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Series II. Committees

Scope and Content Notes:

This series is made up of the various ad hoc committees concerned with urban issues and committees related to the functioning of the organization itself that the Women in the Urban Crisis served on. Ad hoc committees were established for day care, education, employment, health, housing, and welfare. Committees pertaining to finance, fundraising, and nominating of officers were customary to meeting operational needs.

Folder 41 Committee on School Board Selection
Folder 42 Committee for Open Media (COM)
Folder 43 Committee on Corporal Punishment
Folder 44-47 Committee, General, 1978-1981
Folder 48-52 Day Care, Committee, 1970-1974, 1976
Folder 53-65 Education, Committee, 1970-1982
Folder 66 Education Publications Committee
Folder 67-77 Employment, Committee, 1969-1975, 1977-1981
Folder 78 Executive Committee

Box 7
Folder 1-2 Finance Committee
Folder 3 Foundations, Committee, 1984
Folder 4 Fundraising Committee, 1982
Folder 5 Furniture Exchange Committee
Folder 6-14 Health, Committee, 1970-1979
Folder 15-24 Housing, Committee, 1969-1976, 1979-1980
Folder 25 Housing Directory Committee
Folder 26-34 Nominating Committee, 1971-1984, no 1981
Folder 35 Personnel Committee
Folder 36 Volunteers Committee
Folder 37-42 Welfare Committee, 1969-1973, 1975-1976