-H.C. Frick Community Hospital--Acquisition of a Whole Body CT-Scanner, 1982
1216-Mayview State Hospital--Installation of Fluidized Bed Boiler, 1983
1217-Mayview State Hospital--Partitions for Patients Building, 1983
1218-Mayview State Hospital--Installation of Air-Conditioning at Forrester Building, 1983
1219-Greene County Memorial Hospital--Expansion of Facility, 1983
1220-May's Manor--Development of a 40-Bed Intermediate Care Nursing Home, 1983
1221-Green County Memorial Hospital--Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention and Services, 1983
1222-Community Medical Center of Northwest Washington County--RHI Continuation Grant Application, 1982
1223-Community Mental Health Center of Beaver County--Addition of 3 Beds, 1982
1224-North Hills Passavant Hospital--Addition of 10-Beds, 1982
1225-St. Francis General Hospital--Purchase of Land, 1982
1226-The Verland Foundation--Addition of 7 ICF/MR Beds, 1982
1227-DeFluri Enterprises--Construction of a 180-Bed Nursing Home in Westmoreland County, 1982
1228-Westmoreland Hospital--Addition of 10 Beds, 1982
Box 193 1229-Butler County Memorial Hospital--Modernization and Expansion, 1982
1230-Presbyterian Association on Aging--Cost Increase, 1982
1231-Magee-Womens Hospital--Cost Increase, 1982
1232-Alma Illery Medical Center--Health Service Development Continuation Grant Application, 1982
1233-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Immunization Project Grant Application, 1982
Box 194 1234-University Health Center of Pittsburgh--Courtyard Cost Increase, 1982
1235-Presbyterian University Hospital--Expansion of ERSD Capacity by 12 Stations, 1982
1236-Allegheny County Health Department--Immunization Program Continuation Grant Application, 1982
1237-Uniontown Hospital--Acquisition of a Whole-Body CT Scanner, 1982
1238-Allegheny General Hospital--Establishment of a Discrete 16-Bed Psychiatric Unit, 1982
Box 195 1239-Divine Providence Hospital--Renovation/Expansion, 1982
1240-Allegheny County Health Department--Rodent Control/Neighborhood Improvement Program Continuation Grant Application, 1982
1241-Presbyterian-University Hospital--ICU Expansion, 1982
1242-Monongahela Valley Hospital--Develop a Radiation/Medical Oncology Facility, 1983
1243-The Verland Foundation--Addition of 13 ICF/MR Beds, 1982
1244-Centerville Clinics--RHI Continuation Grant Application, 1982
Box 196 1245-Riverside Terrace Nursing Center--Construction of a 120-Bed Nursing Home, 1983
1246-Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic--11th Floor Renovation, 1982
1247-The Western Pennsylvania Hospital--Cost Increase and Change in Scope on Project, 1983
1248-Shadyside Hospital--Replacement of Angiography Equipment with Digital Subtraction Angiography, 1982
1249-Braddock General Hospital--Addition of 10 Psychiatric Beds, 1982
1250-Waynesburg College--Baccalaureate Program in Nursing Feasibility Study, 1983
1251-Lawrence L. Gibson, M.D.--Establish a Free-Standing Ambulatory Surgical Care Center, 1983
1252-Presbyterian Association on Aging--2nd Cost Increase, 1983
1253-Bio-Medical Applications of Greensburg--Expansion of Facility from 10 to 12 Stations, 1983
Box 197 1254-Mobile Imaging--Shared CT Scanner Services, 1983
1255-Presbyterian University Hospital--Refinancing of Hospital Bond Issue, 1983
1256-Greensburg Nursing and Convalescent Center--Cost Increase, 1983
1257-Indiana Hospital--Acquisition of a Full-Body CT Scanner, 1983
1258-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Cost Increase, 1983
1259-The Washington Hospital--Air Conditioning-Phase I, 1983
1260-Sto-Rox Family Health Center--Urban Health Initiative, 1983
1261-NE/Butler Community Medical Center--Rural Health Initiative, 1983
1262-University Health Center of Pittsburgh--UHCP Family House, 1983
Box 198 1263-Dialysis Clinics--Establish a 10-Station Facility in Upper St. Clair, 1983
1264-St. Francis Hospital of New Castle--Cost Increase, 1983
1265-Allegheny General Hospital--Replacement of Head Scanner with a Full Body CT Scanner, 1983
1266-Miners Clinics--Rural Health Initiative, 1983
1267-The Washington Hospital--Ambulatory Surgery Expansion, 1983
1268-University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine--National Health Service Corp, 1983
1269-Allegheny County Health Department--Tuberculosis Control Project, 1983
1270-Champ Development Corporation-Rochester Manor--120-Bed LTC Facility, 1983
1271-Providence Health Center--Cost Increase and Change in Scope on Project, 1983
1272-The Children's Home of Pittsburgh--Transitional Infant Care, 1983
Box 199 1273-Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic--North Wing Elevator Project, 1983
1274-Divine Providence Hospital--Cost Increase, 1983
1275-Citizens General Hospital--Refinancing of Existing Debt, 1983
1276-The United Methodist Home--Nursing Unit Renovation and Addition, 1983
1277-The McMurray Hills Manor--Addition of 10 LTC Beds and 19 Residential Beds, 1983
1278-Bio-Medicial Applications-BMA of South Hills--10 Stations, 1983
1279-Aliquippa Hospital--Construction of a Laundry Facility, 1983
1280-Community Dialysis Centers--10-Station Hemodialysis Facility in the South Hills, 1983
1281-Develpments Incorporated--Construction of a Physicians Office on the Campus of Mercy Hospital, 1983
1282-Alma Illery Medical Center--Establish a Satellite Clinic in Rankin, 1983
1283-X-U-N Diagnostic Associates--Replacement of CT Scanner, 1983
1284-Shared Mobile--CT Scanning Services with Ohio Valley and Aliquippa Hospitals, 1983
Box 200 1285-Western Center--Handicapped Standards, 1983
1286-Children's Hospital--8 Medical/Surgical Pediatric Beds Converted to Respiratory Beds, 1983
1287-McKeesport Hospital--Urban Health Initiative, 1983
1288-West End Health Center--Community Health Center Grant Application, 1983
1289-Allegheny Health Education and Research--Acquisition of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, 1983
1290-Uinversity of Pittsburgh--Prevention of Black Infant Deaths in Pittsburgh Grant Application, 1983
1291-Riverside Nursing Centers--120-Bed LTC Facility, 1983
1292-Westmoreland Hospital Association--Replacement of CT Scanner, 1983
1293-Magee-Womens Hospital--Cost Increase, 1983
1294-Community Medical Center of Northwest Washington County--R.H.I. Continuation Grant, 1983
1295-Monongahela Valley Hospital--Addition of 10 Beds, 1983
Box 201 1296-University Health Center--Develop NMR Facility, 1983
1297-Centerville Clinics --Home Health Services Expansion Grant Applications, 1983
1298-Crane Associates--Construction of a 76-Bed LTC Facility -Harmon House Convalescent Center, 1984
1299-Timber Ridge--Construction of a 120-Bed LTC Facility, 1983
1300-Allegheny County Health Department--V.D. Research and Demonstration Grant Application, 1983
1301-Central Medical Center and Hospital--Acquisition of a Full-Body CT Scanner, 1983
1302-Primary Care Health Services--Community Health Services Continuation Grant, 1983
1303-Mercy Hospital--Installation of Automated Laboratory Information System, 1983
1304-Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh--Computerized Hospital Information System, 1984
Box 202 1305-Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic--Geriatric Psychiatry/Behavioral Neurology Expansion Project, 1983
1306-St. Margaret Memorial Hospital--Ambulatory Care Center, 1983
1307-Canonsburg General Hospital--Addition of 10-Beds, 1983
1308-Central Medical Center and Hospital--Renovations/Reduction of Beds by 18, 1983
1309-Westmoreland Hospital--Refinancing of Current Bond Issue, 1983
1310-Allegheny County Health Department--Immunization Continuation Grant, 1983
1311-Beverly Enterprises--Cost Increase, 1983
1312-North Hills Passavant Hospital--Addition of 10-Beds, 1983
1313-Hillcrest Children's Center--Adolescent Pregnancy Program Grant Application, 1983
1314-Community Dialysis Services of McKeesport--Expansion from 7 to 12 Dialysis Stations, 1983
1315-West Penn Hospital--Re-designation of Beds, 1983
1316-Southeastern Greene Community Health Center--Community Health Center Continuation Grant Application, 1983
1317-Divine Providence Hospital--Advance Refunding of Existing Long Term Indebtedness, 1983
1318-Continental Care Corporation/Jack Rees Rehabilitation Services--Addition of 8 Beds/Improvements, 1983
1319-Centerville Clinics--Rural Health Initiative, 1983
Box 203 1320-Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic--Cost Increase, 1983
1321-C.A.T. Scan Association--Replacement of CT Scanner, 1983
1322-Indiana Hospital--Cost Increase, 1983
1323-Oakleaf Health Center Association--Construction of a 117-Bed Nursing Home, 1983
1324-Bio-Medical Applications of Southwestern Pennsylvania--Addition of 1 Dialysis Station, 1983
1325-Continental Care Corporation--Addition of 10 Beds/Improvements, 1983
1326-Dialysis Clinics--Establish an 8-Station Dialysis Facility in the McKeesport Area, 1983
1327-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Immunization Continuation Grant Application, 1983
1328-The Podiatry Hospital of Pittsburgh--Replacement of non-Conforming Beds and Compliance with the Life Safety Code, 1983
Box 204 1329-Allegheny Health, Education and Research--Refunding of Outstanding Bonds, 1983
1330-Graziano Development--159-Bed LTC Facility in Squirrel Hill, 1983
1331-St. Francis Hospital of New Castle--Addition of 10 Psychiatric Beds, 1983
1332-The Ellwood City Hospital--Cost Increase, 1984
1333-Susquehanna American Associates--Cost Increase on Humbert Lane Health Care Center, 1983
1334-Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic--Addition of 10 Beds, 1983
1335-The Washington Hospital--Special Procedures Room, 1984
1336-Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania--Multi-Institutional Community Based System for Patient Transportation, 1984
1337-South Hills Health System--Replacement of Telephone System, 1984
1338-The Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh--Change in Method of Financing on the Hospital Information System Project, 1983
1339-Latrobe Area Hospital--Decrease of Long Term Care Beds by 18, 1983
Box 205 1340-Southwestern Health Center--Ambulatory Surgical Center, 1984
1341-Manor Health Care Corporation--Construction of a 120-Bed LTC Facility in Scott Township, 1984
1342-Jefferson Hills Manor--Nursing Home Expansion, 1984
1343-Manor Health Care Corporation--120-Bed Nursing Home in Bethel Park, 1984
1344-Allegheny Valley School--Expansion of Pittsburgh Campus by 6 ICF/MR Beds, 1984
1345-Monongahela Valley Hospital--Digital Subtraction Angiography Equipment, 1985
1346-Mobile Imaging--Shared Mobile CT Scanner between Clarion Osteopathic, Ellwood City, United Community Hospital and St. Francis Hospital of New Castle, 1984
Box 206 1347-The United Methodist Home--Construction and Renovation, 1984
1348-The South Side Hospital-Support Service Facility--Demolition and Parking, 1984
1349-Sewickley Valley Hospital--Labor, Post-Partum and Nursery Facilities, 1984
1350-Shannock Valley Area Medical Facility--Rural Health Initiative Continuation Grant Application, 1984
1351-F.O.R. Neighborhood Corporation--Urban Health Initiative, 1984
1352-NE/Butler County Community Medical Center--Rural Health Initiative, 1984
1353-Dr. Frank J. Suatoni--Free-Standing Ambulatory Surgical Center, 1984
1354-Miners Clinics--R.H.I. Continuation Grant Application, 1984
1355-Baptist Homes of Western Pennsylvania--Construction and Renovation to Replace Intermediate Care Facilities, 1984
Box 207 1356-Shadyside Hospital--Replace CT Scanner and Renovation of CT Procedure Room, 1984
1357-Shadyside Hospital--Parking Garage Addition, 1984
1358-Presbyterian Medical Center of Oakmont--Replacement and Expansion, 1984
1359-Continental Care Corporation-Kade Nursing Home--Addition of 5 Beds, 1984
1360-Continental Care Corporation-Briarcliff Pavilion--Addition of 10 Beds, 1984
1361-University Health Center of Pittsburgh--Replacement of 20 MeV Linear Accelerators, 1984
1362-Jefferson Hills Manor--Expansion, 1984
1363-Dialysis Clinics--Addition of 1 Dialysis Station, 1984
1364-Dialysis Clinics-Aliquippa Facility--Expansion from 10 to 12 Stations, 1984
1365-Central Medical Center and Hospital--Reduction of Beds by 18, 1984
1366-Frank V. Maida, M.D.--Ambulatory Surgical Facility in Westmoreland County, 1984
1367-Indian Creek Nursing Center--Addition of 10 Beds, 1984
1368-Primary Care Health Services--Rankin Family Health Facility Continuation Grant Application, 1984
Box 208 1369-Magnetic Imaging Associates--NMR Facility, 1985
1370-Surgicenter Associates--Free-Standing Ambulatory Surgical Facility in Westmoreland County, 1984
1371-Montefiore Hospital--Replace CT Scanner, 1984
1372-Westmoreland Human Opportunities--Expansion of Homemaker/Home Health Aide Services, 1984
1373-Community Medical Center of Northwest Washington County--R.H.I. Continuation Grant Application, 1984
1374-Surgery Centers Corporation--Free-Standing Ambulatory Surgery Facility in Pittsburgh, 1984
1375-The Rehabilitation Institute of Pittsburgh--Personal Care Attendant Training Program, 1984
1376-St. Francis General Hospital--Purchase Existing CT Scanner from Almar Radiologists, 1984
1377-Westmoreland Hospital--Purchase of Digital Subtraction Angiography Equipment, 1984
1378-Latrobe Area Hospital--Homemaker Program Grant Application, 1984
1379-Latrobe Area Hospital--Family Caregiver Project, 1984
1380-Southern Indiana Medical Center--Community Health Center Grant Application, 1984
1381-Commonwealth of Pennsylvania--Black Lung Clinics Program, 1984
1382-Eye and Ear/Presbyterian-University Hospital--Ambulatory Surgical Facility, 1984
1383-Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh--Conversion of 6 Medical/Surgical Beds to Comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation Beds, 1984
Box 209 1384-Sewickley Valley Hospital--Replacement of Fluoroscopic Equipment, 1984
1385-Braddock General Hospital--Convert 2 Medical/Surgical Beds to Psychiatric Beds, 1984
1386-McKeesport Hospital--Renovation of OB and Pediatric Units, 1984
1387-Mobile Imaging--Provide Mobile CT Scanning Services to Harmarville Rehab Center, 1984
1388-Health Care Industries-Sycamore Creek Nursing Home--Addition of 1 Bed, 1984
1389-Washington County Health Center--Correction of Structural Deficiencies, 1984
1390-Allegheny County Health Department--Injury Prevention Demonstration Program in an Economically Depressed Community, 1984
1391-Greensburg North Associates--Cost Increase on Hopehill Nursing Home, 1984
1392-Dialysis Clinics of New Kensington--Addition of 1 ESRD Station, 1984
1393-Forbes Regional Health Center--Addition of 10 Medical/Surgical Beds, 1984
1394-Forbes Health System--Computerized Information System, 1984
Box 210 1395-Community Development Centers--Relocate 132 ICF/MR Beds to Community Group Homes, 1985
1396-Jeannette District Memorial Hospital--Acquire a Full Body CT Scanner, 1984
1397-Centerville Clinics--Rural Health Initiative, 1985
1398-Frank Stanish, M.D.--Establish an Ambulatory Surgical Facility, 1984
1399-McMurray Hills Manor--Addition of 10 LTC Beds, 1984
1400-Regency Hall Nursing Home--Addition of 2 LTC Beds, 1984
1401-West Allegheny Hospital--Addition of 9 Medical/Surgical Beds, 1984
1402-Alma Illery Medical Center--Community Health Services Continuation Grant Application, 1984
Box 211 1403-Mercy Hospital--Construction and Renovation, 1985
1404-SE/Greene Community Health Centers--Community Health Center Continuation Grant Application, 1984
1405-Dialysis Clinics of Aliquippa--Addition of 1 ESRD Station, 1984
1406-Medical Center of Beaver County--Establish a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program, 1984
1407-West Penn Hospital--Redistribution of Beds, 1984
1408-Baptist Homes of Western Pennsylvania--Change in Project Cost, 1984
1409-Uniontown Hospital--Construction/Renovation, 1985
1410-South Hills Health System--Free-Standing Ambulatory Surgical Facility on the Jefferson Hospital Campus, 1984
Box 212 1411-Westmoreland Hospital Association--Establish a Drug/Alcohol Detoxification/Rehabilitation Unit, 1984
1412-Forbes Health System--Debt Refinancing, 1984
1413-Laurel Rest Home--Addition of 5 Beds, 1984
1414-Montefiore Hospital--Construction of Additional Office Space, 1984
1415-St. Francis Medical Center--Acquisition of an Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter Device, 1985
1416-Armstrong County Memorial Hospital--Replace CT Scanner, 1984
1417-Allegheny General Hospital--Replacement of Neuroangiography Equipment, 1984
1418-Allegheny Valley Hospital--Addition of 10 Medical/Surgical Beds, 1984
1419-Magee-Women’s Hospital--Replace Telecommunications System, 1985
Box 213 1420-The Washington Hospital--Construction/Renovation Program, 1984
1421-St.Joseph Nursing and Health Care Center--Addition of 6 Skilled Beds, 1984
1422-St. Francis Medical Center--Debt Refinancing, 1985
1423-Hartwood Health Center--200-Bed LTC Facility in Northeast Allegheny County, 1984
1424-BMA of Southwestern PA--Addition of 1 Dialysis Station, 1984
1425-Champ Development--Cost Increase on Rochester Manor, 1985
1426-St. Margaret Memorial Hospital--Installation of a Whole House Data Processing System, 1985
1427-Indiana Hospital--Designate 20 Medical/Surgical Beds as Ambulatory Surgical Unit, 1984
Box 214 1428-Allegheny General Hospital--Provision of Renal Transplant Services, 1985
1429-Shannock Valley Area Medical Facility--RHI Continuation Grant Application, 1985
1430-St. Francis Medical Center--Change in Scope, 1985
1431-Rehab Hospital Services Corporation--Cost Increase, 1985
1432-NE/Butler County Community Medical Center--RHI Continuation Grant Application, 1985
1433-Shadyside Hospital--Addition of 10 Medical/Surgical Beds, 1985
1434-Shadyside Hospital--Addition of Cardiac Catheterization Lab, 1985
1435-F.O.R.-Sto-Rox Neighborhood Corp.--Urban Health Initiative, 1985
1436-University Health Center of Pittsburgh--Replace Telecommunications System, 1985
1437-St. Johns General Hospital--Addition of 7 Psychiatric Beds, 1985
1438-BMA of Pittsburgh--Addition of 2 Dialysis Stations, 1985
1439-Butler Memorial Hospital--Construction of Acute Care Hospital in Southwest Butler County, 1985
Box 215 1440-Jeannette District Memorial Hospital--Decrease OB Beds by 12 and Designate 18 Medical/Surgical Beds for Intermediate Rehab Unit, 1985
1441-Voluntary Hospitals of America--Purchase of ESWL Equipment and Renovation of Space for the Equipment, 1985
1442-Southwestern Nursing and Rehab Center--A 120-Bed LTC Facility in Pleasant Hills, 1985
1443-Magee Women's Hospital--Refinancing of Long-Term Debt, 1985
1444-West Penn Hospital--Digital Subtraction Angiography, 1985
1445-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Development of Stereotactic Radiosurgery, 1985
1446-Manor Health Care Corporation--Cost Increase on Leader Nursing and Rehab Center of Bethel Park, 1985
1447-Kane Regional Centers--Advanced Refunding of Bonds, 1985
Box 216 1448-Braddock General Hospital--Addition of 6 Psychiatric Beds, 1985
1449-Visiting Nurse Association of Western Pennsylvania--Homemaker/Home Health Aide Training Programs, 1985
1450-Mobile Diagnostic Services--Provide Mobile CT Scanning Services to Greene County Memorial Hospital, 1985
1451-Community Medical Center of Northwest Washington County--Rural Health Initiative, 1985
1452-Allegheny General Hospital--Construct a 1200 Unit Parking Garage, 1985
1453-Montefiore Hospital, Establishment of an Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy Service, 1985
1454-Episcopal Church Home--Renovation and Expansion Project, 1985
1455-The South Side Hospital--Refinancing of Long-Term Debt, 1985
Box 217 1456-Monongahela Valley Hospital--Replacement of CT Scanner, 1985
1457-West Penn Hospital--Establish an Inpatient Psych Unit, Convert Medical/Surgical Beds to Psych, 1985
1458-Regency Hall Nursing Home--Addition of 8 Skilled Beds, 1985
1459-Emery Medical Management Company--Construct 200-Bed LTC Facility, 1985
1460-Montefiore Hospital, Cardiovascular Surgery expansion, 1985
1461-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Develop an Ambulatory Surgical Facility, 1985
1462-Tri-State Lithotriptic Institute--Acquisition of an ESWL Device, 1985
1463-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Replacement of Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, 1985
Box 218 1464-AMI Diagnostic Services--Provide Mobile CT Scanning Services to Brownsville General Hospital, St. Johns General Hospital and Union City Memorial Hospital, 1985
1465-Jameson Memorial Hospital--Debt Refinancing, 1985
1466-West View Care Center--Addition of 2 Beds, 1985
1467-RMA of South Hills--Addition of 1 Dialysis Station, 1985
1468-St. Margaret Memorial Hospital--Debt Refinancing, 1985
1469-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Program, 1985
1470-Forbes Regional Health Center--Replace CT Scanner, 1985
1471-Health Center Development--Advance Refunding of Long-Term Debt, 1985
1472-Manor Health Care Corporation--Cost Increase of Leader Nursing and Rehabilitation Center of Scott Township, 1985
1473-Medical Center of Beaver County--Renovation and Reduction of 11 Medical/Surgical Beds, 1985
Box 219 1474-Eye and Ear Hospital--Develop an Ambulatory Surgical Facility, 1985
1475-SE/Greene Community Health Center--Community Health Center Continuation Grant Application, 1985
1476-Centerville Clinics--Rural Health Initiative, 1985
1477-Apollo Medical Foundation--Rural Health Initiative, 1985
1478-Canonsburg General Hospital--Provide Mobile CT-Scanning Services to West Allegheny Hospital, 1985
1479-Primary Care Health Services--Community Health Services, 1985
1480-Pennsylvania Department of Health--Immunization Program Grant Application, 1985
1481-St. Clair Memorial Hospital--Advance Refunding of Bonds, 1984
1482-Belvedere Residence --Construct a 15-Bed Intermediate Care Facility, 1985
1483-Westmoreland Hospital Association--Refinancing of Current Bond Issue, 1985
1484-Southwest Health System--Bond Issue, 1985
Box 220 1485-Montefiore Hospital--Debt Refinancing, 1985
1486-West Penn Hospital--Advance Refunding of Hospital Bonds, 1985
1487-Westview Care Center--Addition of Beds and Renovation, 1985
1488-Community Dialysis Services of McKeesport--Addition of Five Dialysis Stations, 1985
1489-RMA of Greensburg--Addition of One Dialysis Station, 1985
1490-The South Side Hospital--Renovate Former Nursing School and Upgrade Parking, 1985
1491-Children's Hospital--Refinance Outstanding Bond Issue, 1985
1492-Allegheny General Hospital--Transfer of Six Renal Dialysis Stations, 1985
1493-St. Margaret Memorial Hospital--Finance Long-Range Capital Expenditure, 1985
1494-Bio-Medical Application--10-Station ESRD Facility in North Hills, 1985
1495-St. Francis Medical Center--Hyperbaric Chamber and Ventilator, 1985
1496-Greenville Orthopedic Association/Ambulatory Surgical Care Corporation--3 Operating Rooms, Free-Standing A.S.F. in Barkeyville, 1985
1497-Medical Center of Beaver County--Cancer Treatment Center Improvement Program, 1985
Box 221 1498-Allegheny General Hospital--Educational Conference Center, 1985
1499-Montefiore Hospital--Acquisition of Dual Place Hyperbaric Chamber, 1985
1500-Shadyside Hospital--Replace Data Processing System, 1985
1501-Bio-Medical Applications--Establish an Eleven Station Outpatient Dialysis Facility, 1986
1502-Allegheny Valley Hospital--Replace CT Scanner, 1986
1503-Allegheny General Hospital--Hyperbaric Oxygen Services, 1986
1504-Westmoreland Manor--Incinerator Waste Heat Boiler Plant, 1986
1505-St. Margaret Memorial Hospital--Cost Overrun on Ambulatory Surgery Facility, 1986
1506-Shannock Valley Area Medical Facility--Continued Funding, 1986
1507-Northeast Butler County Community Medical Center--Continuation Application, 1986
1508-Evergreen Convalescent Home--Replace and Expand Existing Facility, 1986
Box 222 1509-Sherwood Oaks--Refinancing Long Term Bonds, 1986
1510-F.O.R. Sto-Rox Neighborhood Family Health Center--Continuation Grant Application, 1986
1511-Family Planning Council of Western Pennsylvania--Continuation Grant Application, 1986
1512-Dialysis Clinics--Increase Stations in Aliquippa Facility From 12 to 16 Stations, 1986
1513-McKeesport Hospital--Acquisition of a Replacement Linear Accelerator, 1986
1514-Medical Center of Beaver County--Cancer Treatment Linear Accelerator, 1986
1515-Commonwealth of Pennsylvania--Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/Health Education and Risk Reduction Program, 1986
1516-St. Francis Medical Center--Refinance Bond Issue to Fixed Rate Debt, 1986
1517-Citizens General Hospital--Replace CT Scanner, 1986
1518-Pennsylvania Dialysis Clinics--Establish a 10 Station Dialysis Facility in New Castle, 1986
1519-Latrobe Area Hospital--Expand and Upgrade Facilities, 1986
1520-West Virginia Health Care Cooperative--8 Station Renal Dialysis Center in Uniontown, 1986
Box 223 1521-Community Medical Center of Northwestern Washington County--RHI Continuation Application, 1986
1522-Sewickley Valley Hospital--Medical Office Building, 1986
1523-The Western Pennsylvania Hospital--Refinancing of Existing Long-Term Debt, 1986
1524-Westmoreland Hospital/Gateway--Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program, 1986
1525-Bio-Medical Applications--Establish a 10-Station Freestanding Dialysis Facility in Uniontown, 1986
1526-West Penn MRI Institute--Provision of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Service, 1986
1527-Civic Dialysis Services--Establish a 10-Station ESRD Facility in Southeastern Pittsburgh, 1986
1528-St. Clair Memorial Hospital--Addition of Two Floors to Parking Garage, 1986
Box 224 1529-St. Clair Memorial Hospital--Develop a 40-Bed Psychiatric Hospital, 1986
1530-Triangle Radiation Oncology Associates--Provision of Cancer Treatment Services to Inpatients, 1986
1531-Mayview State Hospital--Install Air-Conditioning System, 1986
1532-Westmoreland Hospital--Addition of Linear Accelerator, 1986
1533-St. Francis Medical Center--Replace 25 MeV Betatron Machine with Dual-Energy Linear Accelerator, 1986
1534-Butler Memorial Hospital--Refinancing Existing Debt for Previously Approved Project, 1986
1535-Allegheny Health Services, Montefiore & St. Francis Hospitals, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy service, 1986-1987
1536-Divine Providence Hospital--Cost Increase on Project, 1986
1537-Commonwealth of Pennsylvania--Black Lung Clinics Program, 1986
1538-Shadyside Hospital--Establish MRI Services, 1986
Box 225 1539-Commonwealth of Pennsylvania--Venereal Disease Control Grant Application, 1986
1540-Visiting Nurse Association--Homemaker/Home Health Aide Training Programs, 1986
1541-Health Center Development--Acquire Magnetic Resonance Imager, 1986
1542-The Washington Hospital--C.T. Scanner Replacement, 1986
1543-Montefiore Hospital--Acquire Magnetic Resonance Imager, 1986
1544-Cameron Company Health Care Center--Rural Health Initiative, 1986
1545-Armstrong County Memorial Hospital--Acquisition of a Linear Accelerator and Simulator, 1986
1546-Woodville State Hospital--Program and Budget for 1987/1988 Fiscal Year, 1986
1547-Planning and Development of MRI Center--St. Clair/South Hills H.S./South Side Hospitals, 1986
1548-Allegheny Health Services--Replacement Management Information System, 1986
1549-South Hills Health System--Cost Increase on Ambulatory Surgical Facility, 1986
1550-Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Grant Application for Immunization, 1987
Box 226 1551-Allegheny Valley Hospital--Refinancing Existing Bond Issue, 1986
1552-Valley Community Services--Develop an ICF/MR Facility, 1986
1553-St. John Lutheran Care Center--100 LTC Bed Addition, 1986
1554-Apollo Medical Foundation--Rural Health Initiative, 1986
1555-Southeastern Greene Community Health Centers--Continuation Funding, 1986
1556-Alma Illery Medical Center--Competing Renewal Grant Application, 1986
1557-Centerville Clinics--Community Health Center Continuation Funding Grant Application, 1986
1558-Allegheny Health Services--Acquisition of an Additional C.T. Scanner, 1986
1559-Allegheny Health Services--Purchase an MRI Device, 1987
1560-Health Care Development--Purchase an Additional CT Scanner, 1986
Box 227 1561-Forbes Health System--Cost Overrun Replacement of CT Scanner, 1986
1562-Allegheny General Hospital--Heart Transplantation Services, 1986
1563-Allegheny General Hospital--Replacement of Linear Accelerator, 1987
1564-Manor Health Care Corporation--120-Bed Leader Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility in Washington County, 1987
Box 228 1565-Allegheny General Hospital--Conversion of West Allegheny Hospital to Neuropsychiatric Facility, 1987
1566-Montefiore Hospital, Acquisition of a Dual Energy Linear Accelerator, 1986-1987
1567-Weirton Geriatric Center--Construction of 120-Bed LTC Facility in Washington County, 1986
1568-Dialysis Clinic--Establish an 8-Station Freestanding Dialysis Facility, 1986
1569-Southwest Health System--Unification of Computer Network, 1986
Box 229 1570-Eye and Ear, Presbyterian-University Hospital, Health Care Division--Construction and Renovation, 1986
Box 230 1571-South Hills Health System--Replacement of CT Scanner, 1987
1572-Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh--Modernization and Renovation, 1987
1573-MRI of Western Pennsylvania--Free-Standing MRI Center, 1986
1574-Ambulatory Health Care Corp--Establish Free-Standing Ambulatory Surgical Facility in Butler County, 1987
1575-Bio-Medical Applications--Establish a 6-Station Dialysis Facility in Armstrong Memorial Hospital, 1987
1576-Southern Allegheny MRI Center-Uptown MRI Associates--Provide MRI Services to Inpatients, 1987
1577-St. Francis Health System--Develop a 150-Bed LTC Facility, 1987
1578-Indiana Hospital--Renovation and Relocation of OB/GYN Unit, 1987
Box 231 1579-Lawrence County Chapter for Retarded Citizens--8-Bed ICF/MR in New Castle, 1987
1580-South Side Hospital--Refinance Existing Long-Term Debt, 1987
1581-Suburban General Hospital--Replace Computer System, 1987
1582-Magee Women's Hospital--Replace Data Processing System, 1987
1583-Shannock Valley Area Medical Facility--Rural Health Initiative, 1987
1584-Step-By-Step--Develop Three 8-Bed Facilities, 1987
1585-Northeast Butler County-Community Medical Center--Rural Health Initiative, 1987
1586-Jameson Memorial Hospital--Refinancing of Series A 1985 Hospital Revenue Bonds, 1986
1587-Allegheny General Hospital--8-Station Dialysis Satellite Center in Indiana County, 1987
1588-Sisters of the Order of St. Basil-Mt. Macrina Manor--Additional 66 ICF Beds, 1987
1589-Magee-Women’s Hospital--Relocation and Expansion of Ambulatory Care Program, 1987
1590-The Verland Foundation--8-Bed ICF/MR Facility in Fayette County, 1987
1591-South Hills Health System--Refunding of 1975 Series G Hospital Gross Revenue Bonds, 1987
1592-Magee-Women’s Hospital--Purchase of Parking Garage, 1987
Box 232 1593-Washington-Greene Alternative Residential Services--Establish Two 4-Bed ICF/MR Facilities in Washington and Greene Counties, 1987
1594-Ohio Valley General Hospital--Construction of a Medical Office Building, 1987
1595-Presbyterian-University Hospital--Cost Increase on Stereotactic Radiosurgery with Gamma Knife, 1987
1596-Citizens General Hospital--Advance Refunding of Long Term Debt, 1987
1597-Barr Street Corporation--Establishment of Horizon House, 1987
1598-The Medical Center--Conversion of 34-Bed Medical/Surgical Unit into a 31-Bed Skilled Nursing Unit, 1987
1599-North Hills Passavant Hospital/North Hills Suburban MRI--Provision of MRI Services, 1986
1600-Sidney Square Properties--Construct an 87-Bed Nursing Home on the South Side of Pittsburgh, 1987
1601-The Medical Center--Cost Increase on Cancer Treatment Center, 1987
Box 233 Index Cards for Projects at Hospital Facilities, 1971-1987
Box 234 Index Cards for Project at Nursing Care Facilities, 1971-1987