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Subseries 3. General Operations, 1883-1982

Scope and Content Notes:

This series represents records that do not fall exclusively under the other more specific categories. Boxes marked with this subseries name may contain a wide-ranging mix of records from different departments and have no clear distinction other than that they are examples of railroad operations, such as meeting minutes, personnel correspondence, and reports. All material formats may appear in this subseries.

Box 2 Trainmen rosters (1980s), Bulletin Orders (1980s), Tax Assessments (1930), blueprints and work orders to Bethlehem Steel for rail cars and 250-ton steel wreck crane, 1930-1986
Box 7 Retirement roster; dinner information; disciplinary forms, passenger train service (1983), freight claim forms, 1980s
Box 9 Youghiogheny Bridge Manteca files, Pittsburgh Train Shed files, insurance inquiry files and modification for compliance, 1940s
Box 10 Air brake implementation, land lease, road crossing construction file, 1950-1980
Box 17 Land leases, power plant branch extension WV (blueprints) River-Lake belt conveyor study, 1940s
Box 21 Photographs (Boiler Tube Company of America, Employees, Black Lung, Negatives Yard Photos, Scrapbook), telephone directory, blueprints (Montour Junction), Break Assembly Packet, Radio Procedure Cards, 1950-1980
Box 22 Correspondence, Dental Plan, Freight Shipment Claims, 1980s
Box 23 Board of directors meeting minutes, Finance Committee Documents, 1980s
Box 24 Trainmen seniority rosters, engineer investigations, accident reports, clerks roster, Conrail Qualifications, 1990s
Box 26 Information on insurance company, parts/materials, fire losses, 1978-1988
Box 27 Passenger Service, Freight Operations, Security Files (order for new police vehicles - Ford Fairmonts, Dodge Aspens), 1970s
Box 31 Facilities Information (McKee's Rocks; Homestead), 1960-1970
Box 33 Police dept. reports, leases and track agreements, rules and rates of pay agreement, 1980s
Box 35 Microfilm records, safety rules, operating statistics and overhead expenses, Pocket Directory of Railroad Officials, change of employee status, disability files, 1980s
Box 74 Documents Furnished PCTC Trustees, Re: Sale of P&LE (1977), Maintenance Chart, Equipment Lease Agreements, Lease Documents, Labor relations report, Bank Credit Agreement, 1970s
Box 84 Report of Operations books (1921-25, 1934-35,1938-39, 1949), 1921-1949
Box 86 Annual Reports (1961-66), Sale of Land and Property, Lease of Land and Property, Phone and Wire Crossing files, Track Mileage and Grade Changes, 1960s
Box 92 Business Orders (1988), Destruction of Records form (1965), blueprints for turntable, crane, etc., 1950-1980s
Box 147 Community Relations Committee of the Pittsburgh Railroads Files - Countdown for America's Railroads, 1950-1980s
Box 155 Reg. Files - Entire Road - Up to current files, American Railway Supervisors Association, 1960s
Box 160 Various Letters (1960-74), 1120 Crossing Watchmen, Seniority Roster (1993), Brady Street Bridge (1970 - 1975), Store House at McKees Rocks (1986), Report on P&LE fueling facility at McKees Rocks, 1960s-1970s
Box 176 Mgr. Business Planning & Analysis - Monongahela Through Power; Connellsville Coal Transfer; Smith's Ferry Branch; Brownsville Area Coal Transfer; Locomotive Sand; Utilization of Hoppers; Dickerson Run Coal Transfer; Southwest Steel Property; Lykes Resources - Emerald Mine - WSRR, 1970s
Box 296b Correspondence on car movements, track changes, legal issues, 1983 Weed and Bush Control Program, and "5,000,000th Freight Car"/Gateway Yard Celebration (1966); rosters and seniority lists, notices and bulletins, 1924-1983
Box 298a Correspondence of Chief Mechanical Officer regarding matters of the mechanical department such as railroad billing, employees, inspections, and announcements, 1982-1985
Box 329a Frank Virant's school books, correspondence and records regarding labor discipline and investigation of civil suits and other legal matters, locomotive and other maintenance purchases, "dieselization" of College Station, contracts with North Star Coal Dock, weigh station sanctions,
Box 330 Financial World Magazines 1930s-40s; Ads; American Railroad Car Institute Publication 1950s; correspondence, contracts regarding agreements between regional railroads; T&T publications-the American resistance movement; employee records; P&LE case against J.F. Kepler, 1909-1958
Box 333 NYC system instructions for operation of diesel-electric locomotives; files pertaining to ads on cars, station record of movements, wreck trucks; Newell accident report; card file of widows, pensioners, deceased, 1952-1988
Box 342a Statements and notices, financial correspondence and dockets, railroad publications, Electric Equipment and Wire Connections books, Short-Range Development Plan, and passenger questionnaires, statistics, 1932-1980
Box 342b Records of 40-hour work week decision; correspondence concerning Pennsylvania Railroad bridge at Beaver Falls and New Brighton, bridge in Homestead, train accidents, and locomotive parts, 1898-1960
Box 350 Youngstown Suburban Railroad Company minutes and record books, 1903-1925
Box 351 3 large bound books of meeting minutes, 1918-1931
Box 355 General Notice Index; Falcon Club Auction log (1999); Employment Procedures (1950s); meeting minutes; Montour Railroad Annual Reports to Interstate Commerce Commission; Management Employee Handbook of P≤ railroad company agreement books for P&LE, Lake Erie & Eastern Railroad, and United Transportation Union, 1934-1999
Box 359a-359b Bound minutes, 1964-1987
Box 366 Numerous scrapbooks of the Upper Ohio River Valley Association which contain newspaper clippings, photos, resolutions, news releases, letters of opposition from local associations, 1939-1946
Box 369 Credit cards of vehicles assigned to equipment department; firemen's, engineer's, and clerk's agreements; Railroad Yardmasters of America and American Train Dispatchers agreements; Transportation-Communication Employees Union; general notices; 'pink sheets', 1956-1988
Box 371 Annual reports of the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie, Mahoning State Line, Monongahela Connecting, and Beaver & Ellwood railroads, 1901-1909
Box 373 Large bound minute books, 1956-1964
Box 376 Large bound minute books, 1932-1965
Box 379 Maintenance of Way agreements; P&LE news bureau releases; stockholder meetings; vendor brochures; published annual reports; Montour agreements; irregularities and disciplines; Youngstown Superintendent Association meeting notes and correspondence, 1960s-1970s
Box 380 Locomotive study; cabin and caboose car information; freight car classifications; abandonments; equipment and building requirements; leases; rentals; sales; authorizations, 1965-1991
Box 381 Road switcher service; contracts with other railroads; locomotive requirements; Union Railroad Interchanges; caboose equipment list; Pittsburgh Landmark Foundation, 1953-1972
Box 382 Train movement reports (1973-77), radio and wireless communication (1987). Bow train, cabin, and caboose, 1973-1987
Box 385b Files include RRR Intersection, Y&ST, Brier Hill, revision; Committee of Youngstown; Joint Yard access; Mahoning Valley Region, 1924-1985
Box 411 Correspondence and historical data of Waynesburg Southern Railroad Company, 1960s
Box 415b Paperwork and correspondence between railroad and various labor unions, including strikes; disposal of hazardous waste and refuse; scrapped cars; office supply orders; news releases and articles concerning labor issues, accidents, and other company issues, 1969-1990
Box 424 Flood Committee; sidetracks; maintenance and repair of diesel locomotives; study of Montour Railroad coal movements; joint facilities; flat car conversion design; centralized crew dispatching; cost analyses; Detroit-Edison train; hot slab trains; Aliquippa & Southern Railroad, 1897-1973
Box 425 Right of way; grade crossings; Anderson Road station; bridge repairs; highway construction; sidings; drainage at Blacks Run; land leases; agreement with other railroads, 1905-1965
Box 426 Signal failures and inspections; various improvements to Beaver Falls area; tracks at New Castle; property and automobile damages; land leases; company agreements; sidetracks; right of way, 1900-1960
Box 430 Change of highways; right of ways; property leases; pollution of streams in Allegheny County; various agreements and contracts; shop buildings at Davis Island Repair Yard, 1905-1948
Box 431 Sidetrack agreements; regulations of Destruction of Records of Steam Railroads and McKees Rocks storage; sidings; pymatuning and draining of swamp; YMCA facilities; widening of East Carson Street; statistics of Youngstown, Oh. YMCA, 1901-1958
Box 432 Correspondence concerning highway between Monaca and Aliquippa; right of way at Monaca; scrap plant shipments; Beaver River bridge repairs; Port Perry Yard extensions; Ambridge highway bridge, 1900-1956
Box 433 Recapitulation of engine hours in East Youngstown District; yardmaster dismissals; statements of trackage, cars handled through various yards, car, engine, and caboose mileage; weight and motion scales; Fourth Avenue Project in McKeesport; yardmaster promotions; matters of Lake Erie & Ohio River Canal; memberships in organizations, 1966-1992
Box 434 Personal Injuries; company vehicles; repairs to and information on freight equipment, information regarding freight equipment, 1969-1987
Box 437 Lazarri land purchase; sign placement and construction at numerous stations; construction of utility wires along rail line; construction and maintenance of crossings; advanced rate case; employee sight and hearing exams; P&LE YMCA building construction and maintenance; north pole ice company land, death of trespasser and improvements due to, 1912-1959
Box 438 Electrical requisitions of Mechanical Department; Arbitration Committee minutes and decisions; purchase orders; freight car inventories; Association of American Railroad Manual of Standards and Practices; AAR special reports; vehicles file; card index of railroads; gas receipts, 1980-1990
Box 440b Bulletin Order Book, 1989
Box 441 Contracts on Youngstown area for joint use of rails, cars, fuel; liability contracts, correspondence; Mon Valley Newspaper, 1923-1992
Box 442a PL&W Railroad accounting, Association of American Railroads bulletins; audits; social security; retirement; correspondence with oil companies; wage increases; state highway department, 1925-1945
Box 442b War Production Board forms and correspondence, Office of Defense Transportation notices and correspondence, American Railway Express bulletins, invoices, annual returns, 1925-1945
Box 443 Check invoices; company work vehicles; gas and steel corporations, 1980-1990
Box 445 Instructions for Materials Requisitions; joint car records; reports to Interstate Commerce Commission; instructions for interchanges; Hours of Service Law; Track-Train Dynamics; freight car safety standards; car utilization program; patents; occupation taxes, 1929-1990
Box 447a Cars assigned to special service; weekly man counts; Morning Situation Reports; Daily Yard Crew Reports; General Superintendent 'Pink Sheets', 1981-1992
Box 447b General Superintendent 'Pink Sheets', 1982-1987
Box 450 Visual and hearing exams; Metals Recycling; car cleaning services; inspections; Intra-Industry Claims Agreement; Track Torpedoes specs and use; Fire and Trainmen Exams; expense accounts; Mechanized Information System; medical exams, 1926-1989
Box 451 Various publications on industry research; publications from conference proceedings and workshops; P&LE employee handbook; Carnegie Steel publication on "rails and angle bars;" worker safety pamphlets, 1920-1982
Box 455 Records, agreements, and plans regarding the restructuring of railroad, 1985
Box 458 Physical condition of property reports; air brake testing devices; shop inspections; vehicle bills; Machine & Tool Program; permits to visit yards and shops, 1960-1981
Box 459 Accident reports, mostly derailments, 1967-1978
Box 464 Finance; account book (1980s); Chief Engineers' office files on The Nation Supply Company, formerly Union Tool Company, Taulor Forge and Pipe Works, Inc. (1910-46), photographs; PC&Y Railroad file on Scott Twp, 1910-1980s
Box 467 Reports and correspondence of CSX; P&LE phone directory; employee General Notices (1980s); union information; Montour and PC&Y, car service rules; Connellsville machinery, passenger cars, environmental concerns and correspondence; radios (1981-91); contract services provided by P≤ agreements with CIO; TWU correspondence and reports; Employee Assistance Program booklet; claims against Montour Railroad, 1981-1992
Box 472 Equipment and service orders and requests; bills; estimates; blanket authorizations and authority for expenditure; accident reports; powerhouse reports, 1974-1986
Box 479 Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation hot slab movement; postage meter machine bills; supplementary pension-funded contributory retirement plan; allowances account for sick or dead employees; hot metal movements (McKeesport, Neville Island, etc), 1936-1985
Box 482 Program of Cooperative Research prospectus; Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company application and finance dockets, statistics, weather records, track maintenance, proposals, 1962-1963
Box 483 Regulations of Public Utility Commission; vending machine services contracts; organization of officials charts; contracts and agreements with Consolidated Rail Corp. and P&LE-Ashtabula Harbor Agreement; ICC locomotive inspections; relations with Dept. of US Government Presidential Advisory Committee on Railroads, 1928-1989
Box 485 Railroad toilet facilities reports; various train reports; time tables and schedules; operation of B&O trains over P&LE railroads; contracts and agreements with B&O; contracts and agreements with various companies and railroads; P&LE and PC&Y joint inspection and equipment maintenance; line service to Erie, PL&E, B&O, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore, 1928-1982
Box 486 Board of Directors meeting minutes; Penn Central Transportation Company reorganization proceedings; Mary Crowell et. al vs. P&LE Railroad Company litigation records (court reports and bills, etc.), 1969-1974
Box 493 Annual reports to Ohio Department of Taxation (1991); Interstate Commerce Commission applications for construction approval; Who's Who In America lawyer directory; submissions for RR execs; Oliver Iron and Steel Corp purchase of riverfront property legal documents; inspection trips; file of Alfred E. Perlman speech to Newcomen Society; National Association Railroad and Utility Commission; grade crossings; land purchases; Conrail agreements; increased freight rates and charges (1957); LE&E files, 1970-1991
Box 499 Personal injury and relative insurance paperwork, Association of American Railroads efficiency research program, AAR manual of standards and records practices, vendor offers, 1972-1984
Box 517 Shop maintenance standards (1986); multi-railroad agreements on car men, their helpers, and apprentices (1963); agreement between PA railroads and American Railway Supervisors Association (1957); master agreement for restructuring of obligations of P&LE (1985); various other multi-railroad agreements; Montour Railroad railway operating revenues (1927-1941), 1927-1986
Box 518a R.F.A. and A.F.E. Instructions and Budget Procedures; information and correspondence concerning budgeting for hot water boiling, conditioning systems, furnace, water softener, etc., 1959-1972
Box 518b Information and correspondence concerning budgeting for hot water boiling, conditioning systems, furnace, water softener, etc; Consol Coal railroad spur; equipment sales exchange, 1965-1981
Box 521b P&LE Annual Reports (1963-78); GM Master Parts Catalogs; Pocket List of Railroad Officials (1989), 1963-1989
Box 524 Correspondence from Chief Engineer's Office: Equipment and purchase orders, employee age limits; publication information; Youngstown & Southern Railroad Transfer Contract; physical requirements; matters of signals, transportation, and storage; test equipment; microfiches of interchange, 1932-1989
Box 526 Property exchanges and agreements; Electrical Workers Organization correspondence; side track agreements; land leases; track crossings, 1899-1960
Box 527 New York Central Improvement Program; employee cards; presentation to creditors; union agreements; coal deliveries; land contracts, 1923-1986
Box 529a Annual reports, financial statements for PLECO Inc. and subsidiaries; valuation book; locomotive replacement report; field notes; 'Pink Sheet' book, 1880s-1990
Box 532 Report and recommendations of United Transportation Union study committee; various publications including testimony transcripts; report on trends of railroad construction costs; shipment conditions; research reports of Federal Railroad Administration; Annual Reports of National Mediation Board; Railway Accounting Rules; ICC Amendments, Rules, and Dockets; Constitution and annual report of American Short Line Railroad Association; Public Utility Law, etc., 1923-1992
Box 534 PC&Y annual reports of maintenance of way (1925-30); O.S. reports (1898-1943); Allegheny County record book; book of right of way deeds; train orders; flood planning information; Penn Central procedures for Capital Projects (1968); testimony of PLW President and Director, 1898-1968
Box 543a Various departmental agreements; employee pensions retirement, and hiring; interchange agreements and car reports, 1982-1988
Box 544a Bulletins and general notices concerning cargo, cars, shipment instructions, transferred loads; correspondence regarding claims and "safety first", 1979
Box 544b Bulletins and general notices regarding P&LE, Conrail, YS&T; bills; correspondence with numerous steel yards, 1978-1979
Box 545a Pilot write-ups; Conrail and Chessie car reclaims; qualifications, 1985-1989
Box 545b Trackage and interchange agreements; joint-use agreement between P&LE and New York Central Railroad; agreements with Youngstown rail yard; 1977 investigation into the incorrect handling of car, 1928-1989
Box 546b Movement of cars; car inventory; coal; janitorial; office supplies; time claims; sidetrack agreements; cargo, careful handling, 1973
Box 547a Time claims, "safety first" correspondence; personal injury; car accidents; general notices and bulletins; bills; cost operations, 1973-1979
Box 547b Youngstown & Southern general notices and switch agreements; Republic Steel general notices and switch agreements; USS general notices; car reclaims; Penn Central correspondence, 1970-1975
Box 552a Freight car ownership logs; maintenance of equipment and freight cars; sale orders; leased car file; terminal building development; re-stenciled cars; car retirement sheets. Montour Railroad and Youngstown & Southern Railroad monthly reports of revenue freight cars, 1970-1990
Box 558 Schedules of rates and surcharges for billing railroads for use of facilities, services, and equipment; office manual of Association of American Railroads Interchange Rules, 1980s
Box 564 Various documents including Ohio Legislature; booklet on wrought iron (1960); equipment department file index; cassette tapes on Air Brakes; packet of color photographs from Aliquippa Southern Railroad (1981); aperture card; folder containing selection of blank P&LE and Montour Railroad forms and cards; photograph of railroad personnel; copy of P&LE patent, 1913-1980
Box 567 Index cards of companies, transactions, and contracts, 1900-1960
Oversize 577 Daily reports of materials received, used, shipped, and released by P&LE lines, 1963
Box 614-619 Monthly Report of Operations and Statistics, 1920-1978