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Subseries 5. Legal, 1850-1994

Scope and Content Notes:

Legal records appear in this collection in the form of leases with other railroads, companies, or banks; claims and grievances made by employees, other companies, or the public; related litigation; and government regulatory documents, such as by the Interstate Commerce Commission.

Box 4 Annual Reports to the Interstate Commerce Commission, 1964-1984
Box 8 Legal documents (land transfers, etc); Office of Engineer building specs for various equipment and implementation (ex. switches), 1915-1946
Box 16 Cases-United Railroad Workers of America M-1 to M-245, 1950-1959
Box 37 Documents delivered to Justice Department, Iron Ore/Great Lakes Antitrust Case, 1985
Box 38 Documents, Anti-Trust files, 1980s
Box 39 Financial Standing 1977 Report, calendar andplanners, 1970s
Box 40 Regional Rail Reorganization Act Files, 1970s
Box 41 B&O Trackage Agreement, Maps, 1982
Box 42 Dart Trucking v. Baltimore & Ohio RR, Discovery (P&LE documents selected by Plaintiff), 1982
Box 43 Pinney Dock v. Penn Central, 1989
Box 44 P. 7 Flagging Case - Rule 99, 1982
Box 45 Crowell/ Bristol Litigation, 1982
Box 46 Miscellaneous Ex Parte Proceedings, 1982
Box 47 1978 BRAC Strike, 1982
Box 48 Law Dept case files, 1980s
Box 49, 51 Crowell/ Bristol Litigation, 1982
Box 50 Ex Parte 252 law file, 1982
Box 57 Willis Trucking v. Balt. & Ohio RR, et al., 1957
Box 58 Ex Parte 334, 1982
Box 59 P&LE/LKS Coal Files; leases; case files, 1970s-1980s
Box 60 Case files; Law 375-C to 379-1, 1969-1988
Box 61 Documents Furnished PCTC Trustees RE: Sale of P&LE (April 1977), 1977
Box 62 P&LE/LKS Coal Files, 1982
Box 63 Documents Filed by R. L. Banks & Associates with U.S. Department of Justice in Response to Order of Special Court, 1977
Box 64 P&LE/LKS Coal Files, 1982
Box 65 Pinney Dock v. Penn Central, et al. No. C80-1733, U.S.D.C., N.D., Ohio, 1989
Box 66 Case files, 1980s
Box 67 Penn Central Merger F.D. 21989-90, Recording of interview of attorney Brandon By Jim Westover on Program "PM" radio station KDKA, 1974
Box 68 F.D. 29430 - Norfolk Western/ Southern, trackage rights, 1981
Box 69 Ex Parte Proceedings, Investigation of Railroad Freight Rate, 1982
Box 72 Ex Parte 241, Investigation of Adequacy of Railroad Freight Car Ownership, 1982
Box 71 Potomac Electric Power v, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, Comm. F.D. 37872, 1983
Box 85 Reports before the Interstate Commerce Commission (1928, 1927, 1967), Supreme Court Regional Rail Reorganization Act Cases, Agreement for Railroad consolidation (1914), Circuit Court Case Lemley v. Morgantown and Wheeling Railway Co (1920), Various Papers/ newspaper clippings, Booklet of Miscellaneous trivia from Chicago papers about excursion fares, 3 centavo Stamp from Nicaragua (1911 mint condition), 1921-1949
Box 106 Fields v. P&LE, minority stockholder litigation, 1979
Box 107 Investigation of adequacy of railroad freight car ownership, car utilization, distribution, rules and practices, 1979
Box 108 Passenger train abandonment of services - discontinuance, 1960s
Box 109 Duane Koontz v. P&LE, Pierce v. P&LE, Miller v. P&LE, Farone v. P&LE, West v. P&LE, Graham v. P&LE, Sekelik v. P&LE, Ledford v. P&LE, Hines v. P&LE, 1980s
Box 110 Delaware and Hudson Railway Bankruptcy, CSX vs. Monongahela Railroad, Burlington Northern Railroad Co. vs. P&LE, Norfolk Western vs. P&LE, 1970s-1980s
Box 111 Files for Grand Jury Subpoena of October 27, 1980, has a file log, 1980
Box 112 Pinney Dock vs. Penn Central, 1980s
Box 113 Baltimore and Ohio Statements, B & O Interstate Commerce Commission reports with P&LE, 1960s
Box 114 Files for Grand Jury Subpoena of Oct 27, 1980, 1980
Box 115 Crowell/ Bristol Litigation, 1980
Box 116 B&O/C&O Control, 1980
Box 117 Pinney Dock vs. Penn Central, 1980
Box 118 ICC Proceedings - Penn Central Bankruptcy (1973), 1973
Box 119 EEOC Matters, facilities information etc., 1973
Box 120 Case files: 299-326 a (George Vennebush v. P&LE), 299-362 (Lafrankie v. P&LE), 299-378 (Wagner v. P&LE), 299-391 (Coates v. P&LE and City of Pittsburgh), 299-392 a (Coates v. P&LE and City of Pittsburgh), 299-394 (Blumling v. P&LE, Monal Construction, Jones-Krall, and C.A. Muer Corp), 299-395 (Schrey v. P&LE), 1980s
Box 121 Martin Marietta Aluminum Inc. v AT&SF, Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical, 1980s
Box 122 Case files: 299-126 (Becker v. P&LE), 299-140 (Mannas v. P&LE), 299-137 (Brandstadter v. P&LE), 299-131 (Fisher v. P&LE), 299-151 (Vennebush v. P&LE), 299-151 a (Vennebush v. P&LE), 299-216 (Slonchka v. P&LE), 299-167 ( Holfelder Jr. v. P&LE), 299-179 (Rosko v. P&LE), 299-187 (Smetanka v. Vesche and P&LE, 299-188 (Bacha v. P&LE), 299-189 (Zollinger v. P&LE), 299-292 (Zitcovich v. P&LE), 299-195 (Malloy v. P&LE), 299-199 (McCabe v. P&LE), 299-202 (Buerkle v. P&LE), 299-205 ( Grumbling v. P&LE), 1970s
Box 123 Pinney Dock Litigation (Republic Steel, Tauro, HG Allyn- Unkovic files), 1989
Box 124 Documents delivered to Justice Department, Iron Ore/ Great Lakes Antitrust Case, 1980
Box 125 299-387 ( Yohman v. P&LE), 299-415 (Donofrio v. P&LE), 299-429 (Bethune v. P&LE), 299-498 (Bethune v. P&LE), 299-435 (Winston v. P&LE), 299-446 ( Sovern v. P&LE), 299-448 ( Feinaugle v. P&LE), 299-452 ( Iudiciani v. P&LE), 299-461 ( Davis v. P&LE), 1980s
Box 126 Stagers Acts, Section 229 Complaints, 1985
Box 127 Montour Land Co. File 182, Delinquent Accounts File 190, Library File 381, Workmen's Compensation File 592, Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation, 1967-1981
Box 128 Merger of Norfolk and Western Railway Company and the New York, Chicago, and St. Louis Railroad Company, 1962
Box 129 US v. B&ORR, Grand jury investigation, 1980
Box 140 Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Properties (documents concerning property buying and selling, etc), Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Properties (files concerning selling off of land holdings, Engineering Files (Pittsburgh Coal company, agreements), 1912; 1993
Box 146 Mechanical Dept. - Transport Workers of America Cases ( MY -1 to My - 61 - A and G - 2 to G - 75), 1960s
Box 163 Ex Parte 252, Incentive Per Diem Charges - Gondolas, 1970s
Box 164 Time claims or Grievances, 1970s
Box 165 Time Claims or Grievances (6476 thru 6672 - Time Claims or Grievances, 6628 thru 6639 - 1st Div. NRAB see file E502, 6640 thru 6641 - Time claims or Grievances, 6642 - See Board File A3T2, 6643 thru 6646 - Time Claims or Grievances, 6647 - 1st Div. NRAB et al, 6648 thru 6652 - Time Claims or Grievances, 6653 - 1st Div. NRAB, 6654 thru 6675 - Time Claims or Grievances, 1950s
Box 166 Time claims or Grievances (18876 - 2nd Div. NRAB see A15 V117, 18877 thru 19025 - Time Claims or Grievances, 1960s
Box 167-168 Time Claims or Grievances, 1957-1960s
Box 169 2nd Division Awards (NRAB), AV15V92 thru A16V113, 1960s
Box 170 Agreement between P&LE and Yardmasters, Labor Agreements Effective 4/1/91, Mediation Agreements (UTU, BLE,ATDA,RYA,TCU & Telegraphers, Allied Services), P&LE Union Agreements, 1990s
Box 171 P&LE legal case files including: 2373 (T. Sember), 2864, 6504, 5726 (Jas.Dugas), 4323, 3666,6294 (Roy E. Swagger), 4719 (Robert A. Blumling, 5619 (Russell C. Coates), 5710, M-969 (City of Pittsburgh Coates), 5711 (Pasq. DiRommaso), 5710 (Phillip Cheswick), 1980s
Box 172 P&LE Files 6388 (J. A. Oliver), 6816 (Stan Lee Popinski), 5169 (Gary E. Harper), 5685, 5648, 5452, 6313, 5459 (Howard Humphries), 4815, 5633, 4130, 1980s
Box 173 Time Claims Clerks, Clerical Rosters, Bonding Service Clerks, Vacation Clerks, Office Machines, Taxi Cabs charges, Payroll Information Clerks, Wages working conditions advertisement district, clerks agreements holidays vacations wages etc, Grievances of Employers, etc., 1980s
Box 181 P&LE files: 8017 (R. A. Boyd), 7168 (J. Antovich), 7676 (C. J. Edowski), 7492, 6765 (H. E. Bethune), 6945 (Anthony Janocha), 7649 (Kenneth Gasparovich), 6944 (W. E. Gewin), 7885 (Charles R. Gooden), 6943 (Robert Dye), 1980s
Box 186 11551 thru 11599 (Time Claims or Grievances), 11600 (2nd Div NRAB A15V22), 11601 to 11602 (Time Claims or Grievances), 11603 (2nd Div NRAB A15V25), 11604 thru 11718 (Time Claims or Grievances), 11719 thru 11725 (Time Claims or Grievances), 1960s
Box 286a Correspondence on railroad contracts, a bound report on elimination of Baltimore & Ohio Railroad crossing, 1934-1952
Box 299 Index of early railroad contracts, 1875-1914
Box 330 Financial World Magazines 1930s-40s; Ads; American Railroad Car Institute Publication 1950s; correspondence, contracts regarding agreements between regional railroads; T&T publications--the American resistance movement; employee records; P&LE case against J.F. Kepler, 1909-1958
Box 334b Contracts between P&LE and other parties, 1877-1991
Box 383 Records of securities and anti-trust litigation against P&LE, 1970s
Box 408a Correspondence with PC&Y; sidetrack agreements; lease agreements; grade crossings; properties; National Industrial Recovery Act; accident report, 1910-1940
Box 435 General notices; car men's agreements; 1967 Strike time claims; jurisdiction disputes; conference and grievances of Transport Workers Union of America, 1944-1972
Box 466 Political Action Committee files on accounting and expenses; lobby, and state rules and regulations; specific focus on Thornburgh administration, 1980
Box 481 Transport Workers Union of American claims, 1965-1968
Box 483 Regulations of Public Utility Commission; vending machine services contracts; organization of officials charts; contracts and agreements with Consolidated Rail Corp. and P&LE-Ashtabula Harbor Agreement; ICC locomotive inspections; relations with Dept. of US Government Presidential Advisory Committee on Railroads, 1928-1989
Box 485 Railroad toilet facilities reports; various train reports; time tables and schedules; operation of B&O trains over P&LE railroads; contracts and agreements with B&O; contracts and agreements with various companies and railroads; P&LE and PC&Y joint inspection and equipment maintenance; line service to Erie, PL&E, B&O, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore, 1928-1982
Box 486 Board of Directors meeting minutes; Penn Central Transportation Company reorganization proceedings; Mary Crowell et. al vs. Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Company litigation records (court reports and bills, etc.), 1969-1974
Box 487 Damage suits and claims; injury cases handled by claims dept.; federal and state safety regulations (OSHA); taxes, assessments, and W-2s; inventions and patents; Federal Railway Administration safety standards; police reports; W-4s; increase and decrease of furloughs; blue flag reports; equipment dept. monthly accident reports, 1964-1989
Box 488 Reports to the office of Chief Engineer from the American Railway Association, Interstate Commerce Commission, Pennsylvania Railroad Association, Eastern Railway Association, General Managers Association; information regarding industrial supplies and equipment; PC&Y: Employee medical reports, 1960-1991
Box 489 Paperwork concerning restructuring (legal agreements, master agreement, creditor relations, investments, legal requirements), 1985
Box 491 Sale of Pittsburgh & Lake Erie to Bank of Mellon; standing agreements and contracts, reports of net worth based on property, past formal agreements relating to selling the company, 1976-1987
Box 492 Claims awaiting appeal; files of various railroad and transportation organizations; organization claims; district group advertisements and awards; vacation agreements for mechanical dept. and Maintenance of Way, 1980s
Box 493 Annual reports to Ohio Department of Taxation (1991); Interstate Commerce Commission applications for construction approval; Who's Who In America lawyer directory; submissions for RR execs; Oliver Iron and Steel Corp purchase of riverfront property legal documents; inspection trips; file of Alfred E. Perlman speech to Newcomen Society; National Assoc. Railroad and Utility Commission; grade crossings; land purchases; Conrail agreements; increased freight rates and charges (1957); LE&E files, 1970-1991
Box 494 Claims, 1949-1973
Box 501 Legal notes to CSX regarding agreements with ARASA; pay; health services; 1990 review of labor and union agreements, 1990-1992
Box 503 Working, e.g., functioning contracts for lien agreements, lease, and loan with various companies and banks, 1938-1969
Box 504 Director of Labor Relations and Personnel, employee time claims and grievances, 1959-1960
Box 505 Legal dept. agreements, contracts, leases, General Electric, local Delaware court case (Bertram Field v. Henry G. Allyn, Jr. et al -class action claim); Coal Ventures inc., pre-acquisitions meetings and reports; Mellon Branch account activity, 1978-1993
Box 506 Employee legal documents and correspondence; debts, safety, service, violations, activities, discipline, 1986-1989
Box 508, 510-511 Time claims and grievances (P&LE vs. various unions), 1950-1970
Box 517 Shop maintenance standards (1986); multi-railroad agreements on car men, their helpers, and apprentices (1963); agreement between PA railroads and American Railway Supervisors Association (1957); master agreement for restructuring of obligations of P&LE (1985); various other multi-railroad agreements; Montour Railroad railway operating revenues (1927-1941), 1927-1986
Box 532 Report and recommendations of United Transportation Union study committee; various publications including testimony transcripts; report on trends of railroad construction costs; shipment conditions; research reports of Federal Railroad Administration; Annual Reports of National Mediation Board; Railway Accounting Rules; ICC Amendments, Rules, and Dockets; Constitution and annual report of American Short Line Railroad Association; Public Utility Law, etc., 1923-1992
Box 533 Bertram Field and Edward L. Franucchi v. Henry G. Allyn, Jr.; Finance Auditors report; Wheeling Dollar Coal leases and valuation; stock buying reports; securities firms, 1979-1985
Box 536a-536b Articles of Agreement for P&LE, PC&Y, Y&S, and MCRR, 1920-1975
Box 565-566 Contract cards; A - G, 1880-1980
Oversize 569-570 ICC Hearing for B&O and P&LE featuring exhibits of routes, statistics, land valuations, rehabilitation, costs, savings, employees, departmental duties, switching studies, tax and capital stock information, proposed usage payments, explanation of valuation figures, etc., 1963
Oversize 580 Lake Erie & Eastern Railroad: ICC Bureau of Valuation land report with carrier's review, objections, and revisions, 1923-1926
Oversize 581 Report to ICC Bureau of Valuation by Pittsburgh and Ohio Valley Railroad, 1940-1952